Where Was I At This Time

Can’t really go anywhere. Traveling is but a past teasing the heart to dream, crave, wish.

Sanity and joy elusive yet no matter, an exhilarating thrill to constantly chase.

Stories interconnect. Stories relived to make sense of today and bring hope for tomorrow.

This year, this blog will bring me back to where I was at this time at a given point in time of choosing. A time where I was free. A time where I was happy. A time when I can go anywhere at a whim and living in the moment was genuinely real. A time when a surprise feels truly like a surprise in all its spontaneity.

So, where was I at this very day last year? I was at Ocean Beach enjoying a sunset with the people who gives me reason to see life as an infinite bowl full of beautiful adventures and moments.

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California COVID-19 New Variant Mutation: Truth and Predictions

New Year, New Strain

It only took days for California to reach its third million COVID-19 cases and less than a month for more than 5,000 L.A. county residents to die from the invincible killer.

441,454 Americans dead as a result of the pandemic. 40,945 of them are Californians.

Today, 1,789 people in the U.S. lost their battle to the disease.

“We are more than just numbers. We are people with lives and families. It’s never okay when people selfishly thinks theirs is better than ours.”

Early morning today, the U.S. already has 110,470 COVID-19 newly infected. 1,877 of them may die or suffer from the debilitating chronic complications within 2-4 weeks.

These signs should have been an alarm that there is a new variant more infectious and deadly being spread within and outside California but our focus is somewhere else. The heart is somewhere else.

It is easier to pretend it is not happening so we can convince ourselves we can gain back everything that were taken away.

Realistically, we won’t go back to normal. Life, the way we knew then before COVID-19 will be a memory, at least for the next several years.

We will see a saw-like pandemic pattern of surges and plateauing until a global herd immunity happens. Global, because we can’t stop people from traveling. That would be a “huge freedom” violation issue even if life-threatening surges are at its peak and hospitals are overwhelmed.

Every 6-8 weeks predictable and preventable surges will happen post reopening and post holidays.

We will be wearing a mask for a long time if we want to outlive the constantly mutating resistant virus.

The COVID-19 virus learned to adapt quickly for long term survival but humans haven’t.

We gave the virus a year to be stronger, smarter, more contagious because till now, many of us are still ambivalent, defiant, confused, selfish and unbelievably, in denial. The virus is not.

Global focus is on the new more contagious U.K., South African and Brazilian COVID-19 strains but hardly anyone is talking about the California variant that currently may have placed California as the most infected and deadliest State in the U.S.

By April, America will reach its 500,000 predicted deaths.

End of 2021, more than 50 million Americans will be infected and close to a million dead from the many strains of COVID-19.

New Normal has gotten old and “COVID-19 fatigue” is now an “okay excuse” to disregard safety mandates while the consequences for failure to compromise continues to bring tragic loss in lives, health and economy.

Justice won’t happen fairly in 2021. The Goliath’s will keep bullying the David’s and our government will allow it. Didn’t this just happened with the stock market when Penny earners were punished by the powerful Millionaires and Billionaires for trying to make some money at a time when people are simply trying to survive?

Recent California Stay-at-Home did not stop many Californians from going out. It simply crippled many businesses and made more people loose their jobs.

The Lockdowns has targeted the same victims and has become more visibly inhuman. The rich however gets richer by taking advantage of the turbulence, fear and chaos brought by the pandemic. The rich also get freebie bailouts. No one really tracks if hard-earned tax payers money goes to those who desperately need them. Even prisoners got unemployment checks last year while struggling families starved and in constant worry of evictions.

Gross corruption happened in 2020. It will again in 2021. Will we do something about it? Probably not.

Whether we accept it or not, the many new strains of COVID-19, just like the Influenza are here to stay year after year but many of us won’t. This is the truth our leaders don’t want us to fully know because then mass vaccination for the old variant will fail and herd immunity will become an impossibility.

Speaking of herd immunity, based on infection numbers, people’s willingness to get the vaccine, delays in vaccination and rate of virus mutation, it will happen in the next several years, not in 2021, not even 2022.

Herd immunity requires people to unite and come together. Something many of us based on recent events are lacking of starting from our political leaders. When self becomes more important than what’s good for all, we are doomed to fail again and again.

So, what to do until everyone gets on board? Keep following the CDC guidelines that kept you and your family safe, alive and healthy. Get vaccinated and stop worrying of its side effects. The benefits outweighs the risks of not getting it. There’s only one question really in getting the vaccine,”Would I rather have possibly the mild viral illness-like side effects of fever, headache, body aches, fatigue or the possibility of death and disability from being sick with COVID-19?” The answer is crystal clear for me and I didn’t hesitate once COVID-19 vaccine was offered a month ago for health workers at my work place.

2 weekends ago, we drove to Big Sur to enjoy our favorite burger at our favorite view. Wife and son stayed in the car while I took a few pictures outside the car, with mask of course. Never exchange the promises of this world for what’s truly precious… Family and the beautiful moments and experiences we share with them.

Do I feel safer seeing how people are now responding to the pandemic? No. Do I feel more confident to do my work knowing I have antibodies for the next several months? Yes. Will I keep wearing mask and PPE’s? Hell, yes! Mask alone kept me, my family and co-workers safe for a year. Science and experience are enough proof for me.

