Travel and Discover Mykonos, Greece Endless Beaches

I would have dived straight from port to sea but I can’t. I’m with a traveling group. Nobody wants to sit next to someone dripping wet.

I was seeing this as soon as the ship docked. I would have jumped in but everyone was in a hurry not to miss the bus towards the coastal village.

I could have asked for the bus to stop the moment I saw a beach but I didn’t. We were on a time limited adventure. Sudden detour was not part of everyone else’s planned schedule. Had to go with the flow.

Water from where our bus dropped us off was calling me to take a quick dip, but Wife gave me an update, “We’re all going to a better beach.” I replied, “okay.” My confused excited brain however was silently asking, “Better than this beach?”

I was mostly drooling wide-eyed as I looked at the Mediterranean Sea surrounding Mykonos as our hired van drove us to the “better beach.”

Just as amazing. I wish I tried swimming here before heading back, but instead it became a, “definitely, if I have the chance to come back.” Many “if” goes poof and gone forever.

I should have swam at the first sight of a public beach when we entered the village. Not only was it free, but those swimming in it looked like they were really having a wonderful time. The laughter and high pitched excited voices were pure sound of happiness. But I didn’t. We were heading to supposedly one of the best Beach Resort and Restaurant in Mykonos.

Our tour guide slash driver description of the the place and the beach were correct. Both were stunningly beautiful.

Dazzling Swimming Pool of the Sea.

The water was gorgeous dreamy blue and crystal clear.

We didn’t get to see Mt. Olympus and the Greek Gods, but we get to swim where they swam.

I could see the fishes swimming and nibbling around us. Fishes were trying to check if we were edible or not. It freaked out my Wife, while Son and I were laughing and very much amused. The nibbling tickled, especially at the sensitive armpits, fingers and toes.

Entrance was free but we have to pay for the beach umbrella and lounge chairs. It does come with clean towels and use of amenities.

I laid down at the circular soft cushioned chair to dry up. I almost fell asleep. The Sun’s warmth and Sea Breeze felt so nice.

Resort like pampering without having to stay overnight. Though, I would have chosen another day if it was possible.

We had coffee, drinks and appetizers at the restaurant. Part of the no entrance fee deal is “must sit, order and chill” inside the open concept restaurant and bar. It turned out a good thing.

The food, beverage, service and comfy chairs were great. For a few hours, we get to enjoy and appreciate Mykonos, Greece relaxing and fun beach lifestyle.

We went back to the village to check out the shops.

Beauty in simplicity. A church with faded red dome roof and white rectangular walls.

While Wife and Son checked for souvenirs, I walked around searching for uniquely Greek Architecture and Designs.

Windmill at top background.

“When in Greece, see and experience what’s truly Greek, not just the touristy kind.”

I sat by the harbor. The fishing boats resting before it’s next Sea harvest. Fishing is one of the main livelihood in Mykonos.

“Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream…” Isn’t it?

Fishes were swimming close to the shore, looking for food, or maybe they were just curious who are these strangers from around the World that comes daily to visit their home.

A rusty Anchor was left by its Owner on the shore reminiscing places and adventures it once been. It keeps wondering why its Owner whom it served loyally well for decades took away the boat it loved dearly. It felt used, betrayed and abandoned. It never had a closure. One day, its Owner just tossed it away without a warning nor explanation. Some Visitors relates to its story and would sit next to it quietly listening with sincere empathy.

Waves cooling and massaging your feet was a beach dining experience option.
Sea view everywhere. No waiting. It’s sit where you want.

Travel ain’t complete without trying the local authentic cuisine. We randomly chose the restaurant closest to the entrance/exit. No Yelp review reference. We’re all starving. Nobody wanted to read and discus options. We’re okay with, “surprise me.”

The random choice turned out the right choice. Salparo food from salad to main entries were delicious and fresh. We can distinctly taste the many flavors. The succulence, sweetness and saltiness of the seafood were insane.

Mykonos, Greece endless beaches and adventures are a Beach Lover dream come true. One day is not enough. One day is simply a Cherry on top of an unlimited, all you can enjoy deliciousness.

I had a few more minutes to visually take in Mykonos before we went back to our ship. Few more minutes to take pictures to capture moments and details my overwhelmed eyes may have missed.

Years later, I could still clearly remember the images and experiences that made me the happiest.

Years later, I’m still discovering for the first time details in the photographs that I didn’t notice.

Details may have been forgotten, but no one forgets the entirety of a beautiful moment kept in one’s heart.

“Traveling doesn’t have to be literal. There are so many doors in our memories waiting to be discovered, explored and enjoyed, both the seen and the missed.”

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9 Responses to Travel and Discover Mykonos, Greece Endless Beaches

  1. markbierman says:

    What a beautiful place for a great vacation!


  2. Have been in Mykonos, probably 45 years ago and it’s been back than pretty local. The water all over the greek islands is just so clear and beautiful


  3. Your pictures are stunning. That bright blue water looks so inviting.


  4. You do want to jump off the boat.


  5. Ab says:

    This looked like such a lovely and wonderful trip! Through your vivid descriptions and photos, I felt like you took us on a trip with you and your family. That water looks so refreshing and beautiful and that spread of food, especially that salad and the fried calamari, looks mouthwatering.

    Life is so short and it’s wonderful to enjoy these moments and to think about these memories so vividly all these years later.


  6. restlessjo says:

    Isn’t the water beautiful? I love that shot with the sad anchor. We were there quite briefly a lot of years ago. I loved the red roofs on the churches.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Wow, it doesn’t get any bluer than that. I’m in. What wonderful shots. Hope you’re having a wonderful time. Shots straight out a travel magazine. I especially liked the church photo and the feature photo looking at the village. Amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Thanks for taking me on your lovely day out in Mykonos 🙂 I could feel the warmth of the sunshine and the cool waters.


  9. Tamara Kulish from says:

    What a gorgeous vacation! I want to go!


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