1 Million U.S. COVID Deaths in 28 days

U.S. will reached its first 1 Million Dead within 28 days from COVID. It’s tragic that one country has reached this Death Stratosphere from 1 virus in 2 years and 2 months despite of billions spent on Science, Technology and Manpower.

Next to our hotel was a cemetery. I entered its gates and walked around. It was very peaceful. I looked at the pictures of the Dead, many are in their 40’s and 50’s. Some have personal things on them left by the living. One can sense who’s well loved and who was forgotten. But I’m sure once they were important to someone.

We did our best and still continue to loose People everyday. Today, we grieve for what was lost. Today, we acknowledge our own personal experiences with the Pandemic. We think we are not affected, but we are. All that bottled emotions for the past 2 years, it needs to reconcile. Let it go, let it go. We need to forgive and be forgiven. We need to be free.

So we grieve. We don’t skip the healing process. We don’t jump from denial to back to normal when the viral infection continues to claim lives everyday.

They were someone’s Grandpa, Husband, Father, Brother.

America Needs to Grieve 1 Million COVID Losses – Atlantic

Daily, average of 500 Americans die of COVID. U.S. Census ranked COVID as top 3 causes of Death in America together with Heart Disease and Cancer 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. How we allowed the virus to dominate the big leagues of Death is very disturbing not only because it’s preventable but because many of us are no longer concerned of being sick and infected with it. It’s a willingly ignored health crisis.

They were someone’s Grandma, Wife, Mother, Sister.

“It’s okay to get COVID because symptoms are mild,” mindset is spreading as fast as BA.2. It’s a high risk thinking. No matter mild or asymptomatic, the virus affects our DNA forcing it to mutate to other forms of diseases long term. So, really, it’s never okay to get COVID. Our DNA is unique from one another and will behave uniquely when paired with the virus DNA.

Love till the end. They died just few weeks apart because no point of living when one’s life and heart are gone. We’ve seen this in our Grandparents. Some have seen it among their Parents. Some Love are meant “till death do us part,” while others, as long as we’re happy.

If People try to stay healthy and make lifestyle changes to avoid Heart Attack and Cancer, should we do the same for COVID? It seems like the sensible thing to do. Annual Preventative Care will include COVID Vaccination, and this has nothing to do with the Political beliefs of our Primary Care Physicians. It will be offered together with Shingles Vaccine, Pneumonia Vaccine and Flu Vaccine.

She was someone’s Friend. She was a Nurse until she became a Patient. Healthcare Workers easily forget they too can die anytime. Death is real for them just as it was real for the Patients who did not make it under their care. God himself said, “You’ll never know the time I will visit you.

“No one wanted to die but they all died anyways, one or more every second.”

China, where it all began. It’s their second total lockdown. We are watching it like it could not happen here…again. Why is China so aggressive? Is there a new mutation much worse than we previously seen? We’ll find out in the next several months. COVID can not be contained, it will run its course Globally via Traveling. It’s foolish to think COVID takes a vacation when we’re on a vacation.

Anyways, I’m personally declaring April as International COVID Awareness Month to remember and grieve the lives lost from COVID.

We can only try to make every moment count.

Awareness includes recognizing People from around the World still struggling and suffering physically, mentally, emotionally and financially with the realness of this Deadly, Crippling Infectious Disease.

Do we even know it’s Easter this Sunday, the 17th? Is it something that we still practice? Has our Faith Reopened or still in Lockdown? Mine’s in between. Can’t really pretend I’m religious. I am struggling with my Faith. I’m struggling with what I was taught and what I personally experienced. It’s not Heaven on Earth for sure.

Future COVID Surges will be called collectively as “Whatever Surges.” This to me is acceptance of defeat and allowing ourselves to be infected with apathy. “Whatever Surges” will still affect and harm real People. And those People includes, you and me. We are not just “Whatever.”

Nothing beautiful last forever. Everyone has an expiration date. Unlike the Wildflowers that are reborn in Spring and dies in Winter, year after year, we remain Dead once we die.

