Pink Magic Carpet Ride, Cliff House Ocean Beach

Let me take you to a Pink Magic Carpet Ride.

Scared of heights and fast thrill rides? No worries. This carpet ride has seatbelts.

If you have to scream, we scream together, and the louder, the better. Ready? Here we go…SCREAM! Didn’t that feel so good?

Now, we laugh and laugh hard. We laugh till our lungs are close to running out of air, and tears of joy starts flowing from our eyes.

We celebrate and enjoy life fully till the Heart is intoxicatingly happy and free.

Every May of Spring, carpets of pink flowers bloom along the most unlikely places of Cliff House, Ocean Beach San Francisco. The flowers are robust and radiant even if California is on a severe emergency drought. Magic? Perhaps, but it’s definitely a proof of Nature’s incredible resilience and adaptability towards the most extreme climate change caused by Humans such as the accelerated Global Warming.

Then there’s this amazing yellow Sun and Star bloom clusters in one spot of the pink magic carpet.

On rock walls and cliffs, on edges beyond reach, on side walks to highways, shimmering, glistening, brilliant splendor.

Wonder to Wonder. Adventure to Adventure. Discovery to Discovery. Excitement to Euphoria.

Some years have more magic carpet than others. Once, several years ago after a year of abundant Rain, the rocks that surrounds Cliff House was mostly covered by pink blooms which from afar looked like the rocks were painted pink. It was the year of the Super Blooms Phenomenon which has not happened since then.

Significant Rain blessings has stopped, continuously drying up all Water Dams, Reservoirs, Lakes and Rivers. Water usage on the other hand seems like it’s limitless among many Californians.

Spring Pandemic 2020. Landmark Cliff House frequented by Hollywood Stars in the 50’s-70’s became a pink jeweled crown when the magic carpet returned. It was both Miracle and Hope at a time when many are afraid of the unknown deadly virus that swiftly spread across the World within several weeks.

There were no vaccines nor effective medications then. People were dying in thousands everyday. Dark Times needing any form of symbol of light and inspiration at the end of a very long uncertain tunnel. The Wildflowers, glorious and beautiful were one of those much need symbols of light and inspiration.

If the Wildflowers can survive with nothing, all the more Humans who have everything.

My Son went climbing ahead of me, but he waited so I can catch up. These are the kind of moments from Visitors that will keep Cliff House alive even if one day it will have another name after it’s Auction is over. I hope Golden Gate Park will not sell out to one Billionaire Individual to have it as a Private Castle by the Sea. If so, its Heart will die and its Spirit gone forever.

Cliff House was built to bring happiness to as many People. It doesn’t know what selfishness means. It has not experienced being imprisoned in its own Castle. Who owns it next will determine its Freedom. It doesn’t have a say nor can speak. It can only hope silently.

The Cliff House, May 2022. Just as beautiful, just as glamorous, but it is now permanently closed after 157 years of giving happy memories, romantic Sunsets and unforgettable delicious culinary experience both to Locals and Visitors from around the World.

Sign of Iconic Cliff House may had been taken down, Thursday, Dec. 31, 2020, but it’s Heart continues to beat and survive to welcome everyone who needs it. For how long, all depends on its next owner.

He looked where I looked, but what he thinks or feels could be different from mine. However, I do see that he loves Freedom, Adventures and Nature Outdoors too. His moments are his and can be anything he wants or needs. I appreciate the time he spends with me. I’m thankful for our Father and Son moments and memories. One day, he will have strong fearless wings of his own and will pursue adventures and dreams that is just about him. Cycle of Life.

Kite Surfers frequent Ocean Beach but they are particularly drawn close to the Cliff House. Could be because the area just has the right amount of Wind and Current provided by the giant sea rocks that surrounds it.

Some flowering plants have already died, some didn’t. No rain. Sun turns dangerous at Summer’s heat peak. By then, all blooms have burned and withered to return again next in Spring. That’s the normal cycle of the Magic Carpet blooms. Could loose it’s magic one day and never come back. So we enjoy Nature now and try to take care of it for tomorrow. Magic won’t last if we keep wasting and using it recklessly.

If pink magic carpet is not your thing, I assure you, the blue magic carpet of Ocean Beach will. There is something about the Water that brings People here. I can’t really describe it, but I do know that all my stress drifts away and waves of peace and happiness flows gently to every part of my being whenever I am here.

Wholeness, Clarity, Healing and Renewal. Back to zero negativity, heavy burdens and worries. Instant Brand New Self.

The Ocean and the Sea takes away the rusty parts of me. It prevents me from corroding away. It protects and keeps me safe from the harsh dangerous elements of Life Circumstances and People. It is Home and Sanctuary when I needed it to be. Friend and Family when feeling alone and misunderstood. The surviving metal reminds me of myself, bare and vulnerable yet for some miracle stands strong. God has not left his sinful, imperfect and troubled Creation.
View from Sutro Baths by Lands End. Another love story just steps away from Cliff House.

It bids farewell but it knows we will come back. It took a piece of our Hearts, same as we took a piece of its Heart.

Indescribable feeling every time, no matter how many times I’d been here. It was love at first sight enduring towards forever.

Our Love Story by the Cliff and the Sea has no end unless we want it to end. It awaits for us patiently for as long as it knows we will return, doesn’t matter for how long.

Every adventure and discovery is experiencing a whole new World. And when we share them, its meaning becomes so much more.

A whole new World
With new horizons to pursue
I’ll chase them anywhere
There’s time to spare
Let me share this whole new world with you. -Lyrics from Disney’s A Whole New World 1992

Heart shape magic carpet. Imagined or Real? Needed or not? Destiny or Random? Effect is the same for those who want it.

