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Santorini Travel, Likes versus Experience, Beauty versus Heart

No dispute, it’s one of the most beautiful Instagram picture perfect places. But Santorini has another picture many exclude in their social media posts, the circus-like, out of control mass Tourism hysteria. Something that was happening and harming many major … Continue reading

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Travel and Discover Mykonos, Greece Endless Beaches

I would have dived straight from port to sea but I can’t. I’m with a traveling group. Nobody wants to sit next to someone dripping wet. I could have asked for the bus to stop the moment I saw a … Continue reading

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Dubrovnik, A Travel To Was And Could Be

I remember waking up still dark so I don’t miss its Sunrise. I remember the Sunrise slowly rising above the Adriatic Sea with hymns of Angels in the background. I remember profound peace and calm as the gentle sea breeze … Continue reading

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Travel to Fort Point National Historic Site

A travel to Fort Point is a travel towards what is valuable. It reminds the importance of simplicity, unity, hard work, genuine sacrifice for Country and love for Fellow Men and Women. Fort Point, its doorway takes us back to … Continue reading

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Hidden Grotto at Shark Fin Cove

When the tides are low, a hidden Grotto appears at Shark Fin Cove. I had to crawl on the sand to enter its narrow entrance. A short tunnel leads to the Sea and a World full of imagination. Two rock … Continue reading

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Summer of Hot Pink and Turquoise at Pacific Grove

Turquoise greets the first days of our Summer at Pacific Grove. The waters calm and cheerful. Children playing and chasing each other by the Beach. Their joyful laughter fills the air. Adults staring at the Ocean in deep thoughts, quiet, … Continue reading

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Images and Photos Sutro Baths, Lands End

Images are what I see. Photos are what I capture with my iPhone Camera to remind me of the places I’d been and how they made me feel. I have been forgetting memories, and the photos takes me back to … Continue reading

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Pink Magic Carpet Ride, Cliff House Ocean Beach

Let me take you to a Pink Magic Carpet Ride. Scared of heights and fast thrill rides? No worries. This carpet ride has seatbelts. If you have to scream, we scream together, and the louder, the better. Ready? Here we … Continue reading

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Carmel Beach at Sunset

“Even for a moment, to watch its Sunset will be worth the drive.” Carmel Beach is one of my top beaches in Northern California with its beautiful blue waters and fine powdery white sands. It’s so vast that everyone gets … Continue reading

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Big Sur or Carmel side of Bixby Bridge, which is more Scenic?

On the Carmel side of Bixby Bridge along Coastal Highway 1, scenic view overlooks the Pacific Ocean and the grand Mountains of Big Sur. It is the Postcard Landmark for Tourists and Roadtrippers. Carmel side is often busy, hard to … Continue reading

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17-Mile Drive Pebble Beach $11.25 Entrance Fee, worth it?

$20 Million Oceanfront Mansions lines up the 17-Mile Drive of Pebble Beach California. Some even more. Will I pay an entrance fee to see them? No. My Son calls it, “Making the Rich richer scheme,” and I agree. But would … Continue reading

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Fort Cronkhite, War Lessons from the Grave

We went there for the beach, but destiny taught us to reflect “bigger.” War History is warning and reminder that War is a product of Evil that brings nothing but misery, suffering, death and destruction. No one wins. Fallen Soldiers … Continue reading

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