Irony of the Most Infectious COVID Wave

True or False? Some experts think there could be as many as 1 million new infections every day in the broader US population — 10 times higher than the official count. – CNN

Where’s everyone else? Some places have more crowd. Others, an obvious reminder of lives taken, and hundreds more are being taken everyday. We just stop asking, “Who are they?” The Pandemic did happen and its cause more powerful than ever.

Irony of this year’s most COVID Infection, problematic but not a problem. Public Health Warning but no need for reaction, action and alarm. Numbers are at it’s loudest but has to be kept silent and muted.

Funny, entertaining when it shouldn’t be. Getting sick is never funny, physically and financially. Being in quarantine without pay never entertaining. Not at least for those truly affected by the Pandemic Resurgence. Yes, we’re back from the brief Endemic phase to the longer Pandemic phase that will last till Winter. Seven months to be exact.

Healthcare Providers have been seeing 2-4 weeks in advance the COVID spikes. We could have warn People. We could have saved lives. But that’s not our job. Our job is to shut up and do what we’re told. Warning the community is CEO highest level access and privilege. Ants remain as Ants.

BA.5 is successfully, effectively escaping all Immunity Defenses. COVID Vaccines and the 90-Day Natural Antibody from recent infection doesn’t work in preventing infection and reinfections. Regular Mask barrier no longer provides the same protection as it did before. Reinfection is very high. Chronicity of symptoms like cough, fatigue, exertional shortness of breath are common affecting activities of daily living including work performance. Still not a problem?

Clinically, COVID is now consistently taking 50% or more of all daily urgent appointment slots compared to other Illnesses and Medical Problems. Significance? Non-COVID Patients ends up in the Emergency Room where waiting time is agonizing or they wait another day to be seen. This is normal in a community with an outbreak. COVID sick has to make a Same Day Doctor’s Appointment for medications, work note and PCR confirmation. Make sense when Paxlovid has a strict 5-Day rule to qualify.

It doesn’t matter what the new highly evolved variant is called. What matters is how it affects our personal and social lives in the present and long term.

“Demand for Medical Care and Manpower are disproportionately higher compared to its supply, and the gap and inequality will markedly widen year after year.”

All Hospitals are expected to be prepared and be self sufficient ready for emergency crisis during COVID’s yearly overwhelming months. This is really what normal means for all Healthcare Systems and Providers. There will never be a relief to something that happens daily with predictable outbreaks every 3-4 months round the clock.

COVID dethroned all U.S. top Illnesses to be number 1 among all daily cause of sickness, and number 3 in cause of death. It’s Game Over. Surrendering has been a great relief. No more pressure. No more exhaustion. No more frustration and anger. Peace, Love and COVID always.

People continue to suffer and die. We just stop being aware. No care, no bother. No news, no events. Life appears all good, rosy happy and perfect.

Not fighting and caring about COVID is a freeing breath of fresh air. Could have been a perfect victory towards my comfort and freedom if I don’t have to wear the suffocating mask for 7 hours each day at work.

Upper Respiratory Allergic Reaction to prolong mask usage is not uncommon in Healthcare Settings. Affected Staff almost instantaneously starts to have throat itchiness, hoarseness of voice, followed by several hacking, uncomfortable cough upon wearing of the surgical mask and or N95. There’s also this scary feeling that one’s throat is closing. Drinking lots of water eventually relieves the symptoms. Concerning but not a concern. We learned to live with it, but makes us question of long term plans when our comfort, health and longevity are at stake.

Numbers used to matter, not anymore. It was my first time to swim among the crowd maskless among the most crowded places in San Francisco. I eat as often as I want indoors, not caring of the airborne droplets. I have moved on. Reinfection? If it’s meant to be.

Only 1 out of 10 or more COVID Positives, are being reported to Public Health as Home Antigen Test is replacing the Lab PCR test as the Gold Standard both for Diagnosis Confirmation and getting Anti-COVID medications like Paxlovid.

As for Paxlovid, it’s the hottest trending drug out there. Young and Old are very eager to get it. There is a sudden demand for them when it’s been at the pharmacy shelves for many months. Very interesting because a month ago, it was unpopular and too many media negativity about it. Is there something happening in the dark web that the rest of us don’t know? But yes, Paxlovid should be popular because it is highly effective when taken within 5 days of symptoms onset. I had it myself and it is a miracle of Science for those able to breathe and feel well again within 24 hours of starting the medicine. However, it is not needed for very mild symptoms when side effects outweighs benefits. Please listen to your Doctors and don’t go mad and threatening if they refuse giving you the prescription. Nothing personal. It’s all about Patient Safety, your safety.

If BA.5 is mild, why the sudden demand for a drug that’s been release for public use since December 2021? There are serious COVID long term bodily effects and complications that will make eligibility for Anti-COVID change from “those with risk factors” to “all” who wants it. Transparency about COVID will always remain shady and suspicious which means “no right or wrong answers and choices, everyone is correct, no one is wrong.”

“Even the President took Paxlovid for quick relief and recovery. So will famous Influencers and Celebrities. We may be out of stock peak of Fall-Winter. Faking COVID for Paxlovid Hoarding is happening. There is a second anti-COVID that was emergency approved but can cause cell mutation.”

We eat what we want, drink what we want. The virus does not exist when we are hungry and craving our favorite foods and beverages. Japan Town, Family Tradition 7/16/22.

Most days, we just laugh at work of how COVID has easily became the dominant influence of our everyday life from home to work to community to everywhere and everything. Laugh because it makes the insane reality feel better and acceptable. As President Trump once said, “It is what it is.” Now, I understand what those words really meant. Only, it took more than 2 years to be personally relevant.

By the way, I honestly miss the Guy’s spontaneous, unfiltered words and remarks. They were funny, entertaining, sarcastic, fearless. They are not necessarily true, but they are transparent and spoken without holding back. Again, irony.

Empty walkways. Big Houses quiet and looking empty in Summer. Things are not really the same but I just want to spend my days recreating a World that I want to see and remember.

As to the answer to the first question. Yes, it is true new daily cases can be more than 1 Million per day in the U.S. It has been for the past 3-4 weeks. COVID Trackers are no longer accurate when results are not reported. But no worries. It is problematic but not a problem.

My Friend texted, “My Mom lost her battle to stay on Earth,” followed by, “COVID and Dialysis, not a good combination.” What we think is mild or made to believe as mild continues to claim our Moms, Dads, Grandma, Grandma, Sisters, Brothers, Relatives and Friends. Losing them will never be mild. Losing them will always be one of the biggest tragedies we have to endure.

Everyone has to let go of the was and just appreciate what’s good and beautiful of the present. To live in joy and love instead of anger and unhappiness.

From today’s wave to the next. From Summer to next Winter, either we keep swimming for safety which is very tiring, or just stop and hope we are spared from the infection-reinfection cycle. Again, this is what COVID Normal means. Though really, it’s never normal as no vaccine nor misinformation will bring back the beautiful, laid back and kinder days of 2019.

“The Good News among the many Bad News, Dreams are still free and some of them do come true easy.”

Fort Baker, Sausalito yesterday. No plans, but I made a wish to find happiness and relaxation by the beach after a stressful city driving. As I said, “Dreams do come true easy.

Our World has changed. People have changed. We have changed. The Virus has changed. Every year, it’s Evolution and Survival of the fittest and the most adjusted. This is the COVID Normal.

So, we enjoy our life exactly the way our heart wants it to be enjoyed and celebrated. No more self deprivation, excuses and postponing. Retirement is too long. Tomorrow is too uncertain. Today may all we got.

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California Gold Rush, Rainbows and Fireworks

Gold Rush #1

The California Gold Rush of 1848-1855, almost overnight transformed the sleepy port town of San Francisco of about 200 Residents in 1846 to a Boomtown of about 36,000 by 1852.

Truth and Lies, Rights and Oppression

Approximately 300,000 People joined the first California Gold Rush, forever changing the value and demographics of the Lands. Its original Land Owners, the Native American Indians were almost eliminated to extinction because of Diseases and Genocide.

Living on Lands that has and is Gold became a curse for the first Settlers. Next Migrants saw the beauty and value of the Lands and made titles and laws to claim them.

The remaining Survivors were relocated in the remote designated Indian Reserve Lands, isolated from the rest of the World and their fellow Americans.

We don’t know each other, but we were drawn to enjoy the same Gold and Rainbows that are important to us.

Gold Rush in its many forms has an Evil Twin, but something no one really talks about nor something taught in schools. The dark part of History are still being kept hidden, unpopular in normal conversations. It’s dig at your own risk because Evil continues to watch and work in the Shadows.

Greed and Darkness never left History. They highly evolved to be irresistible and invincible. Willingness and desire to enter its doors has never been more easy.

Truth is a thin line between having a Friend or an Enemy, of being accepted or ostracized, of being welcomed as a fellow legal Citizen with the same rights and privileges or always seen as a Foreign Outsider undeserving of equality regardless of love, service and sacrifice for the Country.

Alcatraz from Fort Point. Who’s imprisoned? Who’s free? For whom the Fort was built to protect and built to make sure they don’t reach American Soil? History and the Present has so much to talk about and reconcile, but many are not ready. So, Internal Wars of various kinds and forms continues. Peace is but a dream. Loss has become an everyday outcome. Change is but a promise that continues to be broken again and again.

“Some People are treated like Gods and Gold. Some People are treated like Shit and Nothing.”

Can we really escape from the lure and addiction of Gold, Riches, Politics, Power and Fame?

Some Cultures can’t be too vocal and open, but others can. Certain Lives matter more based on Race and Ethnicity, even Gender and Sexuality, but others not. Rights are overrated for those that had been ignored, delayed or treated unimportant.

Events in the last 3 years made so clear what was held back for so long. So many Truths and Lies masked in Gold came out that were sickening, monstrous, shameful. Some Truths made many angry, fearful, and some acted out their anger and fear violently on the Innocent and Defenseless. Others remained silent like they always do.

My Son was 7 when we first saw Fort Point. Weather was cold, windy and foggy. We didn’t stay long on the open top floor to appreciate the 360 degrees of beauty, Nature and Man-made. On our return, it was crystal clear panoramic with perfect comfortable weather. We stayed and enjoyed all to our heart’s content. Same place, different revelation and experience 9 years later. Some things can get better the second time around.

Our Children are being taught in schools of History and Current Events of mixed Truths and Lies. Teachings that “may” mold their thinking, beliefs and character that is different from what we hope for them. God and anything of Faith are being deleted in schools and campuses. Practice of them is an act of sin or defiance. Why?

Guys, Guns, Goons and Gold rules the World. Very wrong, but no one is brave enough to fight and sacrifice 100% for change. So it goes on and on for centuries. Woman at the highest seat of Power in America has so far only happened in the movies. Why? A Woman holds together the craziness and chaos of every home and family. A Woman can do the same for the entire country and so much more. So what’s the problem Guys? Time to let go of the Superiority Complex and God Complex. Our very divided Nation is in a unprecedented worse of everything. What major event will it take to bring again America together?

“In God we trust.” Still true? Still honored with reverence and respect? Are we absolutely sure we don’t need God’s blessings and miracles anymore?

“ In Gold we trust.” Is it worth the exchange for our Souls and Humanity? Is it a good deal?

Fear God or Fear Man? Follow God or Follow Man? Trending on God or Trending on Man? The answers? We see them everywhere, from our News Feeds to what’s going around in our neighborhoods. Fear God graffiti at the Presidio.

The Good News, our Children and the Youth belong to a Generation that have a mind, opinion and heart of their own. They are independently seeking their own Truths and Purpose. They are not afraid to speak their thoughts, ideas and feelings. They don’t hide from Adults, but rather converse with Adults with remarkable confidence. They have a conscience they are not afraid to face and question. They are willing to correct their wrongs with humility.

We invest on the Young that are still innocent on the Flesh, Evils and Corruption of this World. They are teachable. They can be molded. They are passionate in doing what’s good and right. On the other hand, it’s hard to teach Old Dogs with new tricks. Isn’t this what’s happening in our Politics? Too many Old Rabid Dogs have been allowed to bite and traumatized so many for so long.

The Young are choosing Discovery, Truth, Awakening, Kindness, Empathy, Purpose, Action and Change. The Young are choosing to give a damn about their Planet and each other regardless of Color, Race, Social Status and Gender. The Young easily embrace Diversity and Unity, something some Adults still struggle or will never accept.

