Photography and Writing

“We don’t have to be a Writer to write. We don’t have to be a Photographer to take photos. All we need are eyes, heart, imagination, bravery, a Blog App and a Camera Phone.”

It’s okay to be a part of the view we want to capture. It makes Photography and Writing personal. It is our story after all. It’s okay to be shy too, and there are ways to go around that. Important thing, we have fun with the entire creative process from start to finish. And yes, all that fun our Readers will sense and enjoy.

Finding inspiration in the everyday, the seen, the unnoticed, the popular, the misunderstood, the beautiful and the amazing. These represents the many faces of Life that is reachable and relatable. Connectivity. Authenticity.

Flowers and Brick Steps. There are so many inspirations below our eye level. Another World 2 feet from the ground many People don’t normally notice.

Photography is more than just a hobby. It’s capturing and reliving Life and its best moments. It’s concreteness of what we see as beautiful, interesting, eventful, important. It’s an escape to a visual Oasis.

A place becomes more with curiosity, imagination and passion. It can become a great story. It can be our own great story. Antiquing in Santa Cruz, Summer 2022. The Vintage and Antiques found a new home to continue where their stories have ended. Something old, something new makes a wonderful pair.

What I see, what I feel, I try to capture with my old, cracked iPhone 8 Plus. No need for the iPhone 14 or whatever comes after. Pictures still come out great. The camera more often captures what I want to capture. Then there’s the random surprises and details that I didn’t see but the camera has captured.

I was taking the picture of the flowers, but behind it was a message, “Be Open.”

Great eyes makes great pictures. Great minds makes great stories. Greatness is in all of us. We just need to remember who we are and believe in what we can do, create and accomplish.

Photography is an effective way to take off my mind from stress and sadness. Instant feel good vibes. Quick fix healing. Instant getaway to my Neverland. Therapeutic.

Two Dolphin Fins appeared on our third visit at a Beach Cove by Garrapata State Park, Carmel Valley. Love struck Dolphins or Mother and Young Dolphins? Their stories are yet to be told. I didn’t notice them previously. I was too excited with the Falls that empties at the Beach.

Sometimes I take photos to bring back what’s good, positive, joyful and meaningful. To bring back that loving feeling, and spring to life songs that inspires my heart to keep singing.

Under the Bridge was the hidden Falls whose water reaches the Sea. Had no idea it exist till one day we decided to wander.
The blue waters were glistening and moving in a hypnotizing, circular motion. Something magical was happening. By the Cove, Sirens were singing. Their songs irresistible to those whose Hearts are are meant to love them. One paragraph fictional fantasy story from one photograph. A hundred photographs can create a hundred different stories.

Photography confirms that my dreams that already happened were real.

Photography is my Time Machine when I needed to go back and do the impossible. It is my door to an instant vacation, both the visited and the wishful.

Too beautiful makes me doubt if what I’ve seen was 100% real or I’m being just too imaginative. Disillusionment versus Reality. It’s more common than we think.

Sometimes, Photography is my way to energize. It’s like caffeine. Adrenaline and excitement with all my senses optimal and ready for anything.

Edgy Danger Adventure adds to the thrill of Photography. Cliffs and off the grid spots takes my breathe away. White-sands and blue waters, Garrapata Beach from afar.

Photography Subjects. It’s anything and everything, but my top favorites are Nature, People and Places because they depict real Life circumstances and events. They are the most powerful inspirations when it comes to reflections and writing.

If we want to escape the usual, we leap into what’s incredible and extraordinary. Wife surrounded by Summer wildflowers.
What can be more relaxing than a leisurely walk by the beach? Outdoors, Nature, a Sunny Day are instant mood boosters and topics for writing.

I like capturing images of fun, enjoyment, happiness, motivation, adventure and relaxation. They are my Hope. They are part of my Wellness Journey. They are my Dreams. Hopeless Dreamer? I don’t care. I am what I am.

Absolute Freedom to make our own adventure anytime, anywhere, that’s the dream. Some days, we get lucky enough to experience them for several hours. Surfers by Roosevelt Beach, Halfmoon Bay. California is full of Dreamers. It takes one to know one.

I also like capturing images that are moving, questioning, honest, heart breaking, unguarded, raw. Images that speaks to my circumstances and experiences. Images that reflects what the body, mind, heart and soul celebrates and endures in the everyday. Images that represents the Universality of all Human situations, conditions and emotions.

We don’t have to walk alone and carry on our shoulders everything. Find room for Friendship. Let go of some of the burdens and accept help when we need it.

Photography is an awakening and a movement that aims to bring change by exposing the lies and truths of our past, our present, our Culture, Society, Government and People in general.

