Who Turned Off The Life Switch?

My Life is not great, but it’s also not boring.

Wildflowers, delicate and fragile, but they have the courage and strength to fight the strongest winds day and night. How much more a Human being created in God’s image?

My Life often switches to two contrasting feelings and emotions with moderate intensity in between.

Lights On, Lights Off. Happy On, Happy Off. Anger On, Anger Off. Freedom On, Freedom Off. Hope On, Hope Off. Motivation On, Motivation Off. Fear On, Fear Off. Caring On, Caring Off. Living On, Living Off.

Thrill Seeker trail option. I wasn’t into gambling my life and limbs that day. Some days self preservation is more.

Everyone has a trigger. Everyone has a switch. Everyone has a choice.

Fight or Flight, Play On or End Game, Resist Evil or be Evil’s Weapon to Kill Others or Self.

I’m drawn to edgy experiences. I’m aware of their dangers, but I can’t deny myself of what makes me happy and excited. I can’t ignore what gives my life the fire it needs.

Some days they are so real, and I don’t have to touch them to know how they feel. Some days they are too far away no matter how much I try to reach them.

Being safe doesn’t mean living longer. Living longer doesn’t mean my Life has been more meaningful and productive. I will choose quality over quantity always. Enough is okay when my enough is filled with purpose, legacy and happiness that are my own.

My Life is constantly in a battle mode of good versus evil, beauty versus ugliness, happiness versus sadness, hope versus surrender, healing versus pain, light versus darkness, anger versus love and forgiveness, family versus self, others versus me, feel something versus feel nothing.

I could be surrounded with People, and still feel alone in what I really want. Conforming is easy, but being fully understood free of other People’s own interest is the hardest. It’s no surprise Mental Health is one of the most unaddressed global problem that has ruined many lives because People that are suppose to care, refuse to really care. All words, no honest, sincere actions. Posting a Mental Health Awareness Ad or Work Email is far different from extending our own selves to help someone.

Superficiality will never work in fixing the Mental Health Crisis. Violence to self and violence against others will not stop. Another Uvalde Shooting Massacre will happen, just like another Sandy Hook Shooting Massacre happened many times over after the tragic shooting that shocked the World. Dark Politics, the Mighty Gun Business and Gun Lovers will always win over ending the senseless killings. Blood Money is Power and Power does not have a conscience.

Our Government, our Police Security Department and our School Systems should make us feel safe, but they haven’t. At anytime, anyone can decide to turn off the Life Switch of the innocent out of fun, vengeance, anger, compulsion and the most unbelievable excuse of them all “Insanity,” when the Killer has a clear intention to buy a gun to kill as many and a sharp mind to carefully plan and execute the Shooting Spree.

Having a bad day is not an excuse to kill People. Having a Mental Health Problem is not an excuse to massacre defenseless Children and Teachers. Killing is killing, Murder is murder. No excuse of whatsoever in turning off the Life Switch of Another.

There should be no sugarcoating of a bloody massacre that was done without mercy and remorse by an Evil Person.

Whale Cove meets Devil’s Slide. Their World stops time. Their Love melts away bad memories and heartaches. Their Passion delivers a breathe of life to those who stopped feeling and living. It’s why I go back, even just for a few hours.

For those familiar with this Blog, my adventures are more than just having fun. It is my escape from something or someone. It is my refuge so I can go on. It is my way of screaming it all out so I can keep my sanity intact. It is my moments of short happiness so I won’t give up to the temptations of profound sadness and anger. It’s basically a survival coping and therapeutic mechanism.

My Blog Space is the only Safe Place where revealing my real self is truly accepted. No retaliation. No threats. No judgment and cruelty. No gossips. No glances and condemnation. No risks of being fired.