This will be my last piece about COVID-19 for 2021. I hope and pray my prediction will not come true but so far everything happened in 2020 and beginning of 2021. Some even worse than anyone could have ever imagined.

Just because things are hard, crazy and chaotic doesn’t mean we can’t find our happiness.

“A person incapable of learning and changing the past is bound to repeat its loss, horrors and heartbreaks.”

2021 is hope to rewrite our stories with everything better, kinder, happier.

The Washington Post Article 2/19/2021. May we learn from a tragedy that shouldn’t have happened but it did. Shame on those who said COVID-19 deaths were a made up lie. Shame on the selfish and the arrogant for deliberately disrespecting the lives of those around them. We will never forget.

Never let anyone dictate the possibilities and greatness of the next chapters of our lives.

Life is too beautiful and fleeting to be owned by people, things, circumstances and the past.

Californians regardless of culture and ethnicity have several things in common. We are dreamers willing to take risks. We love nature outdoors and road trips. We need our freedom like we need air. We crave for adventure and always on the go. We are also capable of bringing change when called upon powerful enough the change lives and make our world a better place. We’re builders of something good, positive and inspiring. As long as we show responsibility and accountability, never be ashamed nor feel guilty for being who we are.

Try to enjoy and respect life with caution everyday because we’ll never know when our story ends.

Live, love, laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Never feel guilty for trying to be happy because many will always try to convince us that we do not deserve our happiness.

There is always another path to take, another door to open, another future to begin. Never settle nor neglect for what our heart truly deserves.

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Choosing Joy for Christmas

The best Christmas Trees are not the ones we’ve seen on magazines, Instagram or store windows but the ones we made from scratch out of love and happiest of moments with family.

It’s NOT OKAY that people get away of robbing people of their lives and never again have another Christmas with their families. There’s just two words for it, “SELFISH and ARROGANCE!”

This year, no more Christmas Tree lighting by the park. No more visit to Santa’s Christmas Village. No more Holiday shopping rush at the Malls. No signs of Christmas at work nor at people’s outdoor lawns and houses.

The spirit of Christmas is at its all time low as Bay Area and San Francisco activated it’s Emergency Disaster Plan as a last hope to mitigate the COVID-19 surge but it shouldn’t be. Joy is alive even in our hardest, scariest, darkest of circumstances. Joy is there when we believe that it’s there.

“Just want everyone to be happy,” it seems impossible but not if we try everyday.

I don’t have much material things to give but what I can share are the simple happiness and warmth of Christmas inside my home. May it make your Christmas merry and bright.

If there is one gift the pandemic has given, it’s more time to stay home with family. I didn’t get to enjoy it last Spring, but I’m trying to catch up this holidays for as much as I can.

I want for me and my family to remember all the good, the beautiful and the miracles of this year and not the bad things. We wish to celebrate God’s blessings with humble gratitude because God truly deserves all the honor and glory in all these. If not for him, we wouldn’t have survive this far.

No such thing as “Too Much” when it comes to how we hope to feel, experience and remember Christmas. So, we added 2 more pre-lit Christmas Trees when World Market had them at 30% off. Happiness is worth the investment. Life is short not to try being happy…true story.

So, this post I actually dedicate and offer to God as my way of thanking him for always being there no matter what. People change and leave us when we needed them the most but God remains faithful and unconditionally loving forever.

My friends are being deployed whether they like it or not to hospitals to take care of COVID-19 patients for the next 6 months as Nursing staff drops to an alarming low in contrast to the overwhelming surge of COVID-19 patients. I could be next. For now, I’m just trying to enjoy Christmas with my family because I don’t really know what happens next year. January will be the worst of the Winter Surge post holidays. Breaking point is here and now.

Last Christmas Disneyland California was the happiest place on Earth. This year, it remains close and laid off thousands of workers because people continues to be selfish. The state is now the epicenter of the new virus with 23,679 Californians dead and rising fast. We all are part of the tragic loss and sadness of COVID-19. We’re on Emergency Stay-at-Home Alert but nobody seems to be following it anymore because it is as before, optional and subjective. Today’s excuse are the holidays, next year, “We’re tired, impatient and don’t care anymore.”

Please stay safe. Though it’s good news we are getting the vaccine soon, it will take a while for everyone to get it. Also, a new strain of the COVID-19 virus may already be in our communities. Never let our guard down. A brief moment of enjoyment and fun is not worth wasting a lifetime. We can’t afford to risk our lives when we have people that still depends on us. Mom and Dad, our kids needs us. We can’t be selfish and assume we are invulnerable to COVID-19 or will only have mild symptoms. Everyone reacts differently to the virus. Some are asymptomatic, others end up dead in days. It is very real and more infectious than ever.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a brighter, happier, safer and more hopeful New Year.

PS, I apologize if this blog post sounds like a version of The Grinch who stole Christmas, but wrapping the truth with nice lies only put more lives in danger. We could however face the truth and still choose joy in it. Just have to believe.

“2021 will have a different story only if we actively make an effort to change its pages.”

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We Should Be Angry For Allowing 130 Americans Die Every Hour From COVID-19

Wednesday, 3,124 Americans died from COVID-19 yet President Trump and his Minions keeps focusing on overthrowing the newly Elected President Biden.

