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Why I’m Voting “NO” to the Recall of Gov. Newsom of California

18 months of dealing with a deadly virus is too long of a torment to any Bedside Healthcare Provider. The likelihood of extending the trauma indefinitely will cause long term irreparable mental, physical and emotional damage, at least to those … Continue reading

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Dead Barry, Dead Patriotism

Is Barry a person? Is Barry an event in History that made ordinary people to extraordinary Heroes and Legends? “We are at War to a bio weapon that adjust to our response. Many of us answered to the call and … Continue reading

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Maskless and Free

On Holiday weekend my son asked, “Dad, what’s 4th of July?” What does it mean?” My answer, “It’s Independence.” He asked again, “Dad, what is Independence? What does it mean?” Summarizing in one word from all the versions I’m told, … Continue reading

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Shout Louder, Fight In Peace Harder

When our voices are not heard, we shout louder. When Racism, oppression, cruelty, injustice, violence and abuse keeps happening, repeating, we fight in peace harder. When we are being ignored, ridiculed, shamed, hurt for speaking the truth and doing what’s … Continue reading

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Americans Versus Americans

4th of July weekend. America celebrated Independence Day. Family and friends gathered together over barbecue, drinks and fireworks, but what does this day really mean? 4th of July means differently for different people but we have one thing in common, … Continue reading

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