How Much Is Too Much? U.S. Surpass 5.1 Million New Coronavirus Cases

When numbers no longer scare people, we just pray for a miracle and hope everything we do is enough to protect ourselves and our family.

What should I wear today? Something cool or something protective? Maybe nothing. Mask Rack by our exit door.

How much is too much?

Surpassing 5.1 million New Coronavirus confirmed cases in the U.S. in 6 months with more than 164,000 deaths. Possibly 10 Million cases with 300,000 deaths early next year. Our economy is surviving on stimulus and bail out funds not everyone is really able to avail nor our nation can afford. Poor gets poorer , rich gets richer, middle income suffocating on expensive mortgage, rent, taxes, household and hospital bills while being forced to get pay cuts. Many businesses have closed, unemployment are too many to count, homelessness is on the rise, signs of recession has began.

We see but not seeing.

Many gave up trying because there seems to be no glimpse of things changing for the better. So why fight, when it’s a tremendous relief not to struggle. Why spend so much exhausting energy trying to change something that we can’t? Why not be free and just ignore the mandates? Why listen and see when it’s too stressful and negative. Why try really?

Real people are hurting.

Mr. President please lead. We are tired and frustrated. We are getting sick, we may die. Please serve and protect. Please unite us all. If you are willing to fight for us against the New Coronavirus pandemic, we will fight with you. All cultures and ethnicities , Republicans and Democrats, NO superior Race, just ALL AMERICANS. But first, you need to believe that we are all equal and the same. You need to believe that the only way to win is to work it out together peacefully. If you believe it, we will believe it. Your words are power. Your words means life or death. We can’t win a war with half the army with no leader while the enemy is determined in full united merciless front to destroy us. Politics can wait, Humanity can’t.

Lockdown wasn’t the answer, it’s willingness to change and sacrifice for the common, greater good.

By November Election, America may already be in a disastrous situation of no return. We’ve seen what the virus can do in a very short time. Each day we wait, the harder it gets to stop the pandemic. The longer we wait, the more difficult it is for our country’s economy to recover.

I see more of this now than during the Spring lockdown.

How much is too much? For some, at the brim. For others, not enough.

Normally, I’m optimistic, but after today’s news, I’m just being human.

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If We Could Fly, Cliff House, Lands End San Francisco

It was the year of Superblooms. I haven’t seen this part of San Francisco this magical.

We don’t have to try too much to see and feel amazing, it just comes when we least expect it.

We walked along patches and patches of wildflowers. The cliffs were carpeted pink. It was a wonderland.

Superblooms at Cliff House, Lands End San Francisco, Year 20 Something.

Nature gave us a rare glimpse of wonder beyond the ordinary. It was incredible. No words to describe it really except we were just so happy.

Beauty catches the eye and blinds it from seeing danger. Selfie at the edge of the cliff? Sure.

Strange, looking at the pictures now, there were only a handful of people to experience the magic but now that nature retreated back and COVID-19 has taken over the scenery, droves of people visit it everyday this Summer. Was nature right in keeping the magic low key?

If we could why fly, where to?

Magic is already in you. We don’t have to travel to amazing places to feel it. We don’t have to scan our Instagram feed to find it. Just close your eyes. Imagine your inside your heart. Now, choose your happiest memories and just fly to it.

When things gets hard and loneliness hits full speed , we go back to a slower time where the heart is surfing the waves of happiness and no worries. Are we there yet?

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If We Get To Save 70,000 Lives From Coronavirus Including Our Own, Will We Wear A Mask?

I’m still here able to write my stories despite of living at the epicenter of Coronavirus outbreak in California, it’s because of this mask. Above that of course, is God.

Latest IHME Model projects nearly 300,000 people could die of coronavirus in the U.S. by December. Dr. Christopher Murray, Director of Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation shared the results of the cumulative studies to CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Anderson Cooper. Highlights of their conversation were as follows:

1. Studies shows only 55% of people in the U.S. are using mask.

2. Mask provides 40% protection with accumulative effects over time.

3. 70,000 people would survive passed December if 95% of us wears mask or a piece of clothe on our face.