Old World Thinking, Ideology and Beliefs are dying in popularity, and that is a frightening threat to those who are used to Power and Supremacy. Transition will be difficult. Letting go will be difficult.

Some are holding on to their chains. Others have broken free from their chains. Some derive pleasure in putting others in chains. Fort Point, SF.

The Gold of the past may no longer be the Gold of the present. Gold continues to evolve in relatedness and importance. Fools Gold gets lost and forgotten the fastest. True Gold will overcome the Tests of Time.

Pebbles or Gem Stones? Value depends on the Person that appreciates them. Rodeo Beach.

Gold #2

Children and the Youth are the Future’s Hope. They are Gold of infinite power and potential. They can repair our wrongs and create a better World that treasures purity of heart and character. In the wrong Leadership and Guidance, they can become weapons that will quicken the end of everything.

Cascades of Mansions by the Sea. Crazy beautiful.

Gold Rush #3

Land and Homes.

“Where Gold Hunt has ended, Land Hunt took over with insatiable hunger to own and get richer.”

Money, money, money. Sold, sold, sold.

Land and Homes continues to be the overvalued Gold Mines in California. Sales and profits, even the skies can’t place a limit. Exciting time for Sellers, not so much for the average Buyers.

By the Cliff overlooking the Bay and the Golden Gate, are the above $10 Million Homes. Because of Location, Nostalgia and Value, it’s rare that long time owners will give them up. Some special Gold are only let go at Death. Some Gold last a lifetime.

Land and Homes Buy Frenzy are drawing Billionaire Investors and Governments from many Countries like China and Russia to own the best Properties and Real Estate of America. No need for Citizenship, Work Visa, Background Check nor Excellent Credit Scores.

If you have the money and it’s for sale, it’s yours.

Not a Shocker. This is how Global Money and Business Capitalism has worked for the last 100 years, and it will not change for the next 100 years. Money can buy everything Material. Money can even buy temporary Happiness.

Bakers Beach. We are thankful to the People that made sure Golden Gate Park, California’s State Parks and Beaches and the National Parks are for everyone by Law, and that Nature is protected for a very long time. If not, all of them would have been Privately owned, and some destroyed because of Man’s Greed.
Fly and Live where we are free. Dream Home for some is but an Illusion in San Francisco and the Bay Area where average monthly mortgage is now $8,000-$9,000 per month. Low to Middle Income Americans do not earn that much. Inflation made the cost of everything up except salary. The gas price has taken away some of People’s enjoyment and relaxation. California is living in a unrealistic, unsustainable bubble. Several more years, it will drive out workers and professionals who can no longer afford it. They will fly and live in new places where their dreams stands a chance and opportunities are still reachable. And those new places will be so lucky to have them. Experienced, knowledgeable and hard working Workers and Professionals even Gold can’t match in value.

Everyone’s Gold

Gold comes in many kinds and forms. It’s value unique, personal, requires time, passion and commitment. It’s a love affair that only the Lover and the Loved sees and understands.

California still has many free to affordable Gold for everyone. Literally, treasures anyone can have on their walks, drive and travels. No one is left out. Everyone gets equal opportunity and access. It does not discriminate. Everyone gets to enjoy what everyone should enjoy. Social Status is insignificant. Everyone breathes the same Sea Breeze. Everyone marvels at the same beauty of the same Scenic View.

San Francisco has the most dramatic Clouds and Fog Formations. Sky and Weather can change several times in one day. Summer is suppose to bring dense Fog as heat causes more Bay water to evaporate, but severe Global Warming effects has brought SF it’s first “Missing Fog,” just one of the many bizarre abnormal Nature events happening around the World. More than ever, enjoy and take care of what we cherish as Gold as some of them will be gone while we are still alive.
“Name it, the City has it personalized just for us. We are that special with each and every visit. We are already missed long before we say our Goodbyes.”

Gold Rush #4

San Francisco, by itself is a Golden City that never runs out of incredible Treasure Finds and Discoveries. Everything beautiful, fun, adventurous, artistic, amazing, vintage and new, the City has them all.

The most beautiful City by the Bay in America has its own unique, exciting Culture and Personality that is global, eclectic with fusion of everything 70’s and everything trending by the second.

My Son is shopping for vintage and antiques as well as collectibles trending in eBay and YouTube, both for collection and business. Many High Schoolers and Gen Z like him are doing the same. They see beauty and potential to what’s old, really old. And that I admire and respect.

In San Francisco, the Golden Era is very much alive and has become part of the vibe and lifestyle of all Generation Age Groups from Baby Boomers to Gen Z.

I took a Sea Nature Therapy Hike by Rodeo Beach and Fort Cronkhite, Marin Headlands all by myself. It felt incredibly good to discover another “Happy Place.” I can’t put a price to what I was seeing and experiencing. But I swear, it was like being inside a Jurassic Park movie, just totally safe, calm, no running from the Carnivores. This side of the beach was all mine. Rock and Sea separated it from the beach crowd, only reachable via a long, wild, up and down coastal hike. I was gone for 2 hours, yet it felt so short.

Gold Rush #5

Nature…5 Stars Gold. Anywhere near the Sea, Hills and Mountains are beautiful inspiration that rewrites its story with each experience. Wonder, Imagination and Creativity, countless as the Sands and Wildflowers.

Gold Rush #6

Beach, Summers, Roadtrips and Travels…Fun Adventure Gold. It calls you back again and again like a much needed Life Force and Energy. Gold that brings back smiles and happiness for years and years.

Many Golds between Marin Headlands and San Francisco in one photograph. The Bridge, the Land and Nature, the Sea at Sunset, the moments and memories that are forever captured and remembered. Thousands of Visitors take pictures everyday. That’s a lot of Gold we take home and yet, we still are wanting more.

Gold Rush #7

Golden Gate Bridge… stunning, gorgeous, timeless, freeing. It’s an attraction that never fades. It represents possibilities. It inspired many to go for their American Dreams. It’s that one Landmark that made many Fall in Love with San Francisco.

I can relate to the many prejudice, judging, discrimination, injustice, isolation for being true to oneself, beliefs and principles. Being different, never easy. Being real to one’s character and personality will bring challenges, separation and pain like no other. It’s that one Gold that needed to be fought again and again. Never a one time win.

Gold Rush #8

Rights, Freedom and Equality of Gender and Sexuality. More valuable than Gold. Where LGBQT+ are persecuted and harmed in other parts of the U.S. and the World, San Francisco became a Safe Haven and Home for Millions just trying to find kindness, equality and genuine acceptance being their truest selves.

Can we see Gold when we are staring at them? Can we see God in the many kinds of Gold he has created? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.
I had to stop the car. I may not see the same Sunset again. We think we have so much time, only to realize time and life are a ballooned bubble that can burst anytime. When it does, it’s over.

Gold Rush #9

Golden Sea and Ocean Sunsets, California has lots of them. Through good times and bad, they return to fulfill what they promised and so much more.

Sushi and Sashimi Feast at the back of the car overlooking the Sea. SF and the Bay Area has the most Golden of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino and Indian Food. Delicacies of Home, just a drive away.

Gold Rush #10

Food. Unforgettable, delicious Culinary Gold from around the World. Food that celebrates the best of all Cultures and Ethnicity bite after bite. Fireworks of flavors. No need to go to another country for authentic food cravings.

King of Kung Fu, Bruce Lee went for a Gold that lasted forever…Legacy and Recognition that a China Man looked down by many during his time can be a Hero in America and the World. He became the fearless Living Dragon when called and challenged.

Gold Rush #11

Wall Arts or Murals are one of the most interesting and inspiring visuals of San Francisco. They are painted from the heart, from experience, from History, from People’s hope for change. They are anyone’s Art from Chinatown to Castro District, from Building Walls to Parking Lots. Bystanders connect to their flame, message and story. For the guilty, it’s offensive, a crime.

I don’t have to buy the dream, I just needed to be the dream. I am my own Gold and everything I consider as Gold.

Gold Rush #12

Good Vibes and Happy Moments. Unlike Gold, Land, Houses and Money, these last longer in one’s memories. Even when we’re penniless or struggling, they stay to bring us hope and encouragement.

Gold Rush #13

People are Gold. Some, are even Diamonds. Innate Gold is present in People which makes every Person capable of shining their brightest.

However, not all Gold shines. People have to choose whether to become a valuable Gold or a corrosive harmful element that drains and destroys the World and other People. This kind of Gold is the most unpredictable and surprising. You’ll never know what you’re gonna get till its time to shine.

Collectively, the Nations Workforce is the biggest source of Gold for the Country via Taxes payed paycheck to paycheck, yet not given the due rights and protection they deserve.

The American Flag represents all People from all States, supposedly united, ready to defend and help one other when needed.

Gold Rush #14

Human Rights. More than ever, enjoy and take care of the Rights we value as Gold as some of them will be taken away against our will.

To some, loosing one’s rights has already began.

We need to vigilant and actively participate in preserving our Rights because someone’s enjoyment can be another’s envy.

There is always someone in the crowd unhappy for our success and happiness. They are the determined and will not stop till they win.

Gold Rush #15

God and Faith.

Growing up, one of my favorite experience is after the Rain. The smell of the Earth quenched by the Rain. The sound of Frogs and creatures at our nearby pond rejoicing and singing praise. But best of all, the miracle of Colors and Rainbows that unfolds thereafter that makes God’s presence and promises very real and up close.

These were my Riches and Gold then which came pouring in great abundance rain after rain. Today, still are or a version of them but this time, my Pot of Gold is almost always empty. So, I have to chase faster, harder and be more creative to make sure I don’t run out of them.

“We always try to keep and remember the precious treasures of our Childhood because we can never replace them with the treasures of Adulthood.

Jack found three magical seeds. He made a wish for each one before planting them by the beach. Today, People from everywhere travel to harvest and enjoy what Jack wished both for himself and others. Everyone gets to have a piece of the Happy Ever After Gold and Magic because there are still People who genuinely care about other People.Thoughtfulness, Kindness and Generosity are high grade Gold.

Today, I have to think several times regardless of my Rights and Freedom of Speech before I say or not, “I Love Colors,” or “I Love Rainbows.” I have to think hard to construct in a sentence words like, Black or White. Why, when it’s really just about Colors and nothing to do with the labels and malice Society and other People have created? Why am I still allowing other People to oppress what I see, feel and believe? Am I still living in the Land of the Free?

I believe all lives, rights and freedom matter. I believe all dreams, hope and happiness should have equal chances of coming true.

Color, Race, Social Status, Gender or Sexuality should not be a factor of how we treat other People.

No Human should feel more superior and entitled above other Humans other than God, the Divine Supreme and Creator of all Living Creatures.

It’s rare to see a Rainbow where it hardly rains, or perhaps it doesn’t want to appear to those who hate it and to the Ungrateful. Driving along Cabrillo Highway.

The Story of the First Rainbow

Noah’s Ark is one of my favorite childhood Bible stories. How Noah and his family were able to find all pairs of animals, birds. reptiles, amphibians and insects and have them all fitted in the Giant Arc was a wonder and fascination.

After God flooded the Earth and drowned all the Sinful, the Evil and the Self Righteous Hypocrites, he created the Rainbow across the Sky. He made a promise that for as long as People see the Rainbow appear in the Sky, he will not flood again the Earth to annihilate Mankind.

“See the Rainbow. Feel the Rainbow. Be the Rainbow. Celebrate the Rainbow.” California Sunset by the Beach becomes our Freedom Fireworks when needed. It becomes the Promised Rainbows when we needed our Miracles. This is how I spent my Independence Day, my way. Radiant Rainbow Gold, just the way I like it.

The road towards change just got longer, harder, more complicated, but know we have a Global Community that believes everyone is equal and that everyone deserves the same rights, freedom and opportunity.

Everyone, because no Nation is free if parts of its whole are still chained, discriminated, oppressed, bullied, living in fear, suffering.

“Equal Freedom, Rights, Opportunity and Happiness for all. That’s my Dream. That’s my Gold.”
Gold washed away was never ours to begin with. It’s okay to try again. The right Gold at the right time will come along.

Gold Rush #16

America just celebrated its July 4th Independence Day, it’s first post the Pandemic. There’s this feeling that something huge has changed. People are starting to see Freedom from their point of view and experience, not from what they are told, taught or made to believe.

People are remembering, realizing, celebrating their own kind of Freedom that is personal and relevant.

People are also feeling that part of their Freedom has been lost or taken away.

