Eat Local, Dream Local, Stay Local

Staycation is the new Travel Adventure Vacation and Destination 2020 and 2021.

We all have our Travelogue Stories to tell. Some planned, others by surprise. All, a discovery of something beautiful, amazing and delicious that we already have locally.

Local Apricots by Monterey County. Sweetest I tasted in 5 years.

This is my second Summer and Fall Staycation, and I feel absolutely blessed. Not only is it more relaxing, I also felt that I was able to enjoy more of life and precious time by experiencing more frequently things me and my Family love of doing together.

Organic Strawberries. It’s sweet too, unlike the ones I get in groceries.

So I’m yes for Eating Local. I’m yes to Dreaming Local. It is the best way to Live More.

I get it, we all have our so negativity on the restrictions, lockdowns, mandates and stupid Politics and Indifference, but I’m tossing all that toxicity to the deepest parts of the Ocean.

I grew up eating Marrachino Cherries in a bottle. Imagine my reaction when I ate the fruit for the first time. Something popped for sure! Fresh is Best.

Why should I let negativity drown me when I have a choice to just relax under the Sun and indulge on my favorite food overlooking the most wonderful view in the World?

Toss Greens overlooking more greens …and blues. The eating experience is like no other when I get to sit next to a cliff with the warm Ocean Breeze giving me free facial massage.

And if I did it, so can you, that is if you haven’t done it yet already.

Today’s Menu: Think Differently. Feel Differently. Live Differently.

“We can go there,” says the Son to his Dad. So they did, again and again and again. No limit to where our Staycation will take us. So, let’s go Buddy. Stop procrastinating.

Staycation is max 5 Stars Review on Deliciousness. It’s full of joyful, rich, Wellness giving nutrients.

“Life’s too short to waste on complaining for every little thing.”

Peace ✌️✌️✌️and Love ♥️♥️♥️.

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Can’t Say It? Mug It.

I’m always at the stores and didn’t notice there’s actually an LOL Section.

“That’s why we need highly skilled and experienced Nurses who knows what they’re doing, NOT guessing.” Real Truth, many hospitals don’t care about Quality. What matters are Quantity and Profits, even for those that are supposedly, “None Profit.” When we enter clinics and hospitals, it’s a raffle. Some will get great Nurses, others will get Nurses that knows how to look great. Not the same.

These can be found where the Mugs and the Motivational Frames are.

Let’s not stress the Bride. Lock all rooms and keep him away from all the Bridesmaids.

Mugs are the best. They are cheesy, hilarious, flowery, blunt, positive, intriguing, provocative. It becomes however we interpret their “words of wisdom and inspiration.”

So many “Almost Doctor” out there. Facebook, Podcasts, Tik-Tok, Tweeter, You Tube and the Dark Web has tons of them. We call them “Influencers.” We don’t need a degree to influence people to take harmful, non-Scientifically proven drugs nowadays. Primary Care Physicians and Web MD are no longer the trusted source of Medical Information for many.

Funny and fun when it does the opposite effect, meaning, message and reaction. Feel Good and Adorable Irony Word Salad.

NOT ON MY DAY OFF! Outdoors and Nature helps me relax. It heals back all the energy and joy I lost at work. It’s not a want. It’s a need.
Love is never to the moon rocket ship all the time. Let’s be honest, that’s too exhausting. No one lives on constant love struck euphoria. To miss, excites the heart more.

If we want to give a not so obvious, subtle but highly effective brainwashing hint, a morning coffee Mug is the perfect gift.

Eventually, it sank into my Brain. Mindfulness works.

So if you want a diamond ring, find a mug that says, “Diamonds are forever,” or “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.” Don’t worry Guys, we are still our Gals BFF. And aren’t we more dazzling than Diamonds? Well, my Wife said I am. So I believe her. Ask your wife, I bet she’ll say you are dazzling too.

10 years ago, may be. 20 years after? I don’t think so. But, I’ll take the compliment. Or is it a hint to diet seriously, work out more and loose weight? Mirror, mirror on the wall, thanks for the reality check. People who cares are not afraid to tell us the truth.

Add, exchange, omit words or join group of words together and boom! Instant Scandalous Shockers.

Pervert? Offensive? Degrading? Predatory? Racist? Demeaning? This belong to the sick in the brain section. Some mugs need to be separated.

Husbands, instead of waiting by the exit doors for your wives, get some fun mug for yourselves. Time for some coffee mug intervention. Stop using those chipped and stained ancient mugs. Live a little. Pamper yourself. Haven’t you earned it?

Not really and the ride is crazy unstable. Sometimes the ride can be fun, but it’s very unpredictable. Also has zero gravity drop zones and many 360 degrees loops. If it plateaus, that’s the only time we get to enjoy and relax. We should warn people turning 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and so forth of what to expect. It’s what friends do.

Honest, direct, open minded NO Shit and NO Non-sense are the funniest and the most real from my POV. It relates to my World where BS is a regular attitude and behavior.

It’s better to hear the truth than look like a fool or people laugh at us behind our backs. So if I have visible Booger on my nose or a green salad on my tooth, tell me. We can LOL it for sure, and I’ll be thankful someone is concerned enough to save me from embarrassment.
No I’m not. Who made this up? Besides, to feel special should be everyday, not only for one day.

