“I’m Vaccinated,” So What?

“Sir, please put on your mask. Do you have any symptoms of COVID like fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, loss of taste and smell, vomiting and diarrhea? Have you been sick or exposed to COVID the past 14 days? Man looking annoyed answers back, “I’m Vaccinated!”

“Ma’am, Doctor ordered a COVID Test because you have symptoms of possible COVID. Would you like it scheduled today?” Woman looking surprised replies, “But I’m vaccinated.”

My son got his second Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine last week. Yesterday, he entered Starbucks and Blaze Pizza without mask for the first time with a friend. He told his mom smiling, “Mom, I don’t think you’ll like what’s happening out there.” June 15 marks no more COVID safety guidelines in most establishments in California. Is it the right move when the India Delta strain is close to doubling every week? We’ll find out in 6-8 weeks. For now, we enjoy Summer.

5% chance of infection is 5% chance.

People forget that the COVID-19 vaccine though highly effective is NOT 100% effective and was approved for Emergency use because the World was and is still in a Pandemic Emergency.

“I’m vaccinated,” will trigger lots of conflicts, confusions, even embarrassment as some adults will have bratty tantrum outburst when Essential Workers requires them to follow establishment rules and be considerate of other people’s health.

If people were irrational and ridiculous when the Pandemic was averaging 3,000 deaths per day in the U.S. during COVID’s peak, how much more today that many people are vaccinated and hospitalizations are it’s lowest?

Real people died. Real people lost family members. Real people can no longer go back to work because of disability complications. Many don’t care because it wasn’t them that was affected. Many don’t care because they are not front line workers. Many Politicians should go to jail and answer for their indifference and misleading announcements that caused people their lives, Health and jobs. Injustice is the new normal intra pandemic.

Delta strain reached the U.S. without anyone flying it into the U.S. It’s the same strain that is ravaging India. It mutated without travel history just like it did with the U.K. variant. COVID does not know remoteness.

We are looking again at COVID like it’s distantly happening only in other countries like we once did when it was happening in China and Italy. We are acting again like the U.S. is exempted and invulnerable to the Pandemic. What’s happening to India, Brazil, Asia and Europe can happen in the U.S. within a few weeks to months. We don’t have super genes that makes us super humans. Just super pride and super grandiosity.

3, 2, 1…Toss it time! California is ranked no. 1 in U.S. COVID-19 deaths followed by Texas, Florida and New York. Hope we don’t forget.

With vaccination comes great responsibility. Even Spidey knows this.

America, U.K. and other rich countries got most of the first batches of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Great and lucky are we, but how about the rest of the World?

Longer and more Heatwaves this year due to worsening Global Warming. Expect more crowded beaches and outdoors. Air conditioning will be a wise investment as it is guaranteed to get hotter every year.

Truth, rich and powerful countries hoarded the initial batches of vaccine first. Surplus went to Third World countries who can’t afford them via donations.

Truth, thousands of opened COVID vaccine vials has been wasted and thrown away because people did not show up to their vaccination appointments. That’s thousands of lives that could have been protected and saved. We wasted life saving vaccines like we wasted food.

So much misinformation and half truths since last year. So much disregard of what people are really thinking and feeling. No wonder Mental Health Illness skyrocketed, same with Hate Crimes and Anger. Dismissing what people are going through, never okay nor humane but is happening everyday.

Truth, COVID-19 will never be over until everyone in the World gets the chance and opportunity to be vaccinated.

Truth, a significant part of the population will refuse to get the vaccine causing a back and forth infection-quiescence-reinfection.

Truth, Travel will spread new strains in places where vaccination is slow and or inadequate.

The Delta Variant is similar to the common colds: headache, sore throat, runny nose and fever. Testing is important more than ever but all depends on honesty. Testing Fatigue is already happening which means people will skip testing and just resume work, play and normal daily living even if they have symptoms.

I’m COVID-19 vaccinated since February 2021, but so what? I did not change on how I deal with the infection except I’m no longer afraid. It did not change the fact that COVID now is anyone and everywhere.

I may not get serious symptoms of COVID-19 nor it’s complications, but I may still get COVID. It’s a possibility. Again, not really scared for myself except the concern of taking the infection home to my family. My wife will freak out big time. I think seeing her fear and anxiety would be worse than me getting the COVID.

Some countries will be wearing mask and having lockdowns for awhile, others will resume life like the pandemic never happened. Japan Town SF.

10% of those who recovered from COVID will be Long Haulers regardless of age. They will experience frequent debilitating fatigue, brain fog, shortness of breath with activity and sleep disturbances that will decrease their quality of life for months to years.

Perpetual inability to function, work, think and breathe well is never okay.

COVID threat and danger is still very real even if our employers act like it’s no big deal anymore. Usual response to Staff concerns, “Just wear your PPE and you’ll be fine.” Wow exactly! As to what happens to other patients? Secret and silence because it’s a No-no to talk about it.

We have ourselves and our families to protect. Don’t believe everything we are told. What we see and experience is the truth. Those that looks and feels wrong are lies.

“I’m Vaccinated,” So What?

Just because we are vaccinated doesn’t mean we can just do whatever we want. Sure, if we don’t care about others, but if we do, we still need to be mindful and be respectful till this virus really is 100% controlled.