I decided to climb this side. I was fine till I reached the top. No more steps. I was stuck embracing the rock and my feet frozen on the top most steps. Either I slid down blindly or flip over. I can feel the strong winds trying to loosen my grip. For several seconds I felt fear. I decided to flip over landing on my back. Got scratches on my arms and legs. Fresh paint stuck on my arms. I was foolish. I was also lucky. I could have fallen and no one was there to help me.

Sometimes when darkness is winning and surrendering feels more of a relief than losing, giving in is easy. Sweet, sweet easy. Then my mind starts being imaginative, wildly imaginative.

The view and the experience were incredible at this spot of the Bunker. If I didn’t try, I wouldn’t have known how beautiful it was. It’s like looking at a live work of Art. Worth the risk.

“I won…for now.” Even those who seemingly have everything are not Winners all the time. They are just good in hiding from Public perception the times they lost. Every Winner was a Loser. Every Loser can become a Winner. The switch between Losing and Winning constantly changes. How far the game can go on is up for every Person. Some never gives up, others give in as soon as it becomes difficult. Game On, Game Off.

Then I snap out of my dark imagination, realizing I have a Family that depends on me. I can’t be selfish and just surrender. So I keep fighting the Demons around and within me, near and far, seen and invincible.

So many messages, warnings and clues on top of one another. Some have happened, others haven’t. Some were asking for help and no one saw, read or heard them.

Inside the Bunker, layers of Grafitti. Art or Trashing Vandalism? The answer depends on the eyes of its beholder. I saw through the Graffiti, People unseen even in broad daylight trying to vent their mental and emotional pain and Demons. This is the Devil’s Bunker after all.

I try to be a survivor not for myself but for those I love. If it’s just me, I don’t think it’s that hard to stop and take control of the final switch, or maybe disappear off the grid from everyone and be finally free of the switch.

Many like to go to Gray Whale Cove State Beach below, but the best view is actually at the top of the Devil’s Slide where one can see 360 degrees of wild, gorgeous Nature. Here, it’s easy to think away from the crowd and noise.

I don’t have to own it to feel so at home. At Devil’s Slide Bunker all my good switches are on. It’s my energy source to recharge the rest of my dead switches. At the end of the adventure, I’m fully charged and activated. It’s an incredible feeling.

Genuinely appreciate and love your Friends and Family for who they are. Find time to really see them. Deeply understand their pain and sadness. Just be there. Listen patiently. Show kindness. Let them know in action and words that you care about their worries, heartaches, fears and troubles.

Discover if they are really smiling with happiness, or just smiling to please you and those around them. A smile can mean so many things. A smile can hide so many secrets. Sometimes, a smile is so effective that we discover the truth far too late.

A Doctor was found hanging in his own clinic dead in a very busy Medical Facility. He has a wife and children. No one knew he was suffering from severe Depression. No one knew he was carrying the weight of the World. He seems to have it all. No one knew he was so stressed, frustrated and angry with Administration and Management in charge of his Work and Life. He never asked helped. It is an embarrassing stigma and possibly a reason to be let go to seek Psychiatric help.

This is the dark secret Healthcare Providers and Workers suffer that is kept from Public Knowledge. They can help and save others, but asking help to be saved is made difficult and complicated.

Story was made quiet, it is a dark secret after all. Same dark, secret stories have tragically happened in the U.S. and the World over. And those who caused these events got away with it blood stains free.

There is always a Person or Group of People that caused another Human Being to believe his or her life is not worth living. They are the cause for someone to jump over the edge. There is always a Person or Group of People behind the anger that turned inwards. We may feel sad for the Victim who decided to end his or her life, but that Victim may have finally freed herself or himself from the many years of misery, abuse, stress and unhappiness. People like to speculate and judge those who committed Suicide without a slightest clue who the Person was and what drove that Person to turn off their Life Switch.

We don’t want to be the reason People gave up on living. We don’t want to be the cause they turned off their Life Switch. We will never be able to forgive ourselves if indeed we are the cause of their Death. Never.