Toxic People, Evil People, One Word, “CANCER.” And like CANCER, we need to cut them off, tune them out and delete them from our lives. If we can’t escape their presence, we change how we react and think around them.

Anger and Hatred are forms of CANCER.

Society and People’s expectations. Only if it’s a Two Way Street. Only if it benefits are fair, just and mutual. We don’t have to please anyone anymore unless we want to and not because we have to.

I tried until I realized I was being stupid, naive and just being used. I don’t have to “Stay Golden” to please others, but I can be Golden for myself if I want to. Saying NO to pressure.

Think it but don’t say it? Or Say it but be ready to rumble? Good, close Friends can joke, laugh and be real among themselves, but never among acquaintances, the sensitive and co-workers. Not worth the hassle and stress.

I can see my wife giving this to me. And we would LOL together. I would even use it everyday just to make me smile. Also to remind me, “Think before you say it.”

Yep, there’s people who easily get into our nerves. They buzz, annoy and sting like bees minus any sweet honey for consolation.

Are we a Bother or a Brother? Does our presence makes people feel positive and happy or brings unhappiness and negativity? We can always improve. No one is perfect.

We want to point a problem but don’t want to hurt the person’s feelings? Here’s a good one, “I need ——- to focus.”

Anything in excess is addiction. We stop abruptly and we go on withdrawals. That includes eating delicious sweets. I know, because I love sweets. Yes, I have a sugar problem.

If we can’t focus without alcohol, we have a drinking problem. If we can’t function without coffee, we’re caffeine addict. Okay, I admit, I’m a caffeine junkie. I’m working on it.

There’s always an explanation for our behavior, physically, psychologically or emotionally.

No wonder we’re all HYPER and JUMPY.

Then there’s that Mug that we hope our heart will always be because it is the key to everything, our joy, our peace, our love. It’s stillness and contentment. It’s the perfect Mug to stay humble and appreciative.

Gratefulness is Greatness. Gratefulness is Happiness.

Words are not just a words when it becomes our way of thinking and doing. They are powerful motivators of change or catalyst of destruction.

It’s Herbal and Legal. More CBD please.

With great words comes great responsibility. Right, Uncle Ben?

Full of people was fun Pre-COVID. Today, it’s called “Super Spreader Events,” and “Being Irresponsible,” when the Delta Variant is 9 times more infectious. Just restating creatively Science.

Ok, time to finish my second cup of coffee and head to work. I’m hyper and awake enough.

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9/11, Please Remember and Relearn Its Lessons

“We need to revisit the past no matter painful to remember who we were then. Perhaps, it is not too late to save ourselves and one another.”

We did it then until we didn’t. Can we do it again? Can we set aside personal differences and anger to unite for our Nation? We are at War with terrorism from within. We need to unite again to end it, or else the misery, suffering and death will never end.

“There is little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at home. But in their disdain for pluralism, in their disregard for human life, in their determination to defile national symbols — they are children of the same foul spirit, and it is our continuing duty to confront them.” – President George W. Bush, on his speech at Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville.

A True American President is a President for all. So when he called all Americans to unite, they all did. It was a time people take pride of being an American. People from other countries felt that great love, sacrifice and pride too even if they are not living in America. It’s the very reason many chose to leave all behind and be a part of the noble, beautiful, inspiring American Dream and Hope. I did. Photo from The Washington Post.

“I didn’t quite understood until I was ready to understand.”

One Day of Terror United All to a common tragedy. People lost friends and family that can never be replaced. 20 years to them is like yesterday. It’s horror and pain that never goes away. They just learned to cope and live with it. I can’t begin to imagine how it feels to relive the wounds of it all over again year after year.

So, I’m reopening my mind and heart to remember the important Lessons of 9/11. Its Lessons are haunting because the present needs it direly. I will relearn. I will be better. I will try.

Some died right away. Some slowly burned to death. Others jumped to make their death instantaneous. Many were crushed to death or buried alive. It was a Nightmare no one saw coming. It was a Nightmare no one should experience again.

One Day of Tragedy brought all of America to Unite regardless of their Beliefs, Culture and Ethnicity.

Hundreds on Firefighters died that day. They chose to save as many lives as they can knowing each time they save someone, it could be their last. These are our True Heroes of 9/11. Don’t forget them or their families. Let their death mean something. Let us learn from them what being Selfless means. It’s not too late to save our Nation and its people again.

I stayed till 1 A.M. today watching National Geographic’s 9/11: One Day in America and it touched my heart to a point of crying. My wife was also emotional when she saw the heartbreaking, horrifying events captured and recounted by the survivors.

4 Presidents joined together United with one Hope and Prayer for America and all Americans, President Biden, President Obama, President Clinton and President Bush. If we voted and believed in them, then we will do the right thing. Photo from The Washington Post.

It was a time one took immense pride in being an American. It was a time, America had one heart United because of their genuine love for country and one another.

People grieve to this day because it was personal. It is was and is Terror within our homes, families, friends and community. We are still living a different kind of Terror today, with real dangers, with real deaths, with real terrorists. How to heal, forgive, how to move on and come together, these are the lessons for those willing to learn.

Please remember the important lessons of 9/11.

We Honor them by changing to be better.

Please remember who we were and how we can again become One United States of America.