California as of 12/15/20. I’m sad. I’m angry. I’m scared. I’m frustrated. Something every health care worker had been experiencing for months, only it’s just worse. People don’t realize or just don’t care that we are humans too. We can break at any time. People have no idea how bad it is now. Perhaps when they visit the E.D. and wait for 10 hours to be seen by a doctor, or wait for days to get an ICU bed, they will realize the news is correct all along. Not everyone will have days to to spare between life and death.

President Trump and his Republican loyalists are pushing to toss the will of the people to stay rich and powerful while the rest of us are out of jobs, hungry, homeless, sick and dying.

Model still forecasts 500,000 deaths by April – CNN, 12/10/20

We will reach the daily predicted 4,000 deaths soon yet we are allowing this selfish evil madness to go on.

We should be angry. We should be furious. We should be out in the streets shouting for justice for our death and suffering for the past 9 months. Instead, we allowed ourselves to be bullied. We allowed fear, laziness and numbness to rule. The vaccine will not end the death and economic devastation of the pandemic, its people willing to try their best to make a difference. Till then, we need more body bags and portable morgues.

CNN news last week featured a Republican Pastor who was using Religion and the Bible to tell people the pandemic is NOT real and sadly, many of his followers believe him. I have a Bible too but it says, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself,” NOT harm your neighbor and save yourself.

Surge over a surge. California & other States Healthcare systems are at the brink of catastrophe. It’s already in crisis and disaster mode. We had been since last week.

So many in America, even to their last breathe believes COVID-19 is NOT real, that they are dying of something else other than the truth the world already knows is true. What’s wrong with us? How do we expect to go back to normal in the distant future when we are in denial, defiance or indifferent? How do we rationalize to our children our irrational behavior and actions? How do we justify taking away our children’s hope and future by doing what we do now?

CDC director: US COVID-19 deaths likely to exceed 9/11 toll for 60 days – The Hill, 12/12/20

Please take COVID-19 seriously today and open our hearts to what’s really happening. America will have the darkest Christmas in decades. Krampus and Death will come down the chimney and knock on many doors to take away mom and dad.

ICU availability in Southern California at 0%, and it’s going to get worse, officials warn- Los Angeles Time, 12/17/20

How to bring happiness in a time of deep sadness? We can with a bit of creativity and lots of hopeful optimism. Don’t let COVID-19, Politics and Life Drama’s Grinched our Christmas.

It hurts my heart to tell my son we need to just make the most of everyday because his mom and dad are part of the dispensable Essentials that may get sick. I see a quiet sadness in his eyes but he understood the cruel reality of the new America will live in.

Sorry for not being able to respond to your comments lately. Been working in a community where everyone is a possible infectious COVID-19 source. So many sick of COVID-19 or having Flu-like symptoms that being depressed, tired and frustrated is just a normal everyday to a bedside Healthcare worker. We can cover the exterior with a nice superficial wrapping but the inside truth can never cover up the nightmare and ugliness we are forced to experience day in, day out.

The past 14 days of Christmas had been the happiest. We’d been playing Billiard, a present from his Advent Calendar. Its nice to see him so excited. New Normal, New Christmas Family Tradition.

In less than 2 weeks, many of our hospitals will run out ICU beds. Before Christmas, we will be begging for more help with critical and emergency care trained Medical Staff Professionals but there will be none. Unlike the vaccines and therapeutic treatments, we can NOT produce Doctors, Nurses and Respiratory Therapists from the lab unless we are GOD. When this event happens, we will witness an unimaginable horror we will never forget. The virus has already won so many times but pride and ego has blinded so many to change and fight. It’s an illusion to believe the pandemic will just go away next year like magic…even with the vaccine. Christmas miracle will not happen to those who refuse to try. Wearing a mask is a gift to live another day, another year.

A Family that celebrates everything with love and hope together, stays together. From our home to yours, Happy Holidays.

“Nothing heroic being placed in a work condition where you may leave your love ones behind any day now. It’s a death sentence but we don’t have a choice.”

Covid-19 now kills more than 1 American every minute. And the rate keeps accelerating as the death toll tops 300,000 – CNN 12/14/20

Today, we witness history as Americans receive the first batch of the COVID-19 vaccine. With humility and continued vigilance, it will be the beginning of the end to the pandemic. It is crucial that we do our part in taking the vaccine otherwise Herd Immunity will not happen. We can’t afford to fail this time. The U.S. just reached a horrifying milestone with 300,000 deaths. Many thought it was an exaggerated number, but here we are mourning the dead.

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She felt “robbed and sad.” She cried in the shower so that her daughters wouldn’t see.

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100 Days Wear A Mask Challenge

Death Giving Versus Life Giving Christmas

Too many patients, not enough staff. Medical experts say hospitals and states must soon prepare to shift to crisis-care mode, a designation with standards for hospitals to navigate life-and-death decisions when they become overwhelmed. Crisis standards mean hospitals with too many patients and not enough staff likely will need to triage patients, prioritizing care to those mostly likely to benefit when demand outstrips resources. – USA Today, 12/7/20

Medical professionals dread the day they have to choose who lives and who dies but Triaging in a crisis mode means the dead and dying with a slim chance of survival will be left alone and the one with better chances of survival will be given emergent priority care.

