Home With No Zip Code

Our home has walls that are made of adventure, it’s roof of freedom. Happiness are it’s interiors and its open concept space allows more room for love and kindness.

Don’t let the things of this world nor its vanity for power and fame take away that one important key that keep us feeling alive…our happiness.

Our home doesn’t have a door because it welcomes everyone that needs to escape, rest, find comfort, even have fun.

We live in a society where our happiness has been decided and predetermined the day we are born.

Our home doesn’t belong to anyone nor it owns us. It has no closing cost, no drowning mortgage loans, no draining maintenance expenses. It’s free and clear from fear of foreclosure. The bank can never take it away and have people bid on it for more profit.

It’s time to acknowledge what we really want. What is it that we want to do that will make us happy?

People who lived in our home can go anytime without worries when the dreams from which it stands has out grown themselves or didn’t work. Our home doesn’t rob us of our youth nor time that could be well spent with family and ourselves. Our home inspires us to live fully, honestly, truly, sincerely.

We have an orange tent in our car that turns into a home wherever, whenever the heart wants to stop and just enjoy life for a moment.

If you drive by the nearest beach or nature outdoors, you’ll recognize the pieces of our home. It will look familiar. It will unlock memories and open windows overlooking a magnificent view of courage, hope, love and forgiveness.

This is our home. It has no zip code because we carry it with us wherever we go. It exist when we are close to the ocean. It exist when we drive to places we’re free to be ourselves and happiness comes easy. It exist when we hear ourselves laughing without caring of what others may think. It exist when we have each other. It exist when we find the good parts of ourselves long lost or forgotten.

Dedicated to everyone who lost their homes, everyone who was never given the chance to feel they have a home and everyone who are no longer welcomed to a place that was once, home.

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Coronavirus Soaring Numbers, NOT A Hoax

Healthcare systems are preparing for the long months ahead on how they will deal and approach the relentless COVID-19.

Research suggest New Coronavirus kills 5-10 people for every 1,000 it infects. Fatality rate varies with age and access to healthcare.

In 5 months, data from John Hopkins University shows more than 142,000 Americans have died from the New Coronavirus. That number can exceed 200,000 when the pandemic collides with the peak season of Flu this coming Fall and Winter. Flu season can last till May 2021.

What Coronavirus has taught me, “that I may only have 2-3 weeks to cram a lifetime.” So I try to live the most one day, one week at a time doing what’s good, making everyone as happy as possible, no delays of moments I can enjoy with those I love.

All signs of impending disaster are here. Uncontrolled COVID-19 new cases ravaging many states, hospitals bed capacity being steadily filled, a Leader that refuses to lead and save his people from the deadly pandemic, a nation struggling to unite and set aside differences, a worsening economy as business restrictions and closures continues, an increasing belief that the soaring Coronavirus numbers are all made up.

Source: John Hopkins University Daily COVID-19 Report, 7/18/20

The Coronavirus Surge we are experiencing is NOT a hoax. It’s a real frightening virus that affects real people. The media reports are true. What Fauci is saying is true. To confirm the truth, all we have to do is visit our community Emergency Rooms and COVID-19 drive thru testing sites. They are real people who are sick being attended by real medical professionals who place themselves at risk of infection everyday doing what they do.

No one is trying to spread falsified positive COVID-19 results. All that data are reported cases to Public Health from all the Healthcare facilities around the country. We are legally and ethically obligated to report positive results as soon as we receive them to protect public health and safety.

Healthcare workers are the no. 1 advocates of patient care. They will put themselves at harms way and risk trouble to ensure patients are given the best and safest care possible.

Protect our most vulnerable: Elderlies, Cancer patients, Renal patients on dialysis, the Homeless, our Healthcare Workers, everyone with co-morbidities such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Autoimmune Disorders, Chronic Lung Disease.

Thursday, more than 77,000 new cases of Coronavirus was reported. This not a hoax.These are real results from people who got infected for the past 2 weeks.

Since after Memorial Weekend, outpatient clinics have seen a daily increase of patients with Flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, body aches and headache.

More and more patients are presenting early with loss of smell and taste as the virus attacks the Nervous System. Once associated with Gastroenteritis, diarrhea and vomiting are now considered COVID-19 symptoms. Some just present with fatigue, tiredness, loss of appetite or rash.

