Best Shocker Goes To…

Only in Hollywood where you can get away slapping a Person in Public followed by getting a trophy and a standing ovation.

Fact Check: Did Will Smith Receive a Standing Ovation at the Oscars? – Newsweek

Yep, Shock was the right word for it. Then more Shock thereafter because of how the incident was casually handled, as if the World was not watching the Live Academy Awards. What happened can’t be undone, but People can learn from it so it does not happen again.

Chris Rock, the Better Man. Whether, he was still in shock or he was just being himself after he was painfully hit by Will Smith, Chris Rock advocated for his Aggressor not to be removed by the Police from the premises. Chris Rock was the reason Will Smith was able to receive his Best Actor trophy in person instead of watching the announcement in Jail.

The LAPD officers finished laying out what his options were, and they said, ‘Would you like us to take any action?’ And [Chris] said, ‘No.’ ” – People

No one saw it coming. No one imagined it could happen in the middle of the most glamorous, most anticipated event of the Stars of Hollywood. In the end, one can feel sadness for all that was involved. Everyone will need help from the trauma and guilt post event. After the lights and camera are off, Hollywood Stars are just People.

Only in Hollywood physically hurting and verbally threatening another Human Being on stage witnessed by “respected” Actors and Actresses we admire in the big screen was allowed to continue uninterrupted till the award’s finale. Only in Hollywood where humiliating a Person for everyone’s laughter is made okay. Every Award and Comedy Shows has full of them. Comedy at the expense of another is funny to all except the butt of one’s joke.

Seeing Will Smith go up the stage and slap Chris Rock in front of his Peers because his Wife was humiliated by Chris Rock’s joke was disturbing. The sound of the slap was so loud it’s all that one can hear. But louder was the silence of the audience. No one stood up to say,”Stop! Something very wrong just happened.”

The Awards went on. The Show went on. No edits. No revisions. It was a Show within a Show. Entertainment for the World to feast and engage in their Social Feeds like Twitter and Instagram.

Will Smith hit Chris Rock on Oscars telecast- CNN

A Video Of Chris Rock Opening Up About Suffering Sexual Assault From School Bullies As A Child Has Resurfaced Online After He Was Smacked By Will Smith -BuzzFeed.News

People should boycott watching the Oscars next year. Even Hollywood needs a Time Out to reflect on their actions. Unless, Hollywood and its Stars are that unreachable.

Is Will Smith’s Oscars slap considered assault or battery under California law? – San Francisco Chronicles

He said sorry to Chris Rock in a Statement, not in Person. He said sorry to the World who watched it, his fellow Stars and the Academy. Would it be enough? We will find out in the next several weeks. Something this viral doesn’t just die down in 24 hours. Video picture from People.

For those who made jokes about the altercation, huge shame. We don’t laugh when someone is hurt or hurting, shamed and humiliated. Perhaps that’s okay in the Entertainment Planet of Hollywood, but it’s never okay outside the Real World, our World.

All involved appeared victims of a joke gone bad but it’s never an excuse for physical violence, otherwise anyone could do the same in the Real World when pissed off mad. I’m sure, if it’s you and me, we will end up in jail right away or face a lawsuit.

We are not Stars, just the ticket buyers responsible for the existence of Big Screen Movie Theaters and Blockbuster Hits. We are the monthly subscribers of Stream Line Entertainment like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple +, Disney +, Hulu, xfinity. Come to think of it, we hold the power to control the brightness or dimness of Hollywood and its Stars.

Watch a Breakdown of Will Smith and Chris Rock’s History Before the Oscars – US

As I said, “When the lights and camera are off, Stars are just People. Friendships can change. People change. That is Life’s Tragic reality. Stars are not exempted from experiencing what we all experience. They experience loss, pain, betrayal, shame, anger, grudge, humiliation. They get hurt. They get traumatized. They can love, forgive and heal broken Friendships and Family Relationships.

Co-workers we’re shocked the first day. Some did not even see the viral slapping video. The next day, a co-worker hearing the same topic said in a serious upset tone, “What’s done is done,” and turned his back.

I believe we should not turn our backs on issues that affects us all. No one should turn their backs on violence nor the harassing humiliating effects of jokes that targets People personally. They are wrong and unacceptable.

The Pandemic brought the worst in People. People had been edgy, angry, irritable, impatient, irrational, weird, emotional and super sensitive. Little trigger causes outburst, tantrums, violence and aggressive confrontations. This was happening for the last 2 years from airplanes, restaurants, streets, parks, healthcare settings, on the road, and now Hollywood. Madness Fever finally reached the Stars where many of us have already recovered and developed some immunity.

Our World is never same. We are never the same after the trauma and oppression of the COVID Pandemic. We need to be careful and mindful of what we say because what may be funny before the Pandemic may now be an offensive personal attack to others that can lead to violence and retaliation.

There have been many opinions. There have been many reflections. 6 days after the Oscars, things are just getting clearer and the incident appears not much different than what happens in our Real World.

There will be consequences. There will be changes. Lessons will be learned, willing or not. Real Apologies in person has to be made to resolve deeply rooted conflicts.

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Second COVID-19 Booster FDA okayed for 50 and above

People 50 and older are now eligible for another shot of either the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines four months after their last dose, the FDA said. – STAT

Now that all restrictions for COVID safety are lifted and the Global dominant BA.2 subvariant has proven more transmissible replacing the Omicron, getting a second COVID booster is timely and lifesaving. It’s an option for extra protection for those who believe in the preventative benefits of the vaccine.

I got my booster October 2021, and if it’s true that COVID antibodies looses significantly it’s efficacy 4-5 months after. FDA announcement just came at the right time. I always knew, there is a need for two boosters per year because in reality, those who got COVID only has 3 months of antibody protection, after which another COVID infection is possible.

No more freebies. Many will realize Health is Wealth third year of COVID. Many will realize Freedom and Fun cost a lot of money and unnecessary Hospital Debt. U.S. Government is pulling drastically all major funding with COVID because the Country is now “Endemic,” and we need to refocus hard earned U.S. dollars to Inflation, Unemployment, and the War. Emergency Crisis Intervention and Financial Aid are over. Headline image, The Washington Post.

The Immunocompromised, who are they?

Those on Chemotherapy, those who had Solid Organ Transplant like Kidney and Heart Transplant, those with inherent problems with their immune systems ( Primary Immunodeficiency) and those receiving long term corticosteroids and immunosuppressants to control and treat their Illness ( Secondary Immunodeficiency).

But what many of us do not realize is that everyday Stress and it’s acute and chronic manifestations like Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Unhealthy Habits and Lifestyle, Obesity or Undernutrition, Diabetes, Hypertension can lower our immune system.

An example, when people are dealing with significant Stress, they can get Shingles ( Painful rash that follows nerve tracts) and Cold Sores caused my Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 because of decreased immune defenses, which BTW is not an STD.

Americans are free to breathe again maskless, but this is what’s happening to the other side of the World with ongoing outbreaks and surges. It’s like we are living in a Parallel Universe. To much Sci Fi? It is what it is. Headline image, Reuters.

Overall, Stress will make us sick Physically, Mentally and Emotionally. So it should not be a surprise or far fetch idea if Stress can make anyone vulnerable to contracting COVID. Stress can even kill by causing Heart Attack and Stroke.

And since Stress is my best friend or constant adversary at Work and Real Life Dramas, then it makes sense that I should be excited to get my second booster. And I am excited and thankful.

I want to travel to Paradise and the Islands once again. I’m hoping no wasteful 10-day quarantine to reunite with Family I have not hugged and shown in person affection for 3 years. I don’t own time nor events so I worry that it may not happen and I may be too late.

I intend to enjoy, travel and live well Spring and Summer and I couldn’t think of a better guarantee than getting my second booster. If my COVID defenses are now down to 50-60%, it can easily go up to 95% infection protection after 2 weeks post vaccination.

By now, we all should have learned how to be kind and respectful to one another regardless of our views and beliefs with COVID and Vaccination. And we should stop being Political about it because first of all, we are not Politicians, and second, those Politicians are not paying us a single cent to deserve our time and attention.