Gain or loss, People are braver, more aggressive in fighting for the Freedom and Human Rights that they feel they deserve. People are no longer settling, but are going for what they are worth. After all, America is the Land of Opportunity, unless that too has been jaded with lies and false promises.

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Who Turned Off The Life Switch?

My Life is not great, but it’s also not boring.

Wildflowers, delicate and fragile, but they have the courage and strength to fight the strongest winds day and night. How much more a Human being created in God’s image?

My Life often switches to two contrasting feelings and emotions with moderate intensity in between.

Lights On, Lights Off. Happy On, Happy Off. Anger On, Anger Off. Freedom On, Freedom Off. Hope On, Hope Off. Motivation On, Motivation Off. Fear On, Fear Off. Caring On, Caring Off. Living On, Living Off.

Thrill Seeker trail option. I wasn’t into gambling my life and limbs that day. Some days self preservation is more.

Everyone has a trigger. Everyone has a switch. Everyone has a choice.

Fight or Flight, Play On or End Game, Resist Evil or be Evil’s Weapon to Kill Others or Self.

I’m drawn to edgy experiences. I’m aware of their dangers, but I can’t deny myself of what makes me happy and excited. I can’t ignore what gives my life the fire it needs.

Some days they are so real, and I don’t have to touch them to know how they feel. Some days they are too far away no matter how much I try to reach them.

Being safe doesn’t mean living longer. Living longer doesn’t mean my Life has been more meaningful and productive. I will choose quality over quantity always. Enough is okay when my enough is filled with purpose, legacy and happiness that are my own.

My Life is constantly in a battle mode of good versus evil, beauty versus ugliness, happiness versus sadness, hope versus surrender, healing versus pain, light versus darkness, anger versus love and forgiveness, family versus self, others versus me, feel something versus feel nothing.

I could be surrounded with People, and still feel alone in what I really want. Conforming is easy, but being fully understood free of other People’s own interest is the hardest. It’s no surprise Mental Health is one of the most unaddressed global problem that has ruined many lives because People that are suppose to care, refuse to really care. All words, no honest, sincere actions. Posting a Mental Health Awareness Ad or Work Email is far different from extending our own selves to help someone.

Superficiality will never work in fixing the Mental Health Crisis. Violence to self and violence against others will not stop. Another Uvalde Shooting Massacre will happen, just like another Sandy Hook Shooting Massacre happened many times over after the tragic shooting that shocked the World. Dark Politics, the Mighty Gun Business and Gun Lovers will always win over ending the senseless killings. Blood Money is Power and Power does not have a conscience.

Our Government, our Police Security Department and our School Systems should make us feel safe, but they haven’t. At anytime, anyone can decide to turn off the Life Switch of the innocent out of fun, vengeance, anger, compulsion and the most unbelievable excuse of them all “Insanity,” when the Killer has a clear intention to buy a gun to kill as many and a sharp mind to carefully plan and execute the Shooting Spree.

Having a bad day is not an excuse to kill People. Having a Mental Health Problem is not an excuse to massacre defenseless Children and Teachers. Killing is killing, Murder is murder. No excuse of whatsoever in turning off the Life Switch of Another.

There should be no sugarcoating of a bloody massacre that was done without mercy and remorse by an Evil Person.

Whale Cove meets Devil’s Slide. Their World stops time. Their Love melts away bad memories and heartaches. Their Passion delivers a breathe of life to those who stopped feeling and living. It’s why I go back, even just for a few hours.

For those familiar with this Blog, my adventures are more than just having fun. It is my escape from something or someone. It is my refuge so I can go on. It is my way of screaming it all out so I can keep my sanity intact. It is my moments of short happiness so I won’t give up to the temptations of profound sadness and anger. It’s basically a survival coping and therapeutic mechanism.

My Blog Space is the only Safe Place where revealing my real self is truly accepted. No retaliation. No threats. No judgment and cruelty. No gossips. No glances and condemnation. No risks of being fired.

I decided to climb this side. I was fine till I reached the top. No more steps. I was stuck embracing the rock and my feet frozen on the top most steps. Either I slid down blindly or flip over. I can feel the strong winds trying to loosen my grip. For several seconds I felt fear. I decided to flip over landing on my back. Got scratches on my arms and legs. Fresh paint stuck on my arms. I was foolish. I was also lucky. I could have fallen and no one was there to help me.

Sometimes when darkness is winning and surrendering feels more of a relief than losing, giving in is easy. Sweet, sweet easy. Then my mind starts being imaginative, wildly imaginative.

The view and the experience were incredible at this spot of the Bunker. If I didn’t try, I wouldn’t have known how beautiful it was. It’s like looking at a live work of Art. Worth the risk.

“I won…for now.” Even those who seemingly have everything are not Winners all the time. They are just good in hiding from Public perception the times they lost. Every Winner was a Loser. Every Loser can become a Winner. The switch between Losing and Winning constantly changes. How far the game can go on is up for every Person. Some never gives up, others give in as soon as it becomes difficult. Game On, Game Off.

Then I snap out of my dark imagination, realizing I have a Family that depends on me. I can’t be selfish and just surrender. So I keep fighting the Demons around and within me, near and far, seen and invincible.

So many messages, warnings and clues on top of one another. Some have happened, others haven’t. Some were asking for help and no one saw, read or heard them.

Inside the Bunker, layers of Grafitti. Art or Trashing Vandalism? The answer depends on the eyes of its beholder. I saw through the Graffiti, People unseen even in broad daylight trying to vent their mental and emotional pain and Demons. This is the Devil’s Bunker after all.

I try to be a survivor not for myself but for those I love. If it’s just me, I don’t think it’s that hard to stop and take control of the final switch, or maybe disappear off the grid from everyone and be finally free of the switch.

Many like to go to Gray Whale Cove State Beach below, but the best view is actually at the top of the Devil’s Slide where one can see 360 degrees of wild, gorgeous Nature. Here, it’s easy to think away from the crowd and noise.

I don’t have to own it to feel so at home. At Devil’s Slide Bunker all my good switches are on. It’s my energy source to recharge the rest of my dead switches. At the end of the adventure, I’m fully charged and activated. It’s an incredible feeling.

Genuinely appreciate and love your Friends and Family for who they are. Find time to really see them. Deeply understand their pain and sadness. Just be there. Listen patiently. Show kindness. Let them know in action and words that you care about their worries, heartaches, fears and troubles.

Discover if they are really smiling with happiness, or just smiling to please you and those around them. A smile can mean so many things. A smile can hide so many secrets. Sometimes, a smile is so effective that we discover the truth far too late.

A Doctor was found hanging in his own clinic dead in a very busy Medical Facility. He has a wife and children. No one knew he was suffering from severe Depression. No one knew he was carrying the weight of the World. He seems to have it all. No one knew he was so stressed, frustrated and angry with Administration and Management in charge of his Work and Life. He never asked helped. It is an embarrassing stigma and possibly a reason to be let go to seek Psychiatric help.

This is the dark secret Healthcare Providers and Workers suffer that is kept from Public Knowledge. They can help and save others, but asking help to be saved is made difficult and complicated.

Story was made quiet, it is a dark secret after all. Same dark, secret stories have tragically happened in the U.S. and the World over. And those who caused these events got away with it blood stains free.

There is always a Person or Group of People that caused another Human Being to believe his or her life is not worth living. They are the cause for someone to jump over the edge. There is always a Person or Group of People behind the anger that turned inwards. We may feel sad for the Victim who decided to end his or her life, but that Victim may have finally freed herself or himself from the many years of misery, abuse, stress and unhappiness. People like to speculate and judge those who committed Suicide without a slightest clue who the Person was and what drove that Person to turn off their Life Switch.

We don’t want to be the reason People gave up on living. We don’t want to be the cause they turned off their Life Switch. We will never be able to forgive ourselves if indeed we are the cause of their Death. Never.

We think we know People just because we grew up with them or raise them. We think we can read their minds and can predict their hearts just because we are married to them or they are our Moms and Dads, Sons and Daughters, Sisters and Brothers, Close Friends. We can’t. No way. There is always a part of someone that will never be visible to others. Just is.

We have a voice. We speak louder. We have hands and feet. We do more action for change. We have a heart. We care more, kindness for all.

Truth, we have no clue until People are ready to open up to reveal their truest self and everything that has been killing them slowly through the years. And they may never be ready. They may never open up. It sounds frustrating, but trying is not about us. It’s about them.

So what to do? Start being selfless. Start trying and understanding without judgement and prejudice. Start making an effort. Start small. Never give up when you fail. Try, try, try patiently and for as long as it takes. Shut up and just listen, listen, listen. Remember, those we love are worth it, same as we are worth it to those who love us.

Trust is not that easy to give back once that Person decide to close their hearts to years of abuse and pain. Patience, lots of patience. Understanding as deep and as far as we can go because that Person is very important and deserves better.

It takes one to know one. And I’m writing this because I’ve been there, and still am. There is nothing wrong in accepting, knowing, understanding, acknowledging, loving, forgiving and healing ourselves. In fact, it’s the most kind and noble gesture we can give ourselves. Self Truth, Love and Honesty. Self Forgiveness. Hope that our every dream is worth having, living.

We need to love ourselves exactly the way we wanted to be loved. We need to let others love us exactly the way we wanted to be loved. Nothing less, everything more. Perhaps doing so, we may just forget a Life Swith ever existed.

So many Law and Security loopholes and red tapes. Once and for all, we end all gun access, ownership and privileges to end all gun violence. “No Guns, No Shootings, No Massacre.

Many weep and honor People when they are Dead but few cared enough to make the Dead feel important, hopeful, loved, happy and safe when they were still alive. Ironic, but isn’t this the usual Nature and Attitude of many in our Society?

How come only few visits, appreciates and show kindness to the Living while the Dead gets thousands to millions of mourners, visitors, likes, comments and emojis with sad face, heart and hand held in prayer? Is it Guilt? Is it genuine thoughtfulness and sincerity? Is it Social Media Automated Instincts and Response?

When we are Dead, we are Dead. Nothing the Living will say or do makes a difference. But for those who are still alive, they need us still to make a big difference in their lives.

“If I can’t be honest of how I feel then I’m already emotionally dead.”

No one has the right to turn off the Life Switch of another Human Being whether it’s Murder or Suicide. In the end, we will face God for the horrible acts we have done, triggered or got away from. By then, no more coverups, excuses, privileges, power, money and politics.

Everything that worked on Earth will not work in Heaven or Hell. Justice for the Dead, and their justice will be payed for Eternity.

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Lone Cypress Tree by the Sea

It started as a quick 15 minutes coastal hike. Plan was to just stay on course above the bluffs.

No detours, or so I thought until Nature below revealed a Lone Cypress Tree by the Sea. It’s calling me. It’s reaching out. It needs a Friend. How can I say NO? Nature extended its Friendship a thousand times over when I needed it the most.

Nature Doors are always open when I needed a safe place to escape, talk and rest. Urgent trail detour towards the Lone Cypress.

I looked around. There are two trails. The easy trail is safe but farther and longer. The hard trail is more challenging, even dangerous but quicker and shorter. Which did I choose?

Hiking and Nature when I needed to be away from Society, People and Circumstances that slowly are eating the life, joy and light in me.

Easy isn’t me when it comes to Hiking. I would like to remember the experience as thrilling, breathtaking, memorable, difficult and fun.

I love a hike that makes my hands, clothes and shoes dirty. I appreciate a hike that gives me scratches, bruises, aches and pain. Holes on shoes, even better. Worn out means I’m doing frequently what I enjoy doing.

My Hiking has to feel alive. I need to feel alive with all my senses one and in harmony with the Earth, the Wind and the Water, or no hike at all.

Even to places I’d been before, Hiking takes me to many Places of Wonder and Discovery that is personal and special. Moments with Nature I alone had seen and experience until it’s time to let go and pass on the happy memories through story telling.

The trail was steep and slippery. My shoes were just sliding on the very dry soil, like I was wearing skates. I used my hands to held on to the sharp rocks of the narrow trail, and bended my knees for more gravity. Still, things happened too fast. Climbing down was a blur.

I sat next to the Lone Cypress. We were quiet for awhile. I didn’t have to say a word. All it wanted was someone to be there, physically be there. Like all good Friends do, I stayed until it was ready to talk, open up and let go.

It allowed me to hold its scars. It allowed me to see its burn marks. Many of its surface were rough. Evident signs that it weathered many Storms and harshest of Climate changes were clear and visible. Some surfaces were vulnerable, sensitive and still has fresh wounds. It trusted me to see them too. Something the Lone Cypress Tree normally hid from Public because of invasive scrutiny and judgment.

