Irony of the Most Infectious COVID Wave

True or False? Some experts think there could be as many as 1 million new infections every day in the broader US population — 10 times higher than the official count. – CNN

Where’s everyone else? Some places have more crowd. Others, an obvious reminder of lives taken, and hundreds more are being taken everyday. We just stop asking, “Who are they?” The Pandemic did happen and its cause more powerful than ever.

Irony of this year’s most COVID Infection, problematic but not a problem. Public Health Warning but no need for reaction, action and alarm. Numbers are at it’s loudest but has to be kept silent and muted.

Funny, entertaining when it shouldn’t be. Getting sick is never funny, physically and financially. Being in quarantine without pay never entertaining. Not at least for those truly affected by the Pandemic Resurgence. Yes, we’re back from the brief Endemic phase to the longer Pandemic phase that will last till Winter. Seven months to be exact.

Healthcare Providers have been seeing 2-4 weeks in advance the COVID spikes. We could have warn People. We could have saved lives. But that’s not our job. Our job is to shut up and do what we’re told. Warning the community is CEO highest level access and privilege. Ants remain as Ants.

BA.5 is successfully, effectively escaping all Immunity Defenses. COVID Vaccines and the 90-Day Natural Antibody from recent infection doesn’t work in preventing infection and reinfections. Regular Mask barrier no longer provides the same protection as it did before. Reinfection is very high. Chronicity of symptoms like cough, fatigue, exertional shortness of breath are common affecting activities of daily living including work performance. Still not a problem?

Clinically, COVID is now consistently taking 50% or more of all daily urgent appointment slots compared to other Illnesses and Medical Problems. Significance? Non-COVID Patients ends up in the Emergency Room where waiting time is agonizing or they wait another day to be seen. This is normal in a community with an outbreak. COVID sick has to make a Same Day Doctor’s Appointment for medications, work note and PCR confirmation. Make sense when Paxlovid has a strict 5-Day rule to qualify.

It doesn’t matter what the new highly evolved variant is called. What matters is how it affects our personal and social lives in the present and long term.

“Demand for Medical Care and Manpower are disproportionately higher compared to its supply, and the gap and inequality will markedly widen year after year.”

All Hospitals are expected to be prepared and be self sufficient ready for emergency crisis during COVID’s yearly overwhelming months. This is really what normal means for all Healthcare Systems and Providers. There will never be a relief to something that happens daily with predictable outbreaks every 3-4 months round the clock.

COVID dethroned all U.S. top Illnesses to be number 1 among all daily cause of sickness, and number 3 in cause of death. It’s Game Over. Surrendering has been a great relief. No more pressure. No more exhaustion. No more frustration and anger. Peace, Love and COVID always.

People continue to suffer and die. We just stop being aware. No care, no bother. No news, no events. Life appears all good, rosy happy and perfect.

Not fighting and caring about COVID is a freeing breath of fresh air. Could have been a perfect victory towards my comfort and freedom if I don’t have to wear the suffocating mask for 7 hours each day at work.

Upper Respiratory Allergic Reaction to prolong mask usage is not uncommon in Healthcare Settings. Affected Staff almost instantaneously starts to have throat itchiness, hoarseness of voice, followed by several hacking, uncomfortable cough upon wearing of the surgical mask and or N95. There’s also this scary feeling that one’s throat is closing. Drinking lots of water eventually relieves the symptoms. Concerning but not a concern. We learned to live with it, but makes us question of long term plans when our comfort, health and longevity are at stake.

Numbers used to matter, not anymore. It was my first time to swim among the crowd maskless among the most crowded places in San Francisco. I eat as often as I want indoors, not caring of the airborne droplets. I have moved on. Reinfection? If it’s meant to be.

Only 1 out of 10 or more COVID Positives, are being reported to Public Health as Home Antigen Test is replacing the Lab PCR test as the Gold Standard both for Diagnosis Confirmation and getting Anti-COVID medications like Paxlovid.

As for Paxlovid, it’s the hottest trending drug out there. Young and Old are very eager to get it. There is a sudden demand for them when it’s been at the pharmacy shelves for many months. Very interesting because a month ago, it was unpopular and too many media negativity about it. Is there something happening in the dark web that the rest of us don’t know? But yes, Paxlovid should be popular because it is highly effective when taken within 5 days of symptoms onset. I had it myself and it is a miracle of Science for those able to breathe and feel well again within 24 hours of starting the medicine. However, it is not needed for very mild symptoms when side effects outweighs benefits. Please listen to your Doctors and don’t go mad and threatening if they refuse giving you the prescription. Nothing personal. It’s all about Patient Safety, your safety.

