Coronavirus Is Winning

Fauci on his testimony said, “I still think there is a reasonably good chance that by the very beginning of 2021, that if we’re going to have a vaccine, that we will have it by then.”

Between now and 2021, people will continue to die daily from COVID-19 not because we’re doing more testing but because our behavior, attitude and defiance has gotten from bad to worse.

Father’s Day weekend. There is no place to park. The crowd were all heading for the beach, most without mask. This is my distance from Gray Whale Cove State Beach to where I stand at Devil’s Slide Bunker. Having fun during an outbreak, we always have to ask ourselves, “Is the risk worth it?”


The World lost more than half a million lives from Coronavirus. U.S. exceeds 130,000 deaths and still increasing. This is just Summer. Flu Season can double the death rate numbers.

Wednesday, 50,655 new cases were reported in the U.S. according to Johns Hopkins data. Actual numbers could be 100,000 as not everyone is being tested.

No amount of mandate will encourage people to wear mask and do social distancing if they don’t believe in it.

No amount of information will do any good if people refuse to listen.

Leaders starting with President Trump needs to make a stand and take action if they want people to change. Leaders need to lead by example. What they say and do affect the lives of the people they promise to serve and protect.

No more misleading half truths and lies. No more downplaying of the real danger that is taking lives, young and old.

I asked my wife, “Where’s your mask?” She replied, “In the car.” I told her, “That doesn’t sound like you. Look ahead, no one is wearing mask.” She quickly turned around and got her mask.

L.A. Times: Californians are losing their fear of the coronavirus, setting the stage for disaster.

California, initial top 3 Coronavirus epicenter in the U.S. is now back to number 2 in the country hitting new records of COVID-19 infection for the past two weeks.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom warns that the state is prepared to issue another stay-at-home order if necessary, though adding, “We don’t intend to do that. We don’t want to do that.”

Spend time doing what we love. We just have to be mindful of the COVID-19 guidelines. They were made to keep us safe, not restrict our freedom or take away our happiness. It was created based on Science and Caring.

Surging Coronavirus cases in latest epicenter states like Texas, Arizona and Florida needs to be critically addressed before the outbreak becomes too big to control.

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Chicago set 14 days quarantine for incoming travelers from hot zones States. Other states may follow to protect their residents and communities.

European Union members excludes Americans from traveling to their countries due to the explosive new cases of COVID-19 in the U.S.

World Health Organization on Coronavirus Pandemic warns, “the worst is yet to come.”

Alone, we don’t have a chance against the Coronavirus but together we do.

When more people will be admitted in hospitals in comparison to the number of beds and trained hospital staff, a repeat of the massive deaths like in New York will happen.

The COVID-19 Curve will reach a peak that will require a miracle to stop. Some hospitals not equipped to deal with the sudden surge are now asking for help but will help reach them on time?

In our battle against the Coronavirus we need to dig deep and ask ourselves, “Am I the Solution or the Problem?”

The virus has mutated to be more infectious. If we love our country and value the life of its people, we will not think twice to wear mask, wash hands and watch our social distancing. We all are part of the solution.

Until we are ready to answer the question and change, the virus is winning.

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Amazing Big Sur Happened

What would we do when all we have is now? Do we wait for amazing to happen ? Or we make amazing happen?

Big Sur Roadtrip, Summer 2020

Wednesday, we woke up late but the day was too beautiful to waste. So we hurriedly had coffee, took a shower, changed and grabbed left over food and drinks from our fridge.

As we drove out, I asked my wife, “Where are we going?” She replied with a question, “Where do you want to go?” I answered, “Well, I always wanted to see Bixby Bridge at Big Sur. We can have a beach picnic before that. A friend recommended we check out Garrapata State Park. It has scenic hike trails and it’s close to Bixby Bridge. Smiling she answered, “Then, that’s where we are going.”

Don’t overthink adventure. Be spontaneous. Be unpredictable. Just let it surprise you.

No plans. No expectations. No traffic tailgating. No stress. Most relaxing and inexpensive road trip this year. I just paid for gas.

“Wow! So beautiful,” sums up what I was seeing.

Big Sur is rugged, untamed, dramatic. Anywhere along it’s coastline is an exciting adventure. Does not matter if it’s a landmark or just a random spot .