It opened up layers after layers of hope, dreams, joy, failures, heartbreaks, sadness, love, anger, forgiveness, empathy, apathy.

Its Trunk, Branches and Leaves callously beautiful and resilient. Shaping, molding, following the direction of Time and Wind.

The Lone Cypress Tree grew Roots that dug deep into the Earth and covered every surface it can find. When Weather is calm, it heals and prepares itself. This is how it survive this long we’re everyone else has failed.

The Lone Cypress Tree perfected adaptation to its surroundings and the Environment so it can thrive. It did witness one by one Friends and Family die fighting Wars, Diseases and Powerful Extremes that they could never win.

Time to go Home. Lone Cypress Tree smiled, content. It whispered, “I’m okay. Thank you for the Time and Visit. Thank you for being a good Friend.”

I told the Lone Cypress, “Goodbye. I will come back my new Friend. Till then, hang in there. Never give up on your hopes and your dreams. It’s okay to live and love for yourself.”

It’s much harder to go up and reach the top while it’s so easy to go down and reach the bottom.

There is a Lone Cypress in all of us. We wouldn’t have survive this long if we didn’t have what it takes to be a Lone Cypress Tree by the Sea.

I turned around one more time to look at the Lone Cypress Tree and everything that surrounds it. It didn’t have to explain it’s reason for trying. I get it. I understood. Without a doubt, I would have done the same.

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One Word, One Photograph, One Story…Destiny


They looked so happy and in love. As they seal their vow of loving and being there for each other forever, another story was already written by Destiny on a rock long time ago just few steps from where the Newly Weds were standing.

Destiny foretold only one will raise their Child. How and when, only Destiny knows. May be Destiny will show mercy, but does is not Destiny’s Nature and Character.

Destiny has to be heartless or else every love story will have a happy ending. In real life, many love struck Couples even those with fairy tale grand weddings don’t get to have their happily ever after. In the end, they are left with memories, photographs and a void that can never be replaced.

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I Can Smell The Roses Again

It’s both relief and happiness that I got my sense of smell back and be able to smell the Roses again.

4 days of submission to sickness, helpless, unable to control anything except hang on to hope that my body together with modern medicine will win the fight for me.

Yesterday, I rejoiced that I can breathe well again. I’m sweating after two rounds of long walk at an outdoor field. It was a good sweat and not the kind when a fever is breaking down post anti-fever medication. I’m winning. My body is winning.

Entire morning, I felt great, lots of energy. Late afternoon, I easily doze off again for 2 hours which normally does not happen to me when I’m in my usual healthy invincible self . Past 5 days, I didn’t really care about being invincible anymore. It felt really amazing just to submit to deep sleep, rest and take care of my body for once. Total detachment from work. Something I have not done for so many years.

It took sickness for me to realize how important it is to just stop, sleep, really, really sleep so my body can fully heal and restore itself. It’s the ultimate Spa Wellness Vacation Collaboration I never had for 30 years. And this time, no guilt in requesting my long overdue 10 Days Sick Leave after working for 7 years with my Employers giving above 100% Patient Care that gave them countless “Very Satisfied” Customer Experience.

It took a virus for me to appreciate what’s it like to smell the Roses again. It took sickness for me to truly fall asleep deeply, rest my broken body, mind and heart. For that I am Thankful. God is good, always!

Wife and Son agreed, getting COVID wasn’t that bad. It gave us that much needed Stay-at-Home Family and Me Time for as long as we want. Next week, we are ready to face the world again like brand new people. This time, I’m shifting from invincible to visible. From no fear to being smart. I can’t afford being reckless again.

A beautiful, fun, relaxing weekend to all. Another perfect sunny day to smell the fresh Blooms of Summer. Yep, official Kick-Off of Summer Adventures begins Monday, May the 30th.

Stay safe, happy and healthy always. ♥️🙏

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Surviving COVID

Sunday Night, I felt cold and chilly. I took 500 mg Acetaminophen and didn’t really made a big deal out of it. I did worked that Sunday and swabbed 4 Patients. One of my Co-Worker just came back that day post 10 days COVID Quarantine, and three more Co-Workers that week post their isolation period.

I slept early and woke up feeling better Monday. I still felt tired which is unusual when I get 8 hours or more sleep. I was however, ready to work.

Tonight, Wife and Son turned COVID positive, 2 days after my positive test. I brought COVID Home. Wife started having itchy throat with cough and body aches yesterday. Son started having fever and sniffles today. The new variant is spreading fast within Family clusters and responsible for the “Hidden” Wave.

Just before starting my coffee, I have a gut feeling to test myself with Home COVID test. So, I asked my wife for the test kit. She had to verify, “Are you sure? It’s a waste of a kit if you don’t feel sick.” I explained, “I have too, I felt cold last night and took Acetaminophen which made me feel better.”

3 minutes of the 15 minutes time duration home test, it already confirmed I was COVID Positive. First reaction were panic and safety measures.

I never had a Flu in the U.S. for 22 years of Direct Patient Care. I got COVID in 2.2 years. I’m vaccinated for both. Obviously, COVID is very contagious than Flu. The Pfizer COVID Vaccine worked in preventing severe symptoms and hospitalization. The Pfizer Paxlovid worked in reducing severity progression. I wouldn’t be writing this if it wasn’t. Likely, things would have turned grave if I didn’t have these two. At 51 with co-morbidities, I can’t play Superman anymore.

I wore my mask immediately and told my Wife, “Luv, wear your mask. I’m COVID Positive.”

And just as soon I acknowledge the fact I have COVID, I started to have fever and chills again with nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy throat and cough. I took Acetaminophen again together with the over the counter Robitussin DM we stocked months ago. The Dextromethorphan part is anti-cough.

I texted my Manager to confirm Employee Health Protocol for reporting and PCR Testing. It took an hour to finally get hold of Employee Health. They told me they have so many waiting for test appointments and I have to wait 24 hours for them to contact me for appointment. Past 48 hours, no phone call update of COVID test scheduling.

I decided right away to contact my Kaiser Primary Care Physician. I was able to get a telephone appointment the next day and COVID PCR test that same day.

From my last COVID PCR test, there is a big difference in the drive thru line. It used to be straight from entrance to the COVID Swab Collectors. That day, I drove in a long maze. Kaiser is anticipating a rapid rise of volume of both Patients and Staff that will get sick and needing PCR COVID Confirmation. What I was seeing the past few weeks, Kaiser just confirmed. However, this is not the case of other Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals. The message is still, “It’s okay cause it’s mild.” But it’s not okay when more than half of your Work Staff just got COVID, and the rest will get COVID one by one like a Domino Effect.

COVID disrupts work. It disrupts lives. It disrupts care and services. People may be off work without pay.

Orange cones filled the parking lot. Can accommodate hundreds of cars. This is what every big Healthcare Facilities should prepare now so long days of waiting to be tested and getting results will not happen again. But looks like only a few are paying attention. The past will repeat itself.

No one knows who gave COVID to whom anymore. Is it the Patients? Is it from Co-Workers? Are they from Friends and Family Members? Or are they from Strangers at the Stores, Parks and Public Places?

Where I got my COVID doesn’t matter anymore, but what matters is doing the right, the responsible thing by informing my Friends and Co-Workers whom I may have infected that I have COVID. This way they can watch themselves and be cautious around their Families and Friends. Something many seem to have deleted from their subconscious.

Hand Washing, Disinfection, Disposable Plate and Utensils, K95 Mask indoors, Isolation. Finally, we get to use what we were preparing for. Wife tempted to spray me with Lysol Disinfectant Spray. It says it can kill 99.9 percent of virus that cause COVID.

COVID is spiraling high in my community because many stopped caring about one another. It is our duty to inform People we know that we may have gotten them sick. Behavior and Attitude are pivotal in Pandemic Control.

Day 2, I felt more worse. I woke up with headache, severe nasal congestion that I have to breathe through my mouth, throat pain, voice hoarseness, chest congestion and productive cough with yellow sputum. I still have fever and chills with body aches, fatigue and brain fog. This time, symptoms didn’t feel mild nor okay. My main concern now is developing Shortness of Breath as I have active Asthma and have been using daily both rescue and maintenance inhalers.

Time is of essence with Paxlovid both for qualification and effectivity. One has to score right away their symptoms 0-10, with zero as asymptomatic and 10 having shortness of breath/respiratory distress. Mild is 1-3, Moderate is 4-6, Severe 7-10. 10, definitely time to call 911 or go to Emergency Room. One can get Paxlovid with mild to moderate, so symptoms does not progress to severe and hospitalization.

I spoke with my Doctor, based on my risk factors and severity, I have to start the Anti-COVID Paxlovid right away. It’s time sensitive, to start within 5 days of COVID symptoms. It is suppose to prevent progression to severe disease and hospitalization.

Waiting for Paxlovid via same day mail, I told my wife, “I don’t think I could drive safely to the pharmacy. Too tired and my attention and focus are so bad. So I have pharmacy delivered the medicine via priority same day mail.” She didn’t disapprove after experiencing with me a mind boggling scary driving incident last night.

For some reason where I’m suppose to drive far left towards the turn left only stop light, I drove over the concrete island in the middle of the road and ended up on the opposite side. I have no idea how I got there. It’s like I black out but still conscious. My Driving Senses were alarmingly off. Wife freaked out and screaming. I assured her, “Calm down. We’re okay . We should be thankful no harm happened to us. We could have hit another car head on.” She calmed down once we were able to safely park. I was silently shocked too but I was so tired( fatigue) to react. I calmly added, “We’re safe, that’s what matters.”

We were in crowded Japan Town SF Saturday. I wore a mask except when eating. Many are not wearing mask indoors. I could have gotten COVID there. Incubation of COVID is 2-12 Days. Likely sooner with the new variants. And yes, we shared this mango pineapple crepe not concerned we were sharing saliva. “We’ll it’s my Family, we’re safe,” thinking is not smart at all. Take it from me.

I should have worn my mask instead of taking this photo. Too late now. This is what happens when one put their guard down and trust the majority’s sentiments of being safe from COVID and mask is no longer necessary. Thank God for the vaccines. I could be in the E.R. by now or tomorrow.

A Lady in Yellow Dress is relaxing on a rock while a Friend took her pictures. Everyone was just trying to have a great time, and if COVID is part of the risk package, many will take it. I will take it.

No driving till I’m well. For now, I can’t trust my body and senses with COVID in it. And yes, I’m suppose to rest and do my share of isolation quarantine. Public Health actually still exist and alerted me that they received a report that I’m COVID Positive and should do the right thing by notifying all that I may have exposed. I’m surprise there’s actually a contact tracing. Or may be because I’m a Healthcare Provider. I did not reply, I already notified all my Co-Workers whom I may have infected. We’d been taking care of each other since this Pandemic began. They warned me when they got sick. My turn to warn them. Honesty and transparency.

Personally, I believe in the effectivity of the COVID vaccine from preventing serious COVID that cause hospitalizations, complications and death. So did my Co-Workers who get to share with me their sickness thoughts and experiences. No fear. Just a relief it is over for now. We are after all the true living Survivors of the Pandemic. And our stories have many things in common like courage, strength, faith, hope, perseverance, strong Family and Friends ties and support, positivity and humor to a disease that shouldn’t be funny in the first place.

Saturday, the day was too beautiful. Nature and Outdoors glorious, inviting all to come out and have fun. Weather Sunny and warm at 90 degrees. No place to Park at Bakers Beach so we decided to hike at Presidio Miley. It’s easy to forget COVID infection is everywhere and everyone when everything is this nice. I definitely did.

As I said, COVID is “not mild” and it sucks, at least for me based from my own personal experience. Now that is one truth no one can just alter with lies and deception. I don’t like having COVID. So, I will be wearing mask again outdoors, indoors, everywhere. I will not care if People are staring and giving me looks or hand gestures. My body, my right not to get sick and feel aweful again.

Day 3 COVID, Day 2 Paxlovid. I woke up feeling much better. No more fever and chills. Less nasal congestion and chest congestion. No nasal drip. Still with occasional productive cough. No sore throat. No headache. No body aches. Still having fatigue like I didn’t want to get out of bed. Have tolerable bitter taste in my mouth from Paxlovid. No big deal. The good effects outweighs the weird taste. Three diarrhea episodes, which could be side effect of Paxlovid and from the many immunity boosting green juices I took this morning. Overall, I felt positive that tomorrow, I’m back to being myself again. No brain fog so far. Thank God. PCR COVID results came back Abnormal and Positive.