COVID will surpass everyone’s lifetime because it is being genuinely true to its Nature. It is a Parasitic Killing Organism that mutates with its host DNA so it can effectively eradicate and disable as many as it can, for as long as it can one continent to the next, one country to the next.

ABC News, COVID-19 cases rise in largest US county due to BA.2 variant. What happens in LA normally spreads from Southern Cali to Northern Cali. Major Cities first, then Rural Communities. It’s a pattern and will not deviate. The last few days, my Family and I no longer wear mask when we enter the stores. Is it for good? We’ll see. Am I comfortable? Yes. If my instincts tells me to wear mask again, then I will. For now, I get to breathe as normal as I can.

How Lethal is COVID to Americans? For every 6 People that will die of COVID from all over the World, 1 will be an American. Perhaps in time, the ratio will widen, but for now, it is very clear which Country has the most Citizens eradicated by the virus. A truth many refuse to see. Why? There was a 19% increased in American Deaths unheard of in the last 100 years. Coincidence or Intentional? Planned or Natural? Victims or Survivors?

“Back to Normal Phenomenon” is happening all over the World except China. In the U.S., we had a COVID outbreak in The Capitol but Leaders are saying it is less important than other issues like Inflation, Recession and the War. This is NOT NORMAL, nor less important issue. We are no longer living in a normal World with COVID. Many are still in a “Denial Bubble.” And they don’t get to grieve until it burst.

Public Safety should be everyone’s responsibility and concern.

Cobwebs on a broken, rusty chair. Still, it’s entirety is beautiful and irresistible. Kind of like every Person, still very beautiful no matter rusty, broken and densely covered with cobwebs.

As an American, I need to do my part. Being quiet because it’s safe and comfortable will not save another life nor save mine and those I love. Being passive will not help me and my community in the future “Whatever Surges” as a Front Line Health Worker.

Wishing everyone a meaningful Easter. May we find some rest. May we find words of comfort. May we get to feel reborn, cleansed, forgiven. May we get to appreciate time and moments.

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42 Responses to 1 Million U.S. COVID Deaths in 28 days

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  3. ThingsHelenLoves says:

    Having just had Covid, and probably a mild dose at that, I firmly believe the world is becoming too flippant about it.


  4. ourcrossings says:

    How did this many death become normal? The true toll is likely even higher because many deaths went uncounted. Unfortunately, when it comes to COVID, many aspects of the pandemic work against a social reckoning. The threat—a virus—is invisible, and the damage it inflicts is hidden from public view. With no lapping floodwaters or smoking buildings, the tragedy becomes contestable to a degree that a natural disaster or terrorist attack cannot be. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx


  5. It’s a shame how many people, including the government, are under reacting to the increase in Covid cases. I’m still wearing a mask and trying to do my part, but unfortunately that probably won’t be enough.

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    • Yes, we can only do our part and hope it is enough to create a positive ripple effect. I get that people are tired and fatigue is the easiest scapegoat to do whatever but the virus never slowed down, it’s just waiting for an opportunity to come back and do what it does best, sickness, death and loss. We can enjoy life, the outdoors even traveling and still be responsible keeping ourselves and others safe.

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  6. elvira797mx says:

    Thank’s for share!


    • It is, but it’s like looking at 1 million lives in the distant past when about 11,088 Americans has to inevitably die in the next few weeks to complete the first million. More than 400 died of COVID in the U.S. today but we have accepted these as normal part of being “Endemic.” It’s not. Not for the dead nor their survivors. The worrisome part, people are still dying despite of the vaccines, how many are vaccinated, no one knows. Stay safe.


  7. Jo says:

    I admire the way you write about how COVID has been handled in this country. You stay away from judgement, and show compassion even to those with whose attitude you do not agree. You are amazing person.

