Surviving COVID

Sunday Night, I felt cold and chilly. I took 500 mg Acetaminophen and didn’t really made a big deal out of it. I did worked that Sunday and swabbed 4 Patients. One of my Co-Worker just came back that day post 10 days COVID Quarantine, and three more Co-Workers that week post their isolation period.

I slept early and woke up feeling better Monday. I still felt tired which is unusual when I get 8 hours or more sleep. I was however, ready to work.

Tonight, Wife and Son turned COVID positive, 2 days after my positive test. I brought COVID Home. Wife started having itchy throat with cough and body aches yesterday. Son started having fever and sniffles today. The new variant is spreading fast within Family clusters and responsible for the “Hidden” Wave.

Just before starting my coffee, I have a gut feeling to test myself with Home COVID test. So, I asked my wife for the test kit. She had to verify, “Are you sure? It’s a waste of a kit if you don’t feel sick.” I explained, “I have too, I felt cold last night and took Acetaminophen which made me feel better.”

3 minutes of the 15 minutes time duration home test, it already confirmed I was COVID Positive. First reaction were panic and safety measures.

I never had a Flu in the U.S. for 22 years of Direct Patient Care. I got COVID in 2.2 years. I’m vaccinated for both. Obviously, COVID is very contagious than Flu. The Pfizer COVID Vaccine worked in preventing severe symptoms and hospitalization. The Pfizer Paxlovid worked in reducing severity progression. I wouldn’t be writing this if it wasn’t. Likely, things would have turned grave if I didn’t have these two. At 51 with co-morbidities, I can’t play Superman anymore.

I wore my mask immediately and told my Wife, “Luv, wear your mask. I’m COVID Positive.”

And just as soon I acknowledge the fact I have COVID, I started to have fever and chills again with nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy throat and cough. I took Acetaminophen again together with the over the counter Robitussin DM we stocked months ago. The Dextromethorphan part is anti-cough.

I texted my Manager to confirm Employee Health Protocol for reporting and PCR Testing. It took an hour to finally get hold of Employee Health. They told me they have so many waiting for test appointments and I have to wait 24 hours for them to contact me for appointment. Past 48 hours, no phone call update of COVID test scheduling.

I decided right away to contact my Kaiser Primary Care Physician. I was able to get a telephone appointment the next day and COVID PCR test that same day.

From my last COVID PCR test, there is a big difference in the drive thru line. It used to be straight from entrance to the COVID Swab Collectors. That day, I drove in a long maze. Kaiser is anticipating a rapid rise of volume of both Patients and Staff that will get sick and needing PCR COVID Confirmation. What I was seeing the past few weeks, Kaiser just confirmed. However, this is not the case of other Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals. The message is still, “It’s okay cause it’s mild.” But it’s not okay when more than half of your Work Staff just got COVID, and the rest will get COVID one by one like a Domino Effect.

COVID disrupts work. It disrupts lives. It disrupts care and services. People may be off work without pay.

Orange cones filled the parking lot. Can accommodate hundreds of cars. This is what every big Healthcare Facilities should prepare now so long days of waiting to be tested and getting results will not happen again. But looks like only a few are paying attention. The past will repeat itself.

No one knows who gave COVID to whom anymore. Is it the Patients? Is it from Co-Workers? Are they from Friends and Family Members? Or are they from Strangers at the Stores, Parks and Public Places?

Where I got my COVID doesn’t matter anymore, but what matters is doing the right, the responsible thing by informing my Friends and Co-Workers whom I may have infected that I have COVID. This way they can watch themselves and be cautious around their Families and Friends. Something many seem to have deleted from their subconscious.

Hand Washing, Disinfection, Disposable Plate and Utensils, K95 Mask indoors, Isolation. Finally, we get to use what we were preparing for. Wife tempted to spray me with Lysol Disinfectant Spray. It says it can kill 99.9 percent of virus that cause COVID.