Nature blessed and breathtaking, Big Sur will awaken your soul.

Garrapata State Park, Summer 2020

There’s nothing a cold beer, comfort food and a day at the beach could not fix.

Time stood still. For a moment, there’s just us and the beach. We forgot the pandemic. We forgot our worries. It felt good. We felt free.

Son wanted to play beach football. I tried my best to keep up. Mom was sub. Two against one and we still lost. Still felt like a winner seeing everyone so happy.

Spend time with your kids for as long as you can. They grow up fast. We can’t recreate moments that we already missed.

Time to meet Bixby Bridge. The fuss is all true. It was picture perfect incredible.

Son wondered, “What makes it so special? It’s just a bridge.” I explained, “Son, it’s the view around the bridge that makes it so special. It’s like no other.”

When we needed to feel alive and reconnect, we take a roadtrip.

We got home around 8:30 P.M. Did amazing happen? Beyond, from start to finish.

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San Francisco After The Lockdown

It wasn’t the San Francisco we remembered.

It’s new. It’s changed. It looks sad but also hopeful at the same time.

Baker Beach, Summer 2020

We stayed for a few minutes waiting for it to inspire our hearts to dream again.

Before we left, I turned my back to look at the Golden Gate Bridge for one more time. It whispered, “Hey, we’ll be okay.”

Cliff House overlooking Ocean Beach, Summer 2020

We choose to soar above COVID-19. We choose to survive and overcome.

As I watched the Kite Surfers looking so free and just being one with their present moment, I am reminded that it’s not how long we’ve lived but how much we’ve lived that really matters. So, I’m choosing to live now and do what I can today.

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Racial Shaming Inside A London Subway Train

Racism is everywhere and anyone.

Fearing for her life because of the high death rate from Coronavirus in U.K., a mother of two stopped working as a Nurse for several weeks. She is afraid to get sick and die because her daughters are too young to be motherless. She questions herself everyday, “Who will take care of them when I’m gone?” She used up her savings to buy food and pay rent because there is no financial help for people like her. When the money ran out, she decided to be fearless and went back to work.

The world has changed. It is more mean and cruel with Coronavirus.

First day of work, she rode the London subway train like she normally does. She arrived home crying and shaking in fear. People inside the train verbally harassed and threatened her. They shouted angrily, “Chinese, Chinese. You brought Coronavirus to our country. Get out. Don’t infect us.” She was cursed, shamed, traumatized. No one helped or defended her. Those who did not join in the racial shaming just stared cold and pretended it wasn’t happening .

Summer before COVID-19 was happier, more kind and welcoming. No restrictions. People can travel anywhere and do anything. COVID-19 changed all that and made people resentful, angry.

The incident made her realize, more dangerous than Coronavirus are people. She has to relive her trauma alone every time she goes to work. How long she can endure the fear and shaming, she prays long enough to see her daughters grow up.

By the way, she is not Chinese. She is a British Citizen Healthcare Worker who just happens to look Chinese.

To a Racist eyes, all race and people they despise looks the same. Doesn’t matter if it’s the Nurse that took care of them in the hospital, the store worker that helps them with their grocery needs or their neighbor living and serving in their community for years. When triggered, they will snap and attack verbally and or physically people they hate.

The world truly needs healing, caring, forgiving not just from COVID-19 but from dehumanization, brokenness and hate passed on through generations.

I have to tell her story because she is family. I have to write her truth because her voice and everyone else victimized by Racism needs to be heard.

I hope those who bullied and shamed her inside the subway train will read this. May it change their hearts just enough to awaken the humanity and kindness in them.

The Lockdown and the Pandemic brought the worst and best in people, where we are in that spectrum is always a choice.

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Coronavirus Second Surge Hits Summer

It’s Summer. We’re on the move. So is Coronavirus.

I truly can relate when people say, “ Coronavirus will not dictate nor restraint my life,” but it’s never okay that 1,000 Americans will die everyday from Coronavirus until an effective vaccine is made available.

Exceeding 20,000 COVID-19 new cases per day, America will witness a Summer it has never seen before as increasing new cases emerges in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina and Utah.