“I’m vaccinated,” will be the talk of discussions and debates for months to come. It will cause division and animosity if not dealt with caution and sensitivity.

“I’m vaccinated,” will be the excuse and blame for future sporadic outbreaks and super spreader events.

It will be an interesting Summer as Theme Parks like Disney goes maskless and No Social Distancing. Tourists from around the world may take home more than just souvenirs and photos.

Truth, we won’t see the full real evidence of the effectivity of vaccination this Summer but by late Fall and Winter when the virus is at its most virulent. This is when people have to stay more indoors and frequent Holiday family gatherings are happening.

Those that did their part will be the first one to have their normalcy back.

More than 600,000 dead Americans no longer cause shock reactions. The U.S. can reach its first 1 Million COVID-19 related deaths by early next year. This is not and never normal.

“What doesn’t affect me, doesn’t bother me.” This mindset gave COVID-19 all the time it needed to be what it is now the World over. Until we change, the virus will evolve faster than we are changing. It was created by Science to defy Science. Isn’t it obvious by now?

COVID-19 virus behavior is anything but natural. Who wants to admit they accidentally killed 3.8 Million people around the world?

and MORE LOVE. This is the true challenge with COVID-19 Normalcy.

Hate creates more hate. Victims remember. Victims learn. Victims can fight back and just be as violent as the Attacker.

Harm or be harmed, this is the New World we brought upon ourselves because of the choices we made, but like any other free will choices, we can choose what is good. That is Hope.

The Pandemic made transparent what’s already in the hearts of people.

P.S. Try being nice when someone is just doing their job protocols. Don’t pounce our agitation and anger on our Essential Workers. Go straight to the CEO or Manager’s Office. They make change and miracles happen if they want to. Employees are just ordinary people working hard to make an honest living. Besides, don’t we still need them if another COVID-19 surge happens?

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Lone Bunker by the Sea

A lone Bunker sits strong and proud facing the sea.

It withstood war, storms, even the near apocalypse.

It witnessed many stories but never told a soul.

A year ago , our stories are so different from what it is now. Some we want to remember. Some we want to forget. Some are life lessons. Others we wished fate was kinder. This was taken Summer 2020, a contrast to this year’s Summer in America, land of overflowing COVID-19 vaccines. People don’t even realize how lucky they are as compared to the rest of the world still battling the death, sickness and economic loss of the pandemic. The Sun does not shine equally in other parts of the Globe nor gratitude for its availability.

It doesn’t complain. It’s just quiet, listening, observing, non-judging, too trusting.

Nature gives and gives. No Global Warming and calamities if only it’s recipients gives back.

It welcomes all to share the beauty it sees even if people keep violating it with graffitis and trash.

Alone yet happy and content. Quiet yet rejoicing. Still yet dancing night and day. We don’t know what’s in a person until we try being selfless.

When the Sunset sinks into the sea and darkness takes over, it sits alone again. Non-shaken, fearless, vigilant.

It sees all but never gossips nor reveal secrets.

The Bunker exemplifies resilience against change, time, weather extremes and isolation.

If the Wildflowers can grow blooms this radiantly beautiful without rain and have nothing to protect itself, how much more for those who have something if not everything.

The Bunker embodies control keeping all turmoils hidden within itself so as not to bother others with worries.

It is a concrete proof that courage and vulnerability can thrive and survive.

Summer is time to be where the heart wants to be. So why keep it trapped, contained, imprisoned?

It is cursed to be irresistible drawing passers by to be curious and wander even if a written sign says, “Private Property.

From afar, it looked back longingly. Our eyes met. Our hearts spoke in deafening silence, then tears just kept falling. Relieved or breaking? Both.

It gave countless Happy Summers but only a few remembers to look back and be thankful. Most just take pictures and leave too preoccupied with their camera phones or themselves to even notice the Bunker is asking them to stay a bit longer so it can tell it’s story too.

Most don’t ask the Bunker how it is doing. Most don’t really care what happens or happened to it. The Bunker is marveled yet tragically invincible. It’s pictures has been posted and liked all over social media yet it feels empty, alone, used, insignificant.

Thousands of pictures, what happened to them? Thousands of memories, how come we hardly remember the details or how they felt?

It continues to hope that one day someone will save it.

For now, the lone Bunker sits by the sea heads up, bold heart, still, patient, steadfast. Humans named it The Devil’s Slide Bunker after all.

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Off The Grid Summer

The best Summer is discovering something no one else has. The best adventure is finding something beautiful that is just ours.

Stairway rock summit touches the clouds. We climbed its peak and sat on it for awhile just enjoying the view, the moment, the bonding.

Celebrating our First Days of Summer with the familiar and the favorites.

First adventure destination is just off Carmel towards Big Sur.

It’s off the map. No cell signal. No name. Just an electric post and the coastal mountains as landmarks. It’s the perfect off the grid Summer getaway without being too scary. No 911 access, which adds up to the danger excitement.

Some days we find it. Some days we don’t. Part of our road trip mind set, “We go where we are meant to be.” No expectations. No plans. Spontaneous. Cheap.

I named our family spot Summer because regardless of season, we feel the joys and warmth of Summer with every visit.

If I didn’t make an effort, I wouldn’t have seen how Nature looks from this side of the hiking trail.

This is where we often stop to bring out our folding chairs and eat the juicy flavorful 5-Guys Burger from Sand City.