How many will do this? We stopped doing this 2021.

By Summer many of us will be infected by the highly infectious variant now considered as contagious as measles. If we made it Summer, then comes Fall and Winter, COVID’s worst of all its seasons. And if we made it non-infected 2022, then comes 2023 and the years thereafter. We should not be running anymore. It we get it, we deal with it as aggressive as we can to eliminate the virus from our systems as quick as possible. No indecisiveness with testing and early treatment.

After Japan Town, it was hiking to Mile Rock Beach and Eagles Point. I could have gotten it here too. Most don’t wear mask outdoors and some parts of the hiking trail were narrow making close contact with a COVID positive very likely. And People enjoy talking so most mouths were open whenever People pass each other.

We reached Mile Rock Beach. Wife wearing a mask. I didn’t. Wife stayed in a corner away from People. I went towards the People so I can get a better picture at the left end of a Cove that has the view of Golden Gate. Wife was cautious. I was just trying to feel like everyone else…carefree.

No escape to the New Normalcy, both for the Believers and Unbelievers of the deadliest Pandemic in history. We are now part of that History. I am now part of the ongoing Pandemic still shaping History.

What was once droplet is now highly airborne easily passed as simple as a whisper, a laugh, a kiss, a hug, a yawn and through normal modulated social and work conversations.

Is this something you are also noticing in your workplace and or community? I believe there is a movement to have everyone get infected as fast and as many without care to the Collateral Damage of 300 something Americans still dying everyday from severe COVID. Nothing mild when the deaths are clearly happening in hundreds to what is suppose to be Non-COVID Season.

Golden Gate Bridge from Mile Rock Beach. Were the experience and photos worth possibly getting COVID? Yes, because I wouldn’t have change anything. As I said before “I’m trying to live in the moment at its fullest.” I got what I wanted. I knew the consequences. No regrets. Lesson learned. I will be smarter and more cautious next time.

So, who gave me COVID? My Patients? My Friends and Co-Workers? The random Strangers in Public Places? Truth is, it does not really matter who gave it to me. What matters is my body is beating COVID because of Science and Medicine. What matters is I have a Family that is making sure I will get well soon and back to my optimal functioning self. What matters is that my Employer provides Sick Leave and COVID Sick Time hours so I don’t have to worry about where to get my next monthly pay check while at home recovering.

I wouldn’t have miss this, not even if COVID was there.

Day 4, I woke up early, all symptoms gone. I felt energized. I went to the kitchen to drink my Day 3 Paxlovid. Wife and Son all awake. Both on their Day 2 COVID feeling worse than Day 1. Son having sore throat, fatigue and body aches. Wife, also fatigue and body aches. She’s coughing more, so I gave her Tessalon and Robitussin DM for cough relief.

Today, Wife had a telephone appointment with a Doctor. Per Doctor, she does not need PCR test. Her symptoms and positive home test confirms that she has COVID. She did not qualify for Paxlovid.

Son’s earliest Pediatrician appointment is Friday. He needs a School Note that he has COVID. He is not suppose to make more absences after we received a warning from our school district, but COVID is an exception for the safety of all students, teachers and school staff.

COVID does significantly disrupts our Children’s Schooling. Son missing out on his Math Exam this morning which hopefully he gets to take next week. For now, he and his Mom has to go through the COVID Sickness Cycle that I just went through.

Things may appear scary and intimidating when we don’t know how our body and mind will react with COVID, but this I know, we will get through it. We will get better. We will feel better. We will beat the virus and come out Winners and Survivors. At the end of our quarantine, COVID becomes like any other sickness we successfully overcame.

Yesterday, Son made a joke after his confirmed Home COVID Test. He said, “A Family that travels and eats together gets COVID together.” I laughed, and told him, “You’re right.”

So, though getting COVID sucks. I feel blessed that I have all these resources and that my symptoms are better and improving. I’m happy even if I’m coughing. That is something new to me.

I’ll catch up on responding to your likes and comments as soon as I feel better with more energy.

Thank you for everyone’s thoughtfulness and kindness. I appreciate you all.

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Images and Photos Sutro Baths, Lands End

Images are what I see. Photos are what I capture with my iPhone Camera to remind me of the places I’d been and how they made me feel. I have been forgetting memories, and the photos takes me back to what was real.

Souvenirs and Cafe, Lands End Lookout. We used to go in for coffee and sandwich. Today, no more Cafe, just the Souvenir Shoppe.

Northwest of San Francisco is the picturesque Lands End with its beautiful Cypress Trees, Wildflowers and Scenic Hills.

The flowers reminds me of the Blue Bonnets of Texas Hill Country, only they are yellow. They grow in clusters along many Coastal areas of Northern California.

Lands End also has a rare Treasure, the Sutro Baths Ruins.

Lands End is our gateway to San Francisco’s many adventures via Great Highway. The highway is worthy of its name because it has many beautiful Coastal Hiking Trails, Beaches and panoramic Ocean Views. It will take more than a day to experience them all. So, I portion my adventures to what I really want, from Nature Therapy, to calorie burning hikes to Photography, to Family Time and picnic by the beach.

White Picket Fences to protect People from themselves. Few have fallen to their deaths in Lands End and the many Cliffs and Hiking Trails of San Francisco and Daly City. A reminder that even the most beautiful and most fun destinations can be dangerous and deadly.

We were lucky to have a Brunch here once. The Restaurant is permanently close since 2020 of first Pandemic Lockdown. No news of who is the new owner. Inflation, Recession, $54 Billion War Aid to Ukraine and continued more infectious COVID Mutations makes it a risk to start a business that thrives on Tourists. COVID did win and still winning by closing some businesses for good in San Francisco and the Bay Area. People just don’t want to accept defeat nor acknowledge the virus is still affecting their lives, health and work. It’s easier to believe it’s now Endemic when it’s one of the biggest misinformation of all.

View from the Balcony.
One of the hiking trails towards Sutro Baths.
Purple Wildflowers along the Hill Side.
Stairs is an option from Lands End Lookout to Sutro Baths.

Today, we discover the Ruins and the surrounding Nature of Sutro Baths. We enjoy slowly the portions of its adventure in the most relaxing, calm state. We leave behind all the negativity and draining noise.

Today is total Nature immersive experience.

It’s like traveling to Asia or some Tropical Paradise. Seeing with wild imagination is the key to adventure Staycation where we can go to any country and travel destinations we want. No ridiculous expensive air fare prices and hotels. No Stress. No crowd. No virus risk.

Today, we will see the smallest beautiful details. We will feel the gentlest of sensations. We will smell the cleanest, freshest scents of Ocean Breeze mix with fragrant all organic wildflowers.

Graffiti, Art or Crime Violation to a past that is holding on to survive so People will not repeat the same mistakes? The Sutro Baths original architecture was grand and seem indestructible like the Titanic. Both sank. Fragments and Ruins are all that remains.

I see and appreciate. I stop and listen. I take a moment to enjoy its beauty. I make an effort to capture moments with my eyes, heart and camera phone so I won’t forget.

Brain Cell Neurons do die everyday and with them, memories that are dear and important. Some are reversible, others, permanent.

What happens at night are no longer hidden because of the day. The Graffitis keep changing. The Golden Gate Park Staff stopped removing the desecration of San Francisco’s many historical remains because it’s futile. Visitors can’t help themselves. They will fill every space with paint.

Rust and Paint. Beautiful together, but are they right for each other. Is it lawful or unlawful that the Past is being covered up by the Present? Things we see are more than just images and photos. They have meaning. They have messages and lessons to be learned. They are silent yet speaks so loudly to anyone willing to listen and change. Trying is always worth it.

He took the lead. One giant leap and he was this far. The downside of Photography is that I miss parts of an entire moment. Best way to experience an entirety is seeing the entirety without distractions and interruptions. Full focus.

The water, still and quiet.

The Pool Baths became a Pond Sanctuary for migrating birds and local Seagulls. What’s built for some became an enjoyment and rest for all.

On the far right is the mysterious Cave. The Cave exits to the Sea.

To walk where the past used to walk, to breathe the same air the past used to breathe, to be surrounded by treasures untold and unseen, a portion of adventure that is just yours and mine. Special.

Ruins along the Hillside. Would have been the best room with a view that showcases San Francisco’s golden Sunsets.

One of the two remaining intact stairs closest to the shore.

Architectural remnants of the Past. The passion, the ingenuity, the texture, the colors, the materials, the reaction of the Elements, the play, harmony and beauty of Nature around them, impressive and fascinating. All details are extraordinary.

Near Sunset, the Tides were low revealing a hidden beach cove.

The Water surrounding the Great Rock receded, allowing People to climbed to the top.

Part of Lands End few dare to venture. It’s just behind Sutro Baths. The rocks are sharp, steep and dangerous. The waves tall and powerful. One clean sweep and that’s it. We respect the power of the Sea. We don’t test its dangers nor temper.

People come to this side to fish while catching the grand price of them all, the view of the Bay, Golden Gate and Nature.

By noon of next day, it was high tide again. The beach cove disappeared and the Great Rock, unclimbable once more.

I hope you all enjoyed our portion of today’s fun and adventures. Till next time. Take care, stay healthy and live our slices of life to the fullest.

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Pink Magic Carpet Ride, Cliff House Ocean Beach

Let me take you to a Pink Magic Carpet Ride.

Scared of heights and fast thrill rides? No worries. This carpet ride has seatbelts.

If you have to scream, we scream together, and the louder, the better. Ready? Here we go…SCREAM! Didn’t that feel so good?

Now, we laugh and laugh hard. We laugh till our lungs are close to running out of air, and tears of joy starts flowing from our eyes.

We celebrate and enjoy life fully till the Heart is intoxicatingly happy and free.

Every May of Spring, carpets of pink flowers bloom along the most unlikely places of Cliff House, Ocean Beach San Francisco. The flowers are robust and radiant even if California is on a severe emergency drought. Magic? Perhaps, but it’s definitely a proof of Nature’s incredible resilience and adaptability towards the most extreme climate change caused by Humans such as the accelerated Global Warming.

Then there’s this amazing yellow Sun and Star bloom clusters in one spot of the pink magic carpet.

On rock walls and cliffs, on edges beyond reach, on side walks to highways, shimmering, glistening, brilliant splendor.

Wonder to Wonder. Adventure to Adventure. Discovery to Discovery. Excitement to Euphoria.

Some years have more magic carpet than others. Once, several years ago after a year of abundant Rain, the rocks that surrounds Cliff House was mostly covered by pink blooms which from afar looked like the rocks were painted pink. It was the year of the Super Blooms Phenomenon which has not happened since then.

Significant Rain blessings has stopped, continuously drying up all Water Dams, Reservoirs, Lakes and Rivers. Water usage on the other hand seems like it’s limitless among many Californians.

Spring Pandemic 2020. Landmark Cliff House frequented by Hollywood Stars in the 50’s-70’s became a pink jeweled crown when the magic carpet returned. It was both Miracle and Hope at a time when many are afraid of the unknown deadly virus that swiftly spread across the World within several weeks.

There were no vaccines nor effective medications then. People were dying in thousands everyday. Dark Times needing any form of symbol of light and inspiration at the end of a very long uncertain tunnel. The Wildflowers, glorious and beautiful were one of those much need symbols of light and inspiration.

If the Wildflowers can survive with nothing, all the more Humans who have everything.

My Son went climbing ahead of me, but he waited so I can catch up. These are the kind of moments from Visitors that will keep Cliff House alive even if one day it will have another name after it’s Auction is over. I hope Golden Gate Park will not sell out to one Billionaire Individual to have it as a Private Castle by the Sea. If so, its Heart will die and its Spirit gone forever.

Cliff House was built to bring happiness to as many People. It doesn’t know what selfishness means. It has not experienced being imprisoned in its own Castle. Who owns it next will determine its Freedom. It doesn’t have a say nor can speak. It can only hope silently.

The Cliff House, May 2022. Just as beautiful, just as glamorous, but it is now permanently closed after 157 years of giving happy memories, romantic Sunsets and unforgettable delicious culinary experience both to Locals and Visitors from around the World.

Sign of Iconic Cliff House may had been taken down, Thursday, Dec. 31, 2020, but it’s Heart continues to beat and survive to welcome everyone who needs it. For how long, all depends on its next owner.