Find a beach less traveled. Go on weekdays. Bring our own food and drinks. We don’t leave trash nor contaminate surfaces so the next person can safely enjoy Nature like we did.

Hospitals are preparing for emergency as Coronavirus hospitalizations are increasing.

Surpassing 2.5 million positive cases with over 126,000 deaths, COVID-19 Second Surge is happening right now. How bad it could get is not up to our President and Governors. It is up to all of us.

After 3 months of home quarantine, my son finally got out for outdoor fresh air and sunshine. I jokingly told him, “I thought you’re going to melt.” He just laughed.

Let’s make a hot fashion statement that says, “I care.”

Enjoy the Sun. Find our Beach. Make moments that warms our heart. We just have to wear mask and maintain social distancing. It’s the new cool and responsible trend of Summer.

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One Day We’re Here, One Day We’re Not

If there is one important lesson the Coronavirus Pandemic has taught me is that I need to make the most of life everyday because “One day we’re here, one day we’re not.”

COVID-19 just confirmed what we already knew. That, “ Life is too short not to try being happy.”

Hiking for the first time since Stay-at-Home, I was huffing and puffing out of shape. I was tempted to cut short the 5 mile hike, but I kept on going reminding myself, “If I survived the Pandemic and the Lockdown, I can survive anything.”

LOVE, LIVE and GIVE generously everyday because we do not own tomorrow.

Live to the fullest but never forget the lessons of the past.

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A Moment Of Silence

For 8 minutes and 46 seconds at 11:00 A.M. today, we offer a moment of silence and prayer for George Floyd as his funeral starts in Houston, Texas.

We will never forget his last words, “I Can’t Breathe.”

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COVID-19 Essential Frontliners Our Lives Matter

Surpassing 500,000 deaths worldwide with more than 10 million confirmed cases, the terror of COVID-19 continues as the world reopens with the pandemic still out of control.

Among the dead are Nurses, Doctors, EMS personnels, Police Officers, Cashiers, Store Workers, all kinds of Essentials in the Front Lines. How do we honor their sacrifice and memory?

A spike in Flu cases happened Jan.-Feb. 2020. When we were focusing on China, it was already here. When we were asking international travel history for COVID-19 testing, it was already being spread in our communities. We were delayed and indecisive in our early response and people had to suffer for it.

Warning: Truth Is Uncomfortable

When we say, “We appreciate you,” Do we truly mean them? When we say, “Don’t worry. You’ll be okay.” Will they be really?” Words without actions don’t mean anything if we don’t show our Essentials who are putting their lives at stake or everyone forced into shutdown and unemployment because of the lockdown.

“I don’t want to die,” was one of her last words. 14 days after saving a man’s life performing CPR without an N95 mask, Celia Marcos died at the very hospital she worked for more than 16 years. ( Full story, L.A. times, 5/10/20)

Appreciation Through Kindness and Change

Whether we believe COVID-19 is a threat to our survival or an exaggeration, what matters is we did our best to do our part and shared our truth. That truth may just save us or someone else’s life.

Please remember our names. Learn from our stories. Make our sacrifice mean something by changing and being kind to one another.

People avoid eye contact and evade each other. Those not wearing mask cover their face with their shirt as they turn their backs when you pass by.

Don’t Panic, You’re A Healthcare Worker. Healthcare Workers in the Front Lines warned us then and now of what they are seeing clinically, an infectious deadly virus quickly adapting to our social behaviors and lifestyle.

The crowd was no longer afraid nor listening. The sheriff had to park his patrol car by the beach entrance and personally dispersed the beach gatherings. Memorial Weekend, HWY 1

We call them heroes but our heroes are tired and frustrated as many continue to be insensitive and selfish.

The pattern of recklessness and defiance will create a ripple of deadly COVID-19 surges.

People keep ignoring the signs.

Truth, Essential Frontliners are getting sick, some have died because they are not protected enough with an N95 mask,

Truth, Frontliners are scared and concerned only they hide it well. They are conditioned to show courage and calmness during times of crisis and panic.

Frontliners are expected to save and not be saved. People forget, even Frontliners themselves that they’re just human. They don’t have immunity to protect them from the virus. Frequent exposure makes them vulnerable.

Never forget what brought it first…traveling!