Fighting, Worrying, Anger, Frustrations and Negativity are forms of Stress. We don’t want to lower our Immunity and get sick, right? Politics and Politicians are not worth our Health, Life and Energy. Seriously, they are not worth it.

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Should We Give Up Our Souls Too?

When we’ve given everything including our Heart and still not enough, should we give up our Souls too?

What I am willing to give up for my Dreams? What am I willing to exchange to please and make other people happy? Are they worth it? Or I am worth it? Self versus Them, who’s more important? Regardless, one side will be unhappy, disappointed, angry. Will time heal the hurts and brokenness? I can only dream, hope and pray.

No Person deserves to loose their Soul. No one or nothing deserves loosing a Soul for. A lifetime of torment is not the same as eternal torment. Earthly price is never a fair exchange for the price of one’s Soul.

Those days I missed. I was poor but I was happy and free. I have nothing but everyone was getting along well. I didn’t realize long term, my dreams have a price that gets heavier and more irrational with time. Sometimes they are just too much to carry.

“Being poor and not having riches seems unfair but in reality, it’s easier for the poor, the faceless and the oppressed to enter Heaven than the Rich, the Comfortable and the Influential of this World. All that money, all that wealth, all that fame, we will leave them all behind. They are not interchangeable for a ticket to stay in God’s Kingdom or skip Hell.”

Should I be relieved or be scared?

Our Social Media and News Feeds appears biased in focusing and favoring the trends of the World, the Flesh and Vanity. Many of what’s considered cool, popular and beautiful on Earth has no value in the After Life. They may even be the cause of one’s eternal torment in the Fires of Hell.

So what to do? Filter and delete. Keep trying, keep changing. Be more by having less. Go back to God, his works and teachings. Connect and communicate to everything Heaven and let go of everything Earthly. Faith, Courage and Perseverance because the road to Heaven is the hardest and most challenging of them all. Short cuts are tempting always and giving up is a sigh of relief.

Sometimes God seems angry. Sometimes he is calm and kind. Other times I feel alone in my walk in this very long sandbar with turbulent deep waters on one side, and calmness on the other. Sometimes I close my eyes so I don’t have to see what frightens me. Sometimes I just stare up in Heaven but the clouds are just as dark and intimidating. Sometimes my body, mind and heart are shaking, trembling only to be calmed by his mercy, grace and presence. Sometimes, he is not there and the Storms goes on till I get exhausted or get used to them.

Sometimes, I forget my prayers when long time ago I memorized them by heart word for word, every detail, every feeling, night and day.

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War Nightmares

“The Bogeyman comes in all forms. War Leaders and their Soldiers that cause terror and harm are just some of them. Our War Nightmares ends when we wake up. True to Life Wars, the Nightmare continues when we’re awake.”

Imagine waking up the next day and your home, city and country is under attack and burning. Imagine having to leave your home with barely anything to survive. Imagine holding a dead family member in your arms you were just talking too an hour ago. Perhaps, it’s hard to imagine until we are victims of War ourselves. Not everyone cares of World Events because it makes them uncomfortable.

When I was a boy, my grandparents and relatives would tell us how they used to travel and go to the Mountains at night to hide and escape from the Japanese Soldiers.

One uncle, his brother was beheaded by a Japanese Soldier. Women are particularly in danger of being raped. Ancestral homes were occupied by the Japanese invaders or burned to the ground. Young Filipino Men become Soldiers overnight to defend their Country, their Homes, their Families. It was a time of horror and heroism. Patriotism and sacrificing one’s life was noble and generously selfless. People fight to defend their neighbors. It was a time of great pride to die for one’s Country and Countrymen. It was even a time of great honor to die for America as both Filipino and American Soldiers fought and died against one common enemy.

…and these are the images that will haunt the minds of children that survived the War on Ukraine. They will tell their stories so vividly like they happened only yesterday.

This was the War that haunts my childhood nightmares. The Japanese Soldiers were the Bogeymen with their rifles that has a sharp knife blade at its tip used to stab and kill. It was a War Nightmare I hope I don’t have to see and experience myself in my lifetime nor of my Family.

At nearly the same moment President Joe Biden declared him a “butcher,” Vladimir Putin’s missiles began falling in Lviv, Ukraine.-CNN

One CNN Reporter made a comment of Biden’s frank remark calling Putin a Butcher when it’s the same description the World thinks of Putin on his deadly War attack on Ukraine. Even President Biden is “not” suppose to freely express his right of freedom of speech.

So, what then is the authentic definition of Democracy and Freedom because it appears they are severely tarnished with Politics, Corruption and Bureaucracy that even the President of the United States of America can’t speak freely from his Heart. It’s implied that it’s better to lie than be honest, be genuine and transparent? WTF, this is so messed up. No wonder so many Americans are confused and stressed out.

One month on: how a tragedy has unfolded in Ukraine – The Guardian

But is War inevitable? Has World War III already began? Can Democratic Giants continue to use strict sanctions against Russia as a passive aggressive weapon to stop Russia from destroying the rest of Ukraine? Is it effective, or is it victimizing another group of People, the Russian Groups that don’t want to take part in the War but trapped and paralyzed themselves inside and outside of Russia?

Putin’s Evil ambition displaced 10 million Ukrainians and unknown numbers of Russians who were against Putin. Refugees are the dehumanizing effect of War. It is unacceptable yet it continues to exist. It is a sign of failure of Leaders and the powerful Global Peacekeepers. It is failure of Democracy to keep their “Men, Women and Children” equally safe and free from the real life Monsters and Bogeymen.

Russia warns media: don’t report interview with Ukrainian president- Reuters Staff

The war in Ukraine is proving extraordinarily lethal for Russian generals, the gray men bedecked in service medals, who are being aggressively targeted by Ukrainian forces and killed at a rate not seen since World War II.– The Washington Post

In any War, death happens to both sides. The difference is where the sympathy and support of the World lies. Obviously, it will not be towards whom the World see as the Evil Villains and Perpetrators. Their death and loss will even be celebrated. Now, is that being Humane? It’s that being Christian? Aren’t they just People stripped of their Freedom to choose for themselves?

There are Wildfires caused by Natural Disasters. There are Wildfires fueled by hate, greed, ambition and anger. The latter are the Wildfires harder to contain because they are caused by Human wants and desires that doesn’t know when to stop. Destructive Passion to the last breathe.

“It’s a good thing if we are stressed and are affected by the War because it means we still care and give a damn. That is hope that we may respond when we are called to serve, protect and defend the Freedom we value so much instead of running way like all cowards do.”

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Oops I Have COVID

Nurse clarifies reason for clinic visit, “It says here you’re here today for STD check. Is that right? “

Patient answers, “Yes. I’m here to have my throat check for STD.”

California pattern, New Mutation Outbreaks starts in L.A. then moving swiftly towards the North like SF and Bay Area.

Nurse explains, “Since you wrote you also have sore throat, is it okay if I assess your throat for signs of infection?”

Patient verbalized, “Okay, you may check my throat.”

Nurse after observing pharyngeal redness and bilateral tonsillar redness with swelling and white spots explains, “You can tell the Doctor you want a test for throat STD, but likely the Doctor will also recommend COVID and Strep Throat test as these they also present with sore throat.”

Patient responds, “Okay.”

Nurse about to perform throat swab specimen collection after Doctor evaluation and order. Patient blurted out after a phone notification, “Oops, I have COVID.”

Patient said it so casually without signs of concern that she just exposed the Nurse, the Doctor and everyone she came in direct contact with that day by omitting an important information. Patient said after, “They got me tested for COVID because I work at a COVID testing clinic and got exposed to a Patient.”

BBC News: Swab tests suggest about one in every 16 people is infected, as the contagious Omicron variant BA.2 continues to spread.
More infectious Variants and Subvariants have a Global Pattern. It starts in Asia or Africa, then U.K., then last U.S.A. 30 days after U.K. Surge, the U.S. Surge begins starting slowly then a sudden spike. It’s enough time for People to prepare, if they want to, otherwise, life goes on, death goes on. “Endemic!”