COVID is spiraling high in my community because many stopped caring about one another. It is our duty to inform People we know that we may have gotten them sick. Behavior and Attitude are pivotal in Pandemic Control.

Day 2, I felt more worse. I woke up with headache, severe nasal congestion that I have to breathe through my mouth, throat pain, voice hoarseness, chest congestion and productive cough with yellow sputum. I still have fever and chills with body aches, fatigue and brain fog. This time, symptoms didn’t feel mild nor okay. My main concern now is developing Shortness of Breath as I have active Asthma and have been using daily both rescue and maintenance inhalers.

Time is of essence with Paxlovid both for qualification and effectivity. One has to score right away their symptoms 0-10, with zero as asymptomatic and 10 having shortness of breath/respiratory distress. Mild is 1-3, Moderate is 4-6, Severe 7-10. 10, definitely time to call 911 or go to Emergency Room. One can get Paxlovid with mild to moderate, so symptoms does not progress to severe and hospitalization.

I spoke with my Doctor, based on my risk factors and severity, I have to start the Anti-COVID Paxlovid right away. It’s time sensitive, to start within 5 days of COVID symptoms. It is suppose to prevent progression to severe disease and hospitalization.

Waiting for Paxlovid via same day mail, I told my wife, “I don’t think I could drive safely to the pharmacy. Too tired and my attention and focus are so bad. So I have pharmacy delivered the medicine via priority same day mail.” She didn’t disapprove after experiencing with me a mind boggling scary driving incident last night.

For some reason where I’m suppose to drive far left towards the turn left only stop light, I drove over the concrete island in the middle of the road and ended up on the opposite side. I have no idea how I got there. It’s like I black out but still conscious. My Driving Senses were alarmingly off. Wife freaked out and screaming. I assured her, “Calm down. We’re okay . We should be thankful no harm happened to us. We could have hit another car head on.” She calmed down once we were able to safely park. I was silently shocked too but I was so tired( fatigue) to react. I calmly added, “We’re safe, that’s what matters.”

We were in crowded Japan Town SF Saturday. I wore a mask except when eating. Many are not wearing mask indoors. I could have gotten COVID there. Incubation of COVID is 2-12 Days. Likely sooner with the new variants. And yes, we shared this mango pineapple crepe not concerned we were sharing saliva. “We’ll it’s my Family, we’re safe,” thinking is not smart at all. Take it from me.

I should have worn my mask instead of taking this photo. Too late now. This is what happens when one put their guard down and trust the majority’s sentiments of being safe from COVID and mask is no longer necessary. Thank God for the vaccines. I could be in the E.R. by now or tomorrow.

A Lady in Yellow Dress is relaxing on a rock while a Friend took her pictures. Everyone was just trying to have a great time, and if COVID is part of the risk package, many will take it. I will take it.

No driving till I’m well. For now, I can’t trust my body and senses with COVID in it. And yes, I’m suppose to rest and do my share of isolation quarantine. Public Health actually still exist and alerted me that they received a report that I’m COVID Positive and should do the right thing by notifying all that I may have exposed. I’m surprise there’s actually a contact tracing. Or may be because I’m a Healthcare Provider. I did not reply, I already notified all my Co-Workers whom I may have infected. We’d been taking care of each other since this Pandemic began. They warned me when they got sick. My turn to warn them. Honesty and transparency.

Personally, I believe in the effectivity of the COVID vaccine from preventing serious COVID that cause hospitalizations, complications and death. So did my Co-Workers who get to share with me their sickness thoughts and experiences. No fear. Just a relief it is over for now. We are after all the true living Survivors of the Pandemic. And our stories have many things in common like courage, strength, faith, hope, perseverance, strong Family and Friends ties and support, positivity and humor to a disease that shouldn’t be funny in the first place.

