California Gold Rush, Rainbows and Fireworks

Gold Rush #1

The California Gold Rush of 1848-1855, almost overnight transformed the sleepy port town of San Francisco of about 200 Residents in 1846 to a Boomtown of about 36,000 by 1852.

Truth and Lies, Rights and Oppression

Approximately 300,000 People joined the first California Gold Rush, forever changing the value and demographics of the Lands. Its original Land Owners, the Native American Indians were almost eliminated to extinction because of Diseases and Genocide.

Living on Lands that has and is Gold became a curse for the first Settlers. Next Migrants saw the beauty and value of the Lands and made titles and laws to claim them.

The remaining Survivors were relocated in the remote designated Indian Reserve Lands, isolated from the rest of the World and their fellow Americans.

We don’t know each other, but we were drawn to enjoy the same Gold and Rainbows that are important to us.

Gold Rush in its many forms has an Evil Twin, but something no one really talks about nor something taught in schools. The dark part of History are still being kept hidden, unpopular in normal conversations. It’s dig at your own risk because Evil continues to watch and work in the Shadows.

Greed and Darkness never left History. They highly evolved to be irresistible and invincible. Willingness and desire to enter its doors has never been more easy.

Truth is a thin line between having a Friend or an Enemy, of being accepted or ostracized, of being welcomed as a fellow legal Citizen with the same rights and privileges or always seen as a Foreign Outsider undeserving of equality regardless of love, service and sacrifice for the Country.

Alcatraz from Fort Point. Who’s imprisoned? Who’s free? For whom the Fort was built to protect and built to make sure they don’t reach American Soil? History and the Present has so much to talk about and reconcile, but many are not ready. So, Internal Wars of various kinds and forms continues. Peace is but a dream. Loss has become an everyday outcome. Change is but a promise that continues to be broken again and again.

“Some People are treated like Gods and Gold. Some People are treated like Shit and Nothing.”

Can we really escape from the lure and addiction of Gold, Riches, Politics, Power and Fame?

Some Cultures can’t be too vocal and open, but others can. Certain Lives matter more based on Race and Ethnicity, even Gender and Sexuality, but others not. Rights are overrated for those that had been ignored, delayed or treated unimportant.

Events in the last 3 years made so clear what was held back for so long. So many Truths and Lies masked in Gold came out that were sickening, monstrous, shameful. Some Truths made many angry, fearful, and some acted out their anger and fear violently on the Innocent and Defenseless. Others remained silent like they always do.

My Son was 7 when we first saw Fort Point. Weather was cold, windy and foggy. We didn’t stay long on the open top floor to appreciate the 360 degrees of beauty, Nature and Man-made. On our return, it was crystal clear panoramic with perfect comfortable weather. We stayed and enjoyed all to our heart’s content. Same place, different revelation and experience 9 years later. Some things can get better the second time around.

Our Children are being taught in schools of History and Current Events of mixed Truths and Lies. Teachings that “may” mold their thinking, beliefs and character that is different from what we hope for them. God and anything of Faith are being deleted in schools and campuses. Practice of them is an act of sin or defiance. Why?

Guys, Guns, Goons and Gold rules the World. Very wrong, but no one is brave enough to fight and sacrifice 100% for change. So it goes on and on for centuries. Woman at the highest seat of Power in America has so far only happened in the movies. Why? A Woman holds together the craziness and chaos of every home and family. A Woman can do the same for the entire country and so much more. So what’s the problem Guys? Time to let go of the Superiority Complex and God Complex. Our very divided Nation is in a unprecedented worse of everything. What major event will it take to bring again America together?

“In God we trust.” Still true? Still honored with reverence and respect? Are we absolutely sure we don’t need God’s blessings and miracles anymore?

“ In Gold we trust.” Is it worth the exchange for our Souls and Humanity? Is it a good deal?

Fear God or Fear Man? Follow God or Follow Man? Trending on God or Trending on Man? The answers? We see them everywhere, from our News Feeds to what’s going around in our neighborhoods. Fear God graffiti at the Presidio.

The Good News, our Children and the Youth belong to a Generation that have a mind, opinion and heart of their own. They are independently seeking their own Truths and Purpose. They are not afraid to speak their thoughts, ideas and feelings. They don’t hide from Adults, but rather converse with Adults with remarkable confidence. They have a conscience they are not afraid to face and question. They are willing to correct their wrongs with humility.