Let their lives, and those who sacrificed mean something.

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Birds Beach, Seals Beach, Human Beach, Any Difference?

Is there any difference between Birds Beach, Seals Beach and Human Beach?

Birds migrate from one country to the next, one continent to the next, but Birds never forget to return home. Is it because of how they were created? Or is it because so much love, understanding and acceptance were given that their hearts have never forgotten? I don’t know. Not a Bird.

Yes, there are contrast and differences with some commonalities.

He hikes with me, not just because he wants to, but he knows it makes me happy. He is one of the most caring and generous person I know. I didn’t read Fatherhood 101, so I’m thankful he turned out to be a better person than his Dad is. He is teaching me kindness. He is teaching me to be happier again. He reminds me to try to enjoy life and care less of what people may say. There are so many things Parents of Generation Z’s can learn from their Children that the previous generation and Society failed to teach. Adults think they are the experts in success and happiness. We are not. Children are. The Youth are.

Birds Beach has lots of flying, diving, tweeting, singing, pooping. Life is communal, crowded, but everyone gets along. Sharing is normal. Watching each other feathers are normal. Trust is natural. No Social Distancing, No Masks, Birds don’t have to.

When Humans are not allowed to disturb their home and sanctuaries, all living creatures thrive with so much abundance, beauty and freedom.

Seals Beach has lots of sleeping and relaxing. Life is laid back and no worries. Sun Bathing is a major lifestyle.

Ever now and then, a few wakes up, looks at each other and talk Seal language. Some just stare with droopy eyes looking startled or confused. Few would swim into the ocean to cool off or find food to eat. Also crowded. No Distancing, No Mask. They don’t have to.

Seals do fight and bite sometimes, but Seals quickly kiss and make up. They don’t hold grudges.

Seals mind their own business. No gossips. No exchange of destructive opinions. Instead, they’d rather doze off and dream. No wonder they don’t have facial wrinkles despite of all day Sun and no Sunblock.

The secret to their ability to sleep easily and looking so relax? Distance from people and not worrying. Distance from technology, detachment from anything material and capitalism. I’m envious. Who wouldn’t? Perfectly pristine.

Human Beach always moving, changing. People come and go. Some stay for awhile to enjoy the Sun, Sand and Surf. Others pass by for pictures then move on.

Human Beach can be peaceful and fun. Can also be anxiety provoking. Socialization can be sensitive and cautious, or extreme, too much and reckless. Human Beaches varies from place to place depending on Human thinking, attitude and behavior.

Humans tend to stay within their circles. Trust is not normal, it’s earned. They hardly talk or socialize with other humans they don’t know. May be an eye contact, a smile or a friendly greeting, “Morning,” when in close proximity to one another.

Fern Grotto Beach

Some Humans are curious, restless, adventurous, brave and daring. They would swim waist deep on waves 4 feet high or higher. They would go past safety markings and climb sharp rocks that looks dangerous. Others enjoy Nature from a distance, content on where they are. These are the Humans that can keep still. They are either the calm ones or the cautious ones.

My son and I were sitting on the top of the rocks, about 12 feet above the water. Few minutes later, the cold ocean water splashed on us both. Shocked, surprised, our expressions must be priceless. People behind us saw what happened looking shocked as well. I see their expressions, but no words. People started to stand up and walked away. I laughed it out. Son laughed too but pointed out it’s my fault we got wet, “Dad, why did you ask me to sit next to you, you got me wet.” My response, “Well, at least we’re both feeling refreshed. And wasn’t that fun?”

No Distancing among circles. Distancing among strangers. Everyone, No Masks. It’s the Outdoors!

I should have gone down just to see how it looks like but I was content from where I was. May be next time.

Humans like Social Media. They like to scrutinize other people’s lives. Gossip is a past time. Taking Selfies are both talent and skill. Humans are opinionated. Their words can be used as a weapon because they’re powerful. Their words can also bring people together and heal.

A rock bridge with arch. When the World was young, continents where connected with land bridges. It’s how people first traveled, not for enjoyment but for living and survival.

Human Beach has trash. Some visitors leave them. Perhaps the waves will just wash them away or gets buried in the sand. May be a genuine Nature Lover will pick the trash and dispose them properly.

Not a single trash in this Beach. How? No Humans are allowed.

Luckily, Human pooping all natural is never allowed nor accepted in these beaches. That would be mega gross. No Porta Potty except at the hiking trail entrance.

Submarine Rock

The 3 Beaches have one beautiful treasure in common, the Ocean. It’s blue, it’s vast, it’s relaxing and it’s wonderful. The Beaches shares the Ocean equally.

The Ocean is always free. Humans decided it needs entrance fee in some Nature Parks and Beaches for maintenance and upkeep. Fair enough. Provides jobs too.

For a moment, it was just me, him and the Ocean we both love.

Same Hiking Trails at Wilder Ranch State Park, just different views, observation and experience 1-2 blocks away. Amazing.

Abandoned Railroad Tracks in the Santa Cruz County Coast. Each track leads to a different Beach Destination and Adventure. Experiences never the same from one hiker to the next, one traveler to the next. It’s what makes this place special.

We didn’t finish the trail. Too long, no water. We skipped the visitor center information. It wasn’t a planned hiking. I just stopped where I first saw many cars parked from the roadside.