4. Foremost benefit of wearing mask is to protect the person who wears it. The other important benefit, it protects other human beings. Human beings like our parents, grandparents, spouse, children, relatives, friends, co-workers, teachers, neighbors, strangers.

5. Heart Challenge: Imagine entering a stadium with 70,000 people whose lives depends on us wearing a mask. Will we wear a mask then?

Surpassing 5 million Coronavirus positive cases and more than 162,000 deaths in America. With an average of 1,000 deaths per day since end of July, we are heading towards our catastrophic projected death numbers.

The horrors of Summer is just a preview of what’s coming in Fall and Winter. People could have both Flu and Coronavirus at the same time decreasing the chances of survival of both the vulnerable and the healthy.

We had been warned so many times. We were given so many chances to prepare. All the facts had been laid out and yet we are still not ready when the next bigger disaster happens.

Just because it’s outdoors doesn’t mean it’s safe.

If I know it will save me from dying, I will wear a mask. If I know it will save people around me from dying, I will wear a mask. If I know it will save you from dying, I will wear a mask. Knowing exponentially my actions will have a serious, possibly deadly effect in the lives of others, I will wear a mask.

For as long as it takes no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient, I will wear a mask because a life is worth more than what’s comfortable or convenient.

A life once lost can never be replaced.

We can’t keep doing what we do and say, “I’m not part of the cause of the Coronavirus pandemic.”

Whether we have a role in the infection spread or still don’t care of what’s happening or we did all that we could, the outcome is the same for all, everyone suffers. Everyone falls down. Some however will never rise up because they’re already dead.

We all have our seasons and like the wildflowers that blooms in Spring and dies in Winter, it’s just a matter of when, but if I get to make a wish, I want to live as many seasons as I can. Don’t we all?

The power and story of the mask.

Once upon a time in the land of Google and Facebook, 12 warriors at a small medical facility were sent on a quest to battle an invincible, evil dragon named Coronavirus.

The King of the land had no idea how to defeat the Coronavirus so he gave the 12 warriors all the weapons and safety armors they can find except injecting them with bleach and disinfectant.

The moment we let our guard down, a giant wave will swallow us into the ocean of no return. By then it’s too late and no one will hear our scream for help.

6 months and on going battle later, all of the 12 warriors are still alive while some of the warriors sent by the other kingdoms have died.

The King asked each of the warriors what helped them survive the Coronavirus and each came with the same answer, “We just wore the mask like we always do.”

The King scratching his head asked further, “And what else?” The 12 warriors speaking us one replied, “Well, we did not fight as individuals but fought as a team. When one is weak and injured, the other warriors protects and fight for that person. There’s no I or Me. We fought as We.”

100% percent left for battle, 100% returned home to celebrate the victory of being alive with their families with two simple weapons, a mask and each other.

Till this day, the 12 warriors are still fighting for their people and caring for the wounded as the Coronavirus has developed more powerful mutations of its own.

Like you, we’re just trying to live, survive, may be find some happiness and calm in the midst of the seemingly never ending disheartening chaos.

Will the 12 warriors make it to next deadlier phase of their battle? Only God knows. For now, they’re just trying to enjoy the day’s victory grateful.

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Between Fun and Serenity

Escape or Discover?

End of Summer, Santa Cruz Natural Bridges State Beach 2020.

Traveling the world, going to the beach, taking road trips, hiking nature outdoors, we all have our reasons for doing them but if narrowed down between fun and serenity, I choose serenity.

Celebrate your life and those you love even if the news or everything around you looks and feels hopeless, helpless. That is something no one can take from you.

I wake up sometimes overwhelmed with anxiety. I start my day sometimes with deep longing and heartbreak for relationships I kept praying to heal. In all those days, I take a deep breathe and just keep trying.

One Republic’s I Lived sums up everyone’s hope for 2020 with COVID-19 pandemic. Summer Santa Cruz.

