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Nature Time Prescription for Depression

From 20 minutes to 2 Hours per day, Nature Time can now be prescribed by your Primary Care Physician to treat Depression. For those that have been visiting Nature for healing and Wellness, this only confirms what we know and … Continue reading

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If I Have Today

If I have today, where would I want to be? If I have today, whom should I spend my last hours, minutes, seconds? If I have today, who should I say, “I’m so sorry,” to ask forgiveness? If I have … Continue reading

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Finding Me at Fort Funston

Too early for Joy? Not Really. Too soon for Bright and Merry? Not at all. Holiday Cheer? Anytime now please. My mood swings were shifting badly from Mr. Lonely to Angry Brat. It’s suppose to be a weekend of fun … Continue reading

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What I See, What I Feel

What I see people have no idea exist even if we are looking at the same visual frame. What I feel, no one can ever truly understand or will be brave enough to experience. “I can’t believe them myself, but … Continue reading

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