Love Defying Impossible, Star Fish and Sea Serpent

Their Worlds are different. Their Species are not suppose to co-exist. Falling in Love is an abomination. Falling in Love means betraying Family and Society. Fighting for Love means surrendering Life and choosing Death. It’s impossible.

Star Fish and Sea Serpent defied Society and Family to free themselves and find their own happiness not realizing they will meet at this spot in the Forbidden Land to find the most powerful and most beautiful of all treasures one could ever have…Love.
Why fences? Is it to protect us? Is it to emphasize ownership? Or is it protect others from danger? Is it an entrapment? Who is imprisoned? Who is truly free? Things means differently to different People. We are looking at the same view yet the view speaks to us however we need it to be at that given moment. All see a Beach surrounded by Nature. I see a story that connects to mine.

But the Heart what the Heart wants, and until it happens one doesn’t know who the Heart will Love.

This is the story of Star Fish, a Princess of the Star Fish Kingdom and Sea Serpent, a Prince of the Sea Serpent Kingdom. Star Fish has a gift to make everything around her bloom and flourish. She can turn barren land and seas into a fertile Oasis. She can will Nature to perform miracles. Sea Serpent has the power to bring light, healing and unification. He can influence all living creatures to do what is good, just and kind. He can’t however use his power for personal desires and interests.

Someone’s finger points and dictates how we should live our lives. It takes strength and courage to say No.

Both are blessed and cursed in their own Worlds. They are born Royalty destined to adhere to a strict path. Their greatness are carefully planned by the Monarchy and the Society it serves. They can be everything to anyone except themselves. They had to bury their wants to the deepest parts of their subconsciousness. Duty before Happiness. Self before others.

We should be able to see ourselves clearly and not slowly disappearing to become non-existent.

Star Fish and Sea Serpent are raised to please, to follow, to serve, to sacrifice, to fit into a mold and inspire everyone that needs them. Their choices are pre-destined and not their own. This is the norm. This is the expectation. This is their Culture. This is their Future. This is how everything works on both Kingdoms. No deviations. No exemptions. No special privileges and entitlement.

Some are destined to pursue a path different from the rest, but that path will be harder and more challenging than everyone else. Out of some, only a few will be determined enough to try. Of those who try, even fewer will be successful.

One day, the expectations were just too unbearable. Both had enough of living a Life that is not their own. They finally realized it is better to die than live a life of lies and emptiness. Both felt immense unhappiness and needed to escape. They knew they will die if they do not leave. It was the hardest, heaviest decision they ever had to make.

The hole keeps getting bigger, the void deeper. Never let unhappiness eat every good part of you. Never let People change the best parts of you. They will try till the end but end is up to us and the Stories thereafter.

So, one night, when everyone was asleep, both decided at the same time to leave everything to a place forbidden to everyone. Anyone that goes to this Forbidden Land gets disowned and ostracized. Their names disappear and their families forget them like they were never born at all. If caught, it’s Death by Lethal Poisoning. It was a risk they both were willing to take for freedom, for living, for purpose and for happiness even if they may be short lived.

It’s hard to let go of comforts. It is hard to start all over again with so many unknowns and unfamiliarity. But we will never know where our dreams will take us or who we will meet if we don’t try. Adventure is scary if we focus on the negativity, but it becomes an exciting journey if we focus on the positives. Adventure is not for all and that’s okay. We all have our choices and priorities to make. There’s really no wrong or right answers because every choice has a consequence and outcome. No escaping that.
Love is surrendering completely to all the unknowns with Faith, Trust and Hope.

And so, two strangers end up meeting in a place they were told as bad and evil. It turned out it was the best place they could ever be like it was just created for them.

They found in the Forbidden Land all they were deprived including the one they are not suppose to have…Love.

Carpet of green, yellow, pink, purple and orange surrounds the New Kingdom of Star Fish and Sea Serpent. Their Castle of rocks, limestones and granite sits on top of a cliff that has a 360 degrees majestic view of the land and water around it. It exist in Monastery Beach. It only reveals itself to People needing Love and Inspiration.

Days turned to weeks, months turned to years. Star Fish and Sea Serpent love blossomed and made their gifts even more powerful. Their purpose grew into many incredible greatness. Every void of unhappiness now overflows with joy and contentment. And all these, they get to share with everyone around them. Miracles were happening every minute. New Life Forms not seen elsewhere were being created everyday because of Love. It was spectacular.

They get to create their own World the moment their hearts met that has the best of everything under the Stars. They trusted completely their hearts on a new, strange feeling called Love.

In time, Star Fish and Sea Serpent built together a marvelous Kingdom by the Sea that shares all their strengths and hopes. It’s a Kingdom where anyone can equally dream and anyone can love whoever their heart chooses to Love. No limits to one’s dreams. Everyone is celebrated and valued. Everyone gets to experience kindness, compassion and understanding. It was the perfect World that only happens in Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories.

To unreal but there it was, my Kingdom by the Sea. It was mine until it was time to say goodbye and go home.

