Mental Health Day at Pigeon Point Light Station

“My successful Mental Health Day is having a Sunny Weather, listening to music, Nature Immersion and mindfully letting go of everything that caused me Mental and Emotional Distress. Guaranteed calm relaxation, positivity, happiness and hope.”

Mental Health Day is the only Holiday that focuses on the Person that needs it. It’s urgent as needed basis, from minutes to hours to days. It hardly cost a thing but means everything to the Individual that has to heal emotionally, mentally and physically. Our Work, our Society, People we know are not fully ready to understand what it means, but we are. So, we don’t deprive ourselves of that very thing that prevents us from losing it. We deserve to thrive, live, survive, even be happy.

Have you ever been where Place and Weather speaks and listens to the many versions of you from start to finish? Only you, no one else, undivided, full focused like you are the most important Person in this Planet?

Are we on the safe side or dangerous side? Are we the Free or are we the Trapped? Are we the Blessed or are we the ones Suffering? Metal Fence is just a fence. How we think and feel on either side symbolizes and defines its meaning. I would like to believe I’m on the Free side, but some days, it does feel I’m on the Trapped side. Inside,Outside Life situations changes all the time.

I have. Several times. Last was at Pigeon Point Light House. When Places, Weather and Moments speaks and listens to me, only for me, I put my guard down and surrender completely. Absolute trust.

I try to live in the moment because eventually all things that belongs to the World stays with the World. So why should I waste my remaining living years enslaving for the World and People? Aren’t we entitled to enjoy our lives too?

There is something sad yet irresistible about Nostalgia. That day, the Lighthouse revealed a part of its past that were both lonely and resilient. It waited and waited until it realized it can survive being alone and that Solitude is both it’s Lover and Best Friend.

Today, it shares that Solitude for free to anyone who seeks and wants it.

Downcast …how does it make you feel?

My moods can shift quickly from happy to sad to angry to mad furious just like the Weather can swiftly change from sunny to gloomy to rainy to stormy with freakin’ scary thunder and lightning.

The older I get, the harder it is for me to fake what I feel and what I think. Superficiality, Politics and Plasticity I can no longer tolerate. They bother me like I have Hives.

Even when it’s dark, even when the Weather is bad, or sad, or mad, it still is beautiful. We can’t really escape who we are just because our moods and emotions are having a moment.

Yep, my mood scares me sometimes. What if one day I can’t control it? What if the Demons and their Darkness are able to release themselves to the surface? What if they take over and I’m too exhausted to fight back? What then?

Bright, radiant, sunny, warm…how do you feel now?

If one wants to know how I truly feel, all they have to do is look at the Sky and the Weather. I can fake a smile, I can pretend to laugh but if the Sky has lost it’s Sun and Light, then what People see is a lie. A perfected functional lie. It’s how I have survived. It’s how many have survived. We understood in silence. We connect in silence. We listen in silence.

A minute ago.

I have to watch myself from myself all the time. What goes on from within can’t just be acted out anytime I want. I have to control myself and act professional around others no matter badly triggered. I can’t loose myself when I’m in charge of de-escalation, peace and order in a very busy workplace. Others can disrupt the work flow and vent whether irrational or legit, I can’t. Just is and will always be. Have to be the bigger, more mature Adult, though deep inside I’m just as childish and immature as anyone else.

A minute later, the Sky personality changed inspiring and motivating all things and life under it.

We got to Pigeon Point with the grey clouds completely covering the Sun. It was cold and windy. It wasn’t inviting. I was a bit disappointed because it was sunny when we passed by Santa Cruz for Ice Cream at Penny’s. We could have just stayed there instead of driving further. And Santa Cruz was having its kind of Beach and Boardwalk Fun when we left.

Depressing but not hopeless.
Good things happen to those who persevere.

In a matter of minutes, the Sun started to shine as the grey clouds started to drift away. In an instant, it’s like being in a different place experiencing a different moment, yet I only took a few steps away from the rocks.

Then Weather warmed up openly revealing incredible rock formations by the secret beach. It’s like being in another Planet.

The Sun is snapping everything out of their coma. Me included.

A huge rock hid one of the many secret beaches of Pescadero.

Low Tide revealed what normally the Sea keeps secretly to itself. The Sea was being vulnerable and generous.

Everyone was tired and sleepy when we reached Pigeon Point as we had to wake up early that morning for an Estate Sale adventure. We all took a nap inside the car at one of the parking lot of Pigeon Point. We pulled out the blankets from the trunk of the car and made ourselves comfy cozy. I lowered part of the car window to let the cool sea breeze in. It felt nice. 3 Amigos doze off.

