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Oops I Have COVID

Nurse clarifies reason for clinic visit, “It says here you’re here today for STD check. Is that right? “ Patient answers, “Yes. I’m here to have my throat check for STD.” Nurse explains, “Since you wrote you also have sore … Continue reading

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Can’t Be Missing Spring Again

Trees full of Cherry Blossoms on the parking lot. I looked, I stared, but I don’t see and notice them. Busy, in a hurry, rushing late, too many worries to fix, just some of my excuses. Then one day, on … Continue reading

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Fort Funston Nature Outdoors

This time, took us longer to park at Fort Funston. The day was so beautiful that many Nature Lovers are bringing their Dog Friends and Family to the beach. The Dogs look very happy and excited. It was one big … Continue reading

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