My General Rule: More Cars means More Adventure and Scenic Views.

I needed a few hours of Outdoors and Nature after working the Labor Day Weekend. My wife noticed the difference pre and post hike me. She was right. She’s also observant. Very curious and observant.

Definitely, we will come back more prepared. I heard, there’s a Shark Beach. That would be “Jaws Dropping.”

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Fall Magic Came Early

Fall 2021 begins September 22. Should I wait to experience its magic?

Same Tree from last year, just feels different this year. Not every Holiday and Season will be the same. Time, people, events…something always changes.

Should I wait to see it’s beautiful colors of orange, yellows, reds, greens and purple?

Same Decors. Different arrangements. Same Season. Different moments.

Should I wait to smell its fragrance of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and of course …pumpkins?

Indulge on what inspires you.

Should I wait to taste its delicious food and beverages like Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Spice Latte?

Been savoring Fall’s yummy concoctions for the past 2 weeks. Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte Creamer, taste the same as the $5.25 per Grande size Starbuck’s store version. Fall flavor 4 less.

Should I wait to experience the unique blend of Happiness that it brings?

It’s not just about me when it comes to sharing happiness…so from the outside, I hope it brings to the viewer the joy and warmth I’m enjoying from the inside.

No, Nah, Nada, Nevah…on waiting!

I can stay in the dark, hidden, trapped, sad, angry, be a victim of people and circumstances…

So, at 5:45 A.M., I turned on our Fall Tree lights because I want to, I need to, I love to. Early Bird gets to catch the first batch of magic.

No one should wait for their magic to happen. With what is going on in our homes, community, country and the World, we need all the magic we can get…now!

…or I can step into the light and try mending the broken best parts of me.

18 months of the Pandemic taught me to live in the now and make my dreams happen with a sense of urgency.

“We’ve lived several months of Emergency Disaster. Some places still do. Knowing another Emergency is just around the corner, waiting for what matters and what’s important shouldn’t have to wait. Should be just as emergent.”

Fall Gnome sitting on top of a Holiday Truck. We bought the truck last Christmas. A bit of creativity, it becomes a Fall Harvest Truck.

I should have done them sooner and more, but I’m grateful because God gave me plenty of chances to bring to life many of what my heart has always wanted.

The signs are not random. They are meant to open our eyes to the things we missed or will be missing. Many didn’t get to live their dreams because they waited too long. Many didn’t get to share more of their light and joy because no one took the time to show them that they have it all along. To care and be kind…it’s in our DNA. To be grateful for every blessing no matter small…also in our DNA. We can be better.

I choose to celebrate Life bigger, sooner, longer, deeper, more spontaneous because I don’t know what happens to me and those I love next week, next month, next year.

We like a window with a nice, good view, people also like to watch from where they are standing a view that is nice and good. If only everyone gives back, the view will be equally beautiful on both sides. Another Season, another chance. Will it be different this time? I really don’t know. I hope so.

This is my truth. Don’t care if it’s weird. Don’t care if it it doesn’t follow the norms. At the end of a dream, who felt happier, won. Who missed it, lost. And I’m tired of losing. I needed more wins.

Life has never been more urgent. No more waiting for good things to simply happen.

Home is where my Heart is okay to be happy. Home is where I get to create stories where anything is possible. Home is where my inner light is welcome to shine honestly. Home means I don’t have to choose because Home understands and welcomes all. Magic is Home Sweet Home.

“I almost ran out of flicker to my flame. Then God showed me how dark, sad and cold it already is. My fire is taking baby steps. I’m not as young, patient, tolerant and forgiving as I used to be. I needed more time to heal. The wounds, too scarred, too deep. I needed more time to forgive and be braver on happiness. The hope, that my flame will burn brighter to light every corner and every room in my mind, heart and soul.”

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“Never Let The Fire Inside You Leave.”

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Haute Enchilada Cafe and Gallery

Have you been to a restaurant where the owner personally meet, greet, takes you to your table and serve you your food?

I love food, food loves me. It’s another World of Adventure and Stories. So sit back, chillax and let me tell one of my yummy love story. Once upon a time…

Have you been to a restaurant that feels like you’re part of their family though a total stranger?

The Mother and her Lion. Who protects who? They protect each other.

Have you drove 1-2 hours just to satisfy a food craving that has no other substitute anywhere?

The Mermaid and the Fountain of Youth. Nope, did not wake up the next day looking like I’m 21.

Have you been to a restaurant where the food taste and looks gourmet and beyond Zagat rating yet at a very affordable price?

Taste buds extravaganza, Pescado Cubano, a freshly catch Fish of the Day encrusted with crushed pistachios and pumpernickel mounted on black beans, serve with plantain croquettes stuffed with aged Mexican cheese generously drenched in avocado tomatillo salsa and cream. I’m drooling again just writing this.

Have you been to a secret garden where the ambiance seems to have been created just perfectly for you?

Under grand chandelier surrounded by million flowers. Lights, camera…eating time.

I’ve been, twice. It’s called The Haute Enchilada Cafe and Gallery at Moss Landing, California.

Superb Empanada. Thin buttery crisp with perfect blend of salt, spices, and hint of fruity sweetness.