Our faces has deep marks from prolong use of mask since March but worse are the deep marks and scars our hearts had to endure. Medical professionals are at their most vulnerable breaking point and at the brink of giving up.

California is back to Lockdown and Stay-at-Home Regional mandate restrictions effective last night, 12/6/20 till 1/4/2021. We have NOT learned the first time, so we are paying with our lives and losses every defiance, reckless and selfish behavior the second time. Harsh? Mean? We can’t afford being nice anymore because science and humanity did not and does not work on many people anymore.

At least three counties in the San Joaquin Valley have reached 0% capacity in their hospitals’ intensive care units, making the state’s agricultural hub the first area in California to become maxed out. – The L.A. Times, 12/9/20

We can’t say, “We were not warned.” We were given 9 months of daily warnings.

COVID-19 Fatigue should never be a reason not to care of what happens to the person next to us. It should never be an excuse when we are seeing above 2,000 deaths per days or have another 1 million new COVID-19 cases in 5 days. Where we are now in the worst, deadliest COVID-19 crisis in the world is because of people’s attitude, actions and behavior. We could have flatten the curve. We could have prevented the overwhelming surges in our hospitals and consequently deaths but many of us choose NOT to follow the warnings and restrictions. We chose personal enjoyment, freedom and comfort over sacrifice for the greater good.

‘behavior and cold weather’ are behind Covid-19 surge – CNN 12/7/20

Until it happens to us, we’ll never know the pain of losing a love one or the suffering of not being able to breathe.

100 Days Wear a Mask Challenge

President Biden is asking all of us to wear a mask for 100 days as one United States of America. We may need to wear a mask longer than that but imagine the possibility of eliminating COVID-19 because everyone set aside their differences and did what’s needed.

A Child’s Death in the Heartland Changes Community Views About COVID. 13-year old died of COVID-19 complications on Halloween. – The Kaiser News 12/8/20

San Francisco Downtown Streets empty …again! For those who knew by heart what this greatest city by the bay was, it’s the saddest scene.

The vaccine will not end the Death Giving but people will. The vaccine may give about 3 months of antibody protection but it’s changing our behaviors that will keep us safe in our lifetime.

This could be me. This could be you. This could be a family or a friend.

We need to be better. We need to be selfless. We need to give each other a chance to live and prosper. Anger, hate and blame has been a common effect of the pandemic on people but it doesn’t have to. We can choose to love and be kind to one another. Aren’t these the best gifts we could give someone this Christmas?

Another 260,000 new deaths from COVID-19 by next Spring. Our actions will determine if that happens or not. No one is innocent. Everyone is responsible and accountable. What affects one, affects all.

A month ago, people have higher chance of surviving COVID-19 in hospitals.

We will run out of ICU beds and or Staff by end of December. When that happens, people will die exponentially not just from COVID-19 but from other common medical emergencies like Stroke, Heart Attack and Trauma.

Everyone thought another lockdown won’t happen but here we are on our first week of another Stay-at-Home. Ain’t okay, amusing nor fair. It shouldn’t have come to this.

Today, first person receives Pfizer COVID-19 in UK. Hope is real and those who believe and wait patiently will still be alive to get it. – 12/8/20 BBC News

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What Happens if U.S. Run Out of Hospital Beds and Medical Staff by Christmas?

“Treat our Healthcare Heroes with kindness. Don’t take them for granted. Don’t ignore their cry for much needed help. Don’t dismiss their real fears like nothing and insignificant. Don’t continually place them in the meanest, unsafest working conditions. Your heroes learn and remember. Your heroes hearts and spirits breaks. When it’s your time begging and crying for help, they may no longer be there.”

The US has reported its highest one-day Covid-19 death tally: Over 2,800 – CNN 12/3/20

We can manufacture more medications and ventilators to treat COVID-19 patients but we can not manufacture the license professionals that are needed to give and monitor them timely, safely.

Americans are dying of COVID-19 who, had they gotten sick a month earlier, would have lived. This is such a searingly ugly idea that it is worth repeating: Americans are likely dying of COVID-19 now who would have survived had they gotten September’s level of medical care. – The Atlantic, 12/4/20

For some with severe COVID-19 infection and complications it only takes minutes, hours or a few days from the time they arrive at the Emergency Room to death. This short window of emergent life and death situation depends on enough medical staff to administer the medications to treat COVID-19 and place patients on ventilators. Once on ventilators, ICU nurses are needed to monitor patients. Safe nurse to patient ratio is 1:2, ideally it’s 1:1. Once downgraded from ICU, patients still needs continuous care and monitoring by Telemetry and Medical-Surgical Nurses. Safest nurse to patient ratio is 1:5. The bigger the gap between the nurse to patient ratios, the higher the complications and death rate.

Monday, Clinics in our area are back to lockdown mode which means they will NOT see their patients in person because of concern of getting sick or dying. This will cause a flood of sick patients seeking care to our Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care Clinics. For Bedside Healthcare Providers there will be no rest nor holidays this year.

Doctors and Nurses in hospitals and nursing homes have to relive the death scene like an auto play everyday. The trauma may take years to forget that is if that is even possible.

