Sea and Blog Therapy

News confirmed what was rumored couple of months ago that a Doctor just blocks away was found dead hanging in his own clinic. Finally the truth and message he wanted the World to know was spoken through the bravery of his Colleagues who came together to speak out even if it means possibly losing their jobs.

The kind, highly respected Doctor committed Suicide, hoping it would be the first and last in the Medical and Patient Community. He loved them so much he sacrificed his own life, so hopefully they get to keep theirs and survive.

Truth or Fiction? For the guilty and the uncaring, it’s fake news. For the Victims and those who can relate, it just another story they have lived or still living.

The Sea sees and accepts my every wound, and is never afraid to discover what each wound represents. It doesn’t judge the scabs and the scars nor find them disgusting. It doesn’t pick and choose what’s easy. The Sea embraces with kindness until I’m good, ready and okay. How many does that for me and you in the World of People? I can count with my fingers.

Apathy is easy. It doesn’t cause discomfort. Empathy is inconvenient. It makes us feel and care of issues and problems other than our own. It makes us selfless and vulnerable. Something, many struggle to hide to appear strong, confident, powerful among the Wolves and the Serpents. Why?

Life is happier and simpler at the Beach. Even for an hour, I try to pass by our favorite Nature and Beach escapes when doing our Family errands and activities. A quick hike by Davenport after renewing my Son’s Passport and lunch. I try to give everyone what makes them happy, and that includes myself. Compromise and Creativity. There is always time if we find space, chances and moments for it.

What Doctors, Experts and Medicine can’t fix, the Seas can heal and make whole.

What the World can’t revive, meaningful Summers can bring back to life.

A Vacation is more than just a Vacation. A Roadtrip is more than just driving to a bucket list destination. A Travel has a deeper, more important purpose. An Adventure is not always about new discoveries . They are self prescribed Therapies that works. Refills, unlimited. Directions, as often as needed. They are safe with no side effects.

I worked the night before and have to wake early the next day for my Son’s appointment. By noon, I had to stop, close my eyes and take a short nap by Natural Bridge. I woke up hearing my own snore and the waves. The heart is so eager to volunteer, but eyes are shutting down because mind and body needed to sleep. I keep forgetting I am not the same person 20 years ago. Forgetfulness has been more common with stress and aging.

Stress, Anxiety, Anger and Depression or SAAD are the major emotional and mental health problems many People suffer. Some are aware of them and found ways to cope and overcome. Some are in a constant battle of acceptance and denial that they need help in dealing with their Mental Health. Others have suppressed their SAAD so deep they seem not to exist until they suddenly combust into a terrifying emotional and mental breakdown.

There’s a special entrance to every Beach that takes me alone to where I needed to be. Once I’m in it, nothing else matters and all the noise and aches disappears. I thought I’d seen all of Rodeo Beach before, I was wrong on my third visit.

I don’t have a super remedy but I do know what improves my SAAD. When my day is grey, colorless or angry red, my quick fix is a short but intense Sea Therapy.

I can see what I normally don’t by the Sea.

When I’ve forgotten what the Sun, positivity, happiness and love feels like, its quick escape and getaway to my Seas and Summers for immediate relief and restoration.

I was here few Summers ago, and it looked different. I was different. In both, I was in awe of how beautiful and alive everything was. The connection, instantaneous. The happiness, so simple and generous. I didn’t have to beg or ask.

I like to hike where I’m lost and unfamiliar. It’s only then that I know I am at a safe distance from everything that I’m trying to run away from.

We shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting a World where our heart, mind and soul are the center of the Universe. It’s not selfishness nor a crazy idea. Those who tell us it’s selfish are the selfish.

We shouldn’t feel ashamed for asking help and time to be with our own selves. It’s not being self centered or wasteful to want moments where we are our happiest. It’s not selfish to want peace, healing and self preservation. Cycle of abuse has to stop, so why not sooner, if not now?

Advocate for yourself because no one else will advocate for you exactly the way you wanted to be advocated. Be fearless for yourself. Be strong for yourself. Be the best for yourself.

The Sleeping Bear of Rodeo Beach. It looked very peaceful. It looked very friendly. So, I proceeded to hike towards it both following a tiny patch of road and just making new ones.

Everyday, we give and give. Everyday many of our stored goodness, light, joy and energy we freely share to others. Some days more that we have prepared, so we feel drained and exhausted. They do not replenish automatically. They need time, generosity to self and lots of rest to fill up and be ready for the next day or the next week.

I walked carefully, quietly as not to wake up the Sleeping Bear. I was able to stand by the shore just several meters away from it. It was beautiful. The Beach Cove was so undisturbed and oblivious to what’s going on to rest of the World.