So many Tide Pools with live mollusks, moving shells and anemones, corals, crabs, and tiny fishes. I was like a little child seeing the Sea for the first time.

I woke up earlier than the rest. I decided to get out of the car and enjoy Pigeon Point and it’s Nature Outdoors regardless of the Weather. I told myself, “I am already here where I want to be so I will make the most of it.” And so I did and much more.

They guard every Sea rock fortress by the beach from the outside World. Most of the time, they fail. Humans almost always wins.

I started by the field of wildflowers thru a broken wire fence. Was I suppose to cross? It didn’t matter. My instinct was faster than my common sense. I didn’t hesitate. I just jumped in.

View beyond the broken wire fence. This is how the Weather greeted me at first.

Then I proceeded to the stairway that leads to the beach. Weather keeps changing sunny to cloudy, cloudy to sunny, Sun on, Sun off. It’s like watching myself and my moods in the mirror, only Nature is crazy gorgeous and it’s mood swings even makes it more adorable. My mood swings makes me a Brat or a Jerk!

Fun Time. Climbing over the Rock Walls of the secret beaches. When the tides are high, the secret beaches disappear and is hidden by Sea Water. It was a rare opportunity to see them. So I walked the farthest safety will allow me.

A piece of a wood from a shipwreck so many years ago. The light from the lighthouse is suppose to warn the ships from danger, but sometimes Nature and Weather can cause disasters that crashes Man’s creations to pieces. Tragic but humbling.

Our Adventure has a second part with stories and reflections of their own. Weather and the Light Station decided to work together to surprise and awe. They made sure I have an amazing time being with them. They made sure I will share my experience with wonder and excitement. So here goes…

Above the beach overlooking Cabrillo Highway. I went past the metal wire to capture this view. No one was watching, so I walked towards the edge to check what’s below.

We have to seek our own version of beautiful. And some involves risk, danger and breaking the rules.

Many years ago, we didn’t know Pigeon Point exist. We were just driving to nowhere till we found our own somewhere that we totally fell in love with.

My Son was about 9 years old then. Our first visit was super fun and very exciting. Travel First Times are always special and unforgettable. Our succeeding visits felt like revisiting home. Pigeon Point became one of my favorite getaways when I needed to escape and recuperate.

The pink and purple flowers grows on the cliffs in Spring from April to May. It dies by Summer. Once a year, I try to go back just to see them.

Nature has so many seasonal miracles of life and colors, and I try to capture some for as long as I can. Every year is an opportunity to not miss out.

We don’t need a bucket list if we keep following what the heart wants.

Beauty and Happiness are subdued when the Sun is blocked. Exactly what the Heart feels when Weather looks like this. My moods and emotions are affected by the Weather. Sensitive much? The Sun is literally my Sunshine. And the Rain are my silent invincible tears washing, cleansing away all the pain, loneliness and heart breaks.

He waited for her but she never came back. This could have been where their Dream House would have stood. He never knew what really happened. Did she change her mind? Did something happened to the ship she traveled into. No matter heart broken, he wished she was well, safe and found love where she was happy.

As for the Man who waited, he decided to be the Lighthouse Keeper making sure everyone’s Loved One traveling by Sea gets to reach home safely. Perhaps, part of him still hopes his Great Love will show up one day at the Lighthouse doorsteps. She never showed up. What happened to her remained a mystery.

Everything and Everyone are more radiant and happy when love is added in the mix. Pictures don’t lie.

A vintage car was park outside the Hostel. My imagination time traveled again.

Across the Lighthouse is the Hostel. Yep, one can stay overnight or several days. Dream come true if I can stay here forever.

The balcony is an extension of the garden that overlooks the Ocean and another beach. Insane!

This is California, it’s beaches are ridiculously plenty, beautiful and wild.

Park Keeper closing the doors of one of the buildings. I smiled, and said, “Hey.” He smiled back and replied, “Hey.” I noticed few visitors still avoid eye contact when I passed them shoulder to shoulder. It has nothing to do with COVID any more since no one’s wearing a mask, me included. Unfriendly, prejudiced or just shy, it still makes me uncomfortable when People pretend other People don’t exist, so I pretend they don’t exist too in the same small shared space.

Sometimes, we have to let People realize how their body language and behavior affects others by mirroring exactly what they do back at them.

The white fences leads to the end part of the Light Station. Is there more beyond?