So, between having fun and serenity, I choose serenity because at the end of the day, happiness no matter exhilarating will pass, but peace from within inspires the heart to keep beating.

We all are living in a dark, difficult time. Hope seems far. Anger seems closer ready to snap anytime. No matter how dim and scary the road is, we need to remember we can choose how our journey goes. We need to remember, we do have control of how the rest of our days are meant to be lived.

The National Flag, the Sunset, people around you, they are signs that things will get better. We can remain positive and optimistic because that too is a choice.

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. – Proverbs 4:23

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Coronavirus and California

Knowing most cancelled their Summer vacation request due to Coronavirus outbreak, my boss actually asked me, “Just to confirm, are you still taking a vacation request?” My answer was a 100% sure, “Yes, I am.”

Like most Californian’s, I simply want to keep living. Is it wrong to still dream and spend quality time with your family while the pandemic is increasing? Is it wrong to request a week of Summer to focus on self and family when doomsday seems upon us? Is it wrong to try being happy while the mood is sadness, anger, fear and isolation? Is it wrong to be hopeful when everything looks messed up? Is it wrong to feel certain of something when everything else feels uncertain?

All I’m certain of is today. All I’m sure of is this year’s Summer moments I’m celebrating in the now. Distant bucket plans are just it, distant.

I don’t believe in creating a list I don’t have control from happening, but I do believe in creating what’s possible in the present, the minutes, maybe days and weeks.

I saw Lands End for the first time on a foggy day of Fall 2015, then Winter, Spring, Summer and the seasons repeats. It’s our gateway to place we always feel at home, San Francisco. So many beautiful memories to count. To many blessings to count.

No one knew last Summer was their last.

John Hopkin’s University COVID-19 data shows 9,508 Californians didn’t get to experience their Summer this year with their families. Love ones they left behind are grieving instead of making new happy Summer memories. Love ones they left behind are worried of where to get money for food and shelter instead of feeling safe and well provided for.

California is the first and only state so far to surpass the half a million Coronavirus confirmed infection. Today, it exceeds 521,000.

Exactly why we turned around and ventured the other way.

Many of us are wearing mask. Many of us are doing social distancing and avoiding social gatherings. We use sanitizer every place we’d been. Some of us haven’t been in physical contact with our elderly family members since the lockdown in March. Many of us are following safety Coronavirus preventative measures. Some are still defiant. However we’re responding, the new infections and new deaths from Coronavirus continues.

Why is Coronavirus soaring wild in California again? Why previous epicenters are back to being ground zero and why new ones are sprouting in places there never was before? The answer is really simple, we love our freedom and dreams too much. California Dreaming is not a cool caption someone made up, it’s an actual lifestyle choice many choose to live by.

The other why is Essentials since the Stay-at-Home Lockdown mandate needed to work at least 40 hours a week. That’s 40 hours of risk of contact every week from Coronavirus infected droplets. But we are not complaining. We are actually very grateful because having a job is a blessing during the pandemic days of unemployment and business closures. Just stating, Essentials have to be there so people can continue to buy food, clothes, things and services we want or need including healthcare. Getting sick no matter careful is a risk and possibility we are willing to take. We accepted our new world of COVID-19 infection. Warned or not, we rolled the dice and gambled.

I wish it’s a joke, but one of our favorite restaurants had a sign, “Closed forever.” This is not an isolated case. Some restaurants all over the U.S. has closed or planning to close because outdoor dining is not enough to sustain them. Many of their customers also hasn’t come back as more and more people are opting to eat home for health safety reasons.

Saturday was my last Summer vacation request. I couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate freedom and life with family than San Francisco. We’re aware many are thinking and feeling the same thing. It’s predictable, many Californians loves hiking, nature and outdoors. It’s inevitable, many Californians are drawn to the surf, sand and sunshine.