Nurse trying to look unbothered proceeded to do the throat swab less than 6 feet distance in a small poorly ventilated room. Nurse quietly said to self, “Thank God I’m wearing N95.”

Next Day result came. Patient’s COVID PCR test confirms positive for COVID. She is also positive for Strep Throat Infection. No STD in throat. Patient given Penicillin prescription for the Strep. No prescription for COVID, just advice to gargle warm water with salt for symptomatic relief.

A new subvariant of omicron, called BA.2, is driving most new COVID-19 infections around the world and now accounts for about 1 in 3 cases in the United States and more than half in certain regions, according to surveillance data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.- Miami Herald

There will be lots of “Oops I have COVID” exposure and contact moments for everyone. Each Person exposed will react differently from angry, to annoyance, to worry, to laughter to no big deal.

Nowadays, it’s no big deal for Healthcare Workers. That common. Nothing special. No priority treatment for those who will get the next COVID. All sick Patients will be treated equally and fairly. Everyone waits in the E.R. lobby based on Acuity. No more preferential treatment as we are way past crisis mode.

No more free Government Hospital Funding. People will have to pay via their own insurance or out of pocket for Hospitalization Stay and Treatment that can cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now, that part is no laughing matter. People will be in deep debt for a very long time. COVID becomes a very serious financial burden and liability.

Endemic means people will be responsible for paying for their own COVID related healthcare because we are passed Emergency Pandemic. Endemic means many testing and immunization clinics will be closed and there will be underreporting of COVID cases that will leave us blind as to how bad our next community outbreak will be.

Did we really reached the end of the road for the COVID Public Safety and Health Crisis or we just convinced ourselves that we did? Today, I won’t care to answer. I’m going on a fun family road trip. No COVID when having fun.

2022 is the “Year of Whatever” for COVID. The answers to many of our questions will precisely be “Whatever” as well. Next several months will be unforgettable and interesting. Surprise to some, shock to others, no big deal for the rest.

As for me, I’m going for more vacays and nature road trips. After all, life has never been more short with all the events happening in our times. What happens next year, can wait for next year. Today and soon are what matters to me the most that they became a personal preferred lifestyle and mindset. No regrets. Just living in the moment day by day, month per month.

“Did I get COVID? Nope, still COVID Virgin and will remain so for as long as I can. Temptations begone!”

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7 Rules In Kindergarten

“School Rules are meant to guide and mold our Children to become smarter, kinder, more successful independent People.”

I have to look back and thank all my Son’s Teachers for the quality of education they have given him. So much heart, patience and passion.

We all need to look back how we treated our Teachers during this Pandemic. Did we acknowledge their hard work and sacrifice, or were we mean to them because we didn’t get what we want? Were we compassionate to them as they were gentle and understanding to our children when our children were having a bad day?

“Teach our Children to fish and they will learn to be confident, self reliant and be successful for the rest of their lives.”

We need to trust our Teachers. We need to support them in whatever way we can. The future of our children depends on having Great Teachers.

Good Education is everything. Not everyone can afford Private Schools and Private Schools can be overrated. Just me and my Son’s opinion. Yep, my 16-year old is also opinionated. It’s not genetic. It’s the school system preparing him for the Real World beyond the walls of his classroom.

Let me take you back to 2011…

We made it to the first two weeks of Kindergarten class. My son had been very excited about school, meeting his new and old classmates, of learning new things and of car pooling with other kids in our subdivision. He was so into it that he would even wake up his mom to tell her that it’s time for him to take a shower and prepare for school.

Yesterday, we had our first parents meeting. The teacher was really warm and understanding about our kid’s concerns in her class. She was very thorough in her discussions that ranges from the daily schedule, homework and attendance. The one that striked me the most was the topic on discipline. Our son can get overly excited and active in a lot of things. Last year, during the first few weeks of his Pre-K, my wife and I had a temporary episode of stress due to his teacher’s remark on his behaviour.

A Fortress made of reading cards.

I can still clearly remember how upset and embarrassed my wife was when the teacher handed my son to her and told her, ” your son has issues.” In her mind she told herself, ” what issues?” There was no way to discuss what it was all about in front of the other parents. We had so many questions that weekend that left us feeling helpless.

To end our fears and undue anxiety, we scheduled the earliest parents conference that we could get. It turned out that the teacher is working closely with our son and that she understood the adjustments he’s going through. She also raised an only child. We felt a sudden relief. It was a simple case of misunderstanding. We did follow her recommended advises by heart. Everyday we would go over with our son the school rules and their consequences. We also made it a point to let him know that we love him and care about his well-being. That we want him to grow up respecting the rules and the people around him.

A rocket ready to blast off.
My son learned about the planets and the solar system in school. The next day, the solar system found its way on my patio door.

In the end, our persistence and consistency paid off. Our son improved tremendously. He attended an 18 day Summer class this year and not a single “bad day” remark on his conduct sheet. We were so proud and happy for him. He always gets a compliment, a hug, a kiss and a special treat when he finishes a 7 day of straight “good days.” His teacher said that he is such a joy to be with and that his classmates are fond of him.

The 7 golden rules are the following:

1. Listen when others are talking.

2. Follow directions.

3. Work quietly and do not disturb others.

4. Show respect for school and personal property.

5. Keep hands, feet and objects to self.

6. Work and play in a safe manner.

7. No running in the hallway.

Math seems like a breeze for my son but reading needs more tutoring. I enjoy his enthusiasm to learn. Every night, he picks up a story book and say, “Dad, time to read me a book before I go to sleep.” Love for reading starts at home. My son lights up every time I tell him we are going to his favorite library. Same excitement when I tell him we are going to Lego Store.

These rules are a challenge when you’re talking about 22-23 active kids cramped inside a small class room.

You might be asking, ” how in the world is she going to manage all of them?” Well, each teacher has her own effective way to make sure that the kids follow the rules and still got to enjoy their school experiences.

One effective  tool is “stamp in the folder.” Each child is given four cards of various colors inside a paper holder. For each rule that gets broken, the student pulls out a card. Each card that is pulled out has a corresponding consequence.


1.  A pulled out green card means no stamp in the folder at the end of the day.

2. A pulled out orange card means 5 minutes time-out.

3. A pulled out blue card means 10 minutes time-out.

4. A pulled out yellow card means a phone call to the parents. Now, this one I dread the most. It’s one consequence that motivates me to work religiously with my son even if it  involves a lot of time and energy.

A sailboat made of recycled paper.

At the end of the day, the kids get an inspiring praise and compliment as well as a “happy face” stamp to tell them that they were so behaved that day. On the seventh consecutive “good day,” the student gets to go to the treasure chest and picks his surprise present or reward. This is one incentive my son looks forward each week. Every time I pick up my son after school, he hurriedly pulls out his precious treasure inside his back pack and tells me excitedly, “Look dad, a toy for my good days.” One time, he was jumping with joy because he got a Bakugan toy which he was trying to collect. My heart melts every time I see him this happy. Who wouldn’t be?

A scene from his graduation play, ” The Three Little Pigs.” It teaches our little one’s the “bad wolf” in this world. At the end of the play, emphasis is given to “Don’t talk to strangers” and other pointers to avoid “bad wolves” out there. A less scary way for kids to understand the “reality” around them.
Kindergarten is just the beginning of the most amazing adventures and journey we will make with our children. Cherish, celebrate and always treasure each and every moment.

As much as Pre-K and Kindergarten is about learning, of play and interaction with peers, it is also about molding our children to be responsible and respectful citizens that cares about others. A lesson in life that will prove invaluable when our kids grow up.

Some “good days” we celebrate by making a homemade cake. This one we decorated with a cut out drawing of our family that my son made including his imaginary dog.
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Fort Cronkhite, War Lessons from the Grave

We went there for the beach, but destiny taught us to reflect “bigger.”

