One Word, One Photograph, One Story…Destiny


They looked so happy and in love. As they seal their vow of loving and being there for each other forever, another story was already written by Destiny on a rock long time ago just few steps from where the Newly Weds were standing.

Destiny foretold only one will raise their Child. How and when, only Destiny knows. May be Destiny will show mercy, but does is not Destiny’s Nature and Character.

Destiny has to be heartless or else every love story will have a happy ending. In real life, many love struck Couples even those with fairy tale grand weddings don’t get to have their happily ever after. In the end, they are left with memories, photographs and a void that can never be replaced.

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11 Responses to One Word, One Photograph, One Story…Destiny

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  2. ourcrossings says:

    Marriage can be both a source of joy and sorrow. Marriage is not a formula. It’s a moment by moment experience filled with the shifting tides of life that ebb and flow and clash with personal expectations and our own flawed character. If only people, who are getting married, would put as much effort into strengthening their relationship as they do in planning and organising their picture-perfect wedding, we might have fewer divorced couples and ruined marriages.

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    • Very True. Wedding Preparation and drive for perfection are intense stress, and begins the test for how long the fairy tale love story will last. Exactly, couples should work harder in perfecting their marriage to make it stronger, better and enduring. I think people are pressured to present in social media that picture perfect love and happiness, and end up missing out entirely on the many gifts before them.


  3. Ab says:

    It’s often sad to think about the statistical outcome of marriage – 1 in 2 marriages in the US don’t last. I think if everyone knew what the future (Destiny) held for them, they’d be terrified of taking a chance on love, life and adventure. Here’s to living life freely regardless of what Destiny has in store.

    Hope you are feeling better this week!

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  4. elvira797mx says:

    Wow! Wonderful photo! Thank’s for share.
    Hope you are getting better.

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  5. This a great image of this couple in the back of the rock.

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