The Haute Enchilada Cafe is a non-pretentious food haven. It’s serious great food everyone will have an equal opportunity to enjoy. Seems unbelievable in a World full of fancy, even intimidating, uncomfortable, too formal Resto Bars and Restaurants.

Relleno de la Paz, brings back the delightful joy of Fall, bite after bite. Chile Pasilla Pepper roasted and stuffed with caramelized onion and plantain mash drenched in pumpkin raisin pipian mole sauce finished with cashew cream. Special Gourmet food at the price of the usual generic restaurant food. That’s a delicious deal.

Here, customers dine as they are in their most comfortable clothes. No need to impress anyone. Just the Kitchen chef eager to impress each and every customer.

House Margarita…refreshing, strong, guaranteed to relax the restless, tired traveler.

We’re lucky to walk-in twice without reservations and be accepted. The others after us, not so much. 24 hour reservation is needed.

Great Food with Great Ambiance and Great People are hard to find. So to find one, jackpot!

A large group of people walked-in after us. They we’re turned down even if the woman with them said, “We’re always here.” The owner wasn’t impressed a bit to bend the rules. She said no.

Vintage, rusty, one of a kind Artistic details everywhere. Then there’s the priceless Art Gallery by the Patio Garden. No entrance fee.

This gem restaurant observes COVID CDC mandate of distancing and mask. So, one can eat without worrying about the Delta Variant landing on one’s food, nose or mouth.

A banquet awaits at the open secret butterfly garden. From the road, no one would suspect such a wonderful place exist.

The Haute Enchilada owners does not compromise their staff and clients safety for money. Quality never compromised for quantity. This rare character alone makes the people behind this food treasure destination deserving of this post. Well earned and yes, I’m still feeling lucky and thankful to celebrate my wife’s 45th Birthday there.

My wife’s Chinese Zodiac is Dragon. Mine’s Pig. So it’s obvious who’s the boss. Behind the scenes, we’re like Cat and Mouse sometimes. Marriage is a lifetime of both amazing and crazy adventures. Another story, another day.

No, I didn’t tell the owner of my wife’s B-day to enter. Somehow, she just saw in our eyes we needed a moment of joy, romance and a bit of magic.

God bless our dreams and hopes when our intention is good, true and pure. He doesn’t compromise too, he is God after all.

Destiny, instinct, connection, whatever it was, it made our dream come true. And yes, we drove almost 2 hours with traffic on a hope. And hope happened.

So much magic and beauty. How the plants and flowers were clustered and group together, a living, constantly changing Nature Art.

A special place deserves more than the usual ratings and reviews. It deserves to be shared and remembered by heart in a personal way because it did the same to the story teller.

“I only see you.” So romantic the flowers seem to float on air. Or was I seemingly floating on air? I only drank water, so it’s not the alcohol. Enchantment is intoxicating.

That is something money can’t influence nor how many followers we have. Not everything revolves in Social Media.

Cherubim playing at the Garden. When one let go of their phone and start noticing the World around them, one can hear the Cherubs’ singing, whispering, laughing. Could be the Carb high too.

In this restaurant, no one cares if we are an Influencer or deep pocketed. What they do care is for us to have an amazing time and take home a happy, delicious memory.

Food is happiness and beautiful chemistry. Food is Art and Life. Food connects the senses to create the perfect love story between the dish and the Food Lover. It’s unique. It’s personal.

Travel without great food is just travel. After a while, we forget them. Travel with great food is an experience and it becomes an unforgettable memory.

Garden Strawberries. No room for dessert though. So full, tummy, eyes and heart.

Dessert Story next Food Adventure. It’s sweet tooth divine and will be worth the wait.

“There are foods to sustain life. There are foods to feel alive. We need both to live happy and healthy. No compromise.”

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Squirrels Eating Doritos

You know the world is messed up when Squirrels are eating Doritos, an addicting delicious junk food.

Good Food can be be Bad Food both in excess and when loaded with artificial chemicals. Our groceries have isles of them. My favorite, White Cheddar Jalapeño Cheetos.

Sunday, wife and I drove to Bixby Bridge. We were very surprised the Squirrels just keep going to any tourist near them.

It is hard to find a place of solitude, when in a tourist spot, so I improvised. Tiny hill across Bixby Bridge overlooking Carmel. Most crowd at the side overlooking Big Sur.

The Squirrels were so friendly. Too friendly. They would stand up and stretch their arms and hands like waiting for tourists to hand them something. Wasn’t money for sure.

The smell of cheese flavored Doritos were too hard to resist. It drew them out to join the feast. Squirrels are rodents like mice and like Jerry the cartoon mouse, they love cheese. Who wouldn’t? It’s yummy.

Then I saw a woman feeding them Doritos. First 1-2 Squirrels came out of their homes, then I saw about 8, could be more. They were everywhere.

“Sweetie, didn’t mom and dad warned you to stay away from the big bad wolf?” The World has lots of them. Freebies and Goodies are never free. They could be a lure to something dangerous.

Squirrels are so cute and adorable. It’s very easy to get excited and just feed them anything edible for fun, pictures and videos, when it’s actually harming them. Could even kill them. All that salt and chemicals. If people can develop obesity, high blood pressure, Diabetes, even Cancer because of chemicals, salt and sugar, I’m sure Squirrels are just as susceptible to diseases if not more from eating unhealthy, processed food.