We’re tempted to stay in the car and just enjoy the ocean and the view of the Golden Gate from afar after seeing flocks of people walking towards the best scenic spots but instead we ventured to the least crowded part of Lands End, the Sutro Park.

While eating our picnic food, a mother in her 70’s and her daughter in her 40’s sat on a bench overlooking Ocean Beach. Sometimes, I saw them talking and laughing, other times just quietly enjoying the view. Like them, we’re just trying to enjoy this year’s Summer with family because with the deadly Coronavirus around next Summer may not happen at all. This Summer may all we’ve got. Gloomy and negative? From my side of the view, it sounds very real, sensible, practical.

If all we have is this Summer, how do we wish to spend it? Stories of people are a living reminder not even the rich and powerful can predict their when.

Here in California, living in the moment are not words to remind ourselves to make the most of time. It is a way of life to spend wisely precious, fleeting, borrowed time.

I don’t judge because I don’t want to be judged. I don’t blame, cause I don’t want to be blamed. I try to understand as much as I want to be understood. I don’t want anyone to experience guilt that tear and break hearts and spirits. Don’t we have enough of that already?

Californians are no different from anyone else, we are trying to survive and live. Is that really wrong? It’s not my place to pretend I have the answer nor I have the right to point fingers. No one has. No one should. Nobody is spotless.

I am a Californian and like all the dreamers, the builders, the innovators, the fighters and the survivors before me and like me, I will create tomorrow not from what I’m told but from what I envision it to be. Light will overcome darkness.

There are just two ways to move forward with the Coronavirus outbreak, surf or drown. So, I’m trying to learn quickly how to swim my way through it like everyone else because drowning is NOT an option.

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COVID-19 Surge or Wave, First or Second, Does It Matter?

So much debates whether we are on a surge or a wave. Whether this is the second or a resurgence of the first of COVID-19 pandemic. Does it matter?

All I see are scientific data of infection rates and deaths. Globally, more than 17.8 million infected and more than 679,000 deaths. In the U.S., infection exceeds 4.6 million and deaths surpass 154,000.

When the weather is too nice or the scenery is too beautiful, many can’t see the dangers even if they’re already standing on the cliff.

All I see is a seemingly unstoppable virus determined to wipe out as much lives and destroy economy.

All I see are people still disconnected and confused on how to move forward with our new normal.

There’s a big difference between hope versus illusion, fear versus facts, reality versus lies, politics versus humanity.

We drove 2 hours to find a beach with hardly any people in it but it’s worth the distance because family time with safety as priority is worth it.

In two weeks, my son begins first year high school on line. Young minds and hearts like him will never know what the first days and months of exciting high school would feel like. They will never be able to look back and tell stories of how it was entering the halls of Freshman years. They will never know what is means to meet new friends and experience adventures with them. No sports, no clubs they are passionate about, no school dance, no new young love romance. Too many beautiful moments they will never know because of one cause, COVID-19.

Don’t stop trying being happy or sharing that happiness because of COVID-19. Anywhere we go now is a potential infection source. The important thing is incorporating safety guidelines whenever we seize the day and just doing our best to follow them. Song: Live It Up by Owl City. Adventure: Garapatta State Beach Carmel & Big Sur 2020.

I’m one of the billions of parents hoping their child will have a better future than his own. A parent who dreams his child will discover happiness free of fear, harm or threat. Is that dream still possible with COVID-19 more widespread and uncontrolled?

We kept driving until we saw less than 5 cars by the freeway. We would have missed the entire Summer if we let fear rule over our lives. Life lesson from COVID-19, don’t wait for next year for things we could have done now because next year’s Summer may not even happen at all .

So, does it really matter if we’re in a surge versus a wave, first resurgence or new second pandemic? The results and outcome are the same. The struggles, hardship and loss are the same. It doesn’t change for as long as we don’t change.

“Keep living and giving because COVID-19 wins the moment we stop trying.”

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Giant Lily of the Nile Superblooms in Summer

I thought I’ll never see it again, but there is was, patches of gigantic Lily of the Nile superblooms in mid Summer.

