Dubrovnik, A Travel To Was And Could Be

I remember waking up still dark so I don’t miss its Sunrise.

When I needed to hope and believe I can go somewhere, I close my eyes and remember the Sunrises I was given.

I remember the Sunrise slowly rising above the Adriatic Sea with hymns of Angels in the background.

I remember profound peace and calm as the gentle sea breeze caressed my heart.

I remember long stretches of massive stone walls as our boat entered the city.

I remember the golden rays of the Sun bathing layers upon layers of red terracotta-tiled roofs and light limestone bricked houses.

Tourism came in big ships and small boats all day.

It was already busy when we arrived. Early Bird gets to enjoy the walled city for themselves an hour or less from time of opening.

A bridge connects the new world from the old.

We entered the city ready to be surprised, and surprise after surprise it did.

I remember walking its limestone streets and stairs.

I remember the texture and sensation when I ran my fingers on its limestone walls.

By noon, we’re like canned sardines inside the medieval walls. It was hot at 102 degrees Fahrenheit. I was getting dizzy and feeling claustrophobic. It was time to get out and explore the outer city.

Everything was better Summer of 2019. It was the peak of International Travel. Economy was booming. People were living their best lives possible with no idea a deadly Pandemic not seen in 100 years was coming to claim more than 6.5 million lives and ban International Travel for 19 months.

We have reopened. International Travel is back again, only this time on a Skeleton Crew unable to meet travel demands. Thousands of flights were cancelled Summer 2022. Things will be different for awhile. No such thing as instant back to where we left off in 2019. Those times were long gone.The world has changed. People have changed.

I remember my excited heart pounding as I gazed at the cinematic view of the setting for King’s Landing, Game of Thrones.

Till today it feels like it was just a dream. A very happy dream. Photographs are proof to myself that I was here, sitting on the rock cliffs of Dubrovnik wishing everything that made me happy that day didn’t have to end.

No plans, no research readings. No expectations. I trusted spontaneity and adventure to do their best. I got lost a few times and was rewarded with amazing discoveries beyond my imagination. I was Alice in Wonderland.

I remember uncontainable happiness as I looked at its endless sea from the highest point of a Fort.

Sardines, Calamari and Mollusks for Lunch.

I remember enjoying its bountiful catch from the sea bursting in delicious flavors at the pier overlooking grandiosity.

I remember its beaches, blessed with crystal clear waters that refreshes and heals. All aches, tiredness and heat discomfort…gone!

Everyone was having a great fun time at Banje Beach. Several Kids and Young Adults were diving the deeper part of the beach.

The Mediterranean Sea Water felt incredible. First few seconds, it was cold then soothingly nice all throughout our swim.

I remember a getaway paradise that welcomed everyone.

Dreamers, Lovers, Seekers, Travelers, Wanderers, the Lost, the Wounded, the Trap, the Free, the Old, the Young, the Survivors then, the Survivors now…everyone.

Remembering comes easy when they are filled with love and happiness.

There are Summers too beautiful and so alive that years seem like they just happened few days ago.

Dubrovnik, Croatia, Pearl of the Adriatic Sea provides a window of opportunity to go back to a time that felt limitless, charming and irreplaceably special. A time that was. A time that could be, but not exactly.

If I didn’t go, there is nothing to remember.

If there is one thing I learned from my experiences in 2019 is that, never pass nor delay an opportunity because some things have no repeat option . Once they’re gone, they are gone forever.

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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10 Responses to Dubrovnik, A Travel To Was And Could Be

  1. I loved your post and pictures from Dubrovnik. It had brought back to me many memories , as I travelled there when I was a young child, I loved it than and still do.


  2. Your pictures of Dubrovnik are gorgeous. This looks like a wonderful spot to enjoy the refreshing water and beautiful architecture. This makes me want to rewatch Game of Thrones.


  3. markbierman says:

    I can see why you woke up early to catch that sunrise!

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  4. So beautiful!! The city looks magnificent and the color of the water is surreal!

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  5. Ab says:

    What beautiful photos and memories. I was about to say that Dubrovnik was featured on Game of Thrones and you captured it in your post. The old city architecture and that blue Mediterranean water are just stunning. I can see why you remember it so vividly. And that calamari lunch looks just yum!

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  6. Love the pictures. Looks amazing.

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  7. Been to Dubrovnik twice now. It’s a lovely place. Your photos are gorgeous

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  8. An enchanted moment and place to cherish for all time 🙂

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  9. restlessjo says:

    It looks much the same and I remember being wide eyed with wonder too, but it was 40 years ago for me. The loveliest city!

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  10. elvira797mx says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! I went to Dubrovnik, many years ago. It was amazing, beautiful and magical.
    Thank’s for share. Have a lovely Sunday and week ahead!

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