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Travel and Discover Mykonos, Greece Endless Beaches

I would have dived straight from port to sea but I can’t. I’m with a traveling group. Nobody wants to sit next to someone dripping wet. I could have asked for the bus to stop the moment I saw a … Continue reading

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Dubrovnik, A Travel To Was And Could Be

I remember waking up still dark so I don’t miss its Sunrise. I remember the Sunrise slowly rising above the Adriatic Sea with hymns of Angels in the background. I remember profound peace and calm as the gentle sea breeze … Continue reading

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POO ( Pandemic Officially Over )

CDC, Governments and the News never confirmed it, but just to be clear to everyone, the Pandemic is officially over. We are no longer in a COVID emergency mode. In fact, 911 and ambulances are back in sharing life saving … Continue reading

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