The pandemic spoiled us with scenic views that restaurants no longer are appealing. We order to go or Door Dash. Not missing indoor dining at all. It’s one Post Covid Lifestyle we plan to keep.

It has lots of tide pools that contains tiny corals, crabs, fish, sea plants, shells and urchins. When the tides are low, it’s a fun place to to discover sea creatures and sea life.

Best Outdoor Aquarium. No lines. No entrance fee. No crowd. No buzzing talking noise. No social discomfort. Just the soothing sound of wind and waves.

One time, I saw a couple dug out several old giant Abalone shells. How they figure out where to find the treasures is still a mystery to me. Shell Tracker maybe?

His dream is to eat Sea Urchin Sashimi he will personally pluck from the sea. So we have the Sashimi kit ready anytime inside the car. Actually, it’s an expired Incision and Drainage procedure tray.

Anywhere you turn, grandeur! It’s 360 degrees of beautiful Nature landscape and ocean views.

At the edge, up close, both Nature’s vision and experience are ruggedly stunning. Here, Alive comes to life. Here, you want to be lost and never come back to the world prior. But it’s unrealistic, so we revisit and recapture the moments as often as possible.

Wild local succulent plants and flowers grows in abundance. How they thrive and flourish is a marvel considering California is in a severe drought.

This succulents are like carpets along coastal California. They come is lemon yellows and dark pinks.

The rock formations and it’s surrounding background are works of Art. Unique and priceless. Hand made by God himself. Like you and me.

Final topping to complete the incredible spectacle, a glowing Golden Sunset guides people on their way home. It’s just Nature’s way of saying, “Thank you and come back soon.”

We got home almost 10 PM because of traffic along highway 17. We didn’t care. We were too happy and thankful to whine.

We find time for what matters. We find time for what makes our heart go, grow and glow. Waiting is not an option, not after everything. Besides, it’s Summer and Summer is all about discovery and rekindling to all that’s happy, fun and relaxing.

Do we notice simple blessings of Nature? Do we stop to enjoy the moments that are unfolding before our eyes? Do we see and feel how vibrant the colors are? We should.

So, claim our adventures. It is ours for the taking. Don’t let this Summer pass without finding the best Summer possible.

I don’t know why many magnificent creations made by God for all has a fence and owned by one person only or by the Government. Wasn’t all these free once? Wasn’t these meant to be shared and experience by everyone? World and Man will never be fair but God and Heaven will be. For now, we enjoy and appreciate the view from afar.

Really, we don’t have to travel far to experience Summer. No need to ride planes and hold our breathe. Just be open. Be creative. Experiment. Listen to what your heart tells you. Surprise yourself and just go where the wind blows. Just don’t get blown over the Cliff. Off the grid means self survival and no rescue.

Stop reading the reviews. We don’t find off the grid adventure there. Just drive, go, stop and discover when we see something interesting.

Happy Summer all from California. Second Summer destination coming soon. For now we enjoy the day and be sunny merry.

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Strawberry Picking Back in California Post Markedly Reduced Covid Pandemic

Signs of normalcy more than a year of COVID-19 Pandemic No-No Rules and Restrictions are back in California.

How do I know that? Well, we can pick strawberries now without masks and with our bare hands. Of course, ideally it’s best to follow the honesty rule. So we assume everyone washed their hands before touching the strawberries and pickers do not cough or sneeze in front of them. We trust each other so well in California. We are that super chill and laid-back.

My wife jumped out of the portable toilet and did not use it. She told me, “There was shit sticking on the toilet paper.” I pretended not to hear it because I was eating the delicious Strawberry Shortcake we bought at the Strawberry Farm.

June 15 is our official Covid-19 Independence Day, though really, we’d been celebrating our freedom and happiness many weeks already.

Memorial Weekend, the official kick-off of Summer was 4 times the social crowd from last year. It’s okay now to enter restaurants without masks. It’s okay now to talk, laugh, even cough out a bit when accidentally choking on food or saliva without masks next to people who are eating, obviously without mask as well.

So, is it really back to normal in California with about 43% of its population fully Covid-19 vaccinated? It appears to be.

At work, it’s back to seeing patients live in person with Covid symptoms. We are using our PPE’s of course, though really, plain surgical mask is fine. No more fears. No more anxiety and dilemma of pointing fingers who takes care of a possibly Covid infected patient. No more worries about new strains. Hospital Covid admissions almost zero. It’s a miracle!

So yes, the more than a year of wearing mask, social distancing and strict lockdowns and semi-lockdowns worked. Scientifically and personal experience, the Covid vaccine works. Herd Immunity is happening which is truly exciting and promising.

Summer will look sunny and bright in California for the first time since last year’s explosive surges, closures and deaths. For the first time, we get to breathe without restrictions and live our lives without fear. That is hope to everyone that we can all win over Covid-19 if we do our part together, or mostly together.

Some States with the least Covid vaccination turnouts and no safety guidelines will sadly and inevitable have intermittent outbreaks when the rest are back to normal particularly next Fall and Winter. The hope and goal however is that one day they too will be able to normally pick strawberries with bare hands and no masks without potentially getting Covid-19 from the sick person next to them or from the sick person who also touched their strawberries.

Well, we chose to wear the mask inside even if we don’t have to. We’re not sure if we’re asymptomatic walkers. We felt it’s the right thing to do.