We have our ways of refueling. We have our ways of doing what we love from Sunrise to Sunset without running dry. However small, they all are important. So, whatever therapy that brings back that loving, joyful feeling, we invest and immerse in them fully, as often as necessary.

Just because Weekend and Summers have ended doesn’t mean loving ourselves and Self Care have to end. You, Me, We and all that we feel as important needs to stay alive and well day after day, year after year. We need to fight for the sacrifices of those who lost the battle. We need to have their stories and messages known, otherwise their demise will just be in vain, and Darkness once again wins.

We can’t keep disappearing. We can keep being washed off by the bigger, scarier waves. We can stay firmly grounded to all that we consider dear and valuable.

I will survive. You will survive. We will survive. Together, we are more than the songs we sing when trying to stay afloat.

Real Story or Fiction? Horror Fantasy Writing or Biography? Does it matter when the message to care has reached its Audiences and Readers?

There are so many footsteps. Not all of them can be washed away. Some remains long enough for People to discovery them. Their stories and messages will not be forgotten. Not everyone is uncaring.

Why do we Blog? What is our purpose? Whose truth and story are we sharing?

Is Blogging a Therapy in itself? Are our Readers the Family, Friends, Job Workers and Superiors we longed to have that understands, connect and act with urgency and kindness?

Be brave for yourself because storms and dangers are just as normal as the clear, calm, sunny blue skies.

“I write what I can’t say. I blog what feels too much no words and sound comes out of my mouth. Writing has been my expression. A message in every post that hope is real. It’s my way of facing my Monsters and Bullies without fear, and letting others know they too can do the same.”

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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43 Responses to Sea and Blog Therapy

  1. Francochuks says:

    Cool photos ❤️

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  2. Your vivid descriptions and photos made me smell the salty sea air again! Have a great day!

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  3. I would like to throw my two cents in, hoping no one is offended. I do not think people who succumb to their feelings and thoughts and cause themselves to leave the company of the world too early as weak. Your mind can ultimately cause you to break when it provides no relief or rest for those afflicted. Ultimately, in this world we have too much heartache and too much pain to stay in it forever. Myself, I find a great amount of comfort in my faith in God. Of all the things in the world that makes us suicidal, the fear of the unknown is the worst. What is gonna happen tomorrow? How about the next day? Are we all gonna meet an end where nuclear war has won and we all lost? See, God says I am the same yesterday, today, and forever. While people are getting vamped for a full scale anxiety attack each day over something, I pray. To some I may look silly. To others, I may very well be the smartest man on the planet. This is the end result, however, I am comforted and at peace with my God of faith. So, I believe in God. That’s my fix. Unfortunately, not everyone even makes the attempt to give Him a chance.
    Marvin Cox

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    • Thanks Marvin. Exactly what I needed to read. Honestly, God is closer or feels closer when things are hard and difficult. It’s when I’m lost when I easily find him through everything around me. I think Mental Health is one the challenges people have to face and walk with God. He is after all our great healer.


  4. I’m so sorry about Your doctor friend. This is such a sweet post. So full of Love. I agree with You…..the sea is the one place I can go where I KNOW I will feel better…particularly if I am able to take a dunk in the water….it’s uncanny, magical and completely healing. Thank You. Sending You and Yours much Love. 🤗❤️🙏🏼

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    • Thank you. I appreciate the kindness and thoughtfulness. More than ever, people are suffering mental health, from friends, family to co-workers. It is the most ignored and misunderstood health crisis and sadly, people who can’t find help nor compassion have to end their lives. There is so much anger, stress, unhappiness post COVID and many don’t get to find their therapy or people that understands what they go through. Employers are simply putting a bandaid so they don’t come out inhuman and indifferent. Employers are not our friends when it comes to personal happiness versus profit and capitalism. Take care. ♥️🙏

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      • Oh gosh. It’s so my pleasure. I’ve had personal experience both with mental illness and suicide….so can truly empathise. It is SOOOO misunderstood, underestimated, unfairly judged and passed off and as You say, misunderstood and ignored. PLEASE forgive me if this is out of line, but I have a page on my blog called “free joyful-heart tools”. There are some SERIOUSLY helpful tools and resources listed there, including some EFT info, links to free resources and some videos. You may already know this, but EFT is used to help veterans with severe PTSD. It’s beyond helpful. Anyway….my heart goes out to You and pretty much everyone on the planet. These are such hard times and we need to be there for one another. And Thank You! You take care too!!! 🤗🙏🏼❤️