They may even ride in a stranger’s car for chips and crackers. Too trusting and innocent like children. The World has changed a lot, Stranger Danger has never been more important to teach our kids. Even naive adults needs to be reminded to be cautious and be careful. Predators comes in all kinds and forms. Real life has its Horrors.

Would I see them again on my next visit to Bixby Bridge? I hope so. This time I’ll bring a sign, “Please do not feed the Squirrels especially chips.”

“You and I are the smart ones,” says the lady behind me. While everyone is flocking on the other side. Two strangers ventured on the opposite direction away from everyone. They get to see and experience something uniquely beautiful and different. Delta variant safer too. Yes, I don’t usually wear mask outdoors anymore so I keep my distance. Bigger distance, the better!

What we do with Nature and it’s living creatures has an impact. They could do good or harm. We could help with their survival or destroy them. People need to assume some responsibility and accountability both for Nature and the future generations. They too deserve to live, thrive and stay healthy. Not just us today.

Just because we can doesn’t mean we should. Leave Nature alone as uncorrupted, undisturbed, unexploited the way we saw them. Never okay to keep destroying our World and everything wonderful in it. DO NO HARM is UNIVERSAL.

And if we can’t really help it, here is what Google recommends:

In a setting without any human interaction, squirrels enjoy nuts, seeds, tree flowers and tree buds from a variety of trees including butternut, cedar, dogwood, elm, hackberry, hemlock, hickory, maple, mulberry, pine and spruce. They also snack on mushrooms and fungi from time to time.

Take care of Nature right and Nature will guarantee to stay by our side and take care of us for a very long time. Abuse Nature and it’s wrath will be upon us. They already are from hurricanes, floods, Earthquakes, wildfires, severe droughts to widespread disease infestations and deaths. Earth is dying. It doesn’t have to.

I guess we can still feed them, just feed them what their usual Nature diet that is all natural and organic. Yes, organic. Don’t panic, Whole Foods has them, most groceries do.

Tower of Rocks beneath a forgotten coastal trail. Someone built it in perfect balance in the hope it gets to protect everything and everyone behind it. A Hero is a person that will risk his life to save others. The same Heroes have been fighting. We need reinforcement. We are at War with Terror, whether it’s a treat to Life or Democracy. And the Enemies are winning.

“We are the Guardians and Protector of all Living Creatures. Remember our purpose. Remember how it felt to care.”

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Carmel By The Sea

Like meeting a Lover on Cloud 9…Carmel by the Sea.

Like the Sun renewing its eternal love for the Day…Carmel by the Sea.

I did promise you a life of adventure and a home with the best view anywhere your heart desires.

Like a heartbroken, anxious adventurer finding his joyful calm…Carmel by the Sea.

Even just for day, we are worth it.

Like the Sunset in its promise that all bad things end at Night and all good things begins at Sunrise…Carmel by the Sea.

Finding God’s peace in the midst of chaos and suffering… Carmel by the Sea.

A person, a place, a moment in memory, we all have our Carmel by the Sea more plenty than the grains of sand our hands can ever hold.

Thank you for sharing your many Carmel by the Sea with me. I see you. I’m with you, from Sunrise to Sunset, from low tide to high tide, from night to day and back.

So we gather and celebrate all that’s good, even in thoughts at our Carmel by the Sea. We share them with gladness and gratitude knowing not everyone gets to have their Carmel by the Sea.

The sad reality of the World is that not everyone gets to have their Carmel by the Sea. This part will never be fair and just. But the hope is alive for as long as the kindness and generosity in people remains.

Doesn’t matter where, we go because our heart and sanity has never been more important. LIVE as ALIVE as we can. Collect happiness, the seashore is full of them. Don’t let them wait too long, the current and waves may swept them away.

Your Carmel by the Sea, how do you want it to be? Today, your wish is my command. One Carmel by the Sea coming right up. POOF!

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Ghost of the Blue Lady at Moss Beach Distillery

Romantic, tragic, spine-chilling. Our story began some 72 years ago.

The beach is too peaceful. No one would have suspected blood was spilled in its sands long time ago.

Young and naive, a beautiful woman always in a blue dress fell in love with a handsome ladies’ man who played piano at the bar of Moss Beach Distillery. She made multiple trips to the restaurant to be meet her lover. Blue Lady was married. Supposedly, her husband never knew of the secret love affair.

Moss Beach

The lady in the blue dress was killed while walking with her lover at the beach below the distillery. Did the murder happened under the moonlight or in broad daylight? There was no mention of when she gasp her last breath or how she died.

Her lover claimed they were assaulted and he was just fortunate to have survived.

No description on how she got killed. Was Blue Lady strangled? Was she hit on the head? Was it a bullet or a knife to her heart?

Her death wasn’t peaceful. Her death sudden and unjust. So, her Ghost roams the distillery for answers. Her Ghost continues to search for love that was cut short.

The murder was never solved. It remained a mystery.

The Blue Lady and her lover have watched the many Sunsets of Moss Beach. I don’t think he ever loved her the way she loved him. Otherwise, both of their Ghosts would have haunted the beach and the distillery together. Blue Lady’s Ghost remains alone. Probably the reason why she keeps coming back. Finding love is her unfinished business.

