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One Word, One Photograph, One Story…Destiny

Destiny They looked so happy and in love. As they seal their vow of loving and being there for each other forever, another story was already written by Destiny on a rock long time ago just few steps from where … Continue reading

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I Can Smell The Roses Again

It’s both relief and happiness that I got my sense of smell back and be able to smell the Roses again. 4 days of submission to sickness, helpless, unable to control anything except hang on to hope that my body … Continue reading

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Surviving COVID

Sunday Night, I felt cold and chilly. I took 500 mg Acetaminophen and didn’t really made a big deal out of it. I did worked that Sunday and swabbed 4 Patients. One of my Co-Worker just came back that day … Continue reading

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Images and Photos Sutro Baths, Lands End

Images are what I see. Photos are what I capture with my iPhone Camera to remind me of the places I’d been and how they made me feel. I have been forgetting memories, and the photos takes me back to … Continue reading

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Pink Magic Carpet Ride, Cliff House Ocean Beach

Let me take you to a Pink Magic Carpet Ride. Scared of heights and fast thrill rides? No worries. This carpet ride has seatbelts. If you have to scream, we scream together, and the louder, the better. Ready? Here we … Continue reading

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Mental Health Day at Pigeon Point Light Station

“My successful Mental Health Day is having a Sunny Weather, listening to music, Nature Immersion and mindfully letting go of everything that caused me Mental and Emotional Distress. Guaranteed calm relaxation, positivity, happiness and hope.” Have you ever been where … Continue reading

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What COVID? Deception by Omission, Normal?

When asked if they have COVID symptoms, some Patients answer, “What COVID? I don’t have COVID.” Others would say, “No more mask. No more COVID.” Some self diagnosed themselves with certainty that it’s anything but COVID even if the symptoms … Continue reading

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Love Defying Impossible, Star Fish and Sea Serpent

Their Worlds are different. Their Species are not suppose to co-exist. Falling in Love is an abomination. Falling in Love means betraying Family and Society. Fighting for Love means surrendering Life and choosing Death. It’s impossible. But the Heart what … Continue reading

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