Back to normal is real. We’ve seen it in some countries already. I’ve seen it myself in my community. However, the normalcy post pandemic world did not happen by accident but was intentional. It required lots of hard work and sacrifice among people willing to do their part and be heroically selfless. It did not happen out of thin air or because the virus just evaporated. Covid-19 like Flu is here to stay all year long. It’s a fact. It’s the normal reality. Everyone has to accept it and move on.

We get what we sow. So, doing what I needed to do this entire entire Covid coaster ride was so worth it. In some places, I can take off my mask and not care if I catch Covid or not.

“I’m vaccinated ,” is my new mantra and reminds me I will be okay. I hear the same from people around me. So I guess, I’m not the only one thinking and believing it.

I’m 95% confident I will not get Covid-19. Better odds to seasonal Flu where Flu vaccine only is 65% effective. And since I never had a Flu in America ever, that makes it now 100% confidence level.

Sorry, there are bits of sarcasm here but sarcasm partly helped me survive the worst of the Covid-19 apocalypse. Besides, Truth and Sarcasm goes hand in hand. They are irresistibly funnier together.

Finally, Covid-19 disappeared Summertime. Thank God and thank you to everyone who made it possible.

Ex-President Trump was correct in one of his earliest Covid announcements, only it happened one year after. It’s cool though that he was able to predict the future. Not everyone has the gift of prophecy.

Did I wash my hands? No, there’s no water and soap in this beach park. Just a public portable toilet. I did use Purell hand sanitizer and wiped it on my shorts. I turned out fine and well. We need some germs to sensitized our body and build immunity. Not a myth.

Whatever, I’m going out this weekend and enjoy my freedom. I earned it after all. I may even do cherry picking. Yes, they are in season too and also you pick however you want it. Fun, fun, fun.

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4 Mile Beach of Anti-Stress

First visit was for me. Second visit was for us. Both, a beautiful thrilling Nature revelation that is special and personal.

Who can ever forget their first time…in everything? Who would have taught second time is just as good and surprising? Here at 4 Mile Beach at Wilder Ranch State Park, it did, at least from my own experience and relationship with Nature.

I took several days off for myself and family. I needed some space from work. My blood pressure has been severely high at work running in the 150’s/100’s and panicked enough to see the Doctor. To my relief, blood pressure dropped to Borderline Normal range of 130’s/80’s. It was Stress Hypertension. I didn’t even know such thing exist and I’m in the Medical Field. Doctor pointed out my HbA1c is pre-Diabetic and I gained 35 lbs since 2016. We discussed what must be done and I totally agree. That day, I made a decision to commit myself on healthier lifestyle changes. Back to low salt, low sugar, low calorie diet and regular exercise. These are the easier challenges.

The hardest of challenges is overcoming work stress. So many uncontrolled, unpredictable variables. Also, I can’t just quit my job and find another that hopefully is better and kinder.

I need to make drastic mindful changes on how to cope with stress and anxiety. I need to change how I react on people’s repetitive selfish, negative or negligent attitude and behavior. I need to care less of what they can hopefully change and care more on what I can do and change. I need to detach my thoughts and feelings from work and just treat it as work. Caring too much is frowned upon. It exposes slackers. It exposes substandard, potentially unsafe work ethics and practices. It exposes questions not meant to be known, answered or challenged. It’s threading towards danger that may not end well for the person trying to do the right thing.

Sometimes it’s better to just close our eyes than fight a system we will never win and only brings us fear, anguish and stress. It’s better to focus the mind, body, heart and spirit on what gives inspiration and is able to reciprocate our true worth.

Family Time, Nature Outdoors and Exercise are part of my major coping mechanism against stress. They calm my nerves. They make me breath easier. They make me happier and take off my mind from what gives me anxiety, sadness, frustration, even anger.

Back to my Father and Son Nature Hike Adventure at 4 Mile Beach. It was everything and beyond I imagined. It was an energizing escape. It was relaxing. It was a fun outdoor exercise with glorious therapeutic views.

It felt good to share with my son what I see and feel visiting this beach. It was nice to discover new experiences with Nature that is just for the two of us.

For a moment, I turned back time. I was a kid again, wide eyed ecstatic, curious, imaginative, weightless. For a moment a get to play, laugh without cares and worries. I forgot about stress. Anxiety got blown by the strong winds. I forgot about the adult world and it’s insane demands and cruelty.

4 miles of being lost in a blissful Nature dream. 4 miles of just me and him.

For a few hours, I felt Human again and not a highly useful, functional Robot for everyone’s use and convenience.

It’s okay to go out there and find our own joy and calmness. It’s okay to value our life and start living healthier, happier. People may not like it. Kindness to self is not something just freely preached or given, but at someone point, we need to brave up and own it.

Sunday, we decided to take a day trip to Big Sur to highlight our Memorial Day Weekend. Waiting for the heavy traffic to end, I told my wife and son, “I’m just so happy today. I don’t know why. May be it’s getting enough good sleep. May be it’s the thought of going outdoors. But we did went out the other day, and it didn’t feel the same.”

God only gives us signs. He never spoils the ending of his story for you and me. It’s what makes our lives a heart pounding suspense.

Take a break from all that breaks you no matter short. Stop ignoring Stress and its long term health effects. It’s a silent killer. Are the source and cause of our Stress really worth dying for?