Yes, there’s more, and I save you the best view for last. This is the back part of the Lighthouse that watches the Pacific Ocean.

Every time I am here, it makes me dream that one day, this could be the place that I get to wake up everyday watching the Sunrise while drinking my morning coffee. This could be that place for my last breathe, for my last blog post. Hey, I could be the next Lighthouse Keeper, but this time I have my Great Love next to me. This could be that place where I get to meet and exchange stories with my Blogger Friends. Could be.

Blow Horn or Speaker, not sure.

There was once a staircase that reaches all the way to the edge. Don’t know what happened to it. Perhaps a storm destroyed it. Perhaps someone fell making it unsafe.

The other side of the Lighthouse with its own beach and adventures. I didn’t get to go down and discover its treasures. I ran out of time.

A family was eating by the picnic table at the backyard of the hostel. I could hear their laughter this far. So, I decided to go back to the car. My two Amigos just woke up. I asked them if they want to see the Lighthouse. Wife replied, “It’s 6:30, it’s getting late.” Son holding his belly added, “And I’m hungry.” I told them, “Yep, I’m hungry too. Okay, let’s have our favorite burger for dinner at Roadhouse.”

Old Friends don’t say goodbye. They don’t really leave because part of them stays with you always and part of you stays with them always.

Nostalgia, the Heart remembers moments and details of the past like they just happened yesterday. It’s a gift that no one can ever take away.

The band was playing Country. An old couple were slow dancing tender and lovingly. The Burger, dripping in deliciousness and flavor. We were happy and laughing. So much Good Positive Vibes in just several hours. It was the perfect Family and Me Day. Heaven on a Weekend.

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22 Responses to Mental Health Day at Pigeon Point Light Station

  1. ollie says:

    Oh I can feel and hear the ocean just reading this. There’s no better way to center yourself than spending time with nature.

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  2. Emer Ní Chorra says:

    Thank you for sharing this piece. Beautiful.

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  3. ourcrossings says:

    Lighthouses hold a special place in many hearts. There is something romantic about these coastal beacons that were once the most important landmarks for those who travelled by ship. They fascinate with the historic tales that surround them as well as their magnificent, yet often lonely, settings.

    Unfortunately, there tends to be a significant stigma attached to anything related to mental health, which is why it’s so essential that we acknowledge good mental health efforts and work to overcome the barriers that have been put up that keep us from addressing mental health in a positive, productive way.

    Thanks so much for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

    Liked by 3 people

    • Well said my Friend. I was appreciating the kindness and thoughtfulness of your comment and message. There is a rise recently of possible suicide among health professionals. Truth is, medical professionals are the last to be genuinely helped or will seek help with Mental Health brought about by the trauma and stress of their Work and Work conditions. Until an honest, serious, kind , sincere approach to Mental Health is achieve more lives will be lost and destroyed in the next several years. I hope those that can make change happens are listening.

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  4. elvira797mx says:

    Wow! Amazing, wonderful, beautiful, deep, post! Congratulations! Your photos are awesome and such a beauty! Love ligthhouses. Thank’s for share.
    Blessing week!

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  5. Absolutely beautiful! We stopped at several light houses on our two trips on Highway 1. So beautiful! I will say, the sun does brighten my spirits as well. I always feel a bit down when it is cloudy.

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  6. I completely agree about the importance of taking a mental health day. The Pigeon Point Lighthouse looks lovely. Isn’t it funny how the weather can have such a huge impact on our day and how we’re feeling? I’m glad the clouds cleared and you had a better view of the the shoreline.

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  7. Ab says:

    Lighthouses are such fascinating symbols in nature. On the one hand, they help shine a light out into the darkness to help people find their way, especially those whom may be lost. But by the nature of their location, there is also a sense of loneliness and sadness that comes with it.

    I’m glad that your family enjoyed a day out at Pigeon Point Light Station. It looks beautiful. And I’m glad the nature and relaxation helped you find some calm and rest during what I can imagine feels like turbulent waters in your mind.

    I always like how you try to find something off the beaten path and to discover something new, secret or hidden to those who don’t take the time to look deeper. These adventures and discoveries are what life is all about and what keeps us young at heart.

    The meal at the end of your trip looked yummy. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend with your family.

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    • Thank you Ab. Your comment is a beautiful, inspiring motivation itself. It makes me reflect, and makes me appreciate more time, family, friendship and blessings. It’s light in words when the road is dark. Thank you.

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  8. As long as you can make it back to the ocean, the demons will never win.

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