We invest on the Young that are still innocent on the Flesh, Evils and Corruption of this World. They are teachable. They can be molded. They are passionate in doing what’s good and right. On the other hand, it’s hard to teach Old Dogs with new tricks. Isn’t this what’s happening in our Politics? Too many Old Rabid Dogs have been allowed to bite and traumatized so many for so long.

The Young are choosing Discovery, Truth, Awakening, Kindness, Empathy, Purpose, Action and Change. The Young are choosing to give a damn about their Planet and each other regardless of Color, Race, Social Status and Gender. The Young easily embrace Diversity and Unity, something some Adults still struggle or will never accept.

Old World Thinking, Ideology and Beliefs are dying in popularity, and that is a frightening threat to those who are used to Power and Supremacy. Transition will be difficult. Letting go will be difficult.

Some are holding on to their chains. Others have broken free from their chains. Some derive pleasure in putting others in chains. Fort Point, SF.

The Gold of the past may no longer be the Gold of the present. Gold continues to evolve in relatedness and importance. Fools Gold gets lost and forgotten the fastest. True Gold will overcome the Tests of Time.

Pebbles or Gem Stones? Value depends on the Person that appreciates them. Rodeo Beach.

Gold #2

Children and the Youth are the Future’s Hope. They are Gold of infinite power and potential. They can repair our wrongs and create a better World that treasures purity of heart and character. In the wrong Leadership and Guidance, they can become weapons that will quicken the end of everything.

Cascades of Mansions by the Sea. Crazy beautiful.

Gold Rush #3

Land and Homes.

“Where Gold Hunt has ended, Land Hunt took over with insatiable hunger to own and get richer.”

Money, money, money. Sold, sold, sold.

Land and Homes continues to be the overvalued Gold Mines in California. Sales and profits, even the skies can’t place a limit. Exciting time for Sellers, not so much for the average Buyers.

By the Cliff overlooking the Bay and the Golden Gate, are the above $10 Million Homes. Because of Location, Nostalgia and Value, it’s rare that long time owners will give them up. Some special Gold are only let go at Death. Some Gold last a lifetime.

Land and Homes Buy Frenzy are drawing Billionaire Investors and Governments from many Countries like China and Russia to own the best Properties and Real Estate of America. No need for Citizenship, Work Visa, Background Check nor Excellent Credit Scores.

If you have the money and it’s for sale, it’s yours.

Not a Shocker. This is how Global Money and Business Capitalism has worked for the last 100 years, and it will not change for the next 100 years. Money can buy everything Material. Money can even buy temporary Happiness.

Bakers Beach. We are thankful to the People that made sure Golden Gate Park, California’s State Parks and Beaches and the National Parks are for everyone by Law, and that Nature is protected for a very long time. If not, all of them would have been Privately owned, and some destroyed because of Man’s Greed.
Fly and Live where we are free. Dream Home for some is but an Illusion in San Francisco and the Bay Area where average monthly mortgage is now $8,000-$9,000 per month. Low to Middle Income Americans do not earn that much. Inflation made the cost of everything up except salary. The gas price has taken away some of People’s enjoyment and relaxation. California is living in a unrealistic, unsustainable bubble. Several more years, it will drive out workers and professionals who can no longer afford it. They will fly and live in new places where their dreams stands a chance and opportunities are still reachable. And those new places will be so lucky to have them. Experienced, knowledgeable and hard working Workers and Professionals even Gold can’t match in value.

Everyone’s Gold

Gold comes in many kinds and forms. It’s value unique, personal, requires time, passion and commitment. It’s a love affair that only the Lover and the Loved sees and understands.

California still has many free to affordable Gold for everyone. Literally, treasures anyone can have on their walks, drive and travels. No one is left out. Everyone gets equal opportunity and access. It does not discriminate. Everyone gets to enjoy what everyone should enjoy. Social Status is insignificant. Everyone breathes the same Sea Breeze. Everyone marvels at the same beauty of the same Scenic View.

San Francisco has the most dramatic Clouds and Fog Formations. Sky and Weather can change several times in one day. Summer is suppose to bring dense Fog as heat causes more Bay water to evaporate, but severe Global Warming effects has brought SF it’s first “Missing Fog,” just one of the many bizarre abnormal Nature events happening around the World. More than ever, enjoy and take care of what we cherish as Gold as some of them will be gone while we are still alive.
“Name it, the City has it personalized just for us. We are that special with each and every visit. We are already missed long before we say our Goodbyes.”