    Descriptions under your beautiful pictures read sometimes like a poetry…

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    • Thanks Jo. COVID changed me a lot but I hope to believe it made me better just like our initial propaganda about being better because of the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths. COVID is one realty I can’t escape as a Nurse, and compassion and care is part of being the heart of any Nurse. Thanks.

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  9. That’s a terrible milestone, one that makes me grateful I am not one of the victims. I got lucky…twice!

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  10. Ab says:

    This is very tragic and so frustratingly avoidable. This is driven largely by a return to normal mentality, as you said.

    Mask mandates dropped for us three weeks ago and surprise, surprise, case counts are up and suddenly, people are back peddling.

    When politics and people outraged about their “personal freedoms” take precedence over common sense health and safety measures, this is what happens. Sigh.

    I like your idea of making this month an awareness month! 😊 Someone’s gotta do it cuz our leaders seem to have moved on.

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    • It’s crazy how from super strict to super lax COVID measures has become from the President, the Senate , the Public Health, Employers to Local Citizens. It will boomerang but this time, no one’s to blame. Staying safe is now an individual choice . No Leaders, no experts. Everyone gets to decide whatever and that’s like a time bomb that can explode anytime. 2022 is the most reckless and most indifferent of all the time in the pandemic.

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      • Ab says:

        I think people are generally over the pandemic and the fatigue is collectively leading to even worst results. Just look at what’s happening in China right now. I predict we’re gonna have another rough fall ahead of us!

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        • Thanks Ab. Overall, the restrictions are not sustainable long term. People need to work to feed themselves and families, and businesses needed to survive. And people overall need to live as free as possible . I think all countries are endemic phase now with expected seasonal outbreaks. This is what it really means to live with COVID because it will stay long term like flu. I think some people are still hoping it will just disappear but COVID genetic characteristic shows it is a Survivor capable by Nature to adapt. Science taught us what will keep us safe, and it’s up to us now to use it or not. Public transport and planes are brave enough to remove mask use, now that part is like walking on a wire without a safety net. Yep, Fall to Winter Surge will be inevitable.

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          • Ab says:

            Our government stepped back and we’re back to mask mandates for key places like the public transit. So thankful for that call!

            I was reading the other day saying scientists estimate 1/2 of Canadians have had COVID. I’m still fortunate to have been one of those who haven’t caught it but I know it’s inevitable that I will catch it at some point. It really is, as you say, learning to live with it and making life choices based on science.

            Enjoy your week ahead. 1 down, 4 to go to the weekend!

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  11. “U.S. will reached its first 1 Million Dead within 28 days from COVID”

    So much can change when one preposition is changed.

    “U.S. will reached its first 1 Million Dead within 28 days with COVID”

    The research shows that early treatment with HCQ or IVM can reduce mortality around 80%. That likely also has an impact on complications from covid.

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    • John Hopkins University COVID daily tracker consistently placed daily COVID related deaths at 500 a day which kind of predicts how soon the the first 1 million COVID death for one country will happen. The 1 million is inevitable, and will go on like any other diseases. Question if COVID remains the top 3 cause of death for census 2021-2022.


      • COVID is still overcounted, although the actual numbers are high. They’d be a lot lower if early treatment with antivirals were done and deaths would be around 50k per year, assuming antivirals reduce mortality by about 80%.

        So go yell at the CDC and FDA and tell your friends to supplement with adequate levels of vitamin D.

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  12. Also, it looks like vaccinations are increasing covid cases, along with myocarditis.

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  13. Too bad doctors can’t treat early with antivirals and don’t encourage patients to supplement with vitamin D. Many premature deaths might have been prevented.

    The CDC and FDA are totally useless.

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    • It looks like there is apprehension in prescribing the anti-COVID like paxlovid. It’s a waste cause the Government spent millions in purchasing them. Even at work, it’s rare for docs to prescribe it. Like the vaccines, it will expire before they will be use. Vitamin D is a wonder vitamin. Strong immunity with supplements matters! Thanks.


  14. Americaoncoffee says:


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