He looked where I looked, but what he thinks or feels could be different from mine. However, I do see that he loves Freedom, Adventures and Nature Outdoors too. His moments are his and can be anything he wants or needs. I appreciate the time he spends with me. I’m thankful for our Father and Son moments and memories. One day, he will have strong fearless wings of his own and will pursue adventures and dreams that is just about him. Cycle of Life.

Kite Surfers frequent Ocean Beach but they are particularly drawn close to the Cliff House. Could be because the area just has the right amount of Wind and Current provided by the giant sea rocks that surrounds it.

Some flowering plants have already died, some didn’t. No rain. Sun turns dangerous at Summer’s heat peak. By then, all blooms have burned and withered to return again next in Spring. That’s the normal cycle of the Magic Carpet blooms. Could loose it’s magic one day and never come back. So we enjoy Nature now and try to take care of it for tomorrow. Magic won’t last if we keep wasting and using it recklessly.

If pink magic carpet is not your thing, I assure you, the blue magic carpet of Ocean Beach will. There is something about the Water that brings People here. I can’t really describe it, but I do know that all my stress drifts away and waves of peace and happiness flows gently to every part of my being whenever I am here.

Wholeness, Clarity, Healing and Renewal. Back to zero negativity, heavy burdens and worries. Instant Brand New Self.

The Ocean and the Sea takes away the rusty parts of me. It prevents me from corroding away. It protects and keeps me safe from the harsh dangerous elements of Life Circumstances and People. It is Home and Sanctuary when I needed it to be. Friend and Family when feeling alone and misunderstood. The surviving metal reminds me of myself, bare and vulnerable yet for some miracle stands strong. God has not left his sinful, imperfect and troubled Creation.
View from Sutro Baths by Lands End. Another love story just steps away from Cliff House.

It bids farewell but it knows we will come back. It took a piece of our Hearts, same as we took a piece of its Heart.

Indescribable feeling every time, no matter how many times I’d been here. It was love at first sight enduring towards forever.

Our Love Story by the Cliff and the Sea has no end unless we want it to end. It awaits for us patiently for as long as it knows we will return, doesn’t matter for how long.

Every adventure and discovery is experiencing a whole new World. And when we share them, its meaning becomes so much more.

A whole new World
With new horizons to pursue
I’ll chase them anywhere
There’s time to spare
Let me share this whole new world with you. -Lyrics from Disney’s A Whole New World 1992

Heart shape magic carpet. Imagined or Real? Needed or not? Destiny or Random? Effect is the same for those who want it.

Our Pink Magic Carpet Ride just landed. Time to go home. May today’s adventures brought everyone their magic and miracles, happy moments and memories, wants and needs, smiles and laughters, wonder and surprises.

Till our next Magic Carpet Ride. Take care everyone. Stay healthy and happy.

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Mental Health Day at Pigeon Point Light Station

“My successful Mental Health Day is having a Sunny Weather, listening to music, Nature Immersion and mindfully letting go of everything that caused me Mental and Emotional Distress. Guaranteed calm relaxation, positivity, happiness and hope.”

Mental Health Day is the only Holiday that focuses on the Person that needs it. It’s urgent as needed basis, from minutes to hours to days. It hardly cost a thing but means everything to the Individual that has to heal emotionally, mentally and physically. Our Work, our Society, People we know are not fully ready to understand what it means, but we are. So, we don’t deprive ourselves of that very thing that prevents us from losing it. We deserve to thrive, live, survive, even be happy.

Have you ever been where Place and Weather speaks and listens to the many versions of you from start to finish? Only you, no one else, undivided, full focused like you are the most important Person in this Planet?

Are we on the safe side or dangerous side? Are we the Free or are we the Trapped? Are we the Blessed or are we the ones Suffering? Metal Fence is just a fence. How we think and feel on either side symbolizes and defines its meaning. I would like to believe I’m on the Free side, but some days, it does feel I’m on the Trapped side. Inside,Outside Life situations changes all the time.

I have. Several times. Last was at Pigeon Point Light House. When Places, Weather and Moments speaks and listens to me, only for me, I put my guard down and surrender completely. Absolute trust.

I try to live in the moment because eventually all things that belongs to the World stays with the World. So why should I waste my remaining living years enslaving for the World and People? Aren’t we entitled to enjoy our lives too?

There is something sad yet irresistible about Nostalgia. That day, the Lighthouse revealed a part of its past that were both lonely and resilient. It waited and waited until it realized it can survive being alone and that Solitude is both it’s Lover and Best Friend.

Today, it shares that Solitude for free to anyone who seeks and wants it.

Downcast …how does it make you feel?

My moods can shift quickly from happy to sad to angry to mad furious just like the Weather can swiftly change from sunny to gloomy to rainy to stormy with freakin’ scary thunder and lightning.

The older I get, the harder it is for me to fake what I feel and what I think. Superficiality, Politics and Plasticity I can no longer tolerate. They bother me like I have Hives.

Even when it’s dark, even when the Weather is bad, or sad, or mad, it still is beautiful. We can’t really escape who we are just because our moods and emotions are having a moment.

Yep, my mood scares me sometimes. What if one day I can’t control it? What if the Demons and their Darkness are able to release themselves to the surface? What if they take over and I’m too exhausted to fight back? What then?

Bright, radiant, sunny, warm…how do you feel now?

If one wants to know how I truly feel, all they have to do is look at the Sky and the Weather. I can fake a smile, I can pretend to laugh but if the Sky has lost it’s Sun and Light, then what People see is a lie. A perfected functional lie. It’s how I have survived. It’s how many have survived. We understood in silence. We connect in silence. We listen in silence.

A minute ago.

I have to watch myself from myself all the time. What goes on from within can’t just be acted out anytime I want. I have to control myself and act professional around others no matter badly triggered. I can’t loose myself when I’m in charge of de-escalation, peace and order in a very busy workplace. Others can disrupt the work flow and vent whether irrational or legit, I can’t. Just is and will always be. Have to be the bigger, more mature Adult, though deep inside I’m just as childish and immature as anyone else.

A minute later, the Sky personality changed inspiring and motivating all things and life under it.

We got to Pigeon Point with the grey clouds completely covering the Sun. It was cold and windy. It wasn’t inviting. I was a bit disappointed because it was sunny when we passed by Santa Cruz for Ice Cream at Penny’s. We could have just stayed there instead of driving further. And Santa Cruz was having its kind of Beach and Boardwalk Fun when we left.

Depressing but not hopeless.
Good things happen to those who persevere.

In a matter of minutes, the Sun started to shine as the grey clouds started to drift away. In an instant, it’s like being in a different place experiencing a different moment, yet I only took a few steps away from the rocks.

Then Weather warmed up openly revealing incredible rock formations by the secret beach. It’s like being in another Planet.

The Sun is snapping everything out of their coma. Me included.

A huge rock hid one of the many secret beaches of Pescadero.

Low Tide revealed what normally the Sea keeps secretly to itself. The Sea was being vulnerable and generous.

Everyone was tired and sleepy when we reached Pigeon Point as we had to wake up early that morning for an Estate Sale adventure. We all took a nap inside the car at one of the parking lot of Pigeon Point. We pulled out the blankets from the trunk of the car and made ourselves comfy cozy. I lowered part of the car window to let the cool sea breeze in. It felt nice. 3 Amigos doze off.

So many Tide Pools with live mollusks, moving shells and anemones, corals, crabs, and tiny fishes. I was like a little child seeing the Sea for the first time.

I woke up earlier than the rest. I decided to get out of the car and enjoy Pigeon Point and it’s Nature Outdoors regardless of the Weather. I told myself, “I am already here where I want to be so I will make the most of it.” And so I did and much more.

They guard every Sea rock fortress by the beach from the outside World. Most of the time, they fail. Humans almost always wins.

I started by the field of wildflowers thru a broken wire fence. Was I suppose to cross? It didn’t matter. My instinct was faster than my common sense. I didn’t hesitate. I just jumped in.

View beyond the broken wire fence. This is how the Weather greeted me at first.

Then I proceeded to the stairway that leads to the beach. Weather keeps changing sunny to cloudy, cloudy to sunny, Sun on, Sun off. It’s like watching myself and my moods in the mirror, only Nature is crazy gorgeous and it’s mood swings even makes it more adorable. My mood swings makes me a Brat or a Jerk!

Fun Time. Climbing over the Rock Walls of the secret beaches. When the tides are high, the secret beaches disappear and is hidden by Sea Water. It was a rare opportunity to see them. So I walked the farthest safety will allow me.

A piece of a wood from a shipwreck so many years ago. The light from the lighthouse is suppose to warn the ships from danger, but sometimes Nature and Weather can cause disasters that crashes Man’s creations to pieces. Tragic but humbling.

Our Adventure has a second part with stories and reflections of their own. Weather and the Light Station decided to work together to surprise and awe. They made sure I have an amazing time being with them. They made sure I will share my experience with wonder and excitement. So here goes…

Above the beach overlooking Cabrillo Highway. I went past the metal wire to capture this view. No one was watching, so I walked towards the edge to check what’s below.

We have to seek our own version of beautiful. And some involves risk, danger and breaking the rules.

Many years ago, we didn’t know Pigeon Point exist. We were just driving to nowhere till we found our own somewhere that we totally fell in love with.

My Son was about 9 years old then. Our first visit was super fun and very exciting. Travel First Times are always special and unforgettable. Our succeeding visits felt like revisiting home. Pigeon Point became one of my favorite getaways when I needed to escape and recuperate.

The pink and purple flowers grows on the cliffs in Spring from April to May. It dies by Summer. Once a year, I try to go back just to see them.

Nature has so many seasonal miracles of life and colors, and I try to capture some for as long as I can. Every year is an opportunity to not miss out.

We don’t need a bucket list if we keep following what the heart wants.

Beauty and Happiness are subdued when the Sun is blocked. Exactly what the Heart feels when Weather looks like this. My moods and emotions are affected by the Weather. Sensitive much? The Sun is literally my Sunshine. And the Rain are my silent invincible tears washing, cleansing away all the pain, loneliness and heart breaks.

He waited for her but she never came back. This could have been where their Dream House would have stood. He never knew what really happened. Did she change her mind? Did something happened to the ship she traveled into. No matter heart broken, he wished she was well, safe and found love where she was happy.

As for the Man who waited, he decided to be the Lighthouse Keeper making sure everyone’s Loved One traveling by Sea gets to reach home safely. Perhaps, part of him still hopes his Great Love will show up one day at the Lighthouse doorsteps. She never showed up. What happened to her remained a mystery.

Everything and Everyone are more radiant and happy when love is added in the mix. Pictures don’t lie.

A vintage car was park outside the Hostel. My imagination time traveled again.

Across the Lighthouse is the Hostel. Yep, one can stay overnight or several days. Dream come true if I can stay here forever.

The balcony is an extension of the garden that overlooks the Ocean and another beach. Insane!

This is California, it’s beaches are ridiculously plenty, beautiful and wild.

Park Keeper closing the doors of one of the buildings. I smiled, and said, “Hey.” He smiled back and replied, “Hey.” I noticed few visitors still avoid eye contact when I passed them shoulder to shoulder. It has nothing to do with COVID any more since no one’s wearing a mask, me included. Unfriendly, prejudiced or just shy, it still makes me uncomfortable when People pretend other People don’t exist, so I pretend they don’t exist too in the same small shared space.

Sometimes, we have to let People realize how their body language and behavior affects others by mirroring exactly what they do back at them.

The white fences leads to the end part of the Light Station. Is there more beyond?

Yes, there’s more, and I save you the best view for last. This is the back part of the Lighthouse that watches the Pacific Ocean.

Every time I am here, it makes me dream that one day, this could be the place that I get to wake up everyday watching the Sunrise while drinking my morning coffee. This could be that place for my last breathe, for my last blog post. Hey, I could be the next Lighthouse Keeper, but this time I have my Great Love next to me. This could be that place where I get to meet and exchange stories with my Blogger Friends. Could be.

Blow Horn or Speaker, not sure.

There was once a staircase that reaches all the way to the edge. Don’t know what happened to it. Perhaps a storm destroyed it. Perhaps someone fell making it unsafe.

The other side of the Lighthouse with its own beach and adventures. I didn’t get to go down and discover its treasures. I ran out of time.

A family was eating by the picnic table at the backyard of the hostel. I could hear their laughter this far. So, I decided to go back to the car. My two Amigos just woke up. I asked them if they want to see the Lighthouse. Wife replied, “It’s 6:30, it’s getting late.” Son holding his belly added, “And I’m hungry.” I told them, “Yep, I’m hungry too. Okay, let’s have our favorite burger for dinner at Roadhouse.”