Gold Rush #4

San Francisco, by itself is a Golden City that never runs out of incredible Treasure Finds and Discoveries. Everything beautiful, fun, adventurous, artistic, amazing, vintage and new, the City has them all.

The most beautiful City by the Bay in America has its own unique, exciting Culture and Personality that is global, eclectic with fusion of everything 70’s and everything trending by the second.

My Son is shopping for vintage and antiques as well as collectibles trending in eBay and YouTube, both for collection and business. Many High Schoolers and Gen Z like him are doing the same. They see beauty and potential to what’s old, really old. And that I admire and respect.

In San Francisco, the Golden Era is very much alive and has become part of the vibe and lifestyle of all Generation Age Groups from Baby Boomers to Gen Z.

I took a Sea Nature Therapy Hike by Rodeo Beach and Fort Cronkhite, Marin Headlands all by myself. It felt incredibly good to discover another “Happy Place.” I can’t put a price to what I was seeing and experiencing. But I swear, it was like being inside a Jurassic Park movie, just totally safe, calm, no running from the Carnivores. This side of the beach was all mine. Rock and Sea separated it from the beach crowd, only reachable via a long, wild, up and down coastal hike. I was gone for 2 hours, yet it felt so short.

Gold Rush #5

Nature…5 Stars Gold. Anywhere near the Sea, Hills and Mountains are beautiful inspiration that rewrites its story with each experience. Wonder, Imagination and Creativity, countless as the Sands and Wildflowers.

Gold Rush #6

Beach, Summers, Roadtrips and Travels…Fun Adventure Gold. It calls you back again and again like a much needed Life Force and Energy. Gold that brings back smiles and happiness for years and years.

Many Golds between Marin Headlands and San Francisco in one photograph. The Bridge, the Land and Nature, the Sea at Sunset, the moments and memories that are forever captured and remembered. Thousands of Visitors take pictures everyday. That’s a lot of Gold we take home and yet, we still are wanting more.

Gold Rush #7

Golden Gate Bridge… stunning, gorgeous, timeless, freeing. It’s an attraction that never fades. It represents possibilities. It inspired many to go for their American Dreams. It’s that one Landmark that made many Fall in Love with San Francisco.

I can relate to the many prejudice, judging, discrimination, injustice, isolation for being true to oneself, beliefs and principles. Being different, never easy. Being real to one’s character and personality will bring challenges, separation and pain like no other. It’s that one Gold that needed to be fought again and again. Never a one time win.

Gold Rush #8

Rights, Freedom and Equality of Gender and Sexuality. More valuable than Gold. Where LGBQT+ are persecuted and harmed in other parts of the U.S. and the World, San Francisco became a Safe Haven and Home for Millions just trying to find kindness, equality and genuine acceptance being their truest selves.

Can we see Gold when we are staring at them? Can we see God in the many kinds of Gold he has created? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.
I had to stop the car. I may not see the same Sunset again. We think we have so much time, only to realize time and life are a ballooned bubble that can burst anytime. When it does, it’s over.

Gold Rush #9

Golden Sea and Ocean Sunsets, California has lots of them. Through good times and bad, they return to fulfill what they promised and so much more.

Sushi and Sashimi Feast at the back of the car overlooking the Sea. SF and the Bay Area has the most Golden of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino and Indian Food. Delicacies of Home, just a drive away.

Gold Rush #10

Food. Unforgettable, delicious Culinary Gold from around the World. Food that celebrates the best of all Cultures and Ethnicity bite after bite. Fireworks of flavors. No need to go to another country for authentic food cravings.

King of Kung Fu, Bruce Lee went for a Gold that lasted forever…Legacy and Recognition that a China Man looked down by many during his time can be a Hero in America and the World. He became the fearless Living Dragon when called and challenged.

Gold Rush #11

Wall Arts or Murals are one of the most interesting and inspiring visuals of San Francisco. They are painted from the heart, from experience, from History, from People’s hope for change. They are anyone’s Art from Chinatown to Castro District, from Building Walls to Parking Lots. Bystanders connect to their flame, message and story. For the guilty, it’s offensive, a crime.

I don’t have to buy the dream, I just needed to be the dream. I am my own Gold and everything I consider as Gold.

Gold Rush #12

Good Vibes and Happy Moments. Unlike Gold, Land, Houses and Money, these last longer in one’s memories. Even when we’re penniless or struggling, they stay to bring us hope and encouragement.

Gold Rush #13

People are Gold. Some, are even Diamonds. Innate Gold is present in People which makes every Person capable of shining their brightest.