We only have one life to live. No reruns. It’s exhaustible and fragile. And even if we think we can function like a Robot, we still need rest and restoration. Otherwise, we will burn out or break down sooner than our warranty like all machines do.

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I Need Nature Like I Needed The Sun

Sunday, I felt joy-less and lacking energy. And that’s after 2 cups of coffee and a delicious sugar rush of home baked brioche.

Nature just feels right. It’s instant calmness and contentment the moment I step into its door. It’s a beckon to find my way back to everything that makes me feel whole.

I knew what I was missing. I knew what I needed to feel happy and energized. So, I beg my wife, that we go drive somewhere outdoors. I even threw a little childish passive not talking tantrum because it works every time. Selfish much? May be but can’t really ignore the needs of the heart.

Like Superman needing the Sun to have his super powers back, I needed Nature to power up my inner joy, positivity and energy.

I always wondered why many cars are parked along the highway in this part of the Santa Cruz County. I don’t see anything from the road. After 5 years, I decided to stop and park as well. Now I know why.

I was desperate to feel something before work Monday hits.

Surfers, Soul Searchers, Dreamers, Nature and Beach Lovers are drawn to this beautiful California secluded cove. It’s entirety can’t be captured nor described. Has to be personally experienced.

An hour of being close to the Ocean and rugged Nature was all I needed.

An hour of discovering a new adventure was all it took to revive my heart to beat excitingly. I was smiling and humming on the way back to the car and won’t stop talking driving back home. Wife was so glad I got what I needed. When I’m happy, she’s happy. When she’s happy, I’m happy. I guess compromise and being selfless when needed or asked are the secrets to forever in every relationship.

Alive because I needed to feel it. Nature because I needed it like I needed the Sun.

The older we get and the more complicated life gets, the more we would like to go to places and moments that revives our life force. It is not a want. It’s a need. It’s not a luxury. It’s a vital necessity like air is to sustain life. We should never have to explain or feel guilty for needing them. It is part of who we are.

Summer is almost here. We’ve given up so much because of the Pandemic. It’s time to live as alive as normally as we can. Enjoy because it is our birth right. Explore, discover, experience, remember and celebrate because life has never been more shorter, important, clearer.

We shine happily the moment we follow what our heart needs. It’s not easy to stand out and fight for self. We become a threat, an enemy to Society’s man-made entrapments. Movers and Shakers are frowned upon because they inspire others to step away from control. To question and be different, we need to be ready for difficult challenges but it will be worth it because our freedom and happiness are so worth it.

If there is one important lesson COVID has taught me is that everything is exhaustible and transient not to try being happy…even for an hour.

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Honesty Not The Best Policy With COVID-19 Mask Rules

We’ve seen it. We’ve lived it. Had lots of anxiety because of it. After more than a year with the COVID-19 Pandemic confusion, lying, downplaying, defiance and fighting over the highly Politicized Mask Rules, we know better that Honesty is NOT the best policy when it comes to whether vaccinated people should toss the mask when in public places, particularly indoors.

Racial Hatred skyrocketed this year. Vaccinated People threatened by it will continue to wear the mask with the biggest sunglasses they can find to protect themselves from people, not COVID.

People positive with COVID-19 have knowingly mingled with both the vaccinated and non-vaccinated. Bizarre few even threw parties and placed bets as to who gets infected first. Many however, didn’t have a choice because of threat of hunger and homelessness. Others never cared because they believe it’s a hoax. It has been happening and will happen even more as this is the new normal. These we hardly read in the news because it’s too truthful. Conspiracy theories, scandal lies and negativity brings more viewers and money. Capitalism profited the most during this Pandemic. Suffering and sickness became profitable.

Many of the predictions happened, some worse. Few were off the charts and so unbelievable. For now, we enjoy hope and pray it will last.

Many financially hard up victims, even those in the middle income bracket don’t get a Government stimulus check for staying home every time they get sick with COVID-19. Imagine if they have chronic lingering symptoms and complications. On their own, how are they suppose to survive? So, if both parents has COVID-19, one has to go back to work to feed their family. They do what is needed to cope even if they don’t like it. Work or starve. Work or be homeless. That’s it!

On my first lockdown walk, I can’t believe people near me live on the streets, under over pass and by the river edges. Now it’s more. I threw our old tent one day, then on my way out, saw a homeless cleaned it up so he can have a place of shelter. This is happening in the Silicon Valley, home of the Tech Billionaires.

With the CDC new Mask update, it’s anything goes now mindset. People who does not want to wear the mask will not wear it and those who feel unsafe will. Either way, many will get sick several weeks from now because fact is, many are still not vaccinated and people fully vaccinated may still get COVID-19 though with milder symptoms or none at all. Then there’s the vulnerable population who will remain vulnerable to some degree despite of vaccination.

Indoor places will be challenging in the next few months…honestly. Been inside the mall once since last year, it was a necessity not a want.

My son is still not vaccinated and my top priority is to get him vaccinated but children below 12 won’t be. As the all year long COVID-19 continues to mutate, it is just a matter of when that a new mutation will cause serious sickness and complications to our children. When that happens, we will look back to what we have done and who is accountable. Of course, more fighting and blaming like the usual but we can’t really escape our own conscience when someone we know gets sick or worse, develop complications and die because of what we decided to do.

