Lone Cypress Tree by the Sea

It started as a quick 15 minutes coastal hike. Plan was to just stay on course above the bluffs.

No detours, or so I thought until Nature below revealed a Lone Cypress Tree by the Sea. It’s calling me. It’s reaching out. It needs a Friend. How can I say NO? Nature extended its Friendship a thousand times over when I needed it the most.

Nature Doors are always open when I needed a safe place to escape, talk and rest. Urgent trail detour towards the Lone Cypress.

I looked around. There are two trails. The easy trail is safe but farther and longer. The hard trail is more challenging, even dangerous but quicker and shorter. Which did I choose?

Hiking and Nature when I needed to be away from Society, People and Circumstances that slowly are eating the life, joy and light in me.

Easy isn’t me when it comes to Hiking. I would like to remember the experience as thrilling, breathtaking, memorable, difficult and fun.

I love a hike that makes my hands, clothes and shoes dirty. I appreciate a hike that gives me scratches, bruises, aches and pain. Holes on shoes, even better. Worn out means I’m doing frequently what I enjoy doing.

My Hiking has to feel alive. I need to feel alive with all my senses one and in harmony with the Earth, the Wind and the Water, or no hike at all.

Even to places I’d been before, Hiking takes me to many Places of Wonder and Discovery that is personal and special. Moments with Nature I alone had seen and experience until it’s time to let go and pass on the happy memories through story telling.

The trail was steep and slippery. My shoes were just sliding on the very dry soil, like I was wearing skates. I used my hands to held on to the sharp rocks of the narrow trail, and bended my knees for more gravity. Still, things happened too fast. Climbing down was a blur.

I sat next to the Lone Cypress. We were quiet for awhile. I didn’t have to say a word. All it wanted was someone to be there, physically be there. Like all good Friends do, I stayed until it was ready to talk, open up and let go.

It allowed me to hold its scars. It allowed me to see its burn marks. Many of its surface were rough. Evident signs that it weathered many Storms and harshest of Climate changes were clear and visible. Some surfaces were vulnerable, sensitive and still has fresh wounds. It trusted me to see them too. Something the Lone Cypress Tree normally hid from Public because of invasive scrutiny and judgment.

It opened up layers after layers of hope, dreams, joy, failures, heartbreaks, sadness, love, anger, forgiveness, empathy, apathy.

Its Trunk, Branches and Leaves callously beautiful and resilient. Shaping, molding, following the direction of Time and Wind.

The Lone Cypress Tree grew Roots that dug deep into the Earth and covered every surface it can find. When Weather is calm, it heals and prepares itself. This is how it survive this long we’re everyone else has failed.

The Lone Cypress Tree perfected adaptation to its surroundings and the Environment so it can thrive. It did witness one by one Friends and Family die fighting Wars, Diseases and Powerful Extremes that they could never win.

Time to go Home. Lone Cypress Tree smiled, content. It whispered, “I’m okay. Thank you for the Time and Visit. Thank you for being a good Friend.”

I told the Lone Cypress, “Goodbye. I will come back my new Friend. Till then, hang in there. Never give up on your hopes and your dreams. It’s okay to live and love for yourself.”

It’s much harder to go up and reach the top while it’s so easy to go down and reach the bottom.

There is a Lone Cypress in all of us. We wouldn’t have survive this long if we didn’t have what it takes to be a Lone Cypress Tree by the Sea.

I turned around one more time to look at the Lone Cypress Tree and everything that surrounds it. It didn’t have to explain it’s reason for trying. I get it. I understood. Without a doubt, I would have done the same.

About Island Traveler

Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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8 Responses to Lone Cypress Tree by the Sea

  1. markbierman says:

    Hikes that make you dirty, sweaty, and tired, are usually the most rewarding. Great post!


  2. Speaking from my heart … ” There is a Lone Cypress in all of us” Thank you , it was a birthday gift for me.


  3. This was an extra-beautiful post, and it shows your own evolution as well – wading through difficult challenges over the years, watching that precious son grow older, tending to patients through this Covid crisis as well as your own recent history with Covid. Your summary is perfect and poetic:
    “There is a Lone Cypress in all of us. We wouldn’t have survive this long if we didn’t have what it takes to be a Lone Cypress Tree by the Sea.”


  4. restlessjo says:

    How beautiful!


  5. Wind Kisses says:

    I love every word of this and the symbolic analogy you present. I would have done the same. It would have called me and I would have listened. Grateful you have a gift for putting this “ journey” into words. Photos along the way? Helps us meander ( and climb) with you and also see how they insist on peace. Donna


  6. Mimu says:

    The location and the pictures are amazing. Perfect 👌🏼


  7. elvira797mx says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Wonderful, amazing, beautiful photos! Impresive Cypress.
    Great post! Invites to reflect. Thank’s for share, my friend! Hope you are feeling better.
    Blessings for you and yours! Keep well.


  8. Ab says:

    That looked like quite the beautiful and scenic hike! The more thrilling hikes are what makes us feel alive indeed.

    That is one beautiful looking tree. From afar, it has an artful quality to it. From up close, you see the seasons it has weathered. True grit like so many of us, including yourself!

    Hope today was a smooth reentry to work. Take care and enjoy your weekend.


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