Imagine a hospital functioning with half of the medical professionals whose patient’s survival depends on. It’s terrifying and actually is at play in many of our hospitals now. This will reach crisis mode few weeks post Thanksgiving and Christmas when there may be no more beds and license staff to accommodate and care for the new severe COVID-19 cases. We will see patients in the hallways unmonitored. Some will die alone because medical staff will be triaging the sickest and most emergent when in a disaster. Just like everyone who is free to choose and decide, medical staff are trained to choose and decide which one they will save first when the numbers are overwhelming.

The grim numbers have unleashed devastation across the country: Trailers are turned into morgues and facilities are being converted to emergency hospitals to help respond to the surging number of patients. -CNN 12/1/20

El Paso Texas today. We may not be bothered because it’s still not happening as bad in our cities but we should. This could be us before the next Spring.


So what happens if most U.S. Hospitals run critically low on its medical staff during its darkest, longest COVID-19 surge? I don’t what to answer that because the possibility is more horrific than what we are already witnessing. I hope and pray I’m wrong, but the trend is spiking too fast, too quick. 2-4 weeks post Thanksgiving, America will experience a Tsunami COVID-19 wave many will wished they stayed home and listened.

My city is back on strict restrictions but many are no longer following. Thanksgiving week, outdoor dining and stores are packed with people. Millions of Americans hit the airport and planes where social distancing is impossible. Cities scarce of hospital beds and staff will start to refuse other cities whose hospitals are overwhelmed because they didn’t do the needed restrictions or precautions. Cities will start to save their own people first. Selfish? It’s nothing new. People had been selfish since the first day of COVID-19 National Lockdown.

Expert says, “I expect that the daily death rate will double in the next 10 days,” he said. “We’ll be seeing close to 4,000 deaths a day.” -CNN News, 10/27/20

Our lives depends not only on having PPE’s but on people’s choices and actions. This was me in March. This is me today. It will be the same if not worse for all Healthcare workers next year. Contrary to Vice President Pence announcement, Healthcare workers don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. Another lie. 4 million new COVID-19 cases in November, wow!

There will be a mass exodus of nurses in places where they are treated unsafely, badly and paid poorly. Some will be tempted to go at the many COVID-19 outbreak epicenters in the country because of the monetary incentive, others will move to areas they have a higher chance of being alive. It’s already happening as you read this. It’s going to happen more as it gets worse.

CDC Prediction: 294.000-321,000 Americans dead by December 19 as millions travelled and celebrated Thanksgiving. A few days of enjoyment and family reunion is not worth having someone loose a lifetime. COVID-19 Christmas Death Giving and sickness will be the most heartbreaking reminder that freedom can have a grave price.

“Early in the pandemic, hospitals were competing for ventilators, COVID tests and personal protective equipment. Now, sites across the country are competing for nurses. The fall surge in COVID cases has turned hospital staffing into a sort of national bidding war, with hospitals willing to pay exorbitant wages to secure the nurses they need. That threatens to shift the supply of nurses toward more affluent areas, leaving rural and urban public hospitals short-staffed as the pandemic worsens, and some hospitals unable to care for critically ill patients.”- by Markian Hawryluk and Rae Ellen Bichell, Kaiser Health News

My worst COVID-19 fear is being intubated and placed on a ventilator. To wake up with complications so severe I can no longer work as a nurse nor take care of my family. To wake up with part of my lungs or limb missing or I can no longer walk or speak normally because of Stroke. No one knows what COVID-19 infection does to their body until it happens.

“No amount of money in this Earth is worth our health, life or happiness. On our last days, we will beg for more time and wished we didn’t waste them chasing the world or people.”

If we focus on the positives and being grateful, we might just find the joy we are missing.

I asked 6 days off to spend time with wife and son for Thanksgiving week. We stayed home, ate the food we love, watched TV, worked out together, redecorated and finished our DIY projects. Absolutely NO flying or traveling where crowds are.

I’m thankful to have food on our table. I’m thankful to have a family to share them with. I’m thankful that I’m still here healthy.

Black Friday, we took a day trip to our favorite roadside spot overlooking Big Sur. We shared Safeway chicken nuggets and Five Guys cheese burger inside the car before taking a short walk to see the ocean up close. Whatever we did, it was all about Family Quality Time and being safe. We slowed down because it’s the only way to enjoy and appreciate our precious borrowed time. We celebrated the Christmas joy early too because we needed it more than ever. We laughed till our bellies hurt and our jaws numbed.

My favorite moment was wife and son feeding me at the same time so I can rest and enjoy the view. Had to remind them, “Got only one mouth.”

“It’s okay to dream past tomorrow but always enjoy the dream we are thankful now. They go by quick before we even realize they’re already gone. These includes our job, health, life, family, friends, even moments we could have been happier.”

We’re celebrating Christmas early and longer. Everyone needs some joy and hope right now.

Happy Holidays to all my blogger friends. Thank you for all the inspiration and motivation this year. My world has been better, kinder because of all of you. Truly, I appreciate you. 🙏

“Truth is uncomfortable but it will keep us alive.”

Covid denial, can take forms ranging from a belief that Covid-19 is no more serious than a routine cold, or a belief that face masks aren’t effective at slowing the spread, to the idea that the pandemic is an elaborate hoax. – The Wall Street Journal 12/3/20

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‘We’re drowning’: COVID cases flood hospitals in America’s heartland

El Paso Texas- Inmates were paid to move hundreds of bodies into mobile morgues; the National Guard is now in charge of the grim task. Funeral homes have turned storage closets into freezers to hold the dead. A crematorium broke down from overuse. The city’s convention center has been transformed into a field hospital. The county judge wonders whether the community has enough gravesites. – The Washington Post

The Covid-19 Vaccine: When Will It Be Available for You?