Old Friends don’t say goodbye. They don’t really leave because part of them stays with you always and part of you stays with them always.

Nostalgia, the Heart remembers moments and details of the past like they just happened yesterday. It’s a gift that no one can ever take away.

The band was playing Country. An old couple were slow dancing tender and lovingly. The Burger, dripping in deliciousness and flavor. We were happy and laughing. So much Good Positive Vibes in just several hours. It was the perfect Family and Me Day. Heaven on a Weekend.

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What COVID? Deception by Omission, Normal?

When asked if they have COVID symptoms, some Patients answer, “What COVID? I don’t have COVID.” Others would say, “No more mask. No more COVID.” Some self diagnosed themselves with certainty that it’s anything but COVID even if the symptoms are indistinguishable. Doctor sounds foolish when Doctor includes COVID as part of the possible Diagnosis. Common response, “I know I don’t have COVID, but okay, you can test me for COVID.” Then when Patient is notified of a positive COVID result, there’s this silent pause, followed by a tone of disbelief, then disappointment and at the end of conversation, acceptance.

Biden’s overlooks a crucial truth: Health Care System is still in Crisis Mode. Health Care for Americans has been refocused to the War in Billions. Many Americans are not aware and will feel it when they get a humongous Hospital Bill from COVID and other Diseases. Health once again will be at the bottom of Politics and War, like it’s always been.

Some do verbally express a rise of COVID in their area and wants to be sure they don’t have it thru PCR testing. Some are genuinely concern of not giving COVID to others if they are asymptomatic or just having mild symptoms.

Ocean Beach should be visible but it isn’t. Cliff House should be seen from this distance, but it can’t. The purple carpet flowers shouldn’t be blooming on sand without the rain, but they are.

Something is not right. Ominous dark clouds of COVID Outbreak is forming overhead and we can’t see it. We will be in the midst of a COVID Storm by the time we are informed. Then it’s survival of the fittest and the healthiest. People will panic. People will get angry. We shouldn’t passed 2 years of COVID.

Do we swim towards a possible shore that we can’t see knowing there’s something dangerous lurking beneath ? Do we swim when we don’t even know how to swim? Same with COVID and the Pandemic. Many assumed, many were assured they can swim their way through it however they want and drowned. Their names forgotten except those they touched.

I like to be updated via my XFINITY Cable T.V. News of what’s happening in my own City, County and the U.S. in general. I was shocked that XFINITY Cable News removed the COVID Pandemic update top section and kept only Politics and War on Ukraine. Why? Is COVID over? Is it controlled? Is there a reason Media and Government wants us to be off guard from the progression of present and future outbreaks? I don’t get it at all. Isn’t Public Health and Safety important? It’s the most careless and reckless COVID Attitude and Response I’ve observed since February 2020.

“No Mask, No COVID, Back to 2019 Normal Campaign” seems to be the overall goal to push for Endemic. It won’t work, not when COVID keeps finding ways to effectively infect People again and again. And Endemic means COVID is here forever, not because it ended. U.S. Leaders and Experts declared Endemic when it’s not time yet. They need to be made responsible and accountable for the victims of the next outbreak, the new hospitalized, the new daily deaths from misinformation or lack of information. Their hands are stained with the blood of those who were made to believe they are now safe from the highly evolving virus.

We need to go out there and discover for ourselves what’s really happening. The Good, bad, beautiful, ugly, loss, miracles, familiar, unusual, the important, the life saving. There are so many things our Social Media, T.V. News and our phone newsfeeds are not telling.

It’s flowers, beautiful. The plant looked harmless. Then it kept growing and climbing on the metal Fence. At first, the Fence enjoyed its beauty, warmth, company and all the attention it’s getting from the Passersby. Then one day, it discovered part of itself have been destroyed and eaten. Fence is now screaming for help before all of itself are gone, but no one can hear it. The Fence present and future is now owned by the beautiful, innocent looking parasite it allowed to grow and take over.

As the media coverage plunges down to an almost quiescence, COVID is gaining speed in numbers. It’s already ahead of the infection race. Can we catch up? Do we want to catch up? Some will try, some will not. This is Free Will in Real Life at Real Time.

Magic Purple Carpet of Spring is blooming along some parts of the Golden Gate Park. Some see them. Some don’t. Some appreciate them, some don’t. Some see Magic and Nature Art, others see weeds and annoyance, others don’t see at all.

How easily have we forgotten. I’m tired, frustrated and pissed off too, but these are not enough for me to have an amnesia. At least, not at this time when I’m still needed to help, to serve, to heal, to fight, to survive.

Humanity’s Battle against COVID is far from over. My Battle from COVID is far from being “Endemic,” and so with every Nurse, Doctor and Medical Professionals in the Frontlines of every new War against Sickness and Death. We don’t get to be impatient.

We took a walk along Ocean Beach before driving Home. We’ve been here so many times before but it was our first to notice it looking like this. Beyond the front houses, City of San Francisco looks like it vanished in thin air. Kind of like COVID. We think it vanished but it is still in the air. It is in People we interact everyday. We take it Home undetected. Just because we forgot, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Exactly why COVID keeps winning.

News Stations and Government can not just pick and choose their truth and select what information they want the Public to know. Omission is still a form of deception. It affects People’s ability to make safe informed decisions. We can’t prepare if we are not aware. We can’t choose when we do not know we are suppose to choose.

It’s Global Rise again. Travel, travel, travel? Fun, fun, fun? Sure, if that’s what we want. No one will stop us now. JHU COVID Data in Motion 5/6/22

What COVID? Joke, Sarcasm or Belief?

What happened to COVID? What happened to the Pandemic slashed “Now Endemic?” Do People realized there are new dominant COVID symptoms that no longer present with the typical respiratory and gastrointestinal flu? Symptoms are changing just like the virus DNA is changing.

The virus is now exponentially being passed around. Co-Workers to Co-Workers, Parents to their Kids, Children to their Parents, Grandkids to their Grandparents, Friends to Friends, Strangers to Strangers. Businesses and Economy will suffer once Employees gets COVID one after the other in a repetitive infection cycle loop. We will be short again of Manpower. This time, no more Government help because Endemic is no longer an emergency crisis.

No more free money. No work, no pay. No Business, Permanent Closure. Hospitals will demand payment of services from their Patients as Government COVID Funding ends. People will be in debt. Financial burden will make many lives miserable. Not everyone can afford insurance. Some have to pay out of pocket. Can you imagine how much weeks to months in I. C.U. care would cost? Hundred thousands of dollars. That in itself is horrifying.

A dense Fog rose rapidly from the Sea and swallowed Ocean Beach. Fog so thick that the Ocean can’t be seen from the road, and from the beach, the City seems to have disappeared. There is something off and odd to what’s happening. And my Gut feeling tells me it will be bad, really bad. But who I am? I’m just a bedside Healthcare Worker whose voice will only reach a few. I’m not famous. I’m not popular. I’m not the CEO. I’m not Elon Musk or the Kardashians. My opinion and observation will be subdued by the louder, more popular ones. Regardless, I will keep trying if there is a possibility that it can save one life.

Clinics and Emergency Rooms are seeing an increase in positivity but this time Patients are presenting with common Seasonal Allergic symptoms like nasal drip, nasal congestion, sore throat and cough with or without fever. Some presents with 1 isolated symptom like fever only, headache only, sore throat only. The loss of taste and smell are less common.

Average COVID daily Deaths in the U.S. is 340 per day, that’s about 124,100 average new COVID Deaths every year not including Surges. Acceptable? Just the Normal Mortality Rate of being Endemic? Answer should be No, but we settled because we are told to settle at these numbers.

We accepted that 340 deaths per day is better than having 2,000 deaths per day like the peak of last 2021-2022 Winter’s Surge. We agreed with a number that still involves Human Lives. We should strive for Zero like other countries in the World. But looks like Zero is an impossibility now. We’re past achieving Zero.

1,006 Americans died of COVID Thursday and Friday. That much in 2 days. It will just go up and down daily. It will not turn zero, not in a very long time. Influenza since it’s Pandemic long time ago has not stopped killing People year after year. Graph from JHU 5/6/22.

We decided to make a COVID Pandemic short cut for convenience, but like the Movie Final Destination, Death will come back and claim what’s his, if not in the first Million, then the next Million. There are consequences for skipping the finish line.

Top 3 Leading Cause of Death in the U.S. 2020, 2021 and 2022: Heart Disease, Cancer and COVID. And COVID long term complications can lead to more Death from Heart Disease and Cancer. Still mild? Still not a concern long term for all those that already got infected? Personally, I’m not worried of the now symptoms if I get COVID as I’m vaccinated, but I am worried of what it does to my body in 5-10 years now that I’m 51 with active Asthma, Borderline Pre-Diabetes and possibly Hypertensive. Our bodies deteriorates and degenerates with age. It’s expected Science, Anatomy and Physiology.

Everything and everyone goes downhill with aging even with aesthetic Plastic Surgeries and the healthiest lifestyle. On a cellular level, we can’t say a 20 year old body is the same as that a 40 year old. Immunity and Infection Defenses included.

Live fully now, tomorrow and the soon. Don’t postpone what we can do this Summer, this year. Living has never been more urgent. Chances of Dying has never been more clearer. World and Domestic Recent Events are the proof. What more signs do we need being the survivors of this Pandemic? We use wisely our Second Chance. Golden Gate Park 5/6/22
What Sea?

We need to question who are this real People that continues to die from COVID. Are they vaccinated, unvaccinated, middle age, young, elderlies, immunocompromised? What are the co-morbidities that makes the mild symptoms turn deadly? How come 30 percent or more of the dead are obese? How does being overweight increases my risk of getting serious COVID? I don’t have the answers when the answers stopped coming. I guess, I have to find out for myself. I may have to experience it myself.

Our Safety will be in Silent Mode and Secrecy.

Our Boss, Supervisor or Manager will not tell us that we have been exposed by a Co-Worker or a Patient. They will let us think we got it from the community. They don’t care if we are infecting our Family and Friends because we are unaware of our contact with a Person with COVID.

A good Friend and Co-Worker concerned of possibly infecting those she worked with called me to observe myself for the next few days as we were in close contact the last 4 days. She turned COVID positive last week. Our Boss is silent because of confidential health information legal policies. But a sick employee has the right to tell those she may have infected. It’s the right thing to do. Just like telling all of one’s partners once diagnosed with STD like HIV or Chlamydia.

I went over this side, while most just stayed at the entrance or center of the Garden. I wouldn’t have seen what I’ve seen if I wasn’t curious and unsatisfied. I knew there was something more. It was a secret garden visitors are not seeing. I think I was not suppose to enter it too. Oh, well…no one told me to get out.

Half of my Work Staff called out sick for more than a week, only one warned me and others who are not sick yet. Silence from my Co-Workers. Silence from my Boss. Silence from People I trusted as Friends. I’m suppose to just pretend this is normal when it’s the first time I’ve seen this ever happened in my entire Nursing Career. Normal, when this is the first time Pandemic infiltrated my Workplace making it unsafe for both Employees and Patients on a daily basis? Likely, this is happening across all Healthcare Facilities in America.

Another Co-Worker turned positive. Definitely, an Outbreak at Work that is being kept quiet. Paranoia won. I tested myself. Still COVID VIRGIN. Well, someone has to go back to work, but how about next week, or the week after, or next month? Survival of the Healthiest. Who would be the last Uninfected? We need to study their DNA.

For the Immunocompromised, the Elderlies with Co-Morbidities, be extra careful when at a clinic or hospital lobby or at a pharmacy because COVID sick now sits and stands next to non-COVID sick everywhere. It won’t be surprising to get COVID 5 days after seeing a Doctor or picking up your prescriptions. This would become normal and normal as time goes on. It’s the risk we have to take or forced to take achieving “Endemic,” and COVID Fatigue.

What Virus?

More recent important questions have risen up with the New Variants and which Population it is targeting. Yes, there is a target group but I will leave that to you to Research.

What is the common denominator among those who developed severe and lethal COVID? What is the guarantee we do not belong to that risk group?

America will surpass 1 million COVID Death mark this week. Should this be an important Public Health Safety News? Should preventative measures be a goal to slow down the next million of deaths from happening?

What People?