My son’s school has been empty since early March. It may remain empty when school begins in August. Every student, parent, teacher and school staff has been affected. Will school reopen? Do I have a job tomorrow? Will my child get sick? Will I get sick? What happens if schooling is all on-line and both me and my spouse are working? Do one of us quit our job for the full time home schooling? Real questions and concerns from real people.

The virus compared to how it has presented in February has expanded which only makes one wonder, “Has the virus mutated and how many strains are there now?”

When there are no lines outside groceries, 2 possibilities. 1, No crowds, jackpot! 2. Everyone is inside. Good luck! This is Costco on a Friday. It’s a concern when people are hitting each other carts, waking shoulder to shoulder and touching the same items again and again. It was a sigh of relief to reach the exit.

Exposure Day 1 Reset

Healthcare Worker’s Exposure Day 1 reset is the first day of self observation and monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms after taking care of a possible COVID-19 patient. The vigilance and fear doubles when the patient lab results confirms COVID-19. My day 1 reset was yesterday.

We can’t live in fear, hate, anger, frustration, helplessness because of COVID-19 and it’s effects on people. We change what we can and let go of those we can’t.

Wearing Mask Works!

Until we had our antibodies checked for COVID-19, everyone at work thought we got infected at some point but thank God, not a single one did. What kept us safe? Wearing the simple surgical mask.

When we first started seeing patients with Flu-like symptoms, we were just wearing surgical mask, not N95. So, the mask recommendation does work. It is really intended to protect the person who wears it, not just prevent others from getting infected. Again, not a hoax or a political statement. It’s based on best clinical practice aimed to save lives.

Playgrounds and schools padlocked indefinitely.

The Story of the 3 Brave Heroes

CNN Jon Lemon featured the story of Kimberley, Jenna and Angela, three teachers from Arizona who contracted Coronavirus despite following all the safety guidelines of wearing mask, social distancing, using disinfectants and wearing gloves.

If we could save one life, then it’s worth trying. Image source: CNN News.

Jenna and Angela survived COVID-19 but Kimberley Chavez Lopez Byrd, did not make it. Kimberley died June 26 at age of 61. She was a an amazing teacher who devoted her life for 38 years to the students of Hayden Winkelman School. She is a real person. She left behind a real family who misses her.

The story of the 3 brave heroes resonates because it is the story of all the teachers in America and the World. It is the story of everyone who are willing to risk their health and lives for the people and community they serve and care so much.

The pandemic is already taking its toll and we’re no near the finish line.

Let us turn our gratitude to caring, anger to kindness. Let the sacrifices we all started at the beginning of our fight against a common enemy, the New Coronavirus mean something by working together to reverse its impending doom.

We stop waiting for our leaders to take action and decide our fate. We take action and determine our own fate. We have more power and control than we think. Unified, there is no challenge we can’t accomplish, even the ones that seems impossible..

Let the heroes around you feel they are because many times they feel unseen, unheard, unappreciated even blamed or fall victims to hate crimes.

We are now living the very news we are watching about the COVID-19 pandemic. How the news ends, it’s up to all of us. Not some, all of us. We try to give our all until this is over.

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Hiking Happiness At Montara

Whether by the beach or overlooking from its mountains, Montara is our happy place.

So, today I hope to give you the same happiness it gave me by taking you there on a hike. Happiness means more when we work for it. Besides, we need all the exercise we can get. When you’re ready for the adventure , just press the on arrow below.

We have a choice to see what’s good and beautiful in the midst of chaos and seemingly never ending bad news. We have a choice to keep living the dreams that keeps us excited and motivated to wake up and conquer another day.

Everyday is a gift we need to appreciate and be grateful because not everyone is lucky to have today.

Friends, between now and our next getaway, we share what’s positive and joyful.

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Americans Versus Americans

4th of July weekend. America celebrated Independence Day. Family and friends gathered together over barbecue, drinks and fireworks, but what does this day really mean?

People chose to call America home because of all the places they’ve been, it’s the one that promised them that for as long as they work hard and do their best, their dreams can come true. That promise is harder to come by these days and no longer applies for everyone. We turned our backs to the new hopefuls, hunted them, separated families and deported them with broken spirits. We crushed their dreams even before they have a chance to begin.

4th of July means differently for different people but we have one thing in common, we are celebrating our freedom and honoring everyone who offered their lives so we all can enjoy that freedom.