At night, the Fort is empty and dead quiet. Supposedly.

War History is warning and reminder that War is a product of Evil that brings nothing but misery, suffering, death and destruction. No one wins. Fallen Soldiers that died young leaving behind grieving orphans, widows and parents can not be raised back from the dead.

As I said, it was the beach that drew us to the Marin Headlands. It’s our second visit to Rodeo Beach. Nope, no Cowboys in these rugged seaside oasis. Just a vast land forgotten by time.

That day, Surfers were riding the waves like Cowboys ride their horses, wild, free, one with Nature, unafraid of unforeseen danger around and beneath them. Complete trust. No fear. Beautifully lost in their adrenaline and adventure. They are a vision of both inspiration and envy. They get to live their passion moment by moment, any day of choosing.

On the right side of the beach stands of what’s left of Fort Cronkhite, a former US Army post that served as part of the coastal artillery defenses of the San Francisco Bay Area during World War II.

The Soldiers at Cronkhite manned gun batteries, radar sites, and other fortifications on the high ridges overlooking the fort.

The sacrifices a Soldier makes is beyond Heroic. They deserve more from their Country and it’s Citizens for what they have endured and given up. They deserve honor, recognition and help once they return to the World as Civilians. Many of them have PTSD and need serious support for a very long time. In my City, I see Homeless Veterans living by Freeway Underpass and Parks. Is this how we treat our Heroes? Society have been using People for generations, War included. When we’re no longer needed, we’re dispensable and instantly forgotten. We are only useful until we are not. That’s the real World.

That day, we get to walk were Soldiers used to walk.

That day, we get to enjoy and respect the Bay like it was in the good old days.

That day, we get to go inside gun battery stations. We get to experience a Soldier’s claustrophobia, discomfort, loneliness, fear and isolation. Few minutes was already unbearable.

The breeze was powerful, strong, brave. I could hear a Soldier’s muffled whisper being carried by the wind. The words unclear, but there is a sad longing in its tone. And dead Soldiers had been patiently whispering everyday close to 8 decades hoping their messages might reach the people they left behind. Ghosts don’t get tired, people do.

The Ocean continues to temp and tease in this cold Paradise.

Fort Cronkhite was established in the late 1930s. Over 70 years later, still remains the strong “Temporary Wooden Buildings” like the barracks, mess halls, supply depots, chapels, and recreation buildings.

The first unit to move into the fort was Battery E of the 6th Coast Artillery in June 1941.

The Fort was decommissioned in 1974 but it’s heart lives on in every space that still exist. The Fort feels like it’s alive and anytime the Ghosts of the people that once roam its halls and rest in its barracks will come to life like the war never stopped.

They seem empty, until one looks closer.

We went up towards the coastal side of the hiking trail. From above, the view was magnificent 360 degrees. Just as magnificent were the structures History and Man created. Just as magnificent were the formations Nature molded and shaped with its Elements. In this place, God and Man decided to do a collaborative Art. And yes, it’s a beautiful masterpiece.

We were lucky to witness something that was rare and personal, or perhaps we were too imaginative.

Battery Townsley stands tall and proud like it’s ready anytime. Will the U.S. one day use all its weapons of defense? Is there a guarantee that we don’t destroy our Planet with us in it? Are we to face and experience these questions soon? It’s hard to take these reflections seriously when we were having so much fun.

Watching Battery Townsley. We stayed for awhile and listened to its stories. It shared important lessons that the Present needs to reflect and learn from. Unless, the Present is too proud to listen and learn from its Past.

Again, War History is teaching us all to be “bigger.” Our dead Soldiers are trying to rise from their graves to warn us from making the same horrific, deadly mistakes. The consequences of War will be the same regardless of time.

I don’t think many of us will survive a War being spoiled with instant comforts, gratifications and convenience. I don’t think people can last when they are so used to comfort, entitlement and technology. Can we imagine our children being Soldiers like it was in Vietnam? They will die as soon as they arrive in the battlefield. Many adults will die having no survival skills and common sense. I am one of these Adults. No shame in admitting one’s weakness. Humility.

The War in Ukraine is not that far. The War on Humanity and Democracy is already here. We can’t pretend we don’t see it. We can’t pretend it doesn’t affect us. It’s just a matter of time for us to choose sides. Good versus Evil. Heroes versus Villains. Freedom versus Injustice. People versus the Oppressors, Whiners versus Doers.

Peace over War, Love over Hate, Light over Darkness, why not? Isn’t living in Heaven so much better than suffering in Hell?

“Only the guilty are haunted with no safe place to hide. Those with clear conscience are left alone. Ghosts are not the enemy. A Person’s Past is his or her real enemy.”

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Some Days

Some days, I feel nothing. Some days, I feel everything.

Some days I’m drowning and have to learn to save myself.

Some days, I’m so angry I could explode, but Society finds that hostile and inappropriate. And that anger gets worse when people verbally try to dismiss my right to be angry. Some days, submission and tolerance are virtues for the abused and the hurt forced by someone more powerful. Some days, I take it until I can’t anymore.

Some days, I’m at peace in the middle of chaos.

Some days, sadness piles up that tears dries up before they have a chance to fall. Some days, stress, worries, sadness and anxiety are so normal they become like second skin. Some days, they are needed to be shed to breathe and heal before another second skin appears.

Some days, I long to be understood and comforted. But for most, the only person who truly listens and gives me a much needed comfort is myself.

Some days, I just want to be left alone, disappear and hide from all. Some days I’m successful in my escape, Some days not. Everyone is in bondage to something or someone, I’m no exemption.

Some days, I want to smile and really feel it’s lightness, warmth and joy. I’m tired of faking it just to appear happy to please others and not draw attention.

Some days, I miss laughing. I miss the happiness and release it brings. Laughter has become a luxury rather than a free gift. Best medicine for Mental Health, but can get really expensive or run out of supply. Some days, Laughter is on back order with no definite time for availability.

Some days, I’m me. Some days, I don’t recognize the person staring back at me. Some days, I’m multiple Persons fighting for dominion depending on what People and circumstances requires.

Some days, everything is alive. Some days, just a lonely void of dark, cold emptiness.

Some days it’s Life. Some days it’s Death. Some days it’s Survival. Some days it’s Victory and Triumph.

We keep going no matter afraid and uncertain because our hopes and dreams matter down to the last light and flicker.

Some days it’s surprise and newness. Some days, routine and boredom.

Some days words flows easy. Some days, words refuses to be set free.

Some days, inspiration wants to be captured to inspire and change our World inflicted by War, Disease, Evils of Men and Hell. Some days, that would be enough to restore Peace, Love, Good Health and Happiness. Some days, it ask for more sacrifices and giving.

Some are called to be beckons of all that’s good. Some are called to be instruments of Evil. War and Killing, Destruction and Misery, Peace and Love, Good or Bad. There are only two sides. Doing nothing still has consequences and we will pay for them some day.

Some days we are called to take action even if we are not ready. Some days, preparedness and fear are not an option. Some days we are called to be Heroes as events happen and be the bigger, better Person.

Are we ready to rescue someone in danger knowing we place ourselves in harms way? Are we ready to die for a stranger when we are called to save? Until it happens, they are just words easily lost in the wind and the noise. They are just some days that may or may not happen.

Some days, we could be anyone our Heart desires. Some days, we fail no matter how much we try.

His dreams kept mine alive. His enthusiasm and positivity has saved me so many times. He doesn’t know it. But I hope some day, when he is an Adult and facing life’s and people’s challenges, he will find this to give him the inspiration he needs. May it be enough to make him smile and give himself a chance to keep trying until all that he hopes happens. He deserves all the laughter and joy this World has to offer.

Some days we battle our inner Wars. Some days, it’s War from external sources. Some days we loose. Some days we win. In all, we fight and be stronger for our some days.