Saturday, the day was too beautiful. Nature and Outdoors glorious, inviting all to come out and have fun. Weather Sunny and warm at 90 degrees. No place to Park at Bakers Beach so we decided to hike at Presidio Miley. It’s easy to forget COVID infection is everywhere and everyone when everything is this nice. I definitely did.

As I said, COVID is “not mild” and it sucks, at least for me based from my own personal experience. Now that is one truth no one can just alter with lies and deception. I don’t like having COVID. So, I will be wearing mask again outdoors, indoors, everywhere. I will not care if People are staring and giving me looks or hand gestures. My body, my right not to get sick and feel aweful again.

Day 3 COVID, Day 2 Paxlovid. I woke up feeling much better. No more fever and chills. Less nasal congestion and chest congestion. No nasal drip. Still with occasional productive cough. No sore throat. No headache. No body aches. Still having fatigue like I didn’t want to get out of bed. Have tolerable bitter taste in my mouth from Paxlovid. No big deal. The good effects outweighs the weird taste. Three diarrhea episodes, which could be side effect of Paxlovid and from the many immunity boosting green juices I took this morning. Overall, I felt positive that tomorrow, I’m back to being myself again. No brain fog so far. Thank God. PCR COVID results came back Abnormal and Positive.

How many will do this? We stopped doing this 2021.

By Summer many of us will be infected by the highly infectious variant now considered as contagious as measles. If we made it Summer, then comes Fall and Winter, COVID’s worst of all its seasons. And if we made it non-infected 2022, then comes 2023 and the years thereafter. We should not be running anymore. It we get it, we deal with it as aggressive as we can to eliminate the virus from our systems as quick as possible. No indecisiveness with testing and early treatment.

After Japan Town, it was hiking to Mile Rock Beach and Eagles Point. I could have gotten it here too. Most don’t wear mask outdoors and some parts of the hiking trail were narrow making close contact with a COVID positive very likely. And People enjoy talking so most mouths were open whenever People pass each other.

We reached Mile Rock Beach. Wife wearing a mask. I didn’t. Wife stayed in a corner away from People. I went towards the People so I can get a better picture at the left end of a Cove that has the view of Golden Gate. Wife was cautious. I was just trying to feel like everyone else…carefree.

No escape to the New Normalcy, both for the Believers and Unbelievers of the deadliest Pandemic in history. We are now part of that History. I am now part of the ongoing Pandemic still shaping History.

What was once droplet is now highly airborne easily passed as simple as a whisper, a laugh, a kiss, a hug, a yawn and through normal modulated social and work conversations.

Is this something you are also noticing in your workplace and or community? I believe there is a movement to have everyone get infected as fast and as many without care to the Collateral Damage of 300 something Americans still dying everyday from severe COVID. Nothing mild when the deaths are clearly happening in hundreds to what is suppose to be Non-COVID Season.

Golden Gate Bridge from Mile Rock Beach. Were the experience and photos worth possibly getting COVID? Yes, because I wouldn’t have change anything. As I said before “I’m trying to live in the moment at its fullest.” I got what I wanted. I knew the consequences. No regrets. Lesson learned. I will be smarter and more cautious next time.

So, who gave me COVID? My Patients? My Friends and Co-Workers? The random Strangers in Public Places? Truth is, it does not really matter who gave it to me. What matters is my body is beating COVID because of Science and Medicine. What matters is I have a Family that is making sure I will get well soon and back to my optimal functioning self. What matters is that my Employer provides Sick Leave and COVID Sick Time hours so I don’t have to worry about where to get my next monthly pay check while at home recovering.

I wouldn’t have miss this, not even if COVID was there.

Day 4, I woke up early, all symptoms gone. I felt energized. I went to the kitchen to drink my Day 3 Paxlovid. Wife and Son all awake. Both on their Day 2 COVID feeling worse than Day 1. Son having sore throat, fatigue and body aches. Wife, also fatigue and body aches. She’s coughing more, so I gave her Tessalon and Robitussin DM for cough relief.