Health for all, not “I” or “Me” only.

It is a free country, sure. Freedom is important, I understand that truly being big on freedom myself but our choices have consequences. The things we say and do affects us and others. We are responsible and accountable for our words and actions. Leaders and Health Experts even more because we rely on them for answers and guidance but many of them will say what we want to hear. Many are Politicians first, Public servant last. Familiar? Check today’s news, it’s nauseatingly all there.

We can’t revive the dead. We can’t replace the irreplaceable. We can only show our respect and support for the grief of those left behind to pick up the pieces.

Personally, I will do what feels safe for me and my Family. I will do what ensures safety for my patients, co-workers and community.

We will continue to live a life of caution until we know for sure what’s going to happen the rest of 2021. Just because someone declared it’s “all okay now” doesn’t mean it is. Once again, there’s Politics, then there’s genuine honesty.

I choose to follow a rule that is not just about me but of everyone around me.

This is an old picture. Just imagine all dining without masks and that will make it current. Exciting to one group, dreadful to the other. This is our new normal forever!

As for Honesty, we’ll that only works if Honesty is universally real and applies to all.

If people were honest yesterday and today, there will be no permanent closures and loss from the pandemic.

Hey, it’s a free country. We can speak freely our opinions, beliefs and rights, unless that too is a lie and only applies to certain people. Just saying from experience.

Caution is now optional. By June, we will pretend COVID no longer exist and evaporated with the Summer heat. Sarcasm is the best new medicine for sanity and emotional health. Laughter, well if it’s really funny…maybe.

Genuine Honesty happens when people become genuine to themselves first. It doesn’t happen when Bull Shit comes first. Just stating what is already out there.

It happened. Still a wildfire in other countries. May we never forget.

Globally, the Pandemic continues to kill and create havoc and devastation. Globally, people started traveling. That’s great, but we need to remember what made this highly contagious, lethal virus spread so fast in our Country and around the World. Traveling made COVID-19 reach every corner of the Planet.

No place in America is safe. Certain Race even more at risk than ever. Melting pot cities are the worst. The mask is a way to protect ourselves as well as deal with fears and anxiety.

The Fools, the Proud and the Fun-seekers are bound to repeat history. The rest of us are just consequential Collateral Damage.

Congratulations to all and great job for doing what we can. We are part of the final emergency phase of the COVID-19 vaccination (vaccinated, non-vaccinated, placebo). We’ll find soon enough if the number of vaccinated plus the post infected equals Herd Immunity.


Till then, wishing everyone good luck. Stay safe for you and those you love always. It’s a different World out there. People have changed. I’ve changed. COVID-19 has changed. Things will never be the same. We can only learn and live smarter. Now, that is being honest and realistic.

Stay safe. Stay chill.. Follow your heart and try being Happy. Enjoy life the way you want it and not how someone wants you to live it. You are free, never forget.

Peace when we respect each other opinions despite of conflicting differences. No need to throw hate or anger, too unhealthy and draining.

Be invisible, wear the Mask. Be powerful, wear the mask. Stay safe and healthy, wear the mask.

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Magnetic and Fearless Because We Can

There are people in this world that will deliberately go through danger to feel alive. They are fearless in their pursuit to overcome Nature’s most ferocious, deadliest challenges. Daredevils or crazy, they represent the purest form of “I may die adrenaline experience.” They are not bound by fears, rules nor made up dreams of Man and Society. They found a way to beat the vicious cycle and get to live lives of absolute thrill and adventure everyday.

We don’t stop because the moment we do, we’re dead. It’s a way of Living and an Adventurer knows this by heart.

Netflix’s documentary Magnetic share the true stories of people so passionate of what makes them feel alive that they are willing to risk their lives for it. What they do seems insane or mind blowing but to be where they are doing what they do is something to be envied. They are a rare breed in a World of spectators and followers. They get to create, navigate, play and control their own game.

Don’t ask, “Where is the best place to visit?” Be keen to the signs and untraveled places around you. They are everywhere. Be curious. Be open. Have fun making mistakes. They are part of our surprise and adventure.

In many ways, I can relate to their why’s and wish I could be as brave as them. They are a living breathing inspiration of what many only dream but could never do. Their stories are an awakening why so many feel they’d been long dead. Their stories reminds us we have a choice to live differently, passionately. We are not something to be owned, contained or restricted. We don’t have to conform with the Herd. We can go where we are magnetized to see, feel, breathe and live fully. No Borders. No Tyrants. No Oppressors. No Bullies. No Dream Crashers.

Find time to notice and capture moments just the way you want it.

Today, I go with the flow so hopefully tomorrow I get to create and follow my own flow. If it doesn’t happen, then I will do what I always do to stay unnoticed. I will continue to pretend that everything is all okay and “No Worries,” response does not annoy me for its fakeness. This is what the Bosses and the Herd wants us to respond. So I give it to them with convincing performance. It’s non-threatening. It does not stir rebellion no shake things up.

It’s easy to loose sight of who we are and where we want to go. It’s easy to blown away by something stronger, but it’s also possible to win with less.

The Walking Dead can smell the Good, the Optimist and the Dreamers. The moment they sense decay has been replaced by life and hope, they will attack and devour insatiably, mercilessly. It’s all over the news but many are so apathetic to care or just blinded with self absorption.