Exceeding 2.5 million confirmed cases with more than 125,000 COVID-19 deaths, U.S.A. consistently tops global pandemic. The country accounts for almost 1/4 of the planet’s positive cases with an average of 20,000 new cases and 1,000 new deaths per day.

Not everyone will make it for next year, our Heroes included.

The worst continues.

We prayed for more time but prayer alone is no longer enough with reopening. We need to work harder to make things better.

San Francisco and the Bay Area has thousands of Homeless Americans. They were the forgotten during the start of Shelter in Place until one homeless person was found dead at a park due to COVID-19. ( Full story KTVU FOX 2, 3/18/20).

If there is one important lesson we’ve learned from our first unsuccessful attempt in Flattening The Curve of COVID-19 is that we can not allow another outbreak like in New York happen.

According to John Hopkin’s University COVID-19 Daily Tracker to date 31,397 New Yorkers have died and still rising. State of New York’s 392,539 infected is bigger than the entire country of Italy or United Kingdom.

You know it’s bad when you feel safer at work knowing you know what’s coming and what PPE to use to protect yourself than being in public and everyone is a possible infected.

What’s happening behind every healthcare facility is more terrifying than the news or what our government is telling. It is not fine. We are not okay. We have no control of the unpredictable variables. It’s not ending soon nor we got this yet.

Most streets are empty. Several restaurants try to stay afloat with take-out orders.

White House officials initially projected 100,000-240,000 death from Coronavirus in the U.S.

Recent update projected double those numbers with reopening as the virus remains uncontrolled. Seems unreal, but last May 27,2020, America woke up with its first projected 100,000 COVID-19 deaths. While we were sleeping, people kept dying.

His face said it all as he sat on the bench contemplating . Next to him is a bag of everything he owns. Millions were forced to unemployment. Both small and big business are closing. People are scared of being laid off.

There’s no cure. No vaccine. The virus is learning, changing, mutating.

We can no longer be indifferent to those who lost their lives. We can no longer be lacking empathy to those who are grieving or fighting for their lives. We can no longer not care to those who lost their job or business.

March 13, my son’s school closed. 2 weeks later parents received a text, “Students will not return to class till next school year. Classes will be On-line due to COVID-19.”

A friend from Texas called my wife sounding concerned, “Our hospital told us we can go to work even if we’re positive for COVID-19 as long as we have no symptoms. We are told not to wear N95, just nurses that works at ICU.”

If this is the thinking and practice of some healthcare facilities, they will be responsible for infecting their own staff and patients with COVID-19.

I’m thankful to work in a medical facility where we are protected with PPE’s and administration taking bold action to keep both patient and staff safe, but not everyone is lucky out there.


Between now and the next surge is time to prepare and be ready.

It only takes one day of lifting the Shelter-in-Place for the next wave of COVID-19 outbreak to resurface. 1-2 months after, we will experience the emergence of the second surge of COVID-19 new cases.

Imminent next Fall to Winter, as Flu season coincides with the pandemic is the Third COVID-19 Wave, the longest and hardest of them all . By then, many of our Essentials and Healthcare Workers will be sick, our Medical Resources depleted and hospitals in maximum capacity resulting to massive deaths.

Strict National Lockdown similar to Italy will happen as a last recourse to contain the pandemic. The government will be forced to choose between freedom or survival of its people.

Must rule inside public buildings: NO MASK, NO ENTRY, NO SERVICE. Public Transportations: NO MASK, NO RIDE. Airlines: NO MASK, NO FLY.

U.S. top medical expert Dr. Anthony Fauci warns, “If you jump the gun and go into a situation where you have a big spike, you’re going to set yourself back.” He is not wrong.

Healthcare workers and experts fears the Quiet before the second COVID-19 Storm has already began and the events that will follow had been set in motion.

They clean infected surfaces, buildings, streets to keep us safe. When was the last time we said thank you to our Housekeeping and Environmental Service Essentials?

Gamble and Players

As Governors address the growing pressure and anxiety of restarting the economy, they are placed in a difficult position to gamble on reopening. They know the risk of infection is high but it’s a gamble they are willing to take as people need to work to survive. They need our support and help more than ever in controlling the spread of COVID-19.

She walked her groceries alone.

We all have important roles to play and we need to play them well.

