Burnout Nurses and Doctors, Then, Now and Indefinitely

Burnout is a Human Response to a chronically ignored Human Need, Stress, Frustrations and Work Trauma.

We also want to breathe free without a mask at Work but that may never happen if COVID cases happens everyday , 365 days a year. Infection Control Policies of Hospitals and Clinics precedes over all Nurses, Doctors, Healthcare Workers comfort and freedom. We can get fired for refusing the mask.

Burnout is a familiar experience for any Nurse and Doctor. The Past is full of them and the Now has even more. Tomorrow and Indefinitely, may get worse with the expected COVID Seasonal Outbreaks year after year.

No one truly advocates for Nurses than Nurses themselves. No one can fully understand and relate to what a Nurse has to endure than another Nurse who experience the same. How Nurses are treated is Universal. Nursing Abuse happens in both the Rich and Poor Countries. It’s a Profession that is needed but not respected as it should be. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Stanislaus County hospitals lose hundreds of nurses due to COVID-19 stress, union says – The Modesto Bee

This I can tell you as part of the Healthcare Workers Pool, that Nurses and Doctors are at the bottom priority of “all” Healthcare Facilities and Organizations. All, not some. None of them are without sin and blame. They just have excellent highly paid Lawyers that fixes things to disappear and create policies that are liability proof.

It’s always Money and Profits first, Administration and Management second, Patients third, Politics and Nepotism fourth, Spotless Public Image fifth, Employees, sixth. Yes, Work Force is the last however long the priorities and importance are. If not, then Stanford Nurses should not be on strike after being used in the worst times of the Pandemic.

Instead of Empathy, Nurses are being punished by their Employers for Advocating for better Work Conditions and better Pay in one of the most expensive Cities in the U.S. In response to the threat of a strike, the hospital said it would suspend health care for nurses who participate. -Mother Jones
My Son’s classmate told him, “My Mom is a Nurse and they are on Strike. Stanford will reduce her benefits so she joined.“ This is happening with Inflation and Difficult, Unsafe Work Conditions because of Understaffing. Every Patient should advocate for the Nurses the way Nurses advocated for them in time of need and care. They should because the quality of care they get depends on it. Ratio of 1 Nurse to 2-4 Patients is not the same compared to 1 Nurse to 6-8 Patients.

As I said before “Nurses and Doctors as Pandemic Heroes” was just a Propaganda both by the Government and Healthcare Companies because they need them to feel motivated. They can not afford to loose money and customers if Frontline Workers for fear of life and health quit or transfer departments or jobs that are less risky and less stressful. It was an effective lie until it wasn’t.

More than one-third consider themselves “not emotionally healthy,” according to a survey it conducted during the first few months of the pandemic, while 64% reported burnout and 37% said they planned to leave the profession within the year. – NJ Spotlight News

America needs more doctors and nurses to survive the next pandemic – Vox

How can we fix a problem where Administration and Management refuses to change and play Gods to their Employees. How can we encourage Employees to speak out when they are afraid of threats, retaliation, of being fired in a supposedly “equal opportunity,” and “Just Culture” workplace free of harassment and discrimination. We need to remember, CEO’s and Managers are only People, and People’s personal beliefs and attitude influence their work, thinking and decisions.
What goes around, comes around. Just a matter of time. No escape to the virus that thrives on Human Behavior and Lifestyle. We will all get it one day, Vaccinated or not, Young or Old. Everyone. Might as well enjoy life and pretend the virus is non-existent. Seriously!

When the Next Covid Wave Breaks, the US Won’t Be Able to Spot It. – WIRED

“Don’t care” the new normal. Why another Surge or Wave is guaranteed to happen? JetBlue flight attendant celebrated mid-flight, holding up her mask and chanting over the public address system, “Wave ’em in the air like you just don’t care.” – The Washington Post

Burnout can not be fixed by Money, Technology, Fakery or Trickery.

We can not Bandaid a Bullshit with a bigger crap.

We can not keep using People till they break down. It’s not healthy and safe to the Employee and their Customers.

Burnout Workers will give Customers substandard service that results to poor customer experience which translates to decrease dollar signs and bad review to the Company or Hospital a Worker represents.

Of the roughly one million Americans who have died from covid about 150,000 have been nursing home residents. One million US nursing home workers have also been infected by the virus and more than 2,000 have died because of it. – Quartz

Burnout Workers are prone to make mistakes that will jeopardize Patient Life and Safety. Accidentally killing a Patient have happened. Accidentally harming a Patient have happened. Most are kept from Public. Those who admitted their lethal mistakes will go to jail for Homicide while the Cause of the Workers Burnout gets away with it spotless.

What the RaDonda Vaught case says about our health care system. – Vishal Khetpal, SLATE

“If I’m a Patient and aware of what’s going on behind the scenes, do I want a Burnout Nurse and Doctor take care of me that may make a mistake?” Of course not. But as a Patient waiting for many hours in the Emergency Room to be seen and treated, I do not have a choice really. Same in a understaff Intensive Care Units and Medical Surgical Units.”

Guilty verdict for Tennessee nurse in case involving medical error has other nurses worried. – Blake Farmer, Marketplace

Understaffing takes away the Patient Right to be treated safely, timely, even kindly. And these are paying customers. Is that fair? Is that just? It that Humane?