Between them and Happiness is you.

Some fall off on their way towards their passion because they lost so much of themselves and carried so much of the baggage others forced them to carry. Others learned to fight back and get to live enjoying the joys of their Passions.

Weekends and Days Off excites me because of their possibilities. Goal is to make that everyday.

We are drawn into something but until we try, we will always wonder and wander aimlessly.

I want to feel like I’m actually touching what I see. I want to see like the colors are really alive, dancing, celebrating. I don’t want to wait anymore. I want to have some control of time by making things happen in my present moment.

We think Nature is the magnet but have we ask ourselves if we are the magnet and Nature is simply being pulled to what our heart wants?

Alive is a commitment to ourselves to be exactly what it means.

Magnetic because we can. Magnetic because we are.

Had seconds to take this picture before my shoes gets tossed by the wind. Yep, that windy on this highest point by a random cliff at Big Sur.

Fearless because the best, wildest adventures has its risks and dangers.

I didn’t notice he followed me. My adventures has been more awesome lately because I get to share and live it with him.

Until the right time and opportunity comes along, we go back to the Herd and back to pretending. Remember, be invincible and don’t draw too much attention.

Believe and try. Adventures will start flowing thereafter naturally. I promise…

Are we Doers or Spectators? Magnets or Repellants? Magnetic or Living Dead?

Questions may not be comfortable but it may just wake us up to live meaningfully, incredibly.

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Happiness Definition

We shouldn’t have to ask people we love to choose between Family and Self when they tell us what makes them happy. It can be both. If that’s an impossibility, then no one will be completely happy. Everyone loses. No amount of pretending and substitution will fill the void when someone irreplaceable leaves.

Happiness and contentment, so near yet so far. Simple yet complicated. Free yet never enough nor easily accessed. If I can define Happiness, it will look and feel like this picture captured by my iPhone camera. Happiness however, can’t truly be defined in words until we experience it ourselves. Happiness constantly changes, comes and goes like the Seasons. No one owns it nor can contain it, not even the richest person in this Planet. Big Sur, CA 2021.

Observing the people around me, I see different faces doing both similar and different things in search for the same, Happiness.

We travel. We take road trips. We love spending time at the beach Summer or not. Why? We may come up with many answers but can be summed up into one word, Happiness. Natural Bridge, Santa Cruz, May 2021.

It’s easy to be numb. It’s easy to lose sight of self and be swept in with the seemingly never ending demands of work and people. It’s easy to feel nothing. Even easier to get hurt, feel sad, angry or frustrated. So we do what we do to see and feel Happiness. It doesn’t matter if it’s swift and fleeting. It doesn’t matter if we are to lose it as soon as we find it. What matters is we get to have it again and again. Like air to survive, the heart needs it to know it’s still alive. Like an addicting drug, we crave its euphoric effects and go into bad withdrawals when we run out of it.

I go to places both familiar and new. I hike on top and edges some consider dangerous. People call them adventure. I always thought it was just a way to cope and survive. End of Laguna Beach, May 2021.

A life without Happiness is not living at all. This is true for every Human being. Acknowledging this truth sets apart the Contented and the Miserable, the Pessimist and the Dreamers. No one is better than the other. Happiness is not a competition. It’s not about who gets the most. It’s personal. It’s unique. It’s genuine. It’s natural.

All of whats left of the Mermaid was her tail because everything else were taken away piece by piece. She was too trusting, generous and selfless she forgot she needed to love and protect herself too. Our stories are not that different from hers. Siren’s Cove, 2021.

The need and search for Happiness will cease to exist only when we are dead. I don’t think it’s overrated nor an exaggeration. It’s a basic right and freedom for all. Everyone deserves to enjoy it, rich, poor, middle income, ordinary, famous, the forgotten, friends and enemies.

Birds fly because they can. So why can’t we? Nothing to do with having wings.

Happiness yesterday was a family road trip. Today, a walk at a Rose Garden Park. Both beautiful but the Happiness didn’t feel the same. I guess, the heart has preference or maybe the moment just didn’t feel right because I didn’t get much sleep. Whatever the reason, Happiness took more effort and I’m still craving for it. Oh well, Happiness reset begins again tomorrow. Perhaps it will feel just right.

We are beautiful because we are happy and free. The moment they are taken away, we fade, wither and eventually die from within. Many are alive but don’t feel that they are. Once they were beautiful too. Can be again if our love is bigger than our pride and anger.

“The greatest of them all is Love.”

Mom, know you are missed, loved, thought of and appreciated everyday. Happiness will never be complete without you. If you see me smiling in those old social media pictures, it’s for the world. Was never real. Know I am still your Son, that never changed, only silenced with lies. Just thinking of you now made me happier and that is a luxury not a normalcy like it used to be. My heart smiles both with joy and sadness. Still haven’t accepted the fact that this is the definition of our Happiness forced by people and circumstances. May my deep Love, Longing and Prayers find you. May it be more powerful than the scars and the Demons. We may not get our Happy Ending on Earth, but perhaps in Heaven we will find our forever Happily Ever After.

2015, a dream came true in California. I was so happy but there was still a void because of someone irreplaceable. People assume I am okay because I smile a lot and make people laugh or make their day better. A person can still give happiness to others and still not having it themselves because it’s their nature to keep giving while supply last. Especially close to the Ocean, I often catch myself dreaming, hoping that everything the heart wished for will find her. Point Lobos, Monterey 5 years ago.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. May Happiness finds you. May Happiness finds us. I Love You Always.

