Wellness Because I Choose To Live

Choosing to live doesn’t mean everything will be okay and we don’t need help. Sometimes things will not work out in our favor and it can get ridiculously tough.

Son and I went for a walk at the beach. At one point, there was a strong stench of death and decay. We saw a few dead birds rotting. I told my Son, “Death happens to all as certain as Life happens when we are born to live.” He nodded his head and replied, “Yep.”

Choosing happiness doesn’t mean we won’t have our darkest, loneliest, saddest, colorless of days in between our good days. Sometimes, bad days just happens and we need to navigate our way through it and start fresh the next day moving forward. Sometimes, we still get depressed even if we are fighting with all our will and strength to be happy.

The last time I met the Lone Cypress, I was alone in solitude. The second time, I was hiking with my Son, having our last Father and Son adventure before school starts. Over all, we had a great Summer, not because we travelled somewhere nice but because we found time, interests and moments to build new happy Family memories.

Choosing calmness and peace does not mean we won’t get angry, anxious, hurt, frustrated, irritated, and disappointed. It is not an exemption from madness, hell, storms and chaos. It’s not an excuse from losing our cool and submit to transient craziness. It’s stillness and serenity while standing in the eye of a tornado. It’s resilience to the strong winds of life and destiny.

Nature calms me. My Son calms me. Love calms me.

I choose to keep going but it does not keep me safe from falling and failing. It is not a guarantee that I won’t give up some of my challenges that have become too much to carry. It doesn’t spare me from losing some of my battles. But I can also win, and sometimes it’s one winning after the other like God just decided to pour his rain of blessings on me.

The easy route or the fun route? Either. What’s important is we get to experience the journey in all its wonder and magnificence.

I choose to dream and hope, even if literally they are taken away from me in broad day light. House, car, Friends, Family, nice expensive things, name it. I lost so many I stop being shocked or surprised. They simply became unfortunate Life Lessons, and I’m okay with that. Mistakes are inevitable. I will just make new dreams and hopes that may successfully stay with me for a much longer time.

Try, try, try, that’s all we can do till something hits big and right.

A pattern formed at the bottom of a Sand Dollar. Is it a symbol of life and hope? Or is it a sign of disease and death? How we interpret the signs around us influence the outcome of things.

I choose to be better for myself and my Family but it doesn’t stop the circumstances and stresses of life from testing, teasing, triggering and targeting. Life does not settle to one comfort zone or situation. Life constantly changes like Sunrise and Sunset, Night and Day.

Fountain of Life and Happiness if we believe so. Great Life, Good Life, Awesome Life, Happy Life, they are real if we truly think and feel that they are real.

I choose to not take things personally and care less of People’s attitude and behavior, but that doesn’t mean I’m free from their abuse, toxicity, drama and negativity. There are People I can’t avoid, so I choose to control how I react and respond towards them. However, not a guarantee that all times will be smooth. Emotions can be tricky and unpredictable depending on how powerful are the triggers.

Is “I don’t care” the answer? Is there a difference between uncaring and caring less, care free and careless? Detachment or suppression? Distance or repression? Running away or shutting down? Visibility or off the grid nowhere to be found? No wrong answers and choices, just what works the best for the Person in a serious crossroad of Life.

“I choose to live,” is more than just about existence. It is about meaning , purpose, happiness, of success to what we consider as important and valuable. It’s about being surrounded by Friends and Family that understands and gives love unconditionally. Friends and Family that are willing to sacrifice to keep us safe and thriving.

We stand strong. We stand proud. United in Diversity. United in Adversity. We are the Feathers free and fortunate to fly anywhere we want.

August is National Wellness Month. May we find time to celebrate ourselves and all that we treasure as important. May we find time to show our appreciation to the People who extended their hands so we can rise up and have better wings to soar.

Take care of yourself as generously as you’ve taken care of others all these years.

“Be radiantly visible. Be irreplaceably valuable. Be whoever your Heart hope and dream.”

About Island Traveler

Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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26 Responses to Wellness Because I Choose To Live

  1. Ana Daksina says:

    Absolutely beautiful 👏👏👏

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  2. Janet Alcorn says:

    Lovely post, lovely photos. I especially appreciate you pointing out that deciding to be happy and peaceful doesn’t make us immune to negative feelings or experiences. It’s OK to feel what we feel.

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  3. Ab says:

    Happy National Wellness Month! I’m glad to see you are taking some time with your family to recharge in nature. Is this your week of vacation or had school started this week for your son?

    I agree with everything you said. Life is worth living because of the joys and fun we have along the way but it is also filled with ups and downs – and despite those, it’s worth celebrating the moments.

    Your determination and resiliency are always an inspiration. Take good care!

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    • Thank you Ab. The days flew by and as always never enough. I am grateful however. It was nice to bond and make new happy memories. Plus I get to escape and detach from work which is always refreshing and relaxing. Younger it was all about Work and making more money, older it’s about self and family and just being happy and at peace from within. I wish I understood self care and self love sooner and the priceless times with family. Work should be a means to have the resources to enjoy what we love and not work taking us away from those we love. Take care.

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  4. mic says:


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  5. I couldn’t agree more. I like to think that we need to have some bad days once in a while to appreciate the good ones. And yes, all we can do is to keep trying and to cherish our time with our family and friends. Life is short, so we might as well make the most of it and try to live each day to the fullest. It’s also important to take time for ourselves and focus on our own well-being.

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  6. elvira797mx says:

    Wow! Wow! Wonderful! Amazing photos! Love it! Thank’s for share.

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  7. cindy knoke says:

    Beautiful captures! Love the sand dollar.

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  8. So beautifully expressed. I was with you for every lesson learned along the way.

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    • Thank you. I grew up when wellness was not a thing, nor stress and mental health. It was more of we suffer for others and family because it’s the noble, kind, expected thing to do. So wrong in many levels and it took for me for me to experience the worst to fight for self care and self love, hopeful to gain back who I was. When damage is done, when harm becomes scars, it takes a lot of time, healing and patience to be whole again. My hope is by sharing what I went through , others can learn from it and not have to experience a similar severity. Mental and Emotional is very important as our body, present and future depends on it. Everyone deserves their happiness no matter short and should never have to suffer because of it.

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    • sharzuex says:

      Totally agree on this. Very nicely written article.

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  9. “Transient craziness.” Yes, this is indeed a real thing. Thank you the wake up call. We can and will fail, even when we do our best not to. Such is the human condition.

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    • Very true my Friend. Even Jesus showed frustrations and anger during his time because of how some human think and behave and how overall, things are transiently crazy. But the good news, we have choices to do what’s best for our own personal sanity and goodness. I believe we do need to take care of ourselves first so we can take care of others effectively. In all, is God is great and that is inspiration everyday. Take care.


  10. Will health professionals ever see thru the lies about covid vaccine safety?

    German insurance company hints at millions of claims for vaccine injuries.


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    • Thanks for the feedback. This summer vaccines in general are back to by choice or optional. Healthcare care facilities still ask the COVID and monkey screening questions though honestly I’m tired of hearing it as it delays patient care as easy as 5 minutes instead of going straight to the reason for visit.Pandemic is officially over, and covid and is now like any respiratory infections, just everyday and not seasonal. Hospitals are seeing the same admission trend, just from my clinical observation. I don’t believe the news anymore. What I see and experience are the truths. Besides, news are too negative like nothing is good anymore in this world which is another lie.

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