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9/11, Please Remember and Relearn Its Lessons

“We need to revisit the past no matter painful to remember who we were then. Perhaps, it is not too late to save ourselves and one another.” “There is little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at … Continue reading

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It Only Takes 1 Vote

What if that one vote, your vote that will decide how America will be in the next 4 years? Would we do everything to make sure our election ballots makes it on time? We dropped of our ballots Friday and … Continue reading

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With Kamala Harris, I See Hope

The announcement of Democrat’s Presidential hopeful Joe Biden of his running mate made so many smile with excitement Tuesday. Kamala Harris, the first Woman of Color for Vice President brought joy to many, something America has been missing since COVID-19 … Continue reading

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First Day Online Schooling Goes Live in California

We all woke up early to make sure everything is set up and ready for our son’s first day of on-line schooling. Our first year high schooler woke up at 6:00 AM, way ahead of mom and dad. He had … Continue reading

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Shout Louder, Fight In Peace Harder

When our voices are not heard, we shout louder. When Racism, oppression, cruelty, injustice, violence and abuse keeps happening, repeating, we fight in peace harder. When we are being ignored, ridiculed, shamed, hurt for speaking the truth and doing what’s … Continue reading

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