Need a COVID-19 Nurse? That’ll Be $8,000 a Week

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People Are Hoarding…Again!

People are going Loco over toilet paper and antiseptics again! I don’t get it. How much toilet paper and antiseptics do a person need? Didn’t we have months to prepare? Hoarding these items won’t stop the COVID-19 community outbreaks but rushing to the stores like it’s Black Friday post Thanksgiving sale will have people infected for sure. Haven’t we realized stores are indoor places that can suspend the highly contagious COVID19 infected droplets in the air for a few hours and several days on surfaces asymptomatic infected people touched? What makes it different from the indoor restaurants, bars and gyms our local leaders forced to close again? It’s the same!!!


Yes, there might be another lockdown, we’re already on a modified Stay-at-Home and closures of businesses here in California but it shouldn’t be a reason to panic and be greedy. There will be enough food, water, and yes, toilet paper for everyone if we all learn to share and leave some for others.

Lesson of Sharing and Good Karma

My 15-year old had been collecting basketball cards. They are not easy to find in stores now as it became a hot item during this pandemic. One day, he found 3 boxes of Rookie basketball cards at Target. He was so excited. When it’s time to pay up at the cashier, I saw him holding just one box. I asked him why he didn’t get all of it. His reply was something many of us has forgotten including myself, “Well, I left it for others to find so they can have one too, and so that they will also leave some for me to find one day.”

My son is teaching me a lot of things that once were familiar when I was younger. That alone is a huge blessing. That alone is a reason to be thankful and be appreciative.

I know it’s been a really a bad year, but it shouldn’t be a reason to forget our humanity, our values, of kindness that truthfully is the only way to survive this pandemic.

“I want to see my family,” said one of the travelers when asked why she is traveling despite of the recommendation not to with the height of the COVID-19 U.S. outbreak. Despite of knowing the possibility of infecting their friends and family, millions will choose to travel this Thanksgiving. In 3-4 weeks post Thanksgiving, there is a high chance some will not see those love ones again next Thanksgiving. Our choices and actions have consequences. We need to own it if we are the cause of someone losing their health or life. We can’t blame others anymore. We are part of the problem this surge has gotten out of hand. Image from The Washington Post.

Anyways, there is online shopping. It’s super safe, hassle free and lots of gas savings. Instead of wasting precious time going to the stores, spend time for yourself and your family because they are the most valuable blessing nowadays. Create early family holiday traditions that brings more joy to you and the people you love because we don’t know what will happen next year.

Panicking is one of the worst feeling. We bought these supplies post Spring Lockdown, so now we’re just chillin and taking our time. I don’t have much space for months of toilet paper.

Share. Share. Share.

A happy generous heart feels so much better than the discomfort of over eating or the mental stress of not cleaning enough.

Sorry for not replying yet to your comments. Been very busy with work and all. I promise to catch up next week. Requested few days off to spend time with family. And yes, we are following the request of our leaders to NOT attend any Thanksgiving gatherings. Besides, no good food and Turkey are worth being sick of COVID-19 or getting others sick. Not worth it at all!

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Breaking record after record

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U.S. Entering COVID-19 Hell

We are entering COVID-19 Hell when words don’t work anymore and we are heading fast by the day to the predicted trajectory of 200,000 news cases and 2,000 deaths per day.

Yesterday, CNN news Anderson Cooper showed a video of a young male nurse who made a video while in the hospital bed for his son and wife. Gasping for air, he spoke of love, hope and goodbye. That was the last time his family saw him virtually. He died less than 2 weeks from time of showing initially symptoms of COVID-19.

I want to be brave. I wish I can be like the other people I see around me acting like there’s no pandemic at all. I wish I can ignore the news Thursday that 66,500 Americans were hospitalized from COVID-19, the highest ever for a single day during the pandemic, increasing by more than 40% in the past two weeks. I wish I didn’t have to care for the death toll that rose by at least 1,170 to a total of 242,979. I wish I didn’t have to see the rise of the COVID-19 infection in my own city so I didn’t have to worry, but there’s no escaping from it all. It is now the daily normal life and work of always being in the defensive side because it only take a few minutes of being off guard and it’s game over!

There is a group of people out there who despite of knowing they are highly infectious of COVID-19 goes out in public like it’s nothing. Unbelievable? It just happened yesterday, when a person rode a bus full of people despite of finding out that very day she was positive of COVID-19.

Please be careful out there. We may be doing everything we can to avoid getting sick and prevent others from being sick but many people are not. The numbers we see is the sad truth of what selfishness to Humanity and disbelief to Science can do.

‘People are going to die’: Hospitals in half the states are facing a massive staffing shortage as Covid-19 surges- OLIVIA GOLDHILL of STAT / 11/19/20

We don’t want another lockdown but we also don’t want to wear a mask and stop social gatherings, so where does that lead us all?

Not seeing the danger doesn’t mean we are spared from falling into a cliff. The danger is real, so is the cliff.