What Needs to Change? Our Attitude.

DRIVING THRU without stopping or parking respecting social distancing and city laws.

Truth, many asymptomatic carriers both aware and unaware they are infectious walks among us.

Truth, infected person speaking in ordinary voice spreads respiratory droplets that can remain in the air for 8 minutes.

Hundreds of people of all ages visit the roses daily. On weekends it’s packed. Half of the visitors don’t wear mask. 8 out of 10 deaths reported in the U.S. have been in adults 65 years old and older.

Truth, COVID-19 manifestations are expanding from the typical fever, cough, sore throat and shortness of breath to headache, scratchy throat, night sweats, tiredness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of smell, taste and appetite, dizziness, confusion, muscle weakness, Stroke, Pulmonary Embolism, red/purple swelling or rash of toes.

Empty tables and buildings .

Step Up And Be Better

Back to showing our appreciation, if we truly mean what we say, let us show our Essentials that we are capable of changing and making heroic sacrifices. Let us show the world we are one America, united and strong.

We shouldn’t be comparing what race in America is more sick with COVID-19 , nor assume all Health-workers, Essentials and Chinese-looking Americans are infected. Don’t call us heroes if it is not meant for all.

We have to stop racial shaming & hate crimes. It is offensive and demeaning. Many of our Healthcare Providers are Chinese Americans and Chinese-looking Asians who maybe our last lifeline when gasping for air dying in hospitals and emergency rooms.

We can continue to blame China for not telling us early on about the virus or what’s truly happening in their country or we can focus on our own country and save those we can.

It is no longer called the Wuhan Virus or Chinese Virus. It is now the New Coronavirus or COVID-19 and it’s infecting and killing people aggressively in global proportions.

Racism is Pandemic. It is infectious and deadly. Unlike COVID-19, it’s curable and can be stopped.

COVID-19 doesn’t know superpowers, red tape or politics. It doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t slow down whether the climate is hot or cold. It is serious in its pursuit for sickness and death.


June 1, 2020, California reopened not with excitement but with sadness and mourning. Anti-Racism protest for the death of George Floyd from police brutality fueled a spark that spread like wildfire across the country because of years of Racism, Injustice and Inequality. Racism shouldn’t happen in the Land of the Free, but it does frequently.

“I See You. I Hear You. I Will Fight With You.”

Minorities, Immigrants, all kinds of Ethnicities joined hands and walked the streets for their voices to be heard. People are shouting, “Enough is enough, Justice for George Floyd, Black Lives Matter!”

I had to walk the streets and be a part of something that is changing humanity and the world. It only took a few minutes to tear up and feel the rawness of the emotions. We will no longer be silence.

All forms of Racism, discrimination and oppression needs to stop.

The violence, vandalism and looting however has to end because it is only causing more pain, anger and division to a country that’s already hurting.


Healthy adults in their 30’s to 40’s without risk factors had been placed in ventilators or died within 2 weeks of infection and no one can explain why.

It is sad and painful to walk in a deserted city.

No more ambivalence, confusion or indecisiveness. We need to choose between Being Happy or Being Alive. We need to choose between Saving Money or Saving Lives.

Today, we get to be heroes not the villains in our story for human survival.

Together we can heal, recover and defeat a common enemy, COVID-19.

The future is how we make it.


As we reopen with a widespread COVID-19 infection, we need to urgently adapt to our new normal with a new lifestyle that ensures our safety and survival.

We all need to STAY HOME.

Having fun can wait when this is over. We stay away from crowded places and public areas with high chances for infection. Most are thinking the same thing, to go out and do what they used to love doing. No exposure, no infection. Ask our doctors for telephone or virtual appointments. Ask for mail medicine deliveries from our pharmacies. Every little caution makes a big difference.

We can’t be off guard. We can’t afford to risk it by being complacent.

Smartphones and social media took away actual human connection until lockdown happened. Suddenly we have all the time in the world for what really matters.

We all need to STAY SAFE.

Maintain 6-feet Social Distancing and change our Social Behaviors. Practice strict Respiratory Hygiene of covering mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. Wear mask because it only takes seconds for infected COVID-19 droplets to reach our nose, mouth and eyes. Observe frequent hand washing and disinfection.