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BA.2, Next COVID Godzilla

“There is something quietly happening in every City in America. All defenses and mandates for COVID have been lifted yet yesterday a fellow Healthcare Worker said she gave 60 people the Government Free COVID Test Kits in one day. I also reached out to two patients to start right away their Anti-COVID Paxlovid medication before they pass their effectivity period, I haven’t seen this aggressiveness in terms of testing and treatment at any point of the Pandemic. Media coverage also unusually toned down. Is the quiescence a good sign or an ominous danger?”

Bakers Beach lonely and isolated Summer 2020. It was the peak of Paranoia and Fear but the lowest COVID daily cases. The first 3 months of stay-at-home were the only time people were really serious in staying at home. People were already having beach parties Memorial Day 2020. So crowded , parking was a challenge.
Not a single soul except me. Today, this area is sealed. I don’t know when it will ever open.

Omicron numbers has gone down only to be replaced by it’s more transmissible subvariant BA.2. Then there’s the Deltacron recombinant that is being monitored by Scientists. Like earlier predictions, COVID variants will naturally emerge after the quiescence of the previous dominant variant because COVID genetically mutates to evade and resist everything that tries to eradicate it. We’ve seen this with the Alpha, Delta and Omicron variants.

This was the scene in ever store first week of the March 2020 Lockdown caused by the Alpha variant. Everyone was helpless then. Fear and panic to the roof. People were willing to follow safety guidelines, and give up their Freedom because death and sickness were happening in thousands due to an unknown virus with no cure and no preventative vaccine. Everyone thought it will never reach their countries and communities, and that it’s controlled in China. I thought so too until I was seeing the infected with my own eyes clinically. Yes, that was the only time fear got into me. It was the start of the misinformations and the lies. It was the start of Politically breaking America from Leaders to Citizens into two totally different Americans fighting and opposing each other continuously.
Curious what my City looks like, I took a walk second week of March 2020 Lockdown. City was a ghost town. Today, some businesses and people never came back.

In 2 months, mega Global Spike of new daily cases will be the talk of the town.

In 2 months, Americans will be told to change their lifestyle and behavior again.

The 4th new COVID Godzilla will be responsible for the next Global Pandemic Wave and U.S. 6th COVID Surge.

When the Alpha Variant Pandemic hit, the World needed to freeze everything and isolate the sick and the vulnerable groups from the healthy. No vaccines. No treatment. Social distancing as far as the sick and the exposed living in hotels to protect their families from being infected. This picture was taken March 2020 during the lockdown. Essentials were not included in the Stay-at-Home orders.
Spring Break Monterey April 2021. Normally this area is so crowded but people were worried of the Delta Surge, and they were right to be worried. Delta was the deadliest of all the Godzillas.

The challenge, convincing people to give up the convenience and comfort of their new given freedom again.

2021 Summer Surge by Deadly Delta. I remember the need to still drive away from crowded beaches even if I was already COVID vaccinated. We would drive as far as Carmel Valley close to Bixby Bridge. Safest public non-crowded beaches with the most amazing untouched rugged Nature views I’ve ever seen.

Whether it’s BA.2, Deltacron or out of nowhere variant with a new name all together, it is certain Godzilla variant will dominate our streets, our cities, our schools, our healthcare systems, our homes and our lives once more. Chaos from the resurgence of the Pandemic. Chaos from people fighting about reinforcing safety rules and restrictions.

What to do? Nothing really. For now, we enjoy and appreciate the quiescence because it’s a valuable gift of time and opportunity. We don’t waste them with negativity, procrastination and complaining. We deal of what’s to come when it happens.

Christmas 2021, Winter Surge by less deadly but highly infectious Omicron. California theme parks open. No social distancing. Shoulder to shoulder indoor gatherings allowed but had to wear a mask. Outdoors, mask was optional. One can observe Americans are very ready for the Endemic phase regardless of numbers. People can’t take a third year of Public Safety restrictions.

It’s shouldn’t be too hard to be grateful. It shouldn’t feel heavy to celebrate our simple, small blessings and turn them to big happy moments. Creativity and imagination shouldn’t be difficult. Best part, they are free. Don’t we all love free stuff?

Avenger Campus Disneyland February 2022. This is already what it looks like in the real World while the Winter Surge is decreasing. Like most, I wasn’t scared nor concerned anymore but I choose to wear the mask because I have to go back to work the next day after our Winter vacation. I could have been asymptotic, but so are my co-workers and Patients. Everyone can be asymptomatic. Those with COVID symptoms are safer because I can wear my PPE before I get in contact with them. I believed 2022 is the most confusing and most reckless of all the time in the Pandemic. Many are willing to risk it for fun, enjoyment and happiness. Me, included. We are simply tired and frustrated of the rules and restrictions. Many infected and the exposed are knowingly choosing to go out in Public and to work. It’s like an overflowing water dam about to burst? And now it has and it’s flooding every city.
It was both nice and strange to sit in a crowd full of happy people watching Dr. Strange. His first spell was to cast away COVID to keep all safe. Good one. I didn’t get sick so it worked.

So much to live for. So much abundance of joy to catch, breathe and contain.

We are all part of the COVID Saga and the Pandemic. We all played parts that made it to what it is now.

We live in a different time now. The World out there is so different from what it was 3 years ago. Adapting and accepting will make our adjustment less anxiety provoking.

Good or Bad, Honor or Shame, there is no more denying we all have changed. I have changed. Everyone around me have changed. We can pretend we gain back our normal pre-COVID, but deep inside, we know that is another lie.

The only constant sure thing is change. We should use that to our advantage. It’s opportunity for healing, preparedness, survival and unification.

Best example of change because of the Pandemic? San Francisco. So many parts of it are empty and abandoned. One has to see it to believe it. Check out Downtown Westfield Mall and the business districts. See their increasing Homeless population living on the streets still being ignored. Both Locals and Tourists have changed. They changed like the virus did and will continue to change.

If we are paying attention to the trends and patterns of the next Godzilla of COVID Variants, the COVID Tsunami begins in Asia, then Africa and or U.K., then U.S.A. last. The Pandemic Cycle then repeats.

BA.2 is now surging in Asia and U.K. BA.2 is already in America and will infiltrate faster than Omicron quietly until cases becomes explosive and overwhelming. Many will not see what hit them and will be confused why their Work Boss is telling them to go home. Many will be scratching their heads why they are in Clinics and Emergency Rooms being tested for COVID and given COVID instructions even before their results have come back.

“Just try to enjoy your life everyday and don’t feel guilty for doing what makes you alive. You’ve given so much to others, it’s time to give back something for yourself.”

This unfortunately is what “Endemic” looks like surge after surge, season after season, year after year. Those who have not accepted this fact will be the most confused of all when they start having COVID symptoms and be told to stay home and get tested.

“COVID has a predictable pattern. People have a predictable pattern of attitude and behavior. Why the surprise with new outbreaks? Why the shock when we are placed on restrictions and quarantine? We need to be grateful that at least we may not die.”

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It’s Okay To Be You

People have a tendency to makes us feel even more worse than we were before when we become ourselves.

A flower bud sprouted excitedly above the ground to become a glorious beautiful bloom. It didn’t notice the dying flowers around it that once were glorious and beautiful. The flower bud missed the time when everyone were blooming or perhaps it’s the first to inspire the rest to bloom again. Hiking at Montara State Beach.

Instead of empathic words and actions, we get indifference and super insensitive annoying comments that only makes us feel bad, more alone and angry. And this comes from all, Strangers, Acquaintance, Co-Workers, Work Managers, trusted Friends and Family. Why? Is it that difficult to feel something and relate? What happened to Love? What happened to, “We only wish for your Happiness?” What happened to being Human capable of caring and kindness? Is it really that rare nowadays? I still want to believe it’s not.

Be kind to yourself because you will go through many challenges and obstacles that requires all of your heart, strength, happy memories, patience and soul.
Be well. Be yourself. Be happy. That simple.

It’s no wonder People going through anxiety, depression, post trauma from Stress caused by other People have to seek Professional Help to be listened too and understood. And those who don’t, just close themselves from the World or end their World.