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        • Blessed and thankful for your generous support and very helpful information. I will check it out. Thank you for being honest and brave sharing your own personal experience. It is more than ever important that people experiencing mental health problems reach out and help each other find joy, light, love and hope. I believe that it takes someone to experience what we experience to fully relate and be sensitive to what’s really going in our body, mind, heart and soul. Mental Health is still being poorly addressed, if not ignored in many communities and work places. And sadly, many of our Friends and Family don’t get it at all, or refuse to accept they could even be the triggers of stress, toxicity and distress of others. Personally, I already know what and who created my nightmares, anxiety, sadness, depression, severe stress. I can’t really escape them, I can only modify how I react around them. I’m trying to be mindful of my own personal comfort so the injury and trauma stops. I have learned to say no. I have learned to stay away, step back, even kind of disappear so I can focus on healing and wholeness. Thank you.

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  5. I couldn’t agree more about the importance of self care and taking the time for yourself. It’s amazing how spending time in nature can be so therapeutic. I can see why you head to the sea to recharge, refuel and relax. The scenery looks lovely. I find being out in nature helps put life into perspective.

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  6. markbierman says:

    I’ve lost 6 of my coworkers to suicide over the years, so I can appreciate the importance of listening and empathy. It’s such a tragedy that leaves many wondering if they could have done something. I agree with you about the healing power of nature and I think it goes back to the fact that it’s where we are meant to be. Great and eye opening post. Thank you for sharing.

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    • Sorry to hear about your coworkers. That is a tragic loss. I didn’t realize how prevalent mental health is at work until everyone was honest and brave to admit and share what they are going through concerning unhappiness and traumatic stress because of work and management. It’s a serious problem being treated superficially. Last night, a coworker asked me if it’s only her not happy and restless about going back to the same job and workplace. And me and the other coworker told her, “you’re not the only one.” It is however a big help and comfort to find people going through the same that understands, otherwise, the world just get more smaller and unfriendly to those already struggling survive the demands of work and society. Thank you for the share and encouragement.


  7. Ab says:

    I am very sorry to hear about the doctor. Sadly it is the only story of its kind emerging from the pandemic and sadly will not be the last, as we enter another wave this fall. Over in my part of the world, hospitals are sounding the alarm that they are on the brink of collapse due to staffing shortages.

    Nature provides such a healing respite for those that make the time to seek it out. I am glad that you do so for yourself and your family because more than ever, self care is a priority.

    I started my summer vacation this week. Three glorious weeks off. It’s been wonderful so far on Day 3! 🙂 Take care and enjoy your summer too!

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    • Thanks Ab. So excited for your Summer vacation. Just to be away from work and stress is very important. Self care of all forms from sleeping , nature immersion, mediation, music, exercise and living right makes an incredible healing in our body, mind, heart, spirit. As for hospitals, unfortunately the alarms will not alarm many people anymore including our government officials. It’s like many just got numb and not worried of the infection consequences. A friend’s mom just died of COVID complications which means it is actively claiming lives daily. We have been seeing a rise in monkey pox too. So by winter, facilities will be the testing left and right COVID, flu, strep and Monkeypox. Work wise, it’s been actually nice and fun dealing with these new normal diseases. There is also a demand for telephone appointments as people sick prefer to stay home and really, it’s a very convenient option. I used telephone appointment myself. Way better than all the prep doing to the doctors office. Stay safe and best of fun my Friend.


  8. Michele Lee says:

    Stunning photos!

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  9. arlene says:

    Hello, nice to see you again here IT. I don’t visit WordPress regularly now. Sometimes, i can’t think what to blog about. Stay well.

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  10. elvira797mx says:

    Wonderful photos! So beautiful, a place full of peace is a treassure.
    Thank’s for share it. Hope you and your beautiful family keep well.

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  11. It’s wonderful that you’ve found your go-to-place to find inner peace. Mine is gardening on the weekends.

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  12. Your sleeping bear at least looks like a sleeping bear. Ours in Michigan doesn’t look like one, if it ever did.

    Your post comes at a good time. I was doubting my choice to leave a good paying job with a toxic environment. I doubt no longer.

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    • Thank you, and I’m glad it confirmed that choosing you and your happiness is the best decision there is. Work nowadays is no longer the work 10 years ago. It is now controlled by the power and money hungry CEO’s, Administration, Board Members and their Umbrella. They don’t care about the regular workers that represent their company. That human connection is gone in many work places. It has become survival of the fittest in a toxic environment. It shouldn’t be.


  13. restlessjo says:

    It’s always a cry from the heart. You have to work too hard, chasing the American dream, which doesn’t seem to be real any more, if it ever was. But America once had ideals, didn’t it? Sad for your doctor friend. All you can do is carry on as you are doing, claiming a life of your own. I wish you well.

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