Visit groceries once a week or every 2 weeks. Buy non-perishable goods on line.

We all need to STAY ALIVE.

Use the right PPE when in direct contact with a COVID-19 person. Never reuse the N95 when its seal is compromised because our lives depend on it. Boost our Immunity with good sleep and nutritious foods, take Vitamin C and supplements, hydrate , stay active, exercise, lower our stress & anxiety levels. Most of all, pray and take care of one another.

No joke! Everyday at work is Day 1 Reset for Essentials. That means for 14 days we monitor ourselves for COVID-19 symptoms and maintain distance from our love ones.

Faith over fear. Light over darkness. God over COVID-19.

Hang on to our Faith because though we walk in the Valley of the Shadow Death we will fear no evil for God is with us.

My son told me one day of what he knows about the New Coronavirus. He simply said, “Dad, it’s population control.” If we allow it to take its course without a fight, he is not wrong but if we unite together to put an end to COVID-19, we do have a fighting chance.

Hard times makes us see clearer our blessings. Spring 2019

We Are Real People, Not Numbers.

To all our employers , the CEO’s, people with power and connections to make things happen, our lives are worth more than the cost of PPE’s and antiseptics.


Housekeeping and Environmental Service Essentials keep us safe by cleaning and disinfecting contaminated surfaces. Truly see them in our workplace.

To all our Government Leaders who are taking COVID-19 seriously, we all thank you for your heroism, hardwork and generosity. We see you. We appreciate you and we will show our appreciation by working and serving with you.

To everyone trying to put an end to COVID-19, thank you.

To all who are supporting and praying for our Essential Frontliners, thank you.

To every Essential Frontliner, know we have a voice. Know our concerns are important. Know our lives matters. Thank you for all that you do.

The Spanish Flu of 1918 killed millions, most on its second wave. Let us not repeat a tragic history with COVID-19.

Dedicated to our Heroes and everyone who died from COVID-19.

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Join Me In Summer Paradise

Today, let me take you to my happiest Summer paradise. IMG_7257 First, let me take to your very own sanctuary with an ocean view. Go ahead, unpack, unwind, relax, toss all the worries and excess baggage behind Swim time into the crystal clear warm blue waters of Boracay IslandAmazing doesn’t begin to describe the fine powdery white sands beneath our feet. IMG_7277Here in Summer paradise, everyday a blissful sunrise awakens you, heals you, hears you. No judgment. No dramas.

IMG_7256Whether for love, solitude or soul-searching, Summer paradise has all kinds of sunsets for everyone.

Summer paradise is a place where we get to be ourselves and always feel we are home. Summer paradise is about people embracing you so tight it breaks your heart to let go and say goodbye.

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When I Turn 44


I woke up one day and realized time passed me by. I’d been too busy with work and the never-ending demands and expectations of this world.


Best Birthday

I came home from work expecting my son awake and getting ready for school but instead the living room was still dark and quiet. Just when I was heading for the bedroom to wake them up, they both jumped behind the kitchen counter yelling, “Surprise!” My heart bounced inside my chest.

My wife said, “I got you the happy smile balloons cause I just want you to be happy all the time.” She knew me too well.

That morning my son played the piano while singing shyly, “Happy Birthday Daddy, Happy Birthday Daddy. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday…Happy Birthday Daddy.” His mom whispered, “He stayed late last night practicing and rehearsing that for you.”

IMG_3214A friend sent me a message on my Birthday. She wrote, “I’m sure this is your best birthday ever because you found inner peace and happiness.” I did and it was.

What More Can I Ask?

I have a beautiful wife that loves me and my son dearly. She patiently dreams with me even if so many times those dreams don’t turn exactly the way we hoped them to be. She’s been with me at my worst and celebrated with me at my best.

I am blessed with a son with so much joy and pureness in his heart. A son who reminds me always that age is but a number.

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Summer In London

Colors of Summer in London

LondonOur Summer adventure begins at Trafalgar Square.

LondonNow, pick a coin inside your pocket.

LondonClose your eyes, make a wish and toss the coin.

LondonTime to stretch those legs and climb the Nelson’s Column. I promise the view on top will be worth it.

DSC_6307Love Art works? Let’s see the masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci and Van Gogh at the National Gallery?