We think we know People just because we grew up with them or raise them. We think we can read their minds and can predict their hearts just because we are married to them or they are our Moms and Dads, Sons and Daughters, Sisters and Brothers, Close Friends. We can’t. No way. There is always a part of someone that will never be visible to others. Just is.

We have a voice. We speak louder. We have hands and feet. We do more action for change. We have a heart. We care more, kindness for all.

Truth, we have no clue until People are ready to open up to reveal their truest self and everything that has been killing them slowly through the years. And they may never be ready. They may never open up. It sounds frustrating, but trying is not about us. It’s about them.

So what to do? Start being selfless. Start trying and understanding without judgement and prejudice. Start making an effort. Start small. Never give up when you fail. Try, try, try patiently and for as long as it takes. Shut up and just listen, listen, listen. Remember, those we love are worth it, same as we are worth it to those who love us.

Trust is not that easy to give back once that Person decide to close their hearts to years of abuse and pain. Patience, lots of patience. Understanding as deep and as far as we can go because that Person is very important and deserves better.

It takes one to know one. And I’m writing this because I’ve been there, and still am. There is nothing wrong in accepting, knowing, understanding, acknowledging, loving, forgiving and healing ourselves. In fact, it’s the most kind and noble gesture we can give ourselves. Self Truth, Love and Honesty. Self Forgiveness. Hope that our every dream is worth having, living.

We need to love ourselves exactly the way we wanted to be loved. We need to let others love us exactly the way we wanted to be loved. Nothing less, everything more. Perhaps doing so, we may just forget a Life Swith ever existed.

So many Law and Security loopholes and red tapes. Once and for all, we end all gun access, ownership and privileges to end all gun violence. “No Guns, No Shootings, No Massacre.

Many weep and honor People when they are Dead but few cared enough to make the Dead feel important, hopeful, loved, happy and safe when they were still alive. Ironic, but isn’t this the usual Nature and Attitude of many in our Society?

How come only few visits, appreciates and show kindness to the Living while the Dead gets thousands to millions of mourners, visitors, likes, comments and emojis with sad face, heart and hand held in prayer? Is it Guilt? Is it genuine thoughtfulness and sincerity? Is it Social Media Automated Instincts and Response?

When we are Dead, we are Dead. Nothing the Living will say or do makes a difference. But for those who are still alive, they need us still to make a big difference in their lives.

“If I can’t be honest of how I feel then I’m already emotionally dead.”

No one has the right to turn off the Life Switch of another Human Being whether it’s Murder or Suicide. In the end, we will face God for the horrible acts we have done, triggered or got away from. By then, no more coverups, excuses, privileges, power, money and politics.

Everything that worked on Earth will not work in Heaven or Hell. Justice for the Dead, and their justice will be payed for Eternity.

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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15 Responses to Who Turned Off The Life Switch?

    • Thanks. People don’t realize the power they have on others, whether for good or destruction. Same goes among people we consider friends and family. They can build us or tear us down, switch on our light or turn them off. In the end, we get to choose that final switch, to fight for ourselves and live or to give in and give up. Loving self means choosing to live and trying our kind of happiness others may not even understand.


  1. These are some very difficult times, and you have witnessed and continue to witness a side of the human psyche that sometimes can be cruel or painful or, like the shootings – evil. You are around many people when they are unwell, and you see the concern of their loved ones, from your co-workers, and yes, even when the doctors reached a point where it became too dark to continue.
    Oh, the invisible burdens!

    Some people live buffered or sheltered lives and see only a small amount of the bad. Each person is so unique, and with strengths and weak areas. How do we grow/advance as a person? Through trials – like an athlete that will not get much better if he/she does not play others who are equal or better. Of course a sensitive person will reach saturation where a personal ‘timeout’ is needed or even mandatory. A neutral place. You go to the sea; the the beach; to areas that give a balance. Your photos help share that solace with us. Your family also gives you comfort, and even though you are strong, there are times that you surely miss your own family roots/heritage/landscape/fruits and comfort foods. Si?