Chains can be broken.

Speaking of freedom, that nowadays is being threatened in our country as people are truly showing their character and values amidst our fight against COVID-19, Racism and Injustice.

President Trump’s message this weekend, didn’t inspire people to unite in a Nation that is already divided and struggling to heal, instead, it was a call only for certain group of people to rise and reclaim their land.

Isn’t this the land for everyone brave enough to chase their dreams? Isn’t this the land of democracy and migrants from all over the world?

This country is great because of the contribution and hard work from all the people that lives in it and not because of the special chosen few. The message excluded Americans who didn’t agree with the President. It was fueling hate and animosity. Americans versus Americans.

America is great because of everyone that makes it great.

4th of July was a wake up call of what’s really happening in America. It showed how People of Color and other Ethnicity are truly perceived and treated in the Land of the Free. It also showed that many are blind and indifferent to the Coronavirus Pandemic surge that is currently ravaging many of our States.

It is not true that 99 percent of the COVID-19 cases are totally harmless. Some people have died. Some people who recovered are on rehab and disability due to the virus long term complications. More than 30 percent of patients we triaged this weekend are presenting with COVID-19 symptoms including loss of taste and smell. Though less deadly, the virus has become more infectious, making it easier to spread it within family members and communities. The New Coronavirus also changed its target age groups, from elderlies to young adults mostly in their 30’s.

I may not see everything I envision in America in my lifetime but I hope my son and his generation get to experience the greatness of this Nation in theirs.

Where we are heading in the future now calls for every American to use their freedom for what is good, kind and just. Freedom is power. Freedom is hope. Freedom is the ability to change the wrongs and make it right…for all.

We are stronger together.

Will we allow Americans versus Americans happen?

Freedom is calling everyone to show their patriotism by setting aside indifferences and come together as one unified America.

Whatever it takes, together we will make America great again. Together, we will overcome this crisis and end darkness.

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Shark’s Fin Above Wildflowers

You don’t have to buy me things. Your love is more than enough.

Father’s Day, we took a last minute roadtrip at 4:30 P.M. Had to decide quickly shortest destination with maximum family adventure fun.

You don’t have to give me flowers. The excitement when you took me outdoors to see the wildflowers still has my heart racing.

Take Out Lettuce Wrap Burger, Creme Brulee and Root Beer overlooking Shark Fin’s Cove, Davenport. This is our new way of dining out. Safe, natural and incredibly breathtaking.

You don’t have to worry of words to say. Your actions showed me a million times of how much I mean to you.

If the beach stores memories, it will smile every time it remembers our happiest moments together since my son was a year old. It’s home. It’s family. It’s us.

So, instead of celebrating me, let me celebrate you because what makes you happy, makes me happy. That’s what Family do for one another.

Always find time for adventures and new experiences with Family because happy memories last forever.”

Don’t let this Summer pass without doing something special for yourself and for those that inspires your world. Life’s too short and tomorrow is never guaranteed.

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Coronavirus Is Winning

Fauci on his testimony said, “I still think there is a reasonably good chance that by the very beginning of 2021, that if we’re going to have a vaccine, that we will have it by then.”

Between now and 2021, people will continue to die daily from COVID-19 not because we’re doing more testing but because our behavior, attitude and defiance has gotten from bad to worse.

Father’s Day weekend. There is no place to park. The crowd were all heading for the beach, most without mask. This is my distance from Gray Whale Cove State Beach to where I stand at Devil’s Slide Bunker. Having fun during an outbreak, we always have to ask ourselves, “Is the risk worth it?”


The World lost more than half a million lives from Coronavirus. U.S. exceeds 130,000 deaths and still increasing. This is just Summer. Flu Season can double the death rate numbers.

Wednesday, 50,655 new cases were reported in the U.S. according to Johns Hopkins data. Actual numbers could be 100,000 as not everyone is being tested.

No amount of mandate will encourage people to wear mask and do social distancing if they don’t believe in it.

No amount of information will do any good if people refuse to listen.

Leaders starting with President Trump needs to make a stand and take action if they want people to change. Leaders need to lead by example. What they say and do affect the lives of the people they promise to serve and protect.

No more misleading half truths and lies. No more downplaying of the real danger that is taking lives, young and old.