Many have witnessed the Blue Lady’s presence at the Beach Moss Distillery. Ghost Experts say it’s because she is searching for her lover. It’s the version of the Blue Lady story for the tourists in this historical landmark.

Perhaps, she haunts seeking for justice for the life and love taken away from her too soon. No one knows, only the Blue Lady does. She hasn’t trusted a living soul to tell her full story of how and why she died.

The lover would have been an easy suspect wanting to get rid of her or the furious husband in his moment of rage, but the Killer was neither. The Killer got away with murder.

Till this day, the Ghost of the Blue Lady continues to search for her lover at the Distillery. If you stare at the windows long enough, you may just catch the reflection of her Ghost.

A haunting version was recreated in NBC TV series Unsolved Mysteries titled “The Legend Of The Blue Lady.”

Many strange harmless events had been documented like phone ringing but no caller, checkbooks floating on air, locked rooms from the inside without signs of entry, women diners losing one earring only to be found in one place weeks later, computer dates tampered and small children actually able to see the Ghost of the Blue Lady in the Restaurant.

Thrilling Sunset. Our car parked just at the edge of the cliff.

We ate at the Moss Beach Distillery hoping to see the Ghost of the Blue Lady. We didn’t see her but definitely one can feel a lonely presence or at least the romantic sad nostalgia of her love story.

The restaurant food was excellent, the ambiance, reminiscent of the Golden Era of Hollywood, the staff very friendly. And there’s the view as haunting and as beautiful as our Blue Lady.

Is that the Blue Lady behind the window?

Maybe I saw a glimpse of her. One of my photos captured a lady in blue. Nah, I think it’s just one of the customers coincidentally in blue. I’m no Ghost Whisperer.

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Dawn of the Living Dead 2021

With what’s going in our world, country, community, work place and homes…

They are simply replicas of the real world. Just cuter and funnier. Real life? Never cute nor funny.

We have eyes, but unable to see the truth and human suffering. We have ears but incapable of listening. We have mouths that choose silence or destruction. We have hearts that doesn’t know empathy, compassion and kindness.

We have hands that hurt, claws and tear people to pieces. Too much imagination?

If you’d been inside a mall lately, you will know what I mean. Just observe. Won’t take 10 minutes.

I walk aimlessly among the Living Dead inside a very crowded Mall. We don’t eat flesh. We consume anything in our path capitalism has created. The hunger, never satisfied.

There’s some Truth in Fiction. There’s some Fiction in Truth. It’s been engraved in our Society for so long we can’t distinguish which is which. So, we continue like it’s okay…no escape, no ending. And the Herd just keeps growing, growling, starving.

Fiction, Truth or Analogy? I don’t know, it feels very real. The fear is real. The apathy is real. The detachment, anger and paranoia are real.

I used to enjoy watching Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead. I still do. Just didn’t realize it is real, or at least the tamer less terrifying version of it.

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Pismo Beach, Not Another Beach

Son making his point, “Dad, 3 hours drive just to go to a beach? A beach is a beach. We can go closer.”

Hmm, what to say to convince him? True, a beach is a beach. What makes Pismo Beach any different from a beach that’s less than an hour away?

Had to process my reasoning power STAT.

Stairway to Heaven.

My quick answer, “Well, it’s on the way to Universal Studios. We’re hitting L.A. Buddy!”

He looked shock and confused. Unsure what to say, he replied, “Okay,” sounding more like a question than a confirmation.

Not our hotel. Wish it was. We’re at the Inn. Cheaper or cheapo? Same view, different amenities. All about the fun and experience.

Next Day, when I woke up, he was all ready. Two small suitcases in his room. One empty. I asked why the other suitcase is empty. Laughing he said, “Dad, that’s for my shopping. I already made a list of wear to go. So, let’s go Buddy!”

My brain said, “Oh, No! I never mentioned shopping.”

It’s not entirely false that money can’t buy happiness. With some, we can go to places where happiness can be experienced. With some, we can see the World, discover new Cultures and wonders, meet new friends and family. That part of happiness is never free.

Now I’m the one shocked and confused. Unsure how to respond, I just said, “Okay,” that sounded more like a question than a confirmation.

I hurriedly prepared two cups of strong coffee. One to wake me up. The other, to make me reflect on what I just unleashed.

Funny event on our walk to the Inn, but it’s a secret I promised to never tell. But the Ocean and the Sunset knew.

Nope, a beach is not just a beach. Some are just more awesome than others. Some have bigger fun shockers and surprises from journey to destination, to and fro.

“Never let anyone dictate how our life stories should be. It’s not perfect, but it’s ours.“

In the end, Happy Family moments and memories are so worth all the work, shock and awe. The best actually, that we can’t forget them.

Reminiscing, looking at photographs makes us smile, even glow. For a minute we are transported in time like it’s happening today. For a minute, our heart gets to relive where it was happiest.

The beach will always be our Happy Place.

Isn’t that worth the effort and any long travel? Isn’t that worth working a bit extra to save some vacation funds for our next adventure?

“So, let’s go Buddy. Life is short.”

Mermaid Cave by the Cove. No California Mermaids in sight. They migrated to New Zealand.

Definitely, we need time to relax and be sunny before work week begins again.

With what’s going on with the World, our Country and around us, an ounce of happy experience is worth more than a pound of cure. If there is a cure.