Be seen, be visible, be an inspiration starting to yourself, then the next person next to you. Soon the World is again hopeful and colorful because of you.

So many People but only a special few we can count with our fingers that we can trust to keep our secrets. Even less when it’s sharing the burdens and weight we carry through the years. When it comes to our Mental and Emotional struggles, Family and Friends can easily become Strangers because they can’t believe what we go though are real Demons and Nightmares. They can not accept and handle that their perfect love one is broken and imperfect. They can’t believe someone who has been their pillar and help is asking help and understanding.

Have you opened up to your Parents, Siblings or closest Friends and up front said, “I don’t believe you?” Has a Family you trust told you, “I don’t want to hear your problem,” just when you needed them the most? How about a Work Manager telling you, “You are Paranoid,” when you expose the truth everyone else have seen and experienced?” Being Alone just went to another level of excruciating loneliness, isolation, frustration and numbing desperation. But in time, one learns to live with it so well that People only see a Person who appears to have everything perfectly all together. Strong, confident, successful, invincible, happy.

Great acting comes from constant exposure and practice. Great actors hide their secrets flawlessly. Great performance makes the audience believe whatever the Performer wants them to believe. Almost like deception, but really it’s just a way to protect oneself from more harm and pain.

We actually have to pay for someone to give us time and understanding. We actually have to pay for advice that true Friends, Family and our Work Managers are suppose to do or could have done…genuinely.

No wonder people feel very alone, messed up, angry, withdrawn and distrustful more than ever. Frustration is overrated. Anger has turned to Passive Aggressive routine. Suck it up is the new norm. Deal with it yourself is the new empowerment and being independent.

No one told me that it’s possible that Father and Son can become Friends that easily opens up to one another both their woes and dreams. No one told me, my son could be my Buddy in my adventures. I grew up in a different generation with a different cultural mindset and practices. My Son is teaching me without trying that I have a choice to follow a different path of Parenting and Living that is me. That I don’t have to conform if it does not feel right. That trying to pursue my happiness is okay and not something to feel guilty of.

Survive for yourself. Fight for yourself. Be okay for yourself. Advocate for yourself.

A Friend started opening up about her personal experience on Anxiety, Depression, Traumatic Stress. I listened intently. I didn’t even have to give advice or recommendations because she found a way to deal with her internal battles on her own way. My silence listening to her, and likely my facial expression, “I so get what you are saying and I’m here, go on,” made her see and feel sincere empathy and understanding.

When my Friend was finished, she asked me how I was. That was my sign to share something I can’t comfortably and safely tell other people. Since then, we become each other support and therapist when needed. We became true Friends willing to listen and save each other when needed. I was lucky, and yes did not have to pay a therapist.

How many really are willing to see every detail of you? How many are ready to experience all of you? For many it may be terrifying so they talk and act safely, defensively, superficially with you. Just the standard Society deemed enough when you wanted and needed something deeper and more meaningful. Some are built to be there only during the good times. Some are built to run away or close their doors during the bad times. Who’s left to be with you? They are your true Family and Friends.

I brave up to be myself. I was okay to be myself, and one person saw themselves through me. It was worth it because I believe I’m worth it and people alone in their battles are worth reaching, helping, empathizing, listening with full acceptance and kindness.

Selfishness is having everything revolve around our convenience and favor. It’s feeling entitled that our lives and work should be easier and better than others. Clearly it’s focused only on “me” and “I.” Beyond to include “others” is unimportant and unimaginable. Selfishness can be anyone. It doesn’t choose nor make exemptions.

We have eyes that refuses to see the truth, reality and suffering. We have ears that automatically closes when we hear anything that is uncomfortable and does not concern us. Self care versus Selfish. They are very different like night and day.

Don’t we have Hearts that are suppose to care and give a damn?

“So go on, I’m listening. Don’t hold back. It’s okay to be you.”

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Putin’s War in Ukraine is War against All Humanity and Democratic Countries

“Democratic Countries thinks they are not involve yet with Russia’s War with Ukraine, but they are. America thinks it is enough to stop the War by watching from afar, make sanctions against Russia and give monetary aid to Ukraine, but they are not enough. It takes another Super Power to beat another Super Power or a collaboration of Super Powers. Isn’t America the Superman of Humanity and Democracy? Where’s the rest of Justice League?”

Sanctions will not stop a determined Super Power War Aggressor. In fact, it will give it more reason to retaliate with more harm and damage. Aren’t we already affected by the $2 per gallon price increase of gas since the sanctions where made. Inflation on top of another inflation. How about Cyber Attack that crashes planes from the sky, or shutting down of electricity, all communications and digital technology commerce and everyday needs depends on. Paralysis and chaos.

U.S. rushing $200 million worth of weapons for Ukraine’s defense against Russia- Reuters

“Weapons without Soldiers are just weapons.”

A senior Russian diplomat said Moscow would see the deliveries of Western weapons to Ukraine as “legitimate targets.” – The Associated Press/ NBC News

“Giving weapons or money for weapons is perceived as U.S. joining Ukraine against Russia. It is enough to trigger Putin to include U.S.A. as its enemy. Prolong Diplomatic talks only leave us more vulnerable and unprepared if Putin gets trigger happy. Which City he will send his Nuclear Missile Bomb first? Are we ready?”

Americans and the World are right in being stressed out on the War Putin of Russia is commanding to kill Ukrainians, destroy their Heritage, drive them out of their homes and eventually take over their Country.

Americans and the World are right in their paranoia that World War III has began and it can explode anytime to eradicate millions of people in this Planet.

Mass graves in Ukraine: Battered cities are digging makeshift burial sites- Laurence Paul, BBC News

We will never know how many Ukrainians have truly died so far. The numbers will be under reported and fabricated. But I think the pictures speaks for itself.

“Our Leaders will handle the War like it handled the Pandemic. There will be so much misinformation, lies and non-transparency, that it’s citizens will fight and confuse each other instead of preparing to fight against a common enemy.”

Image from The Wall Street Journal

My son is 16 and he is stressed and scared. Youth and Children like him are stressed and scared. Why? Because they read more and are very engage to what’s really going on in their World compared to Adults. Youth and Children are constant followers and believers of information from YouTube, Instagram, FB, Tik Tok.

Youth and Children don’t ignore what comes out of their News Feed. They are naturally curious of what comes out of their notifications and top stories.

Can we pretend this is not happening?

Adults, we’ll many of us learned to ignore the truths by ignoring events and facts all together. This help us deal with them more comfortably.

Omission, evasion, avoidance, denial, selective ignorance, Adults use these coping mechanisms to feel unaffected, unbothered, free of pain and guilt, remain positive and relax. I know them well because I use them when I have to.

Can we close our eyes on this?

U.S. Government for now does not want to send its Soldiers of Humanity and Democracy so it’s sending billions of money instead. How much of this will truly benefit the Ukrainians is the same question and answer to the billions spent on the Pandemic. Some of this money when straight into someone’s pocket. Like all Countries, U.S. also has corrupt and opportunistic Government Officials and Businessmen who uses War to make millions and billions. That is nothing new. Corruption is basic in any Politics.

Image from Politico. We’ve seen the same Political Faces and Masters during the Election, then the Pandemic, then the Insurrection, then the Afghanistan Disaster, and now the Russian War on Ukraine. Aren’t we tired of looking at their Faces and hearing their bickering and hatred among each other? FYI, we will become part of the collateral damage again as Tax Paying Citizens. Our Leaders decisions, we always have to pay for their consequences.

It only takes one Man to start a Global War. We saw that with Hitler. We are seeing that again with Putin.

18 days of on going Russian attack and bombing of Ukraine ordered by Putin, created enough images of death and destruction to prove World War III has began. How big, deadly and destructive this War can become is up for the rest of the World. But for sure, it won’t end by waiting and staring.

For now, thousands and thousands of Civilians and Soldiers have to die. That is something the Evils of War guarantees.