I asked my wife, “Where’s your mask?” She replied, “In the car.” I told her, “That doesn’t sound like you. Look ahead, no one is wearing mask.” She quickly turned around and got her mask.

L.A. Times: Californians are losing their fear of the coronavirus, setting the stage for disaster.

California, initial top 3 Coronavirus epicenter in the U.S. is now back to number 2 in the country hitting new records of COVID-19 infection for the past two weeks.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom warns that the state is prepared to issue another stay-at-home order if necessary, though adding, “We don’t intend to do that. We don’t want to do that.”

Spend time doing what we love. We just have to be mindful of the COVID-19 guidelines. They were made to keep us safe, not restrict our freedom or take away our happiness. It was created based on Science and Caring.

Surging Coronavirus cases in latest epicenter states like Texas, Arizona and Florida needs to be critically addressed before the outbreak becomes too big to control.

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Chicago set 14 days quarantine for incoming travelers from hot zones States. Other states may follow to protect their residents and communities.

European Union members excludes Americans from traveling to their countries due to the explosive new cases of COVID-19 in the U.S.

World Health Organization on Coronavirus Pandemic warns, “the worst is yet to come.”

Alone, we don’t have a chance against the Coronavirus but together we do.

When more people will be admitted in hospitals in comparison to the number of beds and trained hospital staff, a repeat of the massive deaths like in New York will happen.

The COVID-19 Curve will reach a peak that will require a miracle to stop. Some hospitals not equipped to deal with the sudden surge are now asking for help but will help reach them on time?

In our battle against the Coronavirus we need to dig deep and ask ourselves, “Am I the Solution or the Problem?”

The virus has mutated to be more infectious. If we love our country and value the life of its people, we will not think twice to wear mask, wash hands and watch our social distancing. We all are part of the solution.

Until we are ready to answer the question and change, the virus is winning.

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Amazing Big Sur Happened

What would we do when all we have is now? Do we wait for amazing to happen ? Or we make amazing happen?

Big Sur Roadtrip, Summer 2020

Wednesday, we woke up late but the day was too beautiful to waste. So we hurriedly had coffee, took a shower, changed and grabbed left over food and drinks from our fridge.

As we drove out, I asked my wife, “Where are we going?” She replied with a question, “Where do you want to go?” I answered, “Well, I always wanted to see Bixby Bridge at Big Sur. We can have a beach picnic before that. A friend recommended we check out Garrapata State Park. It has scenic hike trails and it’s close to Bixby Bridge. Smiling she answered, “Then, that’s where we are going.”

Don’t overthink adventure. Be spontaneous. Be unpredictable. Just let it surprise you.

No plans. No expectations. No traffic tailgating. No stress. Most relaxing and inexpensive road trip this year. I just paid for gas.

“Wow! So beautiful,” sums up what I was seeing.

Big Sur is rugged, untamed, dramatic. Anywhere along it’s coastline is an exciting adventure. Does not matter if it’s a landmark or just a random spot .

Nature blessed and breathtaking, Big Sur will awaken your soul.

Garrapata State Park, Summer 2020

There’s nothing a cold beer, comfort food and a day at the beach could not fix.

Time stood still. For a moment, there’s just us and the beach. We forgot the pandemic. We forgot our worries. It felt good. We felt free.

Son wanted to play beach football. I tried my best to keep up. Mom was sub. Two against one and we still lost. Still felt like a winner seeing everyone so happy.

Spend time with your kids for as long as you can. They grow up fast. We can’t recreate moments that we already missed.

Time to meet Bixby Bridge. The fuss is all true. It was picture perfect incredible.

Son wondered, “What makes it so special? It’s just a bridge.” I explained, “Son, it’s the view around the bridge that makes it so special. It’s like no other.”

When we needed to feel alive and reconnect, we take a roadtrip.

We got home around 8:30 P.M. Did amazing happen? Beyond, from start to finish.

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San Francisco After The Lockdown

It wasn’t the San Francisco we remembered.

It’s new. It’s changed. It looks sad but also hopeful at the same time.

Baker Beach, Summer 2020

We stayed for a few minutes waiting for it to inspire our hearts to dream again.

Before we left, I turned my back to look at the Golden Gate Bridge for one more time. It whispered, “Hey, we’ll be okay.”

Cliff House overlooking Ocean Beach, Summer 2020

We choose to soar above COVID-19. We choose to survive and overcome.

