I Can Smell The Roses Again

It’s both relief and happiness that I got my sense of smell back and be able to smell the Roses again.

4 days of submission to sickness, helpless, unable to control anything except hang on to hope that my body together with modern medicine will win the fight for me.

Yesterday, I rejoiced that I can breathe well again. I’m sweating after two rounds of long walk at an outdoor field. It was a good sweat and not the kind when a fever is breaking down post anti-fever medication. I’m winning. My body is winning.

Entire morning, I felt great, lots of energy. Late afternoon, I easily doze off again for 2 hours which normally does not happen to me when I’m in my usual healthy invincible self . Past 5 days, I didn’t really care about being invincible anymore. It felt really amazing just to submit to deep sleep, rest and take care of my body for once. Total detachment from work. Something I have not done for so many years.

It took sickness for me to realize how important it is to just stop, sleep, really, really sleep so my body can fully heal and restore itself. It’s the ultimate Spa Wellness Vacation Collaboration I never had for 30 years. And this time, no guilt in requesting my long overdue 10 Days Sick Leave after working for 7 years with my Employers giving above 100% Patient Care that gave them countless “Very Satisfied” Customer Experience.

It took a virus for me to appreciate what’s it like to smell the Roses again. It took sickness for me to truly fall asleep deeply, rest my broken body, mind and heart. For that I am Thankful. God is good, always!

Wife and Son agreed, getting COVID wasn’t that bad. It gave us that much needed Stay-at-Home Family and Me Time for as long as we want. Next week, we are ready to face the world again like brand new people. This time, I’m shifting from invincible to visible. From no fear to being smart. I can’t afford being reckless again.

A beautiful, fun, relaxing weekend to all. Another perfect sunny day to smell the fresh Blooms of Summer. Yep, official Kick-Off of Summer Adventures begins Monday, May the 30th.

Stay safe, happy and healthy always. ♥️🙏

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  1. rulookingforjesus says:

    Great post

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  2. Glad you have returned to health. Thank you for the beautiful rose photos. ❤ All the best!


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  4. awesomeburst111 says:

    I can you love flowers especially roses. I love roses because they bloom late spring till late fall. Seems they are all ways there to brighten your day. Rose Lover.

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  5. Glad you’re on the mend. Why are we so fearful of taking advantage of the benefits that we’ve earned and are actually good for us? I’m very similar! I work and work until I’m exhausted and my body says enough, forcing me to take more time off than I might have initially needed. A mental health day along the day would not have killed me … but I’m slow to take them. Thanks for the reminder!

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    • Thanks Brian. Just like you, I’m normally into just work , work, work. And personally, I have this personality of trying to please everyone and make them happy at Work, which made me good in multitasking but in the end it accelerated both physical and mental exhaustion. So I’m learning to say No, I’m learning to call in sick when I’m really sick and not continue being a martyr to my job. Money we can find, but our body and sanity when gone is gone, or when damaged, takes awhile to be whole again if ever that’s possible. Self Care is easy for some, harder for others, but absolutely needed by all. I work with different generations of healthcare professionals and to be honest, I like the mental mind set of Gen Z which are Happy and Purpose at Work with the least hours working, but more pay and time for self. It actually exist and possible.


    • Sorry, tried to leave a comment on your Tribute Post to our Heroes, but log in glitch is not allowing me to. Anyways, thanks for including the Topic on Mental Health as part of the problem with shootings in schools. It a is very important problem that is not getting any solution nor attention. I live in Silicon Valley, where homes are in millions but whose streets are full of Homeless Americans, many with untreated Mental Health issues. The community has accepted it as normal. The Police pass through them without turning back. The Governor and it’s Leaders keeps ignoring true changes in Homelessness, affordable housing, easy access to free Mental Health Care. From San Francisco, All Bay areas to Santa Cruz, one sees people suffering from Mental Health, but not really seeing the Person in them nor will lift a finger to help. It’s very sad.

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  6. ThingsHelenLoves says:

    Gorgeous images. Take care and nurture yourself. There will always be work, but only one you.

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  7. Beautifully written and I’m so glad that your health is returning

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  8. Totally agree with you, sleep, rest, detach from work – all very important. Nice pictures of the flowers here, and glad you’ve got your sense of smell quickly. 🙂

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  9. elvira797mx says:

    Thank’s for share!

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  10. elvira797mx says:

    Wow! Great! Thank’S God! You can smell and you are feling better.
    Take care, keep well.
    Have a relaxing weekend.

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  11. Ab says:

    Glad that you are feeling better and that your symptoms were not as bad they could’ve been!

    Taking the 10 sick day leave was a wise thing to do and I’m glad you got to spend if recharging with your family.

    Enjoy having your smell back too! 😃 Perfect season for the sense of smell and summer wonder.

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    • Thanks Ab. By sept. COVID sick leave will be removed and anyone that gets COVID will use their sick time or leave without pay. It’s crazy because even with mask , new variants can get anyone sick. This will make some people hide their illness and just report to work because not everyone has extra money nor employers that pays sick leave. It will be an interesting Fall and Winter, when Flu season comes back with COVID. For now, we enjoy Summer to the max my Friend. Regards to your Family.

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      • Ab says:

        The Fall & Winter will be telling. Let’s hope it will not be as severe as previous lockdowns. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the summer ahead of us safely and fully. 😊🙏

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  12. “my body together with modern medicine will win the fight for me.”

    Better not count on pharma products.

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    • I’m Asthmatic since 6 months old and the hospital for years was my second home. There are bad medicine and good medicine. As simple as albuterol inhaler can save someone’s life. I remember as a child I had to be admitted to the hospital just for the intravenous bronchodilator aminophylline because inhalers were not invented yet, at least not for a third world country.


  13. restlessjo says:

    Glad that you’ve come through it. Enjoy your remaining few days with the family. Work will wait.

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    • Yes, is is a relief to get better. Still have occasional itchy throat, dry cough and fatigue but otherwise, I’m almost back to normal. 10 days rest is nice but like the news is saying, it’s very disruptive to people’s lives. Hopefully, in time, the length of illness gets shorter and shorter, milder and milder. Thank you.

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