‘No One Is Listening to Us’- Ed Yong, The Atlantic, 11/13/20

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U.S. 71 Days of Chaos Could Have Another 2.8 Million Americans Sick and 68,000 Die from COVID-19

I understand CNN Chris Cuomo’s concern last night of the potential havoc Trump and his self serving officials can make by withholding vital government information and funding to the newly elected President of the United States, President Biden.

A family that wears mask together hopefully stays together until this is all over.

Yesterday, Pfizer on their COVID-19 vaccine update made a bullish announcement that their early analysis suggests the vaccine is over 90 percent effective with 2 years observation period for the side effects and adverse reactions for its vaccine recipients. It is good news. However, we are celebrating too early. Mass vaccination won’t happen until safety supersedes effectivity. Do I want a vaccine that may protect me from COVID-19 but may also give me it’s complications or do I want a vaccine that is both effective and safe?

The new COVID-19 task force created by President Biden needs immediate funding and support to aid an emergent danger. In the last 7 days, we surpassed 100,000 new COVID-19 cases per day. The last several days, the predicted above 1,000 deaths from COVID-19 has come true.

Many decided to celebrate the Holidays early because the longer with let COVID-19 do it’s damage, the more tomorrow gets blurry.

How does this affect ALL Americans? For those that still follows Trump’s wisdom about COVID-19, they will continue to ignore mask mandates and distancing. For those that believe they will get the vaccine by December, some will let their guard down, stop wearing mark and just go on with life pre-pandemic.

Add this all together, in 71 days before the January 20, 2021 Presidential Inauguration, U.S. could possibly have an additional 2.8 Million Americans getting the new COVID-19 infection and 68,000 among them will die from its complications. I hope I am wrong but so far, everything had been happening.

The COVID-19 highly infectious virus doesn’t discriminate whether we are Republican supporters or Democrats. All it sees are people still divided and will use our weakness to its fullest advantage to bring more sickness, suffering, pain and loss.

We need to make people accountable for the decisions and actions they make today that harms and kills people. We need to give justice and closure to families who lost a love one because someone decides to ignore what needs to be done to protect everyone from COVID-19.

President Biden announced Saturday that we should give each other a chance because we are all Americans, but are we honestly giving each other a chance to live and prosper together?

We can live in the past and keep hurting each other or we can move forward, unite and start healing. Everything is a choice but choices have consequences that affects us all.

Minutes ago, CNN reports, “We are all entering COVID Hell.” Not some of us are entering COVID Hell, but all of us are entering COVID Hell.

Will empty streets, stay-at-home and business closures happen again? It’s really up to people’s attitude and behavior. It’s really up to an individual’s conscience and values.

There’s NO Red State or Blue State, there’s just One State, The United States.” – 46th U.S. President, Joe Biden

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Why I Chose To Live Today

Friday, more than 120,000 new cases and more than 1,200 new deaths in one day from COVID-19. Many States are rapidly filling up with COVID-19 patients. Soon the number of patients flooding emergency rooms needing critical care will out number the skilled professionals like doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists. Not having enough healthcare workers to provide safe and timely life-saving medical care will result to massive deaths much worse than what we’ve seen last Spring.

Celebrate every birthday as memorable as we can. Many parents do worry the many what if’s of this pandemic.

We can increase production of PPE’s. We can create better medicines. We may have the much awaited vaccine early 2021, but we can NOT manufacture trained health care professionals that are COVID-19 ready. In fact, many nurses near retirement age retired early this year fearing for their health and lives.

If at a minimum it takes at least 4-5 years from education to clinical experience to make one good critically trained nurse and only months to overwhelm an entire county, then we are all in a lot of trouble. No amount of billions can fix that unless we open our doors again with kindness to professional immigrants.

For now, the U.S. Government has been focusing its Operation Warp Speed on vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics but failed to include the most important factor of it all, humans caring for fellow humans.

If we want to know where our State is heading, we need to be vigilant to its trend in COVID-19. Check our community hospitals on its resources and how we can help. We need to wear mask. We need to stick to social distancing and hand washing. We need to remember the lessons we’ve learned. It’s easy to forget, I just did yesterday when I was about to enter Costco. I forgot my mask because for a minute I totally forgot there’s still COVID-19. It’s okay to be clueless on rare occasions but not okay to be clueless all the time.

The Third Surge has began and its only the start of Fall. Question now, do we have enough time and resources when the worst hits the roof? Can we still reverse the inevitable? Honestly, I don’t know. I’m scared to answer the question because I haven’t been preparing myself. Been simply trying to live my best one day at a time, or the most week per week. Distant plans seems impractical when I don’t know what happens tomorrow.

Funko and his little EBay business made me and my son closer. He allowed me to be a part of his amazing world many parents only dreamed of. I’m not just his dad, I became his trusted friend. Life is good!

Last Sunday we all woke up early so we can line up at 8:00 AM at Target for its Limited Edition Batman camouflage Funko figures. All three of us got one each. Son so happy he gave us a group hug as he said, “Thank you.”

We then drove to Big Sur with a stop over at Sand City to visit our favorite stores, Target again for Football and Pokemon cards, Game Stop, HomeGoods and Ross. Lunch to go were cheeseburgers from Five Guys.