If BA.5 is mild, why the sudden demand for a drug that’s been release for public use since December 2021? There are serious COVID long term bodily effects and complications that will make eligibility for Anti-COVID change from “those with risk factors” to “all” who wants it. Transparency about COVID will always remain shady and suspicious which means “no right or wrong answers and choices, everyone is correct, no one is wrong.”

“Even the President took Paxlovid for quick relief and recovery. So will famous Influencers and Celebrities. We may be out of stock peak of Fall-Winter. Faking COVID for Paxlovid Hoarding is happening. There is a second anti-COVID that was emergency approved but can cause cell mutation.”

We eat what we want, drink what we want. The virus does not exist when we are hungry and craving our favorite foods and beverages. Japan Town, Family Tradition 7/16/22.

Most days, we just laugh at work of how COVID has easily became the dominant influence of our everyday life from home to work to community to everywhere and everything. Laugh because it makes the insane reality feel better and acceptable. As President Trump once said, “It is what it is.” Now, I understand what those words really meant. Only, it took more than 2 years to be personally relevant.

By the way, I honestly miss the Guy’s spontaneous, unfiltered words and remarks. They were funny, entertaining, sarcastic, fearless. They are not necessarily true, but they are transparent and spoken without holding back. Again, irony.

Empty walkways. Big Houses quiet and looking empty in Summer. Things are not really the same but I just want to spend my days recreating a World that I want to see and remember.

As to the answer to the first question. Yes, it is true new daily cases can be more than 1 Million per day in the U.S. It has been for the past 3-4 weeks. COVID Trackers are no longer accurate when results are not reported. But no worries. It is problematic but not a problem.

My Friend texted, “My Mom lost her battle to stay on Earth,” followed by, “COVID and Dialysis, not a good combination.” What we think is mild or made to believe as mild continues to claim our Moms, Dads, Grandma, Grandma, Sisters, Brothers, Relatives and Friends. Losing them will never be mild. Losing them will always be one of the biggest tragedies we have to endure.

Everyone has to let go of the was and just appreciate what’s good and beautiful of the present. To live in joy and love instead of anger and unhappiness.

From today’s wave to the next. From Summer to next Winter, either we keep swimming for safety which is very tiring, or just stop and hope we are spared from the infection-reinfection cycle. Again, this is what COVID Normal means. Though really, it’s never normal as no vaccine nor misinformation will bring back the beautiful, laid back and kinder days of 2019.

“The Good News among the many Bad News, Dreams are still free and some of them do come true easy.”

Fort Baker, Sausalito yesterday. No plans, but I made a wish to find happiness and relaxation by the beach after a stressful city driving. As I said, “Dreams do come true easy.

Our World has changed. People have changed. We have changed. The Virus has changed. Every year, it’s Evolution and Survival of the fittest and the most adjusted. This is the COVID Normal.

So, we enjoy our life exactly the way our heart wants it to be enjoyed and celebrated. No more self deprivation, excuses and postponing. Retirement is too long. Tomorrow is too uncertain. Today may all we got.

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27 Responses to Irony of the Most Infectious COVID Wave

  1. fgsjr2015 says:

    While I’ve willingly taken three COVID-vaccine injections (as well as the annual influenza shots for decades), I nevertheless feel the term ‘science’ generally gets used a bit too readily/frequently, especially for corporate goals. And Pfizer’s assertion a few months ago that a fourth-dose mass-consumption of their not-cheap product is needed immediately induced even less trust/confidence by me in the big business.

    I’m also cautious of blindly buying into (what I call) speculative science, in general. Owing to increasingly common privatize-sector research aiming for corporate profits, even science, and perhaps by extension scientific ‘fact’, has become commercialized.

    Research results, however flawed, can and are known to be publicly amplified if they favor the corporate product, and accurate research results can be suppressed or ignored if they are unfavorable to business interests, even when involving human health.

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    • Thanks for sharing. Science or not, getting vaccines or not, one think for sure. The Summer Wave of COVID is very real in Healthcare Settings, so is the Monkeypox. This is a milder glimpse of what will happen by late Fall and Winter. Staying safe has been replaced to have as much fun and socialize. My Friend just lost his Mom because most thinks it’s okay to share COVID with everyone. The mild COVID is another lie that keeps killing the older people with co-morbidities.

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  2. Amy C says:

    This is a great post – thanks for sharing it.

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  3. gjef2871 says:

    My heart is with you. It sounds like you’re worn down and worn out. Time for a small vacation in nature for you, perhaps? Or maybe time for some quiet time with your family celebrating and acknowledging life’s beauty? I’m sorry for your pain.

    If I could I would sit quietly with you and talk, but all I have is this keyboard and a kind smile. God bless.

