Flu Season ends, BA.2 COVID Season Begins

Highest probability for clinical diagnosis of COVID is after the Flu Season. Both present with Flu-like symptoms. Take one from the equation, and what’s left is the all year round cause of cough, sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, shortness of breath, fever, body aches, body malaise, headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Extra clue, loss of taste and smell. Though that is less common, if not rare with BA.2.

I don’t think so until it’s really explosive. People are really enjoying and appreciating their new found Freedom. Friends and I have been to a maskless Buffet Dinner twice. No one got sick yet. Planning our third. Everyone is going somewhere for Spring Break and Summer.

It makes sense to consider Flu-Like symptoms after Flu Season as COVID. Challenge is testing elusive BA.2 on time. Too soon, false negative. Not enough specimen swab surface contact, false negative. High degree of suspicion is key. If it manifest like COVID, treat it cautiously like it’s COVID.

Tunnel Vision Pandemic will get narrower as facts and important information for People to decide, choose and prepare are purposely skipped, hidden, omitted. And I’m not into conspiracy theories.

America Is Staring Down Its First So What? Wave – The Atlantic

So what? This is exactly the thinking and response of many.

First week of April, an uptick of Flu-like symptoms in the Bay Area. Difference, Patients presenting with mild symptoms are standing side by side with the non-sick individuals in Healthcare Facilities like the lobby, pharmacy, lab, x-ray, then outside settings from public transports to stores and restaurants. And since proper masking is optional, People are coughing and sneezing without masks in crowded spaces instantaneously dispersing the more transmissible infected droplets of the now dominant BA.2 Subvariant.

An interesting observation, most of the Flu-like presenting Patients have resulted negative for Influenza, COVID and RSV. Is BA.2 harder to detect than Alpha, Delta and Omicron? It appears to be.

Elusiveness, is this a new defense mechanism of the virus? Anything is possible with viral mutations.

Why experts are terrified of a human-made pandemic — and what we can do to stop it- Vox

COVID-19 is tainted with lies and cover ups starting from its origin in China, to its spread in the U.S., and other parts of the World. Speculation that it may have started in the lab as a Bioweapon will always remain open for debate and confirmation. Three years in the Pandemic and a 4th Dominant Mutation that spreads swiftly across the Planet is a no brainer assumption. Every year, Healthcare Workers renew their online education on Bioterrorism. If we can not spot what a Bioweapon is, then we don’t really understand what we are reading. We could be Smart Professionals and still not see the Truth even if we are seeing them almost everyday.


John Hopkins University COVID Data used by many News stations to update the Public relies on honest and timely data reporting. It is already seeing the effects of under reporting and no reporting. U.S. the only Country to officially treat Pandemic as Endemic will have the worst next surges for prematurely ending its Pandemic measures. Another first in the World. This time, many of us will never truly be ready.

I give it 4 more weeks before Public Health of several Counties will make a Public Warning of the increasing new case numbers and increasing hospitalizations. In places where Government Leaders are against COVID safety, restrictions and reporting, Surge warnings will be kept away from Public Knowledge. Public will not know they are already having a community outbreak.

Summer, COVID will be Hot and Widespread like Summer 2021. Difference however is that many people will choose all together to stop observing infection safety guidelines like testing, reporting and quarantine.

In the U.S., average of 500 a day COVID Deaths is the comfortable number. We settled for something other parts of the World considered horrible and unacceptable. We can’t sugar coat death, loss and grief when it happened to real people with real families. We can’t brag it’s a win when it’s an obvious failure.
April 4, 2022. We stopped tracking COVID Deaths since our self declared Endemic State. I don’t see this as normal when it’s preventable.

Crazy, weird and confusing rest of 2022? For sure. Fun? Always until it’s not. Memorable? Guaranteed!

(Reuters) -Current COVID-19 vaccines are not well-matched against the BA.2 sub-variant of Omicron, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Wednesday, as its panel of outside experts meets to discuss changes to future booster doses.

Austin Nurse Friend asked my Wife, “How do we know we have BA.2?” Wife answered, “I don’t know.” I told me Wife “We wouldn’t know unless Public Health does DNA Sequencing, and this are only for those infected with COVID for the second or third time.”

U.S.A. has lagged in DNA Sequencing as compared to U.K. and will further lag as COVID becomes less of a priority and concern in the Country. For the time being, we are spreading BA.2 among each other clueless and blind.

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  1. No covid restrictions where I live nor covid in the ICU of a major hospital.

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  2. Now that restrictions have eased, we’ve seen a big uptick in new COVID cases and hospitalizations. And yet our government is just trying to sweep it under the rug and pretend like we’ve won the war on COVID. I’m still wearing my mask at places that are crowded, like at the grocery store. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Stay well.

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    • It seems all our Governments are doing the same for the sake of economy and politics. It’s very dangerous as people will get seriously sick and some will still die, even if the say COVID related should not scare nor shock people. I would still be if it’s likely to happen to me and my family. Yes, I am keeping the mask in crowded places like groceries and stores. There are many asymptomatics not getting tests and they are not wearing masks. It’s crazy 2022 Pandemic attitude and behavior for sure. Stay safe. Summer is coming.

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  3. ourcrossings says:

    We had the BA.1 version of the Omicron Covid-19 variant earlier this year and are currently being plagued by another member of the family, the more infectious BA.2. But now concern has been expressed around a hybrid version of both – known as Omicron XE.

    The numbers of new Covid cases are through the roof yet many call for Government to ease Covid isolation rules to allow staff to return to work sooner as many workplaces around Ireland are hit with a wave of Covid-related absences forcing some businesses to shut or curtail services. People are tired. Every week there is another change and another battle when someone else goes out sick. Seems like the coronavirus is here for the long haul after all.

    Thanks for sharing and have a good day. I hope all is well with you and your family. I hope you will have a wonderful day, today. Aiva 🙂 xx

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    • Here in the U.S., I notice the media and Public Health only will already is cases are more than 100,000 new cases a day and more than 1,000 deaths per day. Anything lower doesn’t trigger warnings nor concerns anymore. Even at work, employers wants us to act normally even if we see it is being spread around both staff and patients. We can’t really already anyone. Just watch and stay quiet. Stay safe my Friend . Yes, COVID is for the long haul . Take care.


  4. Jo says:

    Thank you for those COVID updates and explanations. It really helps to understand what’s happening and what’s still ahead of us.

    Frankly, I don’t think anyone in Florida even remembers what COVID is…

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    • Yes, been too indoor places and many are not into mask. Just went to Costco , good thing I have mask because I kept sneezing from pollen allergens . People don’t look concern though unlike last year. I do hope it is going away and not secretly building momentum again. Take care.

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  5. elvira797mx says:

    Thank’s for share. Have a relaxing weekend!
    Keep well.

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  6. Ab says:

    Our restrictions, including mask mandates lifted two Mondays ago and hospitalizations are up 40% in just two weeks. No one seems to be batting an eye and the COVID fatigue is real.

    We’re continuing to mask and to do our part to keep ourselves and my child safe. I hope those who are non chalant about this do not have to regret their choices or to lose a loved one in the process.

    Please take care. It’s gonna be a bumpy one again in a very short time!

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    • Thanks Ab. It is amazing how people are taking lightly what we all have endured for past 3 years. 66% percent of Americans are not COVID vaccinated and if BA.2 is the new and improved Omicron, thousands will die