Spotting our scenic picnic view of Big Sur, we parked by the roadside. Two folding chairs and an Igloo cooler beside the car’s front passenger door was just perfect.

Post lunch hike with son along rugged cliff side all the way down the tide pools below was a thrilling nature and sea life adventure. We saw crawling shells, rock fishes, urchins, corals and sea anemones. He was super excited of what we discovered. He kept telling me the urchins are edible and we should try it. Nope, not when it can sting or potentially cause an allergic reaction.

Before heading home, we crossed the Bixby Bridge to complete our day trip. It felt good to celebrate life with family. Just the right weekend I needed to have.

We don’t wait for amazing to happen. We make amazing happen. We don’t wait for others to plan our adventures. We create our own adventures open to all kinds of surprises and possibilities. Hey, life is short after all, even shorter with the widespread COVID-19.

Young people, women , people of color, Americans who believes everyone deserves an equal opportunity for a better life, Americans who wants to put an end to Americans dying from COVID-19, these are the people who made possible for hope to happen in the next 4 years. They will be the main force that will shape what the country is to become in the next several decades. We can’t stop change. We can’t stop progress.

Woke up today with hope and excitement. Biden won as President of the United States. I actually teared up when I watched his speech. It sums up what I prayed my fellow Americans will become, of what my beloved America will become.

The people has spoken that the new America is an America for all. An America that gives everyone an equal chance to pursue any dream and possibility. It will be the America that is just, kind, peaceful and will work hard to unite people and nations. It will be the America the World will once again respect and consider as a powerful protector of humanity and democracy.

Always share the good stuff in our lives and try to let go of the bad. Make moments that are meaningful. Make memories that make us happier. Try to be kind and be nice to one another. No more division. No more inequality, anger and hate. We all need to heal and recover, together.

I choose to live today fully so tomorrow I will have no regrets.

Appreciate our lives as a blessing. Practice daily gratitude and contentment. Make the most of what we already have. Never take time and people for granted. Love them with all we’ve got.

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It Only Takes 1 Vote

What if that one vote, your vote that will decide how America will be in the next 4 years? Would we do everything to make sure our election ballots makes it on time?

We dropped of our ballots Friday and with it our hope for something better.

We voted for the future of our son and his generation. We voted so our country can hopefully unify, rise and be great again. We voted so we could live longer.

It only takes one vote for one chance for our country to unite in peace so we can as one nation under God stopped COVID-19 worst projection yet, 399,000 Americans dead by February 2021.

Close to a thousand death today. If at a minimum we reach 1,000 deaths per day. That’s 30,000 deaths per month, 90,000 deaths in 3 months.

At one spectrum, people are distancing as far as they can while the opposite spectrum as close as they can in group gatherings without mask. I did not imagine it. It’s happening around me. It is happening now.

Some people will not experience joy but loss during the fast approaching Winter Holidays and it’s something we all are responsible for. We can’t blame solely our leaders. We can’t blame another country for starting the pandemic. We can only blame ourselves for not caring enough to what happens to the person next to us.

The last minute Election messages and contrast of Trump and Biden are so clear that making our final choice seems like a no brainer. The question now is, “Are we voting for someone else’s belief or are we voting for the best interest of ourselves, our families and our beloved country, America?”

We watched the sunset yesterday by Ocean Beach inside our car. It would be nice to watch them one day outdoors not worrying if I get sick or the person next to me will get sick because of me.

We are part of the chain of reaction of the New Coronavirus cycle of infection. No one is exempted. No one is spared. No one is immune. No one is blameless. Everyone is responsible whether good or bad, life or death. It’s just easier to ignore our guilt and conscience. It just easier to blame someone else.

To vote for one self is easy but to vote for others is harder because it requires self sacrifice. Selfless or selfish?

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“We are entering the most concerning and most deadly phase of this pandemic … leading to increasing mortality.” – Deborah Birx

Fauci warns of surge, “A Whole Lot Of Hurt.”

As U.S. COVID-19 cases break records, weekly deaths rise 3%

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Why I Skipped Halloween This Year

Every year, wife and I put up our Halloween Tree and decorate it with our scary friends. Our favorite are the Skulls and Death Keepers because they looked really frightening. Halloween Fest at Great America, Disneyland and Universal Studious were our other must-experience family traditions.

This year, we skipped Halloween. Why? Haven’t we been in one long Halloween horror ride already since COVID-19 scared the hell out of us? How many times have we seen real dead bodies in body bags and coffins? How many times has Death visited to claim the lives of both people we know and don’t know? So many times we stopped counting.

Krampus and Holidayz in Hell Pre-COVID Universal Studious LA.

I will miss my Halloween friends this year but we found new Fall friends who brought us the much needed happiness, positivity and cheer. So, perhaps next year. Besides, the Halloween scare more likely will extend till next year. Not doing Trick or Treating either. No one can really tell if they are infectious or not when handing candies to our innocent kids unless they did rapid COVID-19 test on the day of Halloween.

Won’t be saying Happy Halloween. A true concerned friend will say, “Be Safe” on Halloween so I’m saying just that, “Enjoy Halloween but just be safe.”

Passing through a cemetery today. We remember and pray for the dead. It is All Saint’s Day in other countries & tomorrow, All Soul’s Day. Never forget one’s Faith and cultural tradition. Some things are more important than party and fun.

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