As I watched the Kite Surfers looking so free and just being one with their present moment, I am reminded that it’s not how long we’ve lived but how much we’ve lived that really matters. So, I’m choosing to live now and do what I can today.

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Racial Shaming Inside A London Subway Train

Racism is everywhere and anyone.

Fearing for her life because of the high death rate from Coronavirus in U.K., a mother of two stopped working as a Nurse for several weeks. She is afraid to get sick and die because her daughters are too young to be motherless. She questions herself everyday, “Who will take care of them when I’m gone?” She used up her savings to buy food and pay rent because there is no financial help for people like her. When the money ran out, she decided to be fearless and went back to work.

The world has changed. It is more mean and cruel with Coronavirus.

First day of work, she rode the London subway train like she normally does. She arrived home crying and shaking in fear. People inside the train verbally harassed and threatened her. They shouted angrily, “Chinese, Chinese. You brought Coronavirus to our country. Get out. Don’t infect us.” She was cursed, shamed, traumatized. No one helped or defended her. Those who did not join in the racial shaming just stared cold and pretended it wasn’t happening .

Summer before COVID-19 was happier, more kind and welcoming. No restrictions. People can travel anywhere and do anything. COVID-19 changed all that and made people resentful, angry.

The incident made her realize, more dangerous than Coronavirus are people. She has to relive her trauma alone every time she goes to work. How long she can endure the fear and shaming, she prays long enough to see her daughters grow up.

By the way, she is not Chinese. She is a British Citizen Healthcare Worker who just happens to look Chinese.

To a Racist eyes, all race and people they despise looks the same. Doesn’t matter if it’s the Nurse that took care of them in the hospital, the store worker that helps them with their grocery needs or their neighbor living and serving in their community for years. When triggered, they will snap and attack verbally and or physically people they hate.

The world truly needs healing, caring, forgiving not just from COVID-19 but from dehumanization, brokenness and hate passed on through generations.

I have to tell her story because she is family. I have to write her truth because her voice and everyone else victimized by Racism needs to be heard.

I hope those who bullied and shamed her inside the subway train will read this. May it change their hearts just enough to awaken the humanity and kindness in them.

The Lockdown and the Pandemic brought the worst and best in people, where we are in that spectrum is always a choice.

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Coronavirus Second Surge Hits Summer

It’s Summer. We’re on the move. So is Coronavirus.

I truly can relate when people say, “ Coronavirus will not dictate nor restraint my life,” but it’s never okay that 1,000 Americans will die everyday from Coronavirus until an effective vaccine is made available.

Exceeding 20,000 COVID-19 new cases per day, America will witness a Summer it has never seen before as increasing new cases emerges in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina and Utah.

Find a beach less traveled. Go on weekdays. Bring our own food and drinks. We don’t leave trash nor contaminate surfaces so the next person can safely enjoy Nature like we did.

Hospitals are preparing for emergency as Coronavirus hospitalizations are increasing.

Surpassing 2.5 million positive cases with over 126,000 deaths, COVID-19 Second Surge is happening right now. How bad it could get is not up to our President and Governors. It is up to all of us.

After 3 months of home quarantine, my son finally got out for outdoor fresh air and sunshine. I jokingly told him, “I thought you’re going to melt.” He just laughed.

Let’s make a hot fashion statement that says, “I care.”

Enjoy the Sun. Find our Beach. Make moments that warms our heart. We just have to wear mask and maintain social distancing. It’s the new cool and responsible trend of Summer.

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One Day We’re Here, One Day We’re Not

If there is one important lesson the Coronavirus Pandemic has taught me is that I need to make the most of life everyday because “One day we’re here, one day we’re not.”

COVID-19 just confirmed what we already knew. That, “ Life is too short not to try being happy.”

Hiking for the first time since Stay-at-Home, I was huffing and puffing out of shape. I was tempted to cut short the 5 mile hike, but I kept on going reminding myself, “If I survived the Pandemic and the Lockdown, I can survive anything.”

LOVE, LIVE and GIVE generously everyday because we do not own tomorrow.

Live to the fullest but never forget the lessons of the past.

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A Moment Of Silence

For 8 minutes and 46 seconds at 11:00 A.M. today, we offer a moment of silence and prayer for George Floyd as his funeral starts in Houston, Texas.

We will never forget his last words, “I Can’t Breathe.”

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