POO ( Pandemic Officially Over )

CDC, Governments and the News never confirmed it, but just to be clear to everyone, the Pandemic is officially over.

We are no longer in a COVID emergency mode. In fact, 911 and ambulances are back in sharing life saving care and attention to all kinds of emergency calls, and COVID is the least of them.

Once there was a Cliff House enjoyed by the Public for 157 years. Less than 1 year of the Pandemic, one of San Francisco’s crown Jewels closed for good. Today it sits alone by the cliff nameless.

COVID is now an ordinary, treatable ambulatory outpatient illness as common as colds and allergies. I should know since COVID makes up at least 10% of my regular daily Patients.

It is time for the Biden administration to end the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. Besides, hardly anyone is observing it anyway.

Going out in public has been safe for months. No more staying behind closed doors and windows. No more living in fear. No more dwelling in what if worries.

Sausalito for my Wife’s 46th Birthday. Nowadays, restaurants don’t really care if we are masked or not as all are welcomed. Being nice and accommodating are cool again. No more COVID related rudeness and outbursts.

Everyone can go on living exactly how they want to live. Masks are no longer something to fight over. It’s voluntary and from what I see, only a few choose to keep them on in heavy crowded public places. Only exception, Schools and Healthcare Facilities.

People genuinely looked happy and excited. I could here laughter almost anywhere. Strangers talk and smile to each other again. Been doing it myself and the reciprocity just wonderful. No more evading. No more looking away to avoid eye contact. No more jumpy paranoia. More are generally being Humane again. Haven’t heard of any Asian targeted hate crimes this Summer.
Tiburon meets Angel Island. We need to Socialize again. Social Distancing was intended when there was no cure nor vaccines. It was mandated to stop the Tsunami of hospitalizations and deaths. We have now an over supply of cure and vaccines that are just expiring. Hospitals are no longer overwhelmed. COVID related deaths are just as common as any other causes of deaths. So, why Social Distancing signs are still posted everywhere? Why in some places Workers are still restricted from gathering and gets a violation warning when caught socializing or celebrating?

No one will be forced anymore to be vaccinated. No one will be threatened and harassed at their jobs because of vaccination status. In fact, Healthcare Employers are inviting back their Staff that they fired or have chosen to resign to protect one’s belief and health.

Employers are welcoming them back with open arms like their former Staff traumatized feelings and financial ordeal did not happen. A huge wow and example how Workers everywhere are perceived and treated. Karmas a Bitch!

Air definitely smells kinder.

Travel anywhere. Enjoy whenever. Have fun and live to the fullest because it’s time to catch up on what we were deprived. We can’t get back what we lost in 2020 and 2021, but we have the rest of 2022 and the Future to gain so much more.

Man playing guitar. People can sing again as loud as they want in Public. Flying saliva no longer concerning. Droplet and Airborne infection suddenly are unthinkable and unheard of. The virus has been very forgettable. When I’m at home or outside work, COVID is nonexistent.

Seek Happiness with vengeance. Toss procrastination and pessimism to the deepest abyss. Be alive however. Move on. Lock the bad stuff and horrors of the Pandemic, including the evil, shitty Politics that took advantage of the Pandemic and People’s Fears.

Pandemic was a war in itself. Many Businesses have lost and closed for good. For those who have not been to Downtown SF post Pandemic, it will be shock and sadness. Many stores near Union Square and towards Westfield Mall, some an entire building, empty and cleared out. Few Tourists in a City dependent on Tourists.

Pandemic Over means that everything else we were angry about are also over. We have to start fresh and leave all excess baggages.

Has Flu ended? Has common Colds ended? Has RSV ended? Has STD ended? Answer to all is NO. Same with COVID. Endemic means always in our midst at manageable levels, but no longer of overwhelming, massively deadly Pandemic proportions. We don’t use the word “end” for living organisms created to survive and thrive.

Pandemic Over also means acceptance that COVID sickness and death will be a normal cause of daily morbidity and mortality forever like any other established causes of sickness and death.

COVID is now a normal cycle of life and death. It’s outcome and events will no longer be a reason to freeze our Country or the World. It is a horrible past that we can learn from.

“Death is certain to all. It will come anytime. The how can be anything. Everyone returns back to face their Maker.”

We need to accept the COVID Fog will always be here. Some days it’s invisible. Some days its mist will surround us for weeks or months. However, we should not fear it again like we did or let it break us apart. We know what it can do, but it also knows what we are capable of doing to control and subdue it. We won, kinda.

Smile and not be weirded out showing our beautiful smile. Be nice and be kind again. Be friendly and be caring again. Be happy and be positive again.

Want to feel better? We turn off all sources of bad news.

Living is back. Freedom and Happiness are in. So, seriously, time for POO ( Pandemic Officially Over ). Hint, hint!

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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13 Responses to POO ( Pandemic Officially Over )

  1. Ab says:

    A very appropriate acronym! 😆

    Three of my dear colleagues got COVID recently for the first time and two of them had it very rough. It’s still no laughing matter.

    Our government recently changed the policy that people no longer have to isolate for five days after testing positive. This is right before school starts and the fall begins. It’s maddening. We are definitely going to see another fall wave.

    I’m all for living life to the fullest but we must surely still proceed with caution – not just for our personal benefit but everyone’s benefit, if we were ever to get out of this neverending pandemic.

    Please take care and stay out of 💩.


  2. I gotta say, it’s been nice to go back to “normal”. Being in some form of lockdown for nearly two years has taken a toll on so many of us and our well-being, especially children and the elderly. It’s all about quality of life rather than quantity of it. Life is too short to spend it in isolation or in fear.


  3. A nice optimistic post! Wish it were all that simple, there is still residual horrors that remain as a reminder from the past, such as our children and their learning setback. Not to mention mental health issues, and like you mentioned, destroyed businesses. 😢 but I, for one, intend to put COVID in the past and move forward! As always, lovely photos!


  4. Jorge Medico says:

    Thanks for the vicarious trip!


  5. It’s great that life is returning to normal and that I can smile freely again 🙂 Here in Los Angeles, we’re still required to mask up when using public transport. The hair salon I go to still requires the mask. Same for my dentist and ophthalmologist. I guess some things will take time.

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  6. Do you think that anyone will declare the Emergency over any time soon? Pharma needs it for their endless boosters.

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    • Finally President Biden did announce pandemic is over, but that’s after the billions again for COVID, monkey pox and the war, while people have to bear the inflated cost of basic needs like food and shelter. It’s messed up.


  7. ganga1996 says:

    I am happy it is over. Personally pandemic did put a step back to so many things for my son. We are still short of staff in so many of the day programs. It is going to take years for what was lost but still a👍.

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    • I agree. There are things that will come back and there are those that won’t as part of change. Pandemic was simply a catalyst to awaken people that they have more control and power over their lives, time with family and what’s important to them. Thank you.

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  8. It would be nice if everyone had the same mentality as you, but there are still some who refuse to invite family members over because they still fear covid. There are people who are still fear mongering and pointing fingers at those who chose not to get vaccinated and to live life. Hopefully such people will become a minority. We can’t change the way people think. But yes, covid is no longer holding us back from living! 😊

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