However, not all Gold shines. People have to choose whether to become a valuable Gold or a corrosive harmful element that drains and destroys the World and other People. This kind of Gold is the most unpredictable and surprising. You’ll never know what you’re gonna get till its time to shine.

Collectively, the Nations Workforce is the biggest source of Gold for the Country via Taxes payed paycheck to paycheck, yet not given the due rights and protection they deserve.

The American Flag represents all People from all States, supposedly united, ready to defend and help one other when needed.

Gold Rush #14

Human Rights. More than ever, enjoy and take care of the Rights we value as Gold as some of them will be taken away against our will.

To some, loosing one’s rights has already began.

We need to vigilant and actively participate in preserving our Rights because someone’s enjoyment can be another’s envy.

There is always someone in the crowd unhappy for our success and happiness. They are the determined and will not stop till they win.

Gold Rush #15

God and Faith.

Growing up, one of my favorite experience is after the Rain. The smell of the Earth quenched by the Rain. The sound of Frogs and creatures at our nearby pond rejoicing and singing praise. But best of all, the miracle of Colors and Rainbows that unfolds thereafter that makes God’s presence and promises very real and up close.

These were my Riches and Gold then which came pouring in great abundance rain after rain. Today, still are or a version of them but this time, my Pot of Gold is almost always empty. So, I have to chase faster, harder and be more creative to make sure I don’t run out of them.

“We always try to keep and remember the precious treasures of our Childhood because we can never replace them with the treasures of Adulthood.

Jack found three magical seeds. He made a wish for each one before planting them by the beach. Today, People from everywhere travel to harvest and enjoy what Jack wished both for himself and others. Everyone gets to have a piece of the Happy Ever After Gold and Magic because there are still People who genuinely care about other People.Thoughtfulness, Kindness and Generosity are high grade Gold.

Today, I have to think several times regardless of my Rights and Freedom of Speech before I say or not, “I Love Colors,” or “I Love Rainbows.” I have to think hard to construct in a sentence words like, Black or White. Why, when it’s really just about Colors and nothing to do with the labels and malice Society and other People have created? Why am I still allowing other People to oppress what I see, feel and believe? Am I still living in the Land of the Free?

I believe all lives, rights and freedom matter. I believe all dreams, hope and happiness should have equal chances of coming true.

Color, Race, Social Status, Gender or Sexuality should not be a factor of how we treat other People.

No Human should feel more superior and entitled above other Humans other than God, the Divine Supreme and Creator of all Living Creatures.

It’s rare to see a Rainbow where it hardly rains, or perhaps it doesn’t want to appear to those who hate it and to the Ungrateful. Driving along Cabrillo Highway.

The Story of the First Rainbow

Noah’s Ark is one of my favorite childhood Bible stories. How Noah and his family were able to find all pairs of animals, birds. reptiles, amphibians and insects and have them all fitted in the Giant Arc was a wonder and fascination.

After God flooded the Earth and drowned all the Sinful, the Evil and the Self Righteous Hypocrites, he created the Rainbow across the Sky. He made a promise that for as long as People see the Rainbow appear in the Sky, he will not flood again the Earth to annihilate Mankind.

“See the Rainbow. Feel the Rainbow. Be the Rainbow. Celebrate the Rainbow.” California Sunset by the Beach becomes our Freedom Fireworks when needed. It becomes the Promised Rainbows when we needed our Miracles. This is how I spent my Independence Day, my way. Radiant Rainbow Gold, just the way I like it.

The road towards change just got longer, harder, more complicated, but know we have a Global Community that believes everyone is equal and that everyone deserves the same rights, freedom and opportunity.

Everyone, because no Nation is free if parts of its whole are still chained, discriminated, oppressed, bullied, living in fear, suffering.

“Equal Freedom, Rights, Opportunity and Happiness for all. That’s my Dream. That’s my Gold.”
Gold washed away was never ours to begin with. It’s okay to try again. The right Gold at the right time will come along.

Gold Rush #16

America just celebrated its July 4th Independence Day, it’s first post the Pandemic. There’s this feeling that something huge has changed. People are starting to see Freedom from their point of view and experience, not from what they are told, taught or made to believe.

People are remembering, realizing, celebrating their own kind of Freedom that is personal and relevant.

People are also feeling that part of their Freedom has been lost or taken away.

Gain or loss, People are braver, more aggressive in fighting for the Freedom and Human Rights that they feel they deserve. People are no longer settling, but are going for what they are worth. After all, America is the Land of Opportunity, unless that too has been jaded with lies and false promises.