Words and Photographs because so many are still waiting to be awaken and be set free. Stories and Images changes lives. They bring to surface the wrongs that needs to be corrected.

Writing is putting into words our own Life experiences. It’s having the courage to share both what’s great and what sucks. It’s honesty and self acceptance. It’s telling the World we are okay being imperfect and flawed.

Fantasy or Real. The American Dream has been presented like we are in Disneyland and all our dreams will come true. It is not. It has both the good and the bad side like any other Country. It has both beauty and ugliness, joy and pain, pride and shame, kindness and meanness, winnings and failures. It is not overflowing with free milk and honey. We work hard so we can buy milk and honey at the grocery.

Writing almost always just flows from what was already seen, experienced and taken as photographs.

Not all dreams will turn out right. Not all dreams equates happiness and success. Some will have theirs, some won’t. Some will sink and disappear into the Ocean, some will rise above and be visible across the sky.

Writing as a Well-being Therapy Tool

Writing is my own personalized, convenient, free and 24/7 Mental and Emotional Health Therapist, without the awkwardness, shame, judgment and fear.

Writing comes easy when we write what we love.

Writing has become my very good Friend that listens and understands exactly how I wanted to be listened and understood. Complete trust.

Memory alone can’t be trusted to always remember the beautiful and the happiest moments in our lives. So, Photography and Writing became a way to keep them available and almost immortal.

So, go on. Write what comes to mind and heart fearless. Take as many pictures as you need. The rest will flow generously, naturally because you are the Master of your own stories, hopes and dreams as it always been from the beginning.

About Island Traveler

Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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39 Responses to Photography and Writing

  1. Shridhara Gangaraju says:

    Such a Great shots! Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Now the UK govt. is telling pregnant women not to take any vaxxes and telling vaccinated mothers not to breastfeed.

    Sorry pharma sons of bitches and Fauci and all the three letter public health agencies. Oh, and social media giants for censoring skeptics talking about all this eighteen months ago.

    There is a reckoning coming.


  3. Interesting and amazing blog post here. Really love the way you shared the similarities of writing and photography!! I agree all you need us an inspiration and this applies in all aspects of life be it work, family, health and hobbies just be inspired by something that enables you to start right away!

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  4. Indeed great eyes make great pictures and great minds make great stories….. you summarized that so well and yourself are a great example

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  5. shutterupstudiobd says:

    Thanks for valuable article. I do Photography In Bangladesh. If you want, you can see my works

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  6. Phil Harper looked at the claim that vaccines reduce hospitalizations, but found that that focus twisted the data. The Pfizer data shows 4 hospitalizations due to covid in the placebo arm, but 1 hospitalization due to covid + 3 serious adverse events (hospitalizations likely due to vaccines) in the vaccine arm.

    So the notion that vaccines reduce risk of hospitalization is utter nonsense from the Pfizer data.

    Notice how the focus was put on “hospitalization due to covid” instead of looking at all-cause hospitalization.

    Public health liars. They lied about vaccines out the ying yang.


  7. allaboutproductivity says:

    What lovely photos. Loved this. Thanks for sharing!

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  9. Thinkerlogy says:

    Thank you, for sharing your post. With beautiful pictures and meaningful words. 🙏😊

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  10. What a beautiful collection of photographs and a great way to reflect on why you take pictures and write about your thoughts and experiences.

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  11. Wow. These pictures are incredible.

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  12. I love this….thanks for sharing 👍

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  13. Nice pics. It’s an important reminder not to focus too much on the gear we’re using, and instead focus on honing our craft. It used to be that only people with DSLRs could take nice photos, but now, even mobile does a good job if we have a good eye. Thanks for sharing!

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  14. Ab says:

    Thank you for sharing such lovely photos and your passionate reflections on why you write and share photos.

    One thing I enjoy about the blogging journey and community is – other than therapy for myself – is seeing how others choose to share and express themselves.

    I enjoy your updates as they are so personal, honest and I feel like I am visiting a beautiful part of the world that otherwise would not have access to.

    Take care! 🙏

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    • Thanks Ab. Yes, I too enjoy and appreciate the Blog Community because it allows me to see how others choose to share and express themselves. More than ever, People need a way to express what they can not normally say, do, even feel in certain places, situations and people. To be truly free, to be near happiness and inner peace, what we think and feel needs to come out freely, naturally without fear, anxiety, shame, judgment and worry. And blogging is like that trusted, understanding Friend will to accept and allow us to be our truest self.

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  15. Thanks for sharing your “good, positive, joyful and meaningful” reflections on what photography means to you. Your photos are alive with sunlight. I can feel the warmth on my skin.

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  16. Both I am good at. Thank you 😊🙏

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  17. Ruth says:

    You’re so right

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