Today, Wife had a telephone appointment with a Doctor. Per Doctor, she does not need PCR test. Her symptoms and positive home test confirms that she has COVID. She did not qualify for Paxlovid.

Son’s earliest Pediatrician appointment is Friday. He needs a School Note that he has COVID. He is not suppose to make more absences after we received a warning from our school district, but COVID is an exception for the safety of all students, teachers and school staff.

COVID does significantly disrupts our Children’s Schooling. Son missing out on his Math Exam this morning which hopefully he gets to take next week. For now, he and his Mom has to go through the COVID Sickness Cycle that I just went through.

Things may appear scary and intimidating when we don’t know how our body and mind will react with COVID, but this I know, we will get through it. We will get better. We will feel better. We will beat the virus and come out Winners and Survivors. At the end of our quarantine, COVID becomes like any other sickness we successfully overcame.

Yesterday, Son made a joke after his confirmed Home COVID Test. He said, “A Family that travels and eats together gets COVID together.” I laughed, and told him, “You’re right.”

So, though getting COVID sucks. I feel blessed that I have all these resources and that my symptoms are better and improving. I’m happy even if I’m coughing. That is something new to me.

I’ll catch up on responding to your likes and comments as soon as I feel better with more energy.

Thank you for everyone’s thoughtfulness and kindness. I appreciate you all.

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45 Responses to Surviving COVID

  1. April says:

    So sorry about it. I hope you are feeling much better ✨

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    • I’m okay now, Acute phase lasted for a week. Occasional cough, tiredness and shortness of breath still a work in progress. Some heals quick. Others months. But the important thing is to keep living positively and actively no matter what. Thanks 🙏


  2. How are you doing? I just got over a bout of covid, myself.

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    • It took two days to clear fever and aches, then we had to deal with dizziness and fatigue, which I figured was due to dehydration and hypoglycemia. Back to normal after a week, with sinus drainage continuing another week. Now, after three weeks, my sense of smell is coming back.

      I still have occasions where I can’t remember words, but that’s becoming less frequent.

      Yes, new neurons can enervate the nasopharynx and form connections in the cortex. Good thing and take your Fortaro and elderberry concentrate.

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    • Glad you are okay. I noticed I get easily tired and short of breath when running post COVID, otherwise, it’s been back to usual. How about you?

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      • Recovery has been steady for us. After two days of fever and aches, we had to deal with dizziness and fatigue for a few days until we recovered from dehydration and hypoglycemia caused by covid. Then it was anosmia. Then memory lapses.

        Recovery is fast at first, then the memory takes a bit to come back. Covid definitely causes some neurological damage. Probably does a number on the spleen, too. There’s probably some vascular damage in all organs.

        My sense of smell has been returning gradually.

        I don’t run except when playing with my granddaughter. Walking is no problem for me.

        Did you ever order Fortaro?

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        • Thanks for sharing your experience and recovery. I just take my usual vitamins but rest is what I’m doing the most and just trying to enjoy life every time off. I try to stay away from negativity of people and their stress to focus on my own. I’m trying to stop absorbing the worries of others as it has taken a toll on my health.


      • I walked a couple of miles the day that fever broke and aches stopped–3rd day post symptom onset.

        Did you see that a 35 y.o. former lineman for Notre Dame died while running? You have to wonder if he was vaccinated.

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  3. If you go to the CDC page about frequently asked questions, you’ll find tons of misinformation.

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    • I try to redefine my truth nowadays. Truth is what I see and experience, and those that the experts say or write are speculative information. Anything medical related, the real truth is at bed side, face to face, direct contact with or without mask.


  4. Covid vaccinations will stop the spread!!!! Remember?

    Now we know that this propaganda was based on hope, not science, according to Debbie Birx, formerly of the Coronavirus Task Force.

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    • And the BA.5 Variant made the COVID Saga continues. It’s all about survival of the fittest and healthiest now. Stay safe.