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River Inn Big Sur

Old town charm, new exciting Nature adventure discovery. This is what to me describes River Inn Big Sur.

The secret to its magic is to come closer and just be lost in the moments that follows.

Few images pop up in our Google search every time we search for places to stay in Big Sur but it never captured our curiosity until the day we decided to stop by to check what it is that draws travelers here. Lo and behold, we were missing something magical for so long.

Anyhow, never too late to dip our feet in cold river water while drinking apple cider and margarita.

How it feels? Like placing our feet in a bucket of ice water.

Nature so intimate it’s like we’re in a romantic lovebirds spell sipping sweet love potions.

Chill and chilled.

So, next bucket list, stay over night or two. We want to dip our feet in that magical refreshing river water just a bit longer. We did however get to take home a bit of it’s magic, and it made us happy…very happy.

Oops…almost! Slippery river bed and alcohol, not a safe mix but they are so fun together.

Let Nature surprise you this weekend.

Definitely going back for more.

Be curious. Be creative. Give in to the magic, relax and let go.

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Roadtrip To Heaven

School Break Wednesday, we drove to heaven away from people and everything that is negative, angry, depressing, toxic.

It was the perfect family roadtrip. The Sun was out. The Sky so clear. It was just us marveling the glorious view of Big Sur and Carmel as we slowly savored the juiciest, best tasting Cheeseburger in the Planet.

It’s hard to find happiness these days. It is hard to escape from what suffocates the heart and numbs the soul. The news is all about “The Worst,” and it seems to no end. Too much of the bad, the destructive and the greedy. Too much of “All About Me,” instead of the direly needed “All About Us.” The noise and chaos, too deafening.

People would rather destroy the spark than give light a chance for hope, joy, unity, even love.

I wish I can take you all to our piece of heaven but for now, close your eyes and play pretend. Just imagine you’re in the car with me. Be open to see what I see. Be brave to feel what I feel.

Do you see the view outside the car window?

Do you feel the cold ocean breeze touching your face?

Do you feel butterflies in your tummy as the road dipped downwards in a series of narrow, sharp angles? Glorious?

This is our kind of adventure. This is our kind of heaven. It is ours. Never tainted by people, social media nor past circumstances. Never traded for the promises of this World. We travel the exciting unknown where our dream goes.

Roadtrip because life is meant to feel vividly alive.

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Fatal and Tragedy, We’ll Never Know When

Wild Superblooms waving and smiling to drivers to stop on the roadside to celebrate Spring. So we did.

It was a very short hike but it was more than enough to be thankful.

Acrobatic Kite Surfers dancing and flying in hypnotizing synchrony with the tumbling Ocean waves, inviting people to stop and watch a spectacular show for free. So we did.

Some wait, others just do it. Others remember the good, others only think of regrets. Everyone are given the opportunity to change down to their last lifeline. Not everyone uses them wisely.

5 minutes of stop near the road cliff, a very long non-moving traffic happened on both sides of the coastal highway. Emergency siren lights visible from afar, alerting all vehicles to halt. A gut feeling that something bad happened follows.

After 30 minutes of waiting and confusion why fire trucks and police cars haven’t left, a thoughtful driver who turned back told the other drivers, “2-hour wait. Fatal accident.”

Bikers are easy to miss. They sometimes just zoom dangerously close on the side of our car or cut us off but it’s NOT an excuse to loose our focus and not see them nor drive mad on the road. If we are angry or distracted, we stop, take a deep breath and try to calm down. Not worth dying or killing someone accidentally.

No one can explain how, but close to the entrance of Waddell Beach where normally drivers stop or slowdown, a woman driving her car and a man on his motorcycle had a head on collision. The man died on the spot. The woman survived but wounded with guilt, trauma and blame that may haunt her for the rest of her life. It was something unimaginable, dreadful. No one saw it coming.

If I didn’t stop, I wouldn’t have experience this.

We’ll never know when fatal and tragedy strikes. In a split second, a dream can turn into nightmare. Minutes to hours of fun could end with horror and regret.

Her seasonal allergies had been awful this year but she faced discomfort to create a happy memory with me and our son.

Wife the next day after Googling more information about the incident told me, “The time you stopped and took pictures was about the same time the vehicular accident happened.”

I want to see and feel ALIVE so I go repeatedly to places where I can find them with the people that helps me dream them constantly. Sitting on a folding chair at one of my favorite spot in Big Sur, where ALIVE comes to LIFE. Spring Break 2021.

Fatal and tragedy could have been me with my family. Perhaps it wasn’t my time or theirs. Perhaps God was telling me something and giving me another chance to do whatever it is he wants me to accomplish. Perhaps, it was just a coincidence and has nothing to do with my decision to stop and appreciate a moment.

Fatal and tragedy, the when and the how only God knows. We can only pray we have enough time to prepare and say our goodbyes. We can learn from the events that we witness or shrug them off as nothing.

For now, we try to live meaningfully well.

For now, we try to catch as many sunsets and dance with nature and people who matters in a beautiful harmonious surrender.

We can’t afford to miss on life anymore nor ignore it’s signs.

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