One day, Sickness, Famine and War befell the Old Kingdoms where Star Fish and Sea Serpent grew up. Millions have died. The rest of the Living were driven off their lands. All their riches were burned to the ground or taken away. All of what’s left, the clothes on their backs. The two species wandered, more have died along the way. Those who made it learned to co-exist and help each other. It was the only way to survive.

Wildflowers are to be envied. They get the best views for free, and gloriously beautiful naked and simplest. They don’t worry about today’s sustenance nor tomorrows wealth and comfort. Complete trust to their Creator in Heaven.

Finally, the 2 Species reached the Kingdom of Star Fish and Sea Serpent. It was the most beautiful Kingdom they’ve ever seen. They were surprised to see everyone so happy helping each other regardless of their Species and Ethnicity. Some thought it was Acting until the goodness and kindness were extended to them unconditionally.

All are welcomed like Friends and Family. Their Past unquestioned and automatically erased. Each was given a second chance to create a Present and Future of their own choosing. What was impossible in the Old Kingdoms were real and generous in the New Kingdom.

I walked towards the other end of the beach, I can’t believe what I was missing for so long just because I was lazy and contented on the usual side of the beach that was convenient. More adventures happen to the curious.

Everyone was a Friend and Family to each other even if they all looked different, beautifully different. Everyone’s Heart, cared and knew respect. Everyone was equal. Everyone was authentic. Everyone has the same opportunity to transform into their most wonderful, happiest self.

It was Paradise for all. No Rich. No Poor. No Middle Income. No one is better than the other. All are experiencing better. All can have the best. The first of its kind anywhere across the Universe and Galaxies. The impossible was made possible.

It was a beautiful contrast and difference from the rest, but it didn’t feel that way because the rest made sure it will always feel different from everyone else. Real Planet. Will it ever changed?

On morning, wandering among the crowd were the Parents of Star Fish and Sea Serpent. It was Destiny that they will meet their Children to witness their amazing transformation and the incredible Kingdom they have built because of Love. They are destined to witness the change that needed to happen. They are destined to see Love that is unconditional, open, equal among different Species and Cultures. Humility brought them back to the Children they lost. Love brought them back to what they could have deprived themselves in their entire lifetime.

Beauty is everywhere, even the ones we step on.

The beginning of a New Dawn has began and from one Universe to the next, the Legacy of Star Fish and Sea Serpent liberated everyone imprisoned for centuries. The Universe and the Galaxies will keep the Love of Star Fish and Sea Serpent alive in each Living Creature that will follow their courage and example.

I was just there to enjoy the beach, hike and relax but Monastery Beach already has its own plan for me. It wanted me to see a World that is possible. It showed me a miracle that is possible.

Do we identify with Star Fish and Sea Serpent? Are we them? Or are we the Family and Friends making their lives hard and impossible? Are we the chains around their hearts and happiness? Or are we the cause why spectacular and brilliance exist?

Some days I am clear and vivid. Some days I’m the blurry background no one sees. In both, I am still me, more or less.
He saw part of what I’ve seen. One day, he will walk this beach too and it will open up to him with stories that his Heart will only know. He will see and experience his own version of the New Kingdom by the Sea.

Fiction? Real Life? Writings are not random made up things created by a very imaginative mind. Writings are subconscious thoughts, experiences and dreams, the forgotten and the suppressed. Writings are the wants and longings of the Mind and Heart. They are Angels and Demons trying to co-exist in harmony and peace.

Life without a fence. Doesn’t it look and feel better?

Writings are the mirror reflections of the Soul not readily visible nor acceptable in our everyday World and Society. Calling it Fiction feels safe. Treating it as Fiction drives away suspiciousness and attention. It’s Freedom itself trying to set as free from all that we need saving and escape.

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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  1. Beautiful story and photos 😍

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  2. What a lovely story of the Star Fish and Sea Serpent. It’s a good reminder that we are (or should be) in charge of our own happiness.

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  3. ourcrossings says:

    Yet another wonderful post full of amazing pictures and words of wisdom. I very much enjoyed reading your story of Star Fish, a Princess of the Star Fish Kingdom and Sea Serpent, a Prince of the Sea Serpent Kingdom. Thanks so much for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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  4. Ab says:

    What a beautiful post and story juxtaposed with incredible pictures of nature’s beauty! 😊💕

    The story of Starfish and Sea Serpent certainly recalls the story of Romeo and Juliet. There is a reason why these stories resonate and last over time and for eternity. Because it speaks to the truth in our hearts – that longing to be free from the chains of expectations.

    I yearn to be Star Fish and Sea Serpent and that is the beauty of youth – that innocent belief that this is possible. Then life happens. And we age and mature and see life with more seasoned eyes.

    Thanks for this good reminder that we should tap into our inner Star Fish and Sea Serpents more! 🙏

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    • Very true my Friend. When we’re Young, it’s like we can do anything , be everything. Every Dream possible. All good and positive. It is nice to hope that even with old age and maturity, we can still have the best part of what we want and need in our hearts. There is a version of Star Fish and Serpent in all of us and where we are is our kingdom and castle by the sea. Thanks 🙏

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  5. Just beautiful 🤩

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  6. elvira797mx says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! & Wow! Amazing post! So beautiful photos! I love sea fish! Thank’s for share.
    Have a wonderful week!

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