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Private Beach on our last day of Summer

“I don’t have to be rich to have a private beach. I just need gas money and a long day off.”

Our treasure finds at our Private Beach.

People wonder what it is to travel at a whim to the most expensive, beautiful destinations from around the world where money and time is never an issue. I am one of those.

People wonder what the rich enjoy and experience. People fantasize what’s it like to own a private jet, hotel, island or beach and just live a life of permanent vacation. I am one of those.

Truth is, we can without having lots of money. We can improvise and have a version of what the rich have.

With creativity, imagination and practical realism, we get to see what they see, feel what they feel, experience what they experience.

Anyone can live life to the fullest for less.

We can have fun, relax, enjoy and be happy for so much less.

They didn’t cost a cent. Nature Gems are free.

A private beach just for me? Sounds impossible, if not ridiculous but I had it not just once but a few times this Summer.

Being rich is subjective and personal. To me, being rich is being able to control my own time and happiness. It’s freedom from worry, stress, anxiety, guilt, sadness, coercion, fear. To be myself following my dreams and everyone is happy and in harmony with it. Achieving peace and calmness regardless of what’s happening around me.

And my private beach didn’t cost me much except money for gas, bottled water and To Go food.

There is a better World just for us. Never settle when so unhappy. Never keep carrying the weight of everyone on our shoulders. It gets heavier. And it doesn’t stop. Care less, live more for ourselves and those we love. It’s not selfish. It’s sustainable love.

Sunday was my son’s last day of Summer. It was also my last day of Summer vacation. We chose to stay local for 2 weeks and not travel International or other States for two reasons.

We are already rich, we just didn’t see it that way.

First, outrageous expenses ( hotels, air fare and car rentals have been jacked up ).

Second, super crowded airports and public places when we are on a COVID surge with the Delta Variant.

The rocks and soil formations, just a work of Art.

Every time I bring up the idea of Hawaii or Cancun, son will show me an IG video clip of how crazy their airports are. And it worked.

Salmon Pink and White Granites as far as my eyes can see. No diamonds unfortunately but the experience were worth like diamonds.

The Private Beach…

Last day of Summer. My son and I decided to hike back to Garrapata State Park just passed Point Lobos. We’d been to the same spot 3 times. This time we intend to hike and climb the rocks farther till we can’t do it no more. That was the goal and the dream.

Quick stop at the fruit stand by the road. It has the sweetest, juiciest Plums, Nectarines, Peaches and Apricots I’ve ever tasted in a very long time. Locally grown.

It almost did not happen. Wifey wants to drive somewhere closer, safer. In the end, what the heart wants won. Super lucky and happy.

There are adventures and moments in life we can’t quantify nor measure. These are the ones money can’t buy because it only revealed to those it is meant to be revealed. Everyone’s experience will always be different. How we see the world, how we see our day is not the same as the person next to us. Same view, different perception and interpretation.

My son called me as he pointed his fingers beyond the rocks, “Dad, look. It’s a Private Beach. Our Private Beach.”

Discover and explore what our heart really wants, then do them as often as we can.

And there it was, our own Private Beach. No soul in sight. We can do whatever. I could have swam naked and no one will care. My son won’t care either.

No Summer is the same. We don’t compare. We can only try to live it to the fullest at our own terms. Then we say goodbye with a heart that is genuinely grateful for every blessing and hope we shared those blessings generously to as many people as we can. Good Karma flows easy that way.

Just a small strip of beach but that’s all we needed for an enjoyment that is just ours. Did we feel rich? Yes. Did we see, feel and experience what the rich see, feel and experience? Yes, yes and yes.

Paradise is anywhere and anything to anyone. We don’t even have to leave home to find it. It doesn’t have a price tag, which kind of makes it difficult to get for those accustomed to getting things quick using money and credit cards.

On the way back, exhausted, face all sweaty, huffing and puffing, my son told me, “Dad, you look like your dying.” I replied, “I am, but I don’t care. Just give me a moment to catch my breathe.”

I am rich because of him. He teaches me life lessons that is contrary to the lessons of the Financial Experts of the World. He makes me remember the simple things that makes me feel like the richest, luckiest person on Earth. Things both forgotten and taken away.

I don’t know how I made it back legs so tired, wobbly and heavy but I did.

Road trips replaced World travel. Driving replaced flying and cruise ships. Happiness and inspiration remained the same if not more.

Driving home, I told my son, “Can’t believe this is our last day of Summer.” Then I asked him, “Are you happy of the places we went to?” He smiled at me and replied, “Yes, I am happy.” I smiled back content, “I am happy too.”

I see it as a beautiful creation. Some will see it as a weed that needed to be removed.

This is our second Summer that we haven’t traveled outside the U.S. nor other States. We chose local Staycation and just do day trips. No overnight hotels too, if possible.

So far, we did fine. The fun, adventures and happiness are just as good, if not better.

Private beach for all. We thought we were the first people to reached it but before I left, I saw a rusty beer can and an old bonfire pit. If only the world works this way, “Equal opportunity and happiness for all.”

Always live our Summers the way we dreamt our Summers would be. Never waste time procrastinating or dwelling on negativity. Just let our hearts surprise us with its adventures. No expectations.

“Our own private beach.”

Believe me, we will have such an amazing time that our hearts won’t be able to contain all that happiness.

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