Image from BBC News. There will be Unknown Heroes that will give up life and family to fight for what they believe is just and right. A Norwegian and Austrian Citizen volunteered to fight for Ukraine and for a War they believe they are already a part of. They are fighting today so the War won’t reach their Home Countries and Family tomorrow. They saw the truth before the rest of the World did.

Putin’s War on Ukraine didn’t just happened overnight. It happened with years of careful planning, thought, strategy and manipulation.

Putin is a Genius. He is reversing effectively the narrative of how he will invade one country at a time. His Propaganda and Mind Control measures works. If a Russian Father can not believe, does not believe his own Ukrainian Son story of being a victim of War with physical evidences, then that confirms Putin’s brainwashing tools of mass control is highly effective. Hitler was a Genius too who together with his Nazi Leaders commanded the German Soldiers to kill millions of Jews without mercy and conscience.

“Evil is very charismatic and hard to resist. We don’t even realize it’s evil. We may believe without a doubt that it is Patriotism, Entitlement, Revenge and Opportunity for Power and Riches.”

Proof of War? Type in your Google Search, “When did Putin attack Ukraine 2022?” Below pops up.

On 24 February, about 5 am EET (UTC+2), Putin announced a “special military operation” to “demilitarise and denazify” Ukraine. Minutes later, missiles struck places across Ukraine, including Kyiv, the national capital.

Demilitarize to Putin is destroying a Country to make it defenseless. Denazify to Putin is killing men, women and children defenseless and drive away the rest from their homes as Refugees. Putin has twisted the truths of his actions when in reality he is the Nazi King giving orders to a fully militarized Army with full access to Nuclear Weapons capable of destroying our Planet. We that in mind, we are already part of this War whether we like it or not.

Image from Los Angeles Times

One War, One Planet.

So, yes in time actual Men and Women like ourselves, our Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Sons and Daughter will be sent to stop the War and stop the biggest threat to Humanity and Democracy. That time is soon because the longer we wait, the stronger the Hitler of our times becomes. Will we be ready? We will never be. But that won’t be a choice anymore when we are called to serve, save and defend.

Belgian Volunteer sums up why we all should be involved or take seriously the Russian War on Ukraine. He said in BBC News, “Democracy is in danger. It is necessary to act to defend democracy, humanity and heritage. It is unacceptable for Russia to destroy basically churches and museums. Not acceptable to destroy all of this.

So, yes, we need to be stressed worried and scared like our Youth and Children because there is no running away from a war happening within this Planet, our Planet. Every destruction has thousands of ripple effects that causes more destructions. Every valuable Life taken will cause a ripple effects of more deaths and loses.

The longer we are “uninvolved” the closer we are to a reality of World War III. This time, the enemy is not invincible unlike the virus of the Pandemic War. The enemy is very visible and have everything our horrific nightmares has.

I don’t know what I would do if it’s my child hungry, crying from fear, sick, cold, dying. Children had been orphaned, no home, no country.

Am I worried? I should be. Am I scared? Who wouldn’t since it’s all I see in my News Feeds and Top Stories. Am I involved? I already am because I live in the same Planet where the War on Humanity and Democracy is happening.

I’m already reflecting on the possibility that one day soon, my Son may choose to fight to preserve the lives of others and preserve Democracy for which the United States of America is suppose be the its Leader and Protector. And if I want my Son to live longer, I may take his place, because it’s every Parent responsibility to keep their Children safe. This I can’t just omit, evade and run away from. It’s Love, Responsibility and Parenthood.

On the way to our destinations yesterday, as Family, we talked about the War, what we know, what we feel and what are we going to do about it. What to prepare, how to respond, how to be ready. It was my Son who talked to me first about the War with a question, “Dad, will I be drafted?” I didn’t realize he knew what being drafted means. I didn’t even realize he is of that age where can decide for himself of what he is passionate about. So, yes, the War is already in our homes and should be a reason for concern. To care is for everyone’s good when the time comes.

“And then there is the End of Times if we believe it’s true as written in the Scriptures.“

There is really no escape to what’s about to come. These events were written in Heaven and Hell centuries ago. First comes Diseases, then War, then Parents against their Sons and Daughters or vice versa, then Darkness and End of the World will stretch in years. Most of us won’t notice them till it’s too late, but some of us are already seeing it’s signs and are getting ready.

Okay, back to something chill, relaxing and feel good only. I’m still an Adult after all.

“It’s better to fight and die for something noble, heroic and with purpose, than to die insignificant, senseless and selfish.”

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COVID For Dessert

“In critical situations, no room for self doubt. Decisive, firm instincts and actions from years of work experience matters. Seconds and minutes matters.

Before 2021 Delta Summer Surge, I toss my mask because that’s what the Experts and Leaders said. I ignored my instincts . Many who believed the Experts and Leaders got sick and died. It was a fatal oops. No justice for the victims because we’re in a Pandemic. That’s how easy people can escape accountability. Are we going to allow them to get away this time?

It’s the Third Year Month Anniversary of COVID. 6 million Global lives lost, close to 1 Million Americans lives lost. These numbers will keep increasing by the day.

Did time, experience and lessons made us smarter? Are we better? Did we really learned anything or nothing? What I see, tells me our collective approach to the Pandemic is the worst that its ever been. What I observe tells me how bad People have become in treating other People. Selfishness is at its all time high, but that’s nothing new.

COVID will always be that unavoidable tasteless and invincible added ingredient in our food or the air we breathe every time we eat out. That’s what living with COVID means. I’m okay with that because I love food more than safety. Just me. My Family has the same mindset. In time, presence of COVID becomes insignificant, like colds and Flu regardless of data and numbers, but that time is not Spring 2022.

COVID for Dessert

Back from Lunch Break, Registration Staff hurriedly told Nurse, “I have a COVID Patient. What should I do?” Nurse told her, “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.”

Quickly, Nurse put on an N95, called the Patient’s name, verified his identification and directed him to the nearest room. Nurse asked Patient for confirmation, “Are you diagnosed with COVID?” Sounding confused, he replied, “No, I’m vaccinated, but I would like to be tested for COVID.” Nurse answered, “Yes, we can test you for COVID.”

California health care workers feel worn out, denied the staffing and support that would let them do what they do best. – Mark Kreidler, 3/3/2022, The American Prospect

My answer? Nothing has changed in the last two years on how Nurses are treated and perceived. Actually, Apathy has gone up. The News does not represent the truth of how Nurses are viewed and treated by Work Executive Administration, Management, Leaders, even Patients they sacrificed their health and lives for.

Walking from chair to bed, about 5 feet away, Patient said, “I’m short of breath just from walking. I feel so tired.” Patient looked clammy and diaphoretic. Patient initial oxygen saturation reading was 91% in room air ( normal is 95% and above) with Blood Pressure on sitting of 94/42. Nurse first taught, “He’s Hypoxic with signs of Hypovolemic Shock. I better speed this up, he can go into Cardio-Pulmonary Arrest quickly.”

Nurse calmly told Patient, “We have to call 911 and transfer you to the Emergency Room.” Nurse explained to Patient why and Patient verbally agreed. Nurse told Patient, “But first, I want to make sure you’re safe and okay.”

Nurse elevated Patient’s legs to promote blood venous return and started him with oxygen at 2 liters per minute via nasal canulla. Nurse quickly swabbed Patient for COVID test just prior to starting oxygenation.

And the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) research showed almost 60 per cent of staff in the industry plan to quit their current jobs within the next five years.- Sarah Sharples, 3/3/22,

What’s happening in America to its Nursing Profession is also happening in Australia, Canada, U.K, and other rich countries that supposedly pays better than Third World Countries. Can’t imagine what’s happening in Poor Countries. The World has a Universal Nursing Problem that will only get worse in the next 5-10 years. We’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg, and we are already sinking without life vests.

Nurse had to keep Patient awake and conscious by talking. Nurse forgot what he was talking about as Nurse was multi-tasking from physically helping and observing patient to documentation, communicating to the Doctor, calling 911 dispatch, giving SBAR report to Emergency Room Charge Nurse and ambulance Medic. Nurse adrenaline was pumping max for focus and efficiency. Nurse felt like he had 10 hands and on skates. Super Nurse Mode activated!

