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Santorini Travel, Likes versus Experience, Beauty versus Heart

No dispute, it’s one of the most beautiful Instagram picture perfect places. But Santorini has another picture many exclude in their social media posts, the circus-like, out of control mass Tourism hysteria. Something that was happening and harming many major … Continue reading

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Travel and Discover Mykonos, Greece Endless Beaches

I would have dived straight from port to sea but I can’t. I’m with a traveling group. Nobody wants to sit next to someone dripping wet. I could have asked for the bus to stop the moment I saw a … Continue reading

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Dubrovnik, A Travel To Was And Could Be

I remember waking up still dark so I don’t miss its Sunrise. I remember the Sunrise slowly rising above the Adriatic Sea with hymns of Angels in the background. I remember profound peace and calm as the gentle sea breeze … Continue reading

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POO ( Pandemic Officially Over )

CDC, Governments and the News never confirmed it, but just to be clear to everyone, the Pandemic is officially over. We are no longer in a COVID emergency mode. In fact, 911 and ambulances are back in sharing life saving … Continue reading

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Travel to Fort Point National Historic Site

A travel to Fort Point is a travel towards what is valuable. It reminds the importance of simplicity, unity, hard work, genuine sacrifice for Country and love for Fellow Men and Women. Fort Point, its doorway takes us back to … Continue reading

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Photography and Writing

“We don’t have to be a Writer to write. We don’t have to be a Photographer to take photos. All we need are eyes, heart, imagination, bravery, a Blog App and a Camera Phone.” Finding inspiration in the everyday, the … Continue reading

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Wellness Because I Choose To Live

Choosing to live doesn’t mean everything will be okay and we don’t need help. Sometimes things will not work out in our favor and it can get ridiculously tough. Choosing happiness doesn’t mean we won’t have our darkest, loneliest, saddest, … Continue reading

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Tunnel Between Land and Sea

“From where I stood, I can see at the end of the tunnel fertile land with evergreen trees and summertime flowers. Behind me, just several steps away was the Sea, telling me to come back and finish what we’ve started. … Continue reading

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Hidden Grotto at Shark Fin Cove

When the tides are low, a hidden Grotto appears at Shark Fin Cove. I had to crawl on the sand to enter its narrow entrance. A short tunnel leads to the Sea and a World full of imagination. Two rock … Continue reading

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Monkeypox, Real Outbreak Emergency With Non-Emergency Response

Wife texted me a picture of people lining up for the Monkeypox Vaccine, with a message, “Should we line up?” I texted back, “Are you recently intimate or sexually active?” She replied, “No.” I took a sigh of relief and … Continue reading

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Summer of Hot Pink and Turquoise at Pacific Grove

Turquoise greets the first days of our Summer at Pacific Grove. The waters calm and cheerful. Children playing and chasing each other by the Beach. Their joyful laughter fills the air. Adults staring at the Ocean in deep thoughts, quiet, … Continue reading

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Sea and Blog Therapy

News confirmed what was rumored couple of months ago that a Doctor just blocks away was found dead hanging in his own clinic. Finally the truth and message he wanted the World to know was spoken through the bravery of … Continue reading

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