    • I think the Government and Employers are changing their tune on COVID vaccination from Mandatory to optional/free choice but harm is done. People lost their jobs. People are already angry and forgiveness, only time will tell. I just pass by a mall yesterday and people are shouting no to the vaccines. I know personally some friends who haven’t gotten the initial vaccines and the boosters. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated got sick and well. Then everyone just moved on because honestly, there’s more to worry now than the virus. Take care.


      • Yep, a bunch of people were fired by hospitals and other medical employers for being unvaccinated. That leads to overwork of remaining staff, some of whom quit.

        Rinse and repeat.

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        • Understaffing is a vicious cycle of Human Abuse that is all talk but no action to those really affected by it. Administration and Management have very effective way to sugarcoat it when it hits the media. Behind the scenes, nothing has change. It’s still survival of the strongest and toughest. It’s take it or leave. It is what it is. Thanks for the reply. Every kindness helps.

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          • My physician daughter was doing locums at the time that vaccine mandates were done in hospitals. She was given an offer for full time employment at a leading hospital in my metro, but she turned it down. With locums you have more leverage. My daughter applied for religious exemptions from the vaccine and the exemption was granted in every case.

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  5. My Rollercoaster Journey says:

    I hope you’re all feeling better now. Lovely nature pics!

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    • I am, but I noticed 3 weeks post C-19, I get short of breath running or walking on elevation. Had to use my rescue inhalers too more. Hope it’s temporary. C-19 lingering symptoms comes differently to different People. My Son has no post effects. Wife , gets tired easily. Thanks for checking by. 🙏


      • My Rollercoaster Journey says:

        I hope it’s temporary as well. I guess it takes a while for your body to bounce back. You’re welcome. Stay safe.

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      • Yeah, the CDC talks about recurrent covid after Paxlovid treatment, which is one of their actually-correct pieces of information.

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        • Heard of that too, but I can only speak from experience. I didn’t have a reoccurrence post Paxlovid but I have now the chronic lingering effects of post COVID infection. The so called “ mild” symptoms is not mild when it’s been more than 6 weeks. People should look long term in terms of how COVID affects their health, social life and work endurance. Chronicity is very inconvenient and uncomfortable.


  6. says:

    Sorry to hear you got sick! Get well soon!

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  7. Thank you for sharing the stages of suspect and confirmation and now of healing. Here in Ecuador many are no longer wearing masks indoors. I marvel that it only takes the ‘government’ saying, ‘no longer necessary,’ and people forget the risks and assume they are invincible against this virus that seems to stay a few steps ahead of us. I too have risks so stay proactive, even when I am the only one in the photo wearing a mask…. your post confirms that we should all remain diligent.

    May you have no lingering side effects, and I hope that your wife and son stay well.

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    • Thank you. We’re all doing better. Cough and fatigue are the lingering symptoms. In the U.S., we are even lifting the safety screeners to avoid having active COVID spread in the entire building where most sick patients are susceptible. It’s horrifying on the part of the patients who have no idea their health and safety does not matter anymore. Americans have accepted 300 life wasted every day is a “reasonable” number to enjoy life without COVID infection control measures. Comes Winter, 1,000 may be the next acceptable number. Having COVID only confirmed it’s very real. Stay safe.


      • yes; it is baffling how intelligent people choose to ignore facts and data as if their defiance makes them immune to Covid. if someone lives in a hurricane zone, they know to prepare each season and hope that nothing bad rolls in their direction, but they don’t just sit there and not have supplies for food, water, boards to protect windows, etc — they are pro-active and on the offense. it’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact so many people are not being proactive — even here, many are without masks – not checking world stats – goodness, it’s like witnessing noah’s warnings and no one listening…
        i’m really sorry that covid caught up with the three of you, but so glad that you’re fullly vaccinated and have easy access to meds. i hope to get pfizer #2 in the next week — a year ago I had a severe reaction to AstraZeneca, so it ws January before I could move forward with a second option. It will be a relief to get that second Pfizer!