I saw these rare superblooms few years ago at the peak of Spring when superblooms were magically sprouting up all over California’s driest land and deserts. Years of drought ended then when heaven opened and blessed us with generous rain. It was a miracle and that miracle is happening again. No rain this time, just an outpouring of hope that Nature will heal us all.

So, just because people are saying things won’t happen doesn’t mean the hope we have won’t. Just because things look bad now doesn’t mean it won’t get better tomorrow.

If these Lilies found its way to survive patiently and bloom beautifully at the harshest of weather and circumstances, so can we.

We need to remember we are more precious than the flowers God created. So even if there’s no sun, no rain, no nutrients and we’re surrounded by predators and threats, God will make a way.

Trust God that we will grow, thrive, bloom and live happily, abundantly. Our entire lives is a living proof of his miracles and today, we claim those miracles.

If you are just a drive away from Montara State Park, you can still see the Lily of the Nile superblooms for the next two weeks. After that, it will be gone until someone or something needs it to come back.

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Disneyland Before Coronavirus

Don’t know when we can go back safely to the most amazing place on Earth, Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland, Anaheim but I was able to capture the adventure in my iPhone from our last February 2020 trip just before the Coronavirus surge took us to the scariest ride of all.

So today, I will relive them with you and take you back to a time of all fun and no worries at Planet Batuu. We’ll meet and battle with Dark Vader and the First Order Clone Troopers. We will join the Resistance and liberate the Galaxy from oppression and tyranny. We become the heroic Rebels that will defend and liberate everyone.

The power of the Force begins now in you.

First Order Cargo. Will you be an ally or a rebel against the mighty First Order? Safe or be a Hero?

Darkness is a choice. So is light. Dark Vader is waiting for your reply. What’s it gonna be?

Going against Dark Vader requires great bravery and sacrifice. So before we take off into space for the epic fight, let’s celebrate you at Olga’s Cantina. They do serve non-alcoholic drinks so even our kids can go in…with their Rebel parents of course.

Back when it’s okay to hit the bar scene without restrictions. Olga’s Cantina, super fun!

Resistance fighters need their inspirational “just before we go to battle” speech. The Mandalorian himself travelled across the galaxy so he can give it to you.

Heroes are not born, they are made by overcoming difficult and painful circumstances. Some never knew their destiny until someone or something made them realize who they are. Others already knew but just waiting for the right opportunity and courage. Either way we are heading for battle. No turning back.

Everything you needed to win is already in you. Rise of the Resistance climactic battle ride against the First Order.

We won. Our people are free. The galaxy is in peace once again because of you. Congratulations! As a price, you get to build your own BB or R series unit droid at Droid Depot.

Our Disneyland adventure will not be complete without lights, music and fireworks. I pick the happiest one. I think we all deserve it.

Best Dance Party With Mickey & Friends.

A happy moment is everything. A happy memory is worth more than gold. So, invest in the kind of magic you hope to last forever in your heart while we still have time with those we love. For me, it’s what being alive is suppose to be.

When we have a teenager, we need to be the cool parent who has to keep up and step up awesome to the next level. Rise of the Resistance experience did that for us this year. I was already thankful then for a chance of a lifetime, but after watching the rest of 2020 unfold, makes me even more grateful. I couldn’t think of a better way to repay than give back the happiness to someone else.

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In four straight days, U.S. hits above 1,000 new deaths per day from COVID-19. In 30 days, that’s 30,000 deaths. By December, about 120,000 more on top of today’s 146,420 total number of COVID-19 related deaths.

California, Texas and Florida named by White House health expert Dr. Birx as essentially the 3 New York’s of Coronavirus.

Outdoor Street Dining at Bay Area California.

We are at an emergency and disaster mode being at the epicenter of it all but when I look around me, it’s like a normal day under the beautiful California Sun except some are wearing masks.

Saw this on my walk today. Coincidence? A sign? A message? A warning? An artist prediction? Could be nothing.