The Pandemic clearly shows Doctors and Nurses need to be treated as Human Beings if we want them to last for the many COVID waves and surges of the Future. We can not exploit Professional Healthcare Workers long term, it’s not sustainable. Just like our Natural Resources, they can get depleted. The need for them will just increase whereas replacing them will only get less and challenging. It is already happening.

Personally, my Mental Health and Well Being will never be the same again after having to go through Work Related Traumatic Stress and the Pandemic. People outside Hospitals and Clinics may be rejoicing with normalcy and freedom, but not for those still inside their walls. The Pandemic became an everyday Endemic indefinitely with no rest and breaks.

What happens when Federal COVID funding for emergency staffing ends as U.S. is no longer Pandemic Mode? Thousands of patients in rural areas of the state might not get high quality medical care in the future if the number of out-of-state nurses practicing in Oregon continues to fall, according to a new study.– Oregon Capital Chronicle

America has a huge Healthcare Crisis and no one is fixing it right. It’s a Disease in itself and it doesn’t have a cure.

Today, I am a Nurse, Doctor and all Healthcare Workers Advocate. I hope I did not miss anything of everything you experienced and have to experience. We are not alone in our struggles. We do not allow Burnout, Stress and Maltreatment take away our Love and Passion for our Profession, our Patients, our Lives.

Below didn’t have to happen but it did. The sad part, Inhumanity towards Professionals will not end with one Suicide because what we are up against is an entire System with powerful Gods and Goliaths.

Health care workers are demanding county leaders address workplace issues following one death by suicide and another attempt by Santa Clara Valley Medical Center physicians. -NewsBreak

We don’t stop just because it’s difficult. There’s Hope and Justice, just slow. Very slow.

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15 Responses to Burnout Nurses and Doctors, Then, Now and Indefinitely

    • Thanks. I’ve been reading burnout from a reporter’s perspective or administration and management when the one that really suffered often times not given the platform to really share their truth and experience. Work bullying and fear of retaliation made many silent, even at pandemic’s worst. It feels good to represent those that worked directly with COVID patients then, now and tomorrow.


  1. I can’t imagine how stressful and tiring it’s been for all the frontline workers like a nurses or doctors over the past couple of years. There’s so much strain on our health care system. As our population ages, it’s only going to get worse.

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    • I work setting though busy is outpatient, and truly I can’t begin to imagine the horrors and exhaustion of those in bedside hospitals day after day. COVID is now an everyday admission in all hospitals. For now it’s low, Fall and Winter could change it, even mid Summer. I don’t understand why Fauci and U.S. government are declaring we’re out of the Pandemic worse. They are playing God’s again without repercussions of the things they say. All we have to do is look at China’s very strict lockdown to realize there is something worse coming. It took months and too late before China announce to the world outbreak outside Wuhan. Same now when travel is everywhere and no caution. I wish they are right in these no more pandemic public announcements because by the time the next surge hits, it’s like being blind again like March 2020. This is the time common sense and self preservation are really important while enjoying life again. Take care.

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  2. Unfortunately I suspect we’re going to be dealing with covid and it’s fallout for years to come. So sad! Keep up the good fight.

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    • It is very sad. 2022 is a contrast of 2020 when it comes to public safety. Caring for the elderlies and the immunocompromised seems non-existent anymore. Last surge, they made up many of the deaths, and these deaths are because another person infected them. I don’t get how people think this is okay. I don’t think I could sleep well at night knowing I harmed someone because I was only thinking of myself.

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      • While you are kind in saying people were better about recognizing public safety (ie medical personnel and the impact on elderly, etc.) two years ago, we still have a long ways to go in recognizing the value of those who help the needy, serve the sick, protect others and run into danger. We tend to be a culture that recognizes that service one day a week and curses those same people for inconveniencing our lives the other six. You have a tough job. Please be careful!

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        • That is true. When Asian Hate Crimes happened, some of the victims were Nurses and Doctors. Few got attacked while wearing their scrubs which obviously means they are “Heroes” Healthcare Workers. The best and worst in people the pandemic made transparent. And this disease has so much room to mutate and do more damage that in the near future, when deadly outbreaks happens, healthcare workers won’t be as sacrificial as they once before. People learn and will not forget negative experiences. As for our vulnerable, it seems that only a fraction now are willing to protect them while the rest are in the indefinite no safety measures happy hour mode.

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  3. elvira797mx says:

    Thank you for share. It seems to me that we should take care of each other, but not everyone understands what it means to work as a team.
    Keep well and safe.

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  4. Ab says:

    Hospitalizations are going up again in our area. And that and ICU admissions are the only metric we have. We stopped reporting case counts which is very dangerous I think.

    Our healthcare workers are burnt out and I don’t know if they can withstand another fall and winter wave which is inevitable.

    Thanks for keeping up the good fight and helping advocate. We need to keep spreading the message because our politicians and leaders have moved on.

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    • Same in the U.S. My county has a website of COVID patients in hospitals and never a day it’s zero. Just a matter of time of “overwhelming” again. But it seems even Fauci is convince we are out of the Pandemic Surges like he can control the virus and human behavior. It’s crazy. Worst part, the daily cases is no longer reliable due to unreported COVID home test which is less reliable than PCR. Next outbreak, many cities will not see it coming and yes, we’re going to have more shortage of health professionals. Staying cautious is wise till next winter.

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