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        • Glad you’re getting the #2 Pfizer . It really works reducing the severity of COVID and prevents hospitalization. No more free COVID hospitalization funding here in the U.S., and 3 days hospital bill for the uninsured can reach $62,000 or more. Vaccine is still free, but unfortunately, millions of Americans still refuse to get it due to their beliefs. Summer is the first phase of experimental zero safety mandates to make COVID appear no longer a health concern. Daily cases however has quadrupled compared to spring. Many COVID positives are also not staying home during their 5-10 days quarantine. This will become normal with time, though obviously very wrong. The daily deaths has been very consistent and accepted as normal as well. Post Pandemic Society is far from normal, it’s weird, edgy and more have become uncaring and detached from reality. Stay safe. Take care.


          • thank you so much for that update; my heart felt a bit discouraged when you said that the daily cases have quadrupled. People can be so ‘flippant’ in disregarding their own health as well as the illness or wellness of others.
            I remain double masked – it’s not that bad of an adjustment if it means staying well.

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            • I kind of know this numbers will happen. Summer is where People are most sociable, and no barrier to droplets and airborne all at once will bring back COVID, Influenza, Tuberculosis. Yes, double mask helps. Stay safe.


              • Most likely you had guava trees in your home country? The leaves are used for treating dysentery and acts as a desiccant, and mild antibiotic/antispasmodic… for colds/flue it also works as a decongestant, so it was my ‘go to’ when the sniffles and sneezes began — I don’t ever have sniffles and sneezes… I got enough leaves to last a week, gathered other items and after the fever passed I went for the test – positive. Every time the sniffles or cough began, I gulped another glass of ‘brewjita’ and in half an hour or less, ass was good again. I was very lucky to have gotten the second Pfizer 12 days before this started. Whew. (Of course I’ve been double masked, but most everyone else is not.)

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              • That is correct. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge on herbal medicine and nature.


  8. Oh I hope you’ll get stronger again soon. My family also just had it last month, thank God symptoms were mild. The pictures you have here are so lovely by the way, especially the last one. 🙂

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    • Thank you. Thanks for the thoughtfulness. Yes, it’s mild too just it lingers for more than a week plus antigen home test remains positive till 10th day. It is nice however to just get it over with than worrying when to get it and how bad. I’m planning to get the 4th booster after a month. Infection only covers 90 days and where I am, COVID is very high and caution, very low. Take care and regards to your family.

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  9. elvira797mx says:

    I am so sorry about you get it. Hope you are getting better soon! Thank’s for share.
    Take care and keep well. Blessings to you and yours.

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  10. ganga1996 says:

    It would be nice if one day we can find out who gets the autoimmune reaction the cytokine storm and who doesn’t until then my prayers would continue.

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  11. Ab says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry that COVID got you. 😞 But I am glad that you are ok and that it’s not as bad as it could be. Thankfully you got vaccinated.

    The driving situation sounds so scary. Good idea to hold off on driving until you’re better. And you’re right, there is no point trying to point blame; just focus on getting better and keeping your loved ones safe and yourself same from future reinfection.

    I do hope you don’t have to deal with “long COVID!” Hang in there and take care and get well again soon!

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  12. “Nothing mild when the deaths are clearly happening in hundreds to what is suppose to be Non-COVID Season. ”

    No covid deaths in my very populous county in weeks. No covid cases in our ICUs. This is the season for respiratory illness in the south. Not anywhere else in the US.

    My MD daughter paid attention to my recommendations about how to treat covid. My nurse wife did not–until she got sick with covid and worse the second day. Then she took my treatment cocktail.

    1 tsp elderberry concentrate every 4 hours.

    50 mg zinc daily

    vitamin D (I now recommend 50 units per pound body weight)

    1000 mg vitamin C daily

    1 zyrtec daily

    Boy Scout motto: “Be prepared.”

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