The challenge, we stop more deaths from happening by stopping the infection spread with 5 steps. I will not call it easy or simple steps because it’s not. It needs consistency and hard work for it to be successful. These steps however are not new. We’re already familiar and doing most, if not all of them.

She still wore a mask even if there was no one beside us. May be she was keeping herself safe from me in case I got infected. Oh, well, can’t blame her after working 4 days straight.


Step 1: Wear a Mask.

Step 2: Social Distancing of 6 feet or more. Avoid social gatherings of 10 people or more. Avoid crowded indoor places and visit them only during their least busiest hours or days.

Step 3: Wash hands frequently for 20 seconds or use Hand Sanitizer.

Step 4: Disinfect frequently all possible contaminated surfaces.

Step 5: Be mindful. Be vigilant. Never be off guard. Stay informed. Stop listening to people who believes the pandemic is not real. They will not support your family when you are gone. They will not help you financially if you can no longer work because of the long term multi-systemic complications of COVID-19 or you got laid off.

This weekend beach scene. This is the less crowded area. Summer made many forget or careless. There is no fear, just people trying to live in the moment. Is it wrong to try living while the virus is at large? I don’t have an answer but I kind of know how they feel.

We love challenges. Many of them had gone viral in You Tube because it’s fun, it’s cool, or it’s awesome. This challenge is a bit more serious but I assure you, it will be cool and awesome when we stop COVID-19 because only then can we fully go back to the lifestyle and normal we all used to enjoy.

Perhaps one day. My son watching the Golden Gate SF before Coronavirus. We crossed the bridge that day towards Marin headlands and back.

If you’re into it, post what you did and tag #stopcovid19challenge . We may not go viral but we will accomplish something better, save lives.

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California Tops New York As Most COVID-19 Infected State In The U.S.

Data from John Hopkin’s University now shows California tops New York as the State with the most COVID-19 infection surpassing 430,000. New York to date has 409,697 infected, most of the numbers happened during the Spring lockdown whereas California’s numbers accelerated after the lockdown.

We’re back to closing a lot of things in California, like businesses and schools. My son will never experience what’s it like to be in first year high school in the real world. He will not see his old friends. He will not meet new ones. People will be losing their jobs. People will be worried they may loose their job, me included. New normal just got more vividly real.

Thursday, total new deaths in the U.S. exceeds 1,000 per day, a number we prayed will not happen again but it is happening. If it doesn’t slow down, that’s additional 30,000 lives that will be lost in 30 days.

Death from COVID-19 is increasing alarmingly in California with 8,201 deaths whereas New York has slowed down significantly at 32,594. Will any State in the U.S. reach close to the death numbers of New York? Maybe NOT, as we have better mode of diagnosis and treatment as well as resources compared to the first surge. Again, numbers could change easily depending on how people behave and respond to COVID-19.

Mask is my new best friend. We’re I go, mask goes. Never stop following your dreams just because of COVID-19. More than ever, our lives needs to go on and mean something.

The good news, California Healthcare Systems and Officials are prepared to handle the COVID-19 Summer surge all the way to Fall. When other States are still debating reopening and safety guidelines, Californians headed by Gov. Newsom has been preparing.

California has been aggressive in its preventative COVID-19 measures. California has spearheaded in its medical approach in triaging and treating COVID-19 patients in Emergency Rooms thus maximizing available hospital beds for the very sick patients. California initiated Telephone and Virtual Clinic visits that continues to keep their patients and staff safe.

So yes, we Californian Healthcare Workers are ready because we have been trained ready since we saw our first cases of COVID-19.

Live with caution and we will be fine. Not 100% true but it’s better than nothing.

We’re passed the blaming. We’re passed the waiting. We’re moving towards what we wish California to be again. We have enough knowledge and information to make the right choice to do what’s right.

The daily new COVID-19 cases is sad as many of us are trying to stop the pandemic but the hope is strong in the State of Dreamers. Instead of focusing on the negatives, today we will celebrate California as the State of love, happiness and adventures. We celebrate the State that welcomed our dreams and inspired us to make them happen.