The 6th U.S. COVID Wave is here, and no one knows what’s happening or how big it can explode. No more surveillance. No one will be prepared when the Emergency Siren will be activated. We can’t be victims again of another Pandemic Fiasco of 2020 when our Government Leaders and Experts kept health and life saving information from us.

Just because we are at the bottom doesn’t mean we can’t see nor be the start of change that needs to happen. Power in numbers.
Don’t we all want to live longer, healthier to enjoy what makes us happy?

I told a close Co-Worker that we need to watch each other backs as slowly, one by one, we are getting COVID in our own workplace. It’s just a matter of time.

Mild, moderate, severe, however the symptoms, the point is COVID won. Our bodies are no longer ours to control. The virus can mutate inside our cells and DNA however it wants. Within 10 years, our bodies can develop chronic diseases, acute fatal to debilitating clotting diseases and cancer we shouldn’t have if we are living an active and healthy lifestyles. Long term sequelae, COVID manifestations may not be mild or asymptomatic.

My Mask hasn’t fully retired. Some places like Work requires it for my own protection and others.

2 weeks ago, wearing a regular mask I confirmed with an elderly female Patient reason for Doctor visit where she wrote, “Allergies.” She replied, “It’s Allergies,” then she stared having a series of dry cough. I told her, “Sorry to interrupt, I need to get something quick.” I then hurriedly went to wear my N95 mask and face shield. I returned to her room and proceeded with, “Sorry again. And what are the symptoms of your Allergies?” She then added, “Well, for 2 days I have this worsening cough and sore throat. My nose keeps dripping and congestion. And my right ear hurts.”

While Patient was telling me this, she kept removing her mask to cough and sneeze on a tissue paper. Thousands of infectious microscopic droplets were floating in the air, ready for its next Human Host. My PPE saved me, but I don’t know if the old Man with her was able to evade the airborne virus. Female Patient confirmed COVID positive the next day.

What City?

A week after, the old Man with her got COVID too, but his is worse with rapid progression to shortness of breath, likely Viral Pneumonia. He was told to go to the Emergency Room. Doctor was very worried because he doesn’t believe it’s serious. Will he survive? I don’t know. It is up for the Patient to decide whether to seek advance hospital critical care or not. 1-2 days longer may be too late. I remember the old Man’s face smiling and laughing when I told him to wear the mask always because he needs to be healthy to take care of his wife who was sick.


For a moment, I honestly believed the old Man will be spared from COVID because I’m told COVID is now harmless and so mild that I shouldn’t be worried for myself, for my Patients and Co-Workers. I’m told at work to treat it like it’s just Flu. I should have followed my Gut feeling and own personal observations. Even those I know are trying to omit information that will put me and others in harms way. Silence is an implied work FYI, and it is getting into my nerves because it’s like I’m suppose to both act smart and stupid in a work that involves People’s Health, Life, Comfort and Safety.

I take my Time, Moments and Memories seriously. I think my Son does too. Friday, he decided he needs a day off from School and have a me time recovering from an ankle sprain injury doing P.E. It doesn’t look broken but ankle is tender and he was limping last night, unless he was just adding some acting to the injury to be more convincing. I didn’t question his decision. I knew pretty well the importance behind it. He doesn’t have to explain why he needs it. I understand and totally get it.

They cut the Mother Tree. Many years after, a new Baby Tree grew on its remaining trunk base. It’s Hope, it’s Miracle, what else can they be?

Since Covid-19 vaccines became widely available, there has been a wide gap in deaths between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. But recent Covid deaths are much more evenly split as highly transmissible variants take hold, vaccine protection wanes and booster uptake stagnates. CNN 5/11/22

Moral lesson to an old story? Enjoy life while we can and spend more time with those we love. Be informed. Go out there and discover the truth we are being denied of. Follow your own gut feeling. Listen to your senses. Talk to Friends and Family in the Health Field. They won’t lie to you. Be prepared while also having fun. We could be both Smart and Adventurous. Stupid and a Fool? Well, it’s also an option too in a Free Country. I am one sometimes when totally unaware of the truth or just making very bad decisions.

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Love Defying Impossible, Star Fish and Sea Serpent

Their Worlds are different. Their Species are not suppose to co-exist. Falling in Love is an abomination. Falling in Love means betraying Family and Society. Fighting for Love means surrendering Life and choosing Death. It’s impossible.

Star Fish and Sea Serpent defied Society and Family to free themselves and find their own happiness not realizing they will meet at this spot in the Forbidden Land to find the most powerful and most beautiful of all treasures one could ever have…Love.
Why fences? Is it to protect us? Is it to emphasize ownership? Or is it protect others from danger? Is it an entrapment? Who is imprisoned? Who is truly free? Things means differently to different People. We are looking at the same view yet the view speaks to us however we need it to be at that given moment. All see a Beach surrounded by Nature. I see a story that connects to mine.

But the Heart what the Heart wants, and until it happens one doesn’t know who the Heart will Love.

This is the story of Star Fish, a Princess of the Star Fish Kingdom and Sea Serpent, a Prince of the Sea Serpent Kingdom. Star Fish has a gift to make everything around her bloom and flourish. She can turn barren land and seas into a fertile Oasis. She can will Nature to perform miracles. Sea Serpent has the power to bring light, healing and unification. He can influence all living creatures to do what is good, just and kind. He can’t however use his power for personal desires and interests.

Someone’s finger points and dictates how we should live our lives. It takes strength and courage to say No.

Both are blessed and cursed in their own Worlds. They are born Royalty destined to adhere to a strict path. Their greatness are carefully planned by the Monarchy and the Society it serves. They can be everything to anyone except themselves. They had to bury their wants to the deepest parts of their subconsciousness. Duty before Happiness. Self before others.

We should be able to see ourselves clearly and not slowly disappearing to become non-existent.

Star Fish and Sea Serpent are raised to please, to follow, to serve, to sacrifice, to fit into a mold and inspire everyone that needs them. Their choices are pre-destined and not their own. This is the norm. This is the expectation. This is their Culture. This is their Future. This is how everything works on both Kingdoms. No deviations. No exemptions. No special privileges and entitlement.

Some are destined to pursue a path different from the rest, but that path will be harder and more challenging than everyone else. Out of some, only a few will be determined enough to try. Of those who try, even fewer will be successful.

One day, the expectations were just too unbearable. Both had enough of living a Life that is not their own. They finally realized it is better to die than live a life of lies and emptiness. Both felt immense unhappiness and needed to escape. They knew they will die if they do not leave. It was the hardest, heaviest decision they ever had to make.

The hole keeps getting bigger, the void deeper. Never let unhappiness eat every good part of you. Never let People change the best parts of you. They will try till the end but end is up to us and the Stories thereafter.

So, one night, when everyone was asleep, both decided at the same time to leave everything to a place forbidden to everyone. Anyone that goes to this Forbidden Land gets disowned and ostracized. Their names disappear and their families forget them like they were never born at all. If caught, it’s Death by Lethal Poisoning. It was a risk they both were willing to take for freedom, for living, for purpose and for happiness even if they may be short lived.

It’s hard to let go of comforts. It is hard to start all over again with so many unknowns and unfamiliarity. But we will never know where our dreams will take us or who we will meet if we don’t try. Adventure is scary if we focus on the negativity, but it becomes an exciting journey if we focus on the positives. Adventure is not for all and that’s okay. We all have our choices and priorities to make. There’s really no wrong or right answers because every choice has a consequence and outcome. No escaping that.
Love is surrendering completely to all the unknowns with Faith, Trust and Hope.

And so, two strangers end up meeting in a place they were told as bad and evil. It turned out it was the best place they could ever be like it was just created for them.

They found in the Forbidden Land all they were deprived including the one they are not suppose to have…Love.

Carpet of green, yellow, pink, purple and orange surrounds the New Kingdom of Star Fish and Sea Serpent. Their Castle of rocks, limestones and granite sits on top of a cliff that has a 360 degrees majestic view of the land and water around it. It exist in Monastery Beach. It only reveals itself to People needing Love and Inspiration.

Days turned to weeks, months turned to years. Star Fish and Sea Serpent love blossomed and made their gifts even more powerful. Their purpose grew into many incredible greatness. Every void of unhappiness now overflows with joy and contentment. And all these, they get to share with everyone around them. Miracles were happening every minute. New Life Forms not seen elsewhere were being created everyday because of Love. It was spectacular.

They get to create their own World the moment their hearts met that has the best of everything under the Stars. They trusted completely their hearts on a new, strange feeling called Love.

In time, Star Fish and Sea Serpent built together a marvelous Kingdom by the Sea that shares all their strengths and hopes. It’s a Kingdom where anyone can equally dream and anyone can love whoever their heart chooses to Love. No limits to one’s dreams. Everyone is celebrated and valued. Everyone gets to experience kindness, compassion and understanding. It was the perfect World that only happens in Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories.

To unreal but there it was, my Kingdom by the Sea. It was mine until it was time to say goodbye and go home.

One day, Sickness, Famine and War befell the Old Kingdoms where Star Fish and Sea Serpent grew up. Millions have died. The rest of the Living were driven off their lands. All their riches were burned to the ground or taken away. All of what’s left, the clothes on their backs. The two species wandered, more have died along the way. Those who made it learned to co-exist and help each other. It was the only way to survive.

Wildflowers are to be envied. They get the best views for free, and gloriously beautiful naked and simplest. They don’t worry about today’s sustenance nor tomorrows wealth and comfort. Complete trust to their Creator in Heaven.

Finally, the 2 Species reached the Kingdom of Star Fish and Sea Serpent. It was the most beautiful Kingdom they’ve ever seen. They were surprised to see everyone so happy helping each other regardless of their Species and Ethnicity. Some thought it was Acting until the goodness and kindness were extended to them unconditionally.

All are welcomed like Friends and Family. Their Past unquestioned and automatically erased. Each was given a second chance to create a Present and Future of their own choosing. What was impossible in the Old Kingdoms were real and generous in the New Kingdom.

I walked towards the other end of the beach, I can’t believe what I was missing for so long just because I was lazy and contented on the usual side of the beach that was convenient. More adventures happen to the curious.

Everyone was a Friend and Family to each other even if they all looked different, beautifully different. Everyone’s Heart, cared and knew respect. Everyone was equal. Everyone was authentic. Everyone has the same opportunity to transform into their most wonderful, happiest self.

It was Paradise for all. No Rich. No Poor. No Middle Income. No one is better than the other. All are experiencing better. All can have the best. The first of its kind anywhere across the Universe and Galaxies. The impossible was made possible.

It was a beautiful contrast and difference from the rest, but it didn’t feel that way because the rest made sure it will always feel different from everyone else. Real Planet. Will it ever changed?

On morning, wandering among the crowd were the Parents of Star Fish and Sea Serpent. It was Destiny that they will meet their Children to witness their amazing transformation and the incredible Kingdom they have built because of Love. They are destined to witness the change that needed to happen. They are destined to see Love that is unconditional, open, equal among different Species and Cultures. Humility brought them back to the Children they lost. Love brought them back to what they could have deprived themselves in their entire lifetime.

Beauty is everywhere, even the ones we step on.

The beginning of a New Dawn has began and from one Universe to the next, the Legacy of Star Fish and Sea Serpent liberated everyone imprisoned for centuries. The Universe and the Galaxies will keep the Love of Star Fish and Sea Serpent alive in each Living Creature that will follow their courage and example.

I was just there to enjoy the beach, hike and relax but Monastery Beach already has its own plan for me. It wanted me to see a World that is possible. It showed me a miracle that is possible.

Do we identify with Star Fish and Sea Serpent? Are we them? Or are we the Family and Friends making their lives hard and impossible? Are we the chains around their hearts and happiness? Or are we the cause why spectacular and brilliance exist?

Some days I am clear and vivid. Some days I’m the blurry background no one sees. In both, I am still me, more or less.
He saw part of what I’ve seen. One day, he will walk this beach too and it will open up to him with stories that his Heart will only know. He will see and experience his own version of the New Kingdom by the Sea.

Fiction? Real Life? Writings are not random made up things created by a very imaginative mind. Writings are subconscious thoughts, experiences and dreams, the forgotten and the suppressed. Writings are the wants and longings of the Mind and Heart. They are Angels and Demons trying to co-exist in harmony and peace.

Life without a fence. Doesn’t it look and feel better?

Writings are the mirror reflections of the Soul not readily visible nor acceptable in our everyday World and Society. Calling it Fiction feels safe. Treating it as Fiction drives away suspiciousness and attention. It’s Freedom itself trying to set as free from all that we need saving and escape.

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