    “…I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet, strange, I am ungrateful to those teachers. ” —Khalil Gibran

    We are here to teach, and to learn, and to (hopefully) help each other along with compassion and sensitivity. Unfortunately there are dark characters in every story – always a dark person or challenge, and if/when we get through those challenges, we usually find that we were stronger than we realized, and we realize that we grow most when we merge back into the light/the good times.

    Oh, but it can be hard.

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    • Thank you so much for the generous share of inspiration and kindness. It is true that challenge mold us to be stronger and that we are here to help each other. Everyday, through the acts of People we see hope and goodness again . 🙏

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  2. Powerful and heartfelt words. Thank you 😊

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  3. Not everyone is able to find their safe space, but it sounds like you’ve found a good outlet through spending time outdoors and by blogging that helps put things into perspective. I couldn’t agree more about the importance of actively listening and to think about things through someone else’s point of view. Hope you’re doing okay. Take care. Linda


  4. Ab says:

    It sounds like you are having quite the emotional and dynamic period of time. I hope you are hanging in there and sending lots of support.

    I do also admire how you are able to use your blog as a platform both to externalize and express your feelings while also spreading some light – and lots of beauty – with your community of readers.

    I love how you choose to live life on the edge and to explore the world – because life is short. And as you wisely said, it’s all about quality not quantity.

    What’s happening and continuing to happen in the US, especially with the school shootings is so awful to watch. Much more priority needs to be had around providing not just effective gun control but also to supporting mental health.

    I hope the rest of the week is better and look forward to seeing your next outing adventure photos!


  5. Msdedeng says:

    You always capture gorgeous pictures. Thank you.


  6. ourcrossings says:

    We all have good days and bad days, and the most important thing is to make the best out of each day, regardless of the good or bad. Ultimately, we only have one life to live. We can’t control all the bad things that happen, but we can change our attitude toward them — and in the process, shape our future and create our most amazing life experience. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx


  7. Milena Alien says:

    Not boring at all, keep exploring, my friend!


  8. https://tamarakulish.com/ says:

    Wow! So many thoughts and ups and downs. Indeed there’s so much going on in our world that it can feel overwhelming! I find peace by doing all I can and releasing the weight of what I cannot do for to keep it in my heart would weigh me down and drag me down the rabbit hole.

    Surprisingly there’s a lot we can do. Our friends and loved ones are where we can do something and have an impact. Our kids (and grandkids)… when we take the time to really listen to their issues, we can help them develop tools to live a healthy life mentally and physically. When we do our best to live that truth we teach by example and not with words only.

    These are the gifts which have been given to each of us, a responsibility for sure, but also a source of joy and strength!

    Keep going! Keep climbing those literal and figurative mountains!!



  9. As my long time blogging buddy by now, it’s always some kind of curiosity within me, when I see your posts popping up, it’s like what has he share this time and each time it’s something to ponder about, either I haven’t spent much thoughts over it or I just can’t agree more than I understand you. Have a peaceful and mindful week my friend from up the coast sent by me from down the coast.


  10. JanBeek says:

    Wow! So much to digest here. I really tuned in when you wrote,”Posting a Mental Health Awareness Ad or Work Email is far different from extending our own selves to help someone.” Platitudes of any kind just don’t do the trick. You have some really important suggestions here for how to help. Tangible ideas. I pray you’ll get an audience of readers who take and run with these suggestions. Open minds, open ears, open hearts … let’s just love one another. Did you know today is “National Love Day” in the USA?


  11. I wrote a post about how the upper middle class live in a fantasy world where everyone is safe. Predators are real. The lower class and the upper class both have to deal often with predators. The upper middle class mostly lives in a bubble and rarely sees predators, even when the predators are preying on them.

    I think of school shooters, Fauci, Gates, and legacy media as examples of predators.


  12. elvira797mx says:

    Great post! Thank’s for share.
    Have a wonderful week!


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