Mid February 2020, we still went to Disneyland, L.A. not knowing COVID-19 was already being spread community acquired. Back then we were watching the horror happening in China and Italy. We got no idea that we will experience the same horror when we returned home after the vacation. Things can change in instant and we may not even see it coming.

This was the last sunset we saw in San Francisco just before COVID-19. It was magical, even romantic. I believe we can have that magic again and it’s going be more beautiful than the one before.

Proposing love and forever. Sunset Sutro Baths Lands End San Francisco 2019

Faith and unity over COVID-19 because we will get through this.

Just because we can’t see the other end doesn’t mean hope is not there. Point Bonita Lighthouse 2019

Note: Medical approach to COVID-19 from safety, to preventative, diagnostic and treatment measures will continue to change and evolve as rapid as every day, every week as we find better ways in managing the virus and the pandemic. That is a good thing. That is hope.

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Shout Louder, Fight In Peace Harder

When our voices are not heard, we shout louder.

When Racism, oppression, cruelty, injustice, violence and abuse keeps happening, repeating, we fight in peace harder.

When we are being ignored, ridiculed, shamed, hurt for speaking the truth and doing what’s right, we press on, we bare all until the rawness melts even the most hardened.

We will no longer be silent. We will no longer pretend it doesn’t bother and affect us all. Together united, we are stronger.

Our world is changing. Our minds and hearts are changing. We will break the chains. Walls will fall. The mighty and the powerful will be humbled.

One struggle. One dream. One fight. One goal. We will be free.

I stood frozen. They’re words were the words I wanted to scream. Then tears started falling. Next thing I knew, I was marching with them. It didn’t matter that we don’t know each other by name. What mattered was our voices were coming together shouting something we share the same , “Stop Violence. Stop Hatred. Stop Racism. Justice for all!” It felt good. I felt free.

Warning: Video unedited. Has sensitive contents and obscene words. Do NOT watch if you’re not ready.

America takes pride in its ability to protect freedom of speech. It is a country that will go to war to protect democracy and defend the oppressed. We are now at war and being oppressed within our own country. Please fight and save those you swear oath to protect and set free. Your people direly needs you now.

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Home With No Zip Code

Our home has walls that are made of adventure, it’s roof of freedom. Happiness are it’s interiors and its open concept space allows more room for love and kindness.

Don’t let the things of this world nor its vanity for power and fame take away that one important key that keep us feeling alive…our happiness.

Our home doesn’t have a door because it welcomes everyone that needs to escape, rest, find comfort, even have fun.

We live in a society where our happiness has been decided and predetermined the day we are born.

Our home doesn’t belong to anyone nor it owns us. It has no closing cost, no drowning mortgage loans, no draining maintenance expenses. It’s free and clear from fear of foreclosure. The bank can never take it away and have people bid on it for more profit.

It’s time to acknowledge what we really want. What is it that we want to do that will make us happy?

People who lived in our home can go anytime without worries when the dreams from which it stands has out grown themselves or didn’t work. Our home doesn’t rob us of our youth nor time that could be well spent with family and ourselves. Our home inspires us to live fully, honestly, truly, sincerely.

We have an orange tent in our car that turns into a home wherever, whenever the heart wants to stop and just enjoy life for a moment.

If you drive by the nearest beach or nature outdoors, you’ll recognize the pieces of our home. It will look familiar. It will unlock memories and open windows overlooking a magnificent view of courage, hope, love and forgiveness.

This is our home. It has no zip code because we carry it with us wherever we go. It exist when we are close to the ocean. It exist when we drive to places we’re free to be ourselves and happiness comes easy. It exist when we hear ourselves laughing without caring of what others may think. It exist when we have each other. It exist when we find the good parts of ourselves long lost or forgotten.

Dedicated to everyone who lost their homes, everyone who was never given the chance to feel they have a home and everyone who are no longer welcomed to a place that was once, home.

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