Patient oxygen saturation improved to 99% at 2 liters oxygen. His BP increased to 140/65 without I.V. fluids. First aid for Orthostatic Hypotension worked. His respiration still fast and labored at 26 respirations per minute which indicates he is still having Respiratory Difficulty.

Patient history of present illness. Worsening cough, fatigue, runny nose, fever, chills, loss of taste and smell and shortness of breath for 2 days. He is fully COVID vaccinated with booster. He had a telephone appointment with his Doctor and he was in the building simply to pick up his Albuterol Inhaler and other medicines. He denies any past Pulmonary Problems.

The U.S. has a long way to go before the pandemic is over and life returns to semblance of normalcy as deaths from Covid-19 remain far higher than seasonal respiratory viruses such as the flu, a group of health experts said on Monday. -CNBC

Californians are excited. March 14, 2022 is the official “No Mask” Independence Day for indoors and school. It’s also the Anniversary of the first Pandemic Lockdown that halted everything in the World. But is the daily COVID community transmissions over? No it has not. But, we feel like celebrating a battle not fully won, so we celebrate. We self declared the virus as Endemic when we have more infection and deaths than most Countries in the World. The confidence is amazing and bizarre. Like many, I want it to be “normal” badly.

Many have reached the light at the end of the tunnel, others are on their way. Some didn’t get the chance to begin their journey because death from sickness happened quickly, unexpectedly. Picture of empty oil glass bottles on a cement wall collected at Route 66 at Cars Disney. 90 minutes of waiting made me see so many things, including the unbelievable.

Patient suddenly developed shortness of breathing just from walking from car to pharmacy. On the way out the pharmacy, he saw an Urgent Care and decided to ask for help.

Going through the events, Nurse realized how lucky Patient was. Patient was exactly at the right place at the right time. Patient was having Acute Respiratory Distress with Hypovolemia. Patient could be having Sepsis as well. If Patient decided to go home struggling to breathe, he would have not made it. But Patient gut feeling told him to ask for help and it saved his life.

After Patient left via ambulance on sirens, Nurse jokingly told Registration Staff, “Thanks for the COVID Dessert.” She replied laughing, “You’re welcome. You want more?” Nurse laughed and said, “No, I’m Full,” and moved on to the next Patient that needed care.

Healthcare Workers and Patients will be the last one to remove their masks, if that is even possible. Part of Joint Commission Standard of Care is Infection Prevention in Hospitals and Clinics. And if wearing mask is the no. 1 safety precaution, then it answers every Healthcare Worker question, “When can I remove my mask at work?” The Answer is Never because COVID will exist everyday and forever.

JHU data: Above 42,000 COVID new cases today with above 1,300 deaths. Isn’t this showing we have more deaths to new cases ratio than last February when it was 180,000 cases per 2,300 deaths? I was never good in Math but looks like more are dying as compared to the same Month last year.

It annoys me when News Reporters announced smiling and happy, “Our COVID deaths are reduced,” while omitting how many really died that day. People’s lives are not bargain things on marked discount. No respect to the dead, their living orphans, and the people who took care of them to their last breathe.

This was 2020. So much have changed on how the “Heroes” are treated since then. And the “Heroes” realized what was it really all about. As I said, “Nurses are one of the smartest Professionals.” They learn quick and don’t tolerate bullshit Politics.

This is a normal day for any Nurse and Doctor that works in Family Medicine, Primary Care, Urgent Care and Emergency Care. Clinical Eye for more than 2 years of the Pandemic made us experts in detecting suspicious manifestations of COVID. It made us comfortable, even excited on facing the next COVID challenge. We follow our common sense and gut feelings together with Science we studied and practiced for more than 20 years. If we can’t get it accurately and timely with all that we got, then we’re not good Healthcare Providers at all.

Hospital design experts Teri Oelrich and Bryan Langlands explore ways to improve the efficiency and experience for nurses in hospital settings.- Forbes

Forbes article above is one proof that Nursing Work Conditions and Personal Work Experience are being handled in a very aesthetic, superficial, cover up, bandaid fashion.

First idea should have been, “Treat Nurses as Human Beings.”

Second, “Listen and addressed the realness of their stories, needs, work trauma and stress.”

Third, “Don’t treat Nurses like they are stupid and does not observe Administration and Management actions and fake sincerity.”

Fourth, “Value, appreciate, compensate what the Hard Workers and your top Work Assets do and not play Politics by pleasing the Lazies and the Liabilities.”

Your Hard Workers may not tell you but they remember all the details of what you did or did not do. Remember, they have degrees that happened because they are one of the smartest people in this Planet, on top of being the most caring and selfless. Once you repeatedly loose your Nursing Staff loyalty and trust, you may never be able to gain them back no matter how much you try. Like everyone else, they get calloused and their heart can close indefinitely.

Among the dead are the Essentials and the Front Liners. And future sickness and death will not end just because people call it now “Endemic.” COVID does not care what people say. Many people also stop caring about COVID and who it can potentially kill next. Do we care about the vulnerable and the immunocompromised we are not related to? Self care does not have to be Selfish.

Of course, we don’t pretend to be Gods so we humbly accept mistakes when they happen. We are only Human. We also ask for God’s help in silent prayer when nothing works and miracles are our only hope. Not everything is cured nor explained by Science.

Many Patients in worst inhuman conditions are not able to advocate for themselves and ask help. Same for the Healthcare Workers that works in these facilities. They are our Grandparents, Moms, Dads, Siblings, Relatives, Friends, Us.

I Work In A Nursing Home. The Horrors I’ve Seen During COVID Continue To Haunt Me.- Paloma Smith, HuffPost Personal 3/7/22

Today, I get to show you what I and all Medical Professionals routinely see and do, feel and think as the Invincibles behind the scenes.

Today is about Raw Professional Reality. It’s real life, day to day ordinary events of Healthcare Providers all around the World day and night, 365 days a year.

COVID 2020-2022, nothing has change how Patients, Nurses and Doctors are treated. We just got older, more tired, resigned, possibly belonging now to the so called the “vulnerable and the immunocompromised.” Yep, most of us are past our 40’s.

Today is advocating for all Nurses and Doctors who are either two busy healing others or too afraid to advocate for themselves.

Today, is all about Patient Advocacy and providing the Safest and Highest Quality Patient Care possible Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations will be so proud of.

Today, we still wear this PPE’s when taking care of a COVID patient like in the movie Contagion, but the World outside Hospitals and Clinics barely have anything to protect themselves. In any Health setting, COVID is still very real. In our communities and elsewhere in the U.S., COVID seems not to exist anymore or implied not to be taken seriously. We are not suppose to worry nor show concern even when it’s still dangerous. Why is that?

Nursing is about caring. Medicine is about healing. No discrimination. No Personal Judgement and comfort. They require lots of Heart, Courage, long years of Clinical Skills, Knowledge and Experience to remain in the Profession in a Planet inflicted by many constantly evolving Global Diseases and Illnesses.

If you are a new Nurse/Doctor or studying to be one, be ready for the most thrilling, challenging, life-changing adventure of your life. Be ready to be that Hero that will save the day, again and again. Overwhelmed is just a catchy word for News Headlines. We don’t get to be overwhelmed nor have the luxury for Mental Health Self Care. We go full blast, full speed till we are out of batteries. It’s just how we are and what our Profession demands.

Next week, my 16-year old and his classmates will decide for themselves whether to wear a mask or not. Peer Pressure and Bullying are powerful influencers not to keep oneself safe. I can only remind him to make smart choices. The rest is up to him.
We didn’t stop it on its 4th Surge. It can make a come back and many will not see the new variant coming. The virus is sneaky, opportunistic, very patient, resourceful, relentless.

Real Superheroes don’t wear sculpted spandex. They wear stained, worn out scrubs. They don’t hide their identity because their faces are instantaneously forgettable. Do we remember the Face of the last Nurse and Doctor that made us feel better? Exactly!

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