Food and Shopping time at Covent Garden.


LondonLook, it’s Yoda!

LondonHop in the Double Decker Bus for a city tour.

LondonTrain ride to Windsor Castle to visit the Queen.


LondonNo queen in sight.

Almost time for the Changing of Royal Guards at the Buckingham Palace. We need to hurry up. It’ll be a long walk.

LondonNow, time to run…

LondonOops, we’re a bit late.  So much crowd ahead of us.

LondonBest view, on top of  someone’s shoulder.


Hungry? Try a newly baked pastry at West Cornwall Pasty .

LondonI hope everyone’s energized because we’ll be cruising the River Thames. Let’s discover all the attractions around it.

LondonJust several blocks away, stands the grand Big Ben. From afar it looks small.

LondonAt close range it is really big and tall.

London Fun and breathtaking experience, the London Eye.


Ready to scream? How about meeting Jack the Ripper at the London Dungeon.

LondonCaution, not for the faint of heart. Even grown men will scream.

LondonOur colors of Summer won’t be complete without a trip to the beautiful coastal town of Bournemouth in the south coast of England.

BournemouthConsidered as one of Europe’s best beaches, Bournemouth sums up what Summer is all about.

BournemouthIt was the hottest, sunniest Summer weekend that year. The beach was packed. Everyone was enjoying the water and getting some tan. I was simply trying to get the best of Summer memories as much as I can. Who knows when I’ll be back in U.K. for a Summer like this.

BournemouthIt’s funny how when meeting for the first time, my son and his cousin were shy and quiet. Several hours later, they were inseparable, holding hands and telling stories like they were long best friends. Summer does that and more.

BournemouthThe last time my wife visited London, she and her cousins were just kids. Now, they are all grown up, some with kids of their own. Times flies. So are the many Summers of our lives.

Summer is having an amazing time with friends and family. It’s about creating new beautiful memories with people closest to us as well as those we get to know along the way.BournemouthMy Summer in London and U.K. was unforgettable not just because of what I saw but more because of the family I created a special bond with. Leaving was hard, even harder when I saw my son and his cousin cried because they realized it was their last dinner together and it was time to say goodbye. So we made a promise that one day when fate allows, we will go back and once again experience the many colors of Summer in London.Bournemouth

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Caladesi Island Summer

An unspoiled gem in Florida’s Emerald Coast, Caladesi takes you to a world where dream top beaches are made of.

Caladesi Florida

Today, we travel to a hidden paradise.


Our adventure begins with a ferry ride from Honeymoon Island State Park.

Caladesi Florida

From the mainland, notice how calm the emerald-green sea is.

Caladesi Florida

The captain excitedly announced, “Dolphins to your right.”

One playful dolphin approach the ferry-boat. It made an impressive aerial jump. We all went wild!

Caladesi Florida

As we entered a cove full of tall palm trees, the captain told everyone, “We’ve reached Caladesi Island. Welcome and have a great time. Just remember the departure times and be sure to be here when the last ferry leaves. For those who will miss it, don’t worry, the next ferry arrives tomorrow. FYI, if you want to survive the night, stay away from the wild animals and snakes.” Everyone laughed. Was it a joke or a warning?

Caladesi Florida

So many wooden trails. Which one leads to the beach? Great luck, the family next to us knows this island well. Let’s follow them.


Blue green waters ahead.


Before taking a dip, grab some beach chairs and umbrellas. It’ll be one hot day.


Now, that we’ve settled and applied our sunscreens, it’s swim time.


The water’s warm and refreshing. Feel the soft powdery white sands beneath our feet. Incredible!


Did I forget to tell you about the sting rays that leaves around these waters? Don’t panic. Let me teach you the sting ray shuffle. It stirs the sand warning a sting ray to swim away. It works if we all do the shuffle right. Let’s try it, “Step, step, shuffle, shuffle. Step, step, shuffle, shuffle.” Great job!


“Ah, life is better the beach.”

caladesiBuilding our sand castle fortress.


Body Board Surfing.


Sweet and delicious Cantaloupe.


Relax and be happy.


Wish we didn’t have to but it’s time for the last ferry to leave.


Goodbye Caladesi. Thank you an amazing Summer adventure.


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