About Island Traveler

Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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28 Responses to California Gold Rush, Rainbows and Fireworks

  1. ajaypadala says:

    Hi frnd …this was very nice

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jo says:

    Wonderful writing, well thoughtout, and breathtaking photographs. Your posts are always of the hightest quality, and leaving mark.

    On the note of God in schools disappearing. Not in my state…. In Florida public schools it is now mandatory display of “In God we trust’. And mandatory moments of silence, that are really supposed to be time for prayer…. School is public space, where everyone should feel welcome, not only religious people (the “correct” type of religiousness, of course). I never understood that need for public praying. I believe it is a way of condensation, showing others what you believe it’s a correct way to live life, putting this in their face. There are churches for public praying. You can pray at home, in the car, on the walk, in your head.
    sorry for rambling, but that’s my sore spot, lol

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  3. I want to live in California forever…it’s so pretty

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  4. Ab says:

    There are always two sides to a coin and you pointed it out well – the powerful and the oppressed, the privileged and the vulnerable, the light and the dark.

    I agree with you that I feel hopeful for this new generation coming up that is speaking up for inclusivity and a better future for all.

    On a related note, the Golden Gate truly is iconic. I remember visiting SF in 2011 and experiencing the bridge for the first time. Truly golden and still wonderful after all these years!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. It’s sad that many lives and freedoms have been lost over a weak metal/ mineral.

    Beautiful pics, as always!
    Great history lesson/ review as well!

    As a California native, I find this state I call my home to be the most beautiful place in the world. I need to read and write more about it! I enjoyed your blog post.

    Rainbows can certainly be symbolic in varying ways across cultures….

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you. I didn’t appreciate California the first time I lived in it, this my relocation to Texas, then many years later, the California Dream found me and it’s Love at second sight. Everything just unfolded itself after. Yes, California is home in every aspect of what I define as home.


  6. Beautiful photos of San Francisco and what makes it so golden. Thanks for sharing your reflections on what really matters, what is truly golden, in our lives. I, too, dream of “Equal Freedom, Rights, Opportunity and Happiness for all.” As you so rightly say: “Transition will be difficult. Letting go will be difficult.” Moreover, “[t]he road towards change just got longer, harder, more complicated, but know we have a Global Community that believes everyone is equal and that everyone deserves the same rights, freedom and opportunity.”

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for a generous, inspiring share. So many of the Gold we enjoy can not be bought but only fought time and time again. As basic as being free and social Justice, many are still deprived of them. More than ever, Unity and Love are very important so everyone gets to win and have the kind of gold they longed to have.

      Liked by 2 people

  7. Yes, we absolutely need God’s blessings and miracles. Interesting post, Island Traveler. I enjoyed all the beautiful photos.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. There certainly are a lot of treasures in San Francisco and we have a lot to be thankful for. But there’s also room for improvement when it comes to trying to leave this place better off for future generations to enjoy.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Indeed. Sometimes, when I watch the beauty of places and nature, it’s a mix feeling of joy and sadness. Joy because I’m blessed to see them, and sad because I know they are threatened towards extinction as Humans continue to destroy the planet.

      Liked by 2 people

  9. Well stated. Your point about walking the line of “truth” hit me between the eyes. Censorship and being ostracized for what you believe are real. Even worse, some are persecuted simply for their culture or color of skin or who they choose to love. This must grieve God, because He loves all of us the same. May we always seek God, not worship “gold”-whatever that may be.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I think many of the horrifying events and injustice today are related to People’s Hearts being drawn away from God and worshiping the many Gold of this World including pride and vanity. Hardly anyone talks about God or Faith related inspiring events in the News Feeds and Social Media. I think it’s important to ask the why’s and finding ways to bring Human Love, Humility and Kindness again. Thank you. God bless.

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  10. ourcrossings says:

    Wow, what a wonderful collection of fantastic photos from your part of the world. I can easily see why you are pretty fond of San Francisco and love sharing this beautiful city with bloggers from around the world. I love your photos of Baker Beach and also Golden Gate Bridge with its deep and beautiful orange colour. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 I hope your summer is going well 🙂 Aiva xx

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Hi my friend, Island Traveller, you are my most favorite blogger I must say, in case I haven’t said it before. Loving your post in all it’s length, you touched all the “golden” issues and I can only say, you spoke out of my heart and Thank you .

    Liked by 2 people

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