Our Pink Magic Carpet Ride just landed. Time to go home. May today’s adventures brought everyone their magic and miracles, happy moments and memories, wants and needs, smiles and laughters, wonder and surprises.

Till our next Magic Carpet Ride. Take care everyone. Stay healthy and happy.

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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28 Responses to Pink Magic Carpet Ride, Cliff House Ocean Beach

  1. This is very pretty! They remind me of heathers in the moors of the Scottish Highlands. Beautiful post and pictures as always from you 🙂

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    • Thank you. The Pink Blooms only last for a several weeks then gone by mid Summer. To be a part of it, is what makes it a magical.

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    • Sorry, tried to leave a comment of your Family adventure post but for some reason it doesn’t allow me too. Great adventures and Nature trails BTW. Thanks.

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      • It’s alright, but I wonder what’s happened to it hahah. Thank you for visiting, too! And hopefully you’ve recovered well. My hubby and kids still have some cough 5 weeks after getting covid. 🙂

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        • I think it’s something to do with the settings. I notice WordPress has updates and most blogs requires login in and filling out name, email and blog site to allow a comment to go through, then a few just keeps defaulting to log in section. Anyways, thanks for sharing and for the encouragement. I’m day 8, occasional dry cough, but easily I get tired. Like I want to exercise, but I’d rather sleep. I guess body still recovering. Wife and Son day 6, also cough is the lingering symptom. Will home test my Son today if he can go back to school tomorrow or another 4 days quarantine. Take care.


  2. OMG, I know the Cliff house since like more than 35 years ago, brings back memories your great post, thank you

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    • It’s sad that it took COVID to topple it down. I guess after the contract ended, there was some deep serious thinking if it’s still profitable to keep it us a restaurant. Some parts of San Fran seems back on business but if we are truly being observant, there’s this kind of dark uncertainty hovering above it. I was there last weekend and got COVID 2 days after. Not sure if it’s SF or Work since I also work the next day. For now, the best is really just to enjoy of what’s left of everything we knew in our post Pandemic World. Not even sure too if we are really post Pandemic or living in a “Hidden” Pandemic. Everyone I know are getting sick, entire Families in one clean sweep but the Government, Leaders, Work Management, and many People in the Community seems to be ignoring it all together. As my Friends and Family who got sick would say, “Oh, well, at least we have 90 days of antibodies to enjoy to the max this Summer.” Hope you get to revisit Northern California, it’s beautiful with the wildflowers. Check out Pacific Grove, has magic carpet too but soon will be gone by July. Take care.


      • Hi there, thank you so much for the update on your physical being , I guess as well mental. I’m very sorry to hear that you got IT , hopefully it didn’t hit you too hard and you have recovered by now. Yeah , I don’t know either what we are living in what kind of pandemic. As well here , I know of so many people who got IT, even more than during the pandemic times. Well taek good care of yourself and your mind. Greetings from down here in Southern California.


  3. markbierman says:

    Beautiful photos and an inspiring message. Well done.

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  4. t says:

    Such vivid photos and such warm writing to go with it; it’s almost as if one is there, on the carpet ride. Absolutely stunning.

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  5. ourcrossings says:

    Whether it’s watching blue, rolling waves crash against the sandy shore or hearing birds chirping in a green, luscious forest, there is something so remarkable and beautiful about being immersed in nature. Thanks for sharing such wonderful and colourful photos and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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  6. Spring is such a beautiful time of the year when all the flowers are in bloom. The carpets of pink flowers looks stunning. Agreed, it is pretty amazing how certain plants and flowers can be so resilient. That being said, we still can (and should) be doing more to protect nature.

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  7. rhamhona says:

    Woww! Its so beautiful😍💕❤️❤️

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  8. elvira797mx says:

    Wow! So beautiful and relaxing post! Amazing photos! Thank’s for share.
    Have a great day!

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  9. Ab says:

    What a beautiful sight! Nature truly is magical and wonderful, isn’t it? Thank you for sharing this uplifting post.

    It’s also somewhat telling that the pink carpet returned at a time when people retreated away because of the pandemic. What does that tell us about the balance between humans and wild flowers?

    It’s wonderful that you get to enjoy these father and son outings. They build such great bonds and lasting memories. I am sure you will create many more happy memories this summer!

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    • Very true Ab. Family Bonding is everything and Nature finds a way to make it easy, beautiful and fun. This is that year the carpet is not as much. 3 years of drought in California. Our Governor is alarming the water emergency but no one is listening. It is sad that one day many of the beautiful places of California will turn into Deserts and be unlivable. Global Warming is seriously affecting all of California.

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      • Ab says:

        I’ve been reading the drought situation is very bad. Just the other day was about Arizona’s Lake Mead. People need to wake up with climate change!

        I hope you are feeling better and taking it easy this weekend.

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        • Thanks Ab. Yes, feeling much better. I’m returning to Work this Friday. This is my longest time ever of just resting and it’s nice. Supply and demand of Water in California is like it’s Housing Crisis. Too many want it but not enough affordability and supply. As for water usage, like the current COVID community outbreaks, most don’t really care. In the end, everyone will experience the outcome of dismissing the warnings. Take care. Stay safe my Friend.

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          • Ab says:

            Enjoy your final day of rest tomorrow! And good luck with the return to work.

            And yes, I hear ya – a global problem is not relevant until one is really impacted severely at the personal level. Let’s hope it’s not too late for all of us one day!

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