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    • Thank you. Your words are kind and comforting. Yes, COVID and it’s never ending effects on people has me worn down but it’s something I have to accept and face for the rest of my Professional life because it’s something I voluntary choose and enjoy doing. Every chance I get, I run to nature for healing and recharge. I’m hoping for a long vacation to reconnect with family in the Philippines but I’m not even sure if I’m still welcome there. But worth the try. But until then, it’s appreciating the simple joys of life. Take care.

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  4. Apparently we are in another wave, but there has been no mention of it in the media. There is very little testing happening here, and if you want to get tested, you have to pay for it. While I’m enjoying the feeling of things going back to “normal”, I can’t help but worry about the fall (or the future).

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    • Thanks for sharing the truth out there. Yes, silencing the wave of Summer has been strong as to not have people worry of fall and winter. Information Omission is really is just a more accepted version of lying and misinformation. It’s tsunami after tsunami in all colder countries last 2 months of 2022 to first 2 months 2023, then the predicable cycle repeats. Honestly, everyone max out their Summer because we have no idea what our Government and Leaders will and will not do, but we do know what the BA.5 is capable of doing. Future crystal ball gone with COVID. Humor and sarcasm has been helping me make sense of the crazy numbers lately. Stay safe.

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      • fgsjr2015 says:

        Besides the COVID-19 vaccinations, I receive the annual influenza vaccine, though for the last five years I’ve specifically asked for a placebo … to which I receive a serious look by the nurse, who is not amused by my attempt at humor on the subject.

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    • Sorry, tried to open and read your recent post but it doesn’t open for reading and comments.


  5. elvira797mx says:

    Thank’s for share! Take care a lot!

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  6. Ab says:

    People stopped counting and reporting the daily infection rates, mask mandates have gone out, and everything has lifted.

    I am thankful to be enjoying a summer that feels like a return to normal. But it also really does feel like people have become quite complacent as a whole. It’s driving up hospitalizations again in my part of the world and word of another wave and lockdowns are being whispered again for this fall.

    I got my fourth shot (2nd booster) tonight and feel thankful for this. All we can do is continue to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe as this pandemic continues.

    Thanks for continuing to do your part to advocate and to remind. Take good care of yourself! 🙏

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    • Thank you. I’m planning to get my second booster September so hopefully I get the most protection when I travel November and for the Winter season. I hope the new batch vaccines have coverage for the BA.5. Yes, it’s nice to enjoy things again more free, but best because we are now living without fear as compared to 2020-2021.


  7. Dragthepen says:

    Great and truly facts. Today is all we have. Thank you 😊

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    • Exactly, but only some truly gets it. Events and circumstances are our teacher that opens our eyes to what we are wasting for not living now and in the present. Millions thought they have years to enjoy only to realize they have days. It’s a humbling realization. Thanks 🙏


  8. It has not been easy adjusting to living the new normal with the coronavirus still running wild. For the first time last week, I entered our local supermarket without a mask. When I got to the cashier for checkout, the mask-less, young, male cashier smiled at me and said: “It’s good to see that you’re also learning to live life dangerously.” I laughed.

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    • Just love this , “It’s good to see that you’re also learning to live life dangerously.” Exactly what I feel and also laughter, humor and even sarcasm makes the adjustment less intimidating. Last Monday, Monkeypox is added to our triage questioning other than COVID. Looks like it’s wear gloves and hand washing too forever. Stay safe. Thanks.

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  9. “People continue to suffer and die. We just stop being aware. No care, no bother. No news, no events. Life appears all good, rosy happy and perfect.”
    I am one of the lucky ones. I got COVID twice and because I have an autoimmune disorder, it hit me a bit harder than the average person. The second time, even though I was fully vaccinated, it threw my health up in the air. Now I take once a week a low dose chemo-therapy drug.
    I consider myself very lucky, many were not and I am aware of it.

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    • Dragthepen says:

      After staying safe for three years two weeks ago I tested positive and it was the worst two weeks of my life. Feeling much better but aftertaking the flu shot and the vaccine I am very,.very afraid that this could happen toe again. Now I don’t venture out anymore.

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      • Hope your feeling much better. COVID wasn’t mild like what many are trying to advertised when I was sick for a week followed by lingering symptoms. Yes, there is a chance for reinfection and that too many are trying to downplay like they can predict how each person will present and thrive long term. More than ever, it’s good to be informed and be ready. Take care.


    • Thank you for sharing your story of hope, strength and recovery, of value and blessings of life and health. Yes, it is sad many did not make it with COVID. Also sad that people every second die of diseases and accidents. Life more than ever is fragile and precious. Some know it by heart, some unfortunately waste it like there is a second batch of life source. Sickness humbles me, the thought of my body surrendering even if the mind wants to fight and live long is a gift of humility to a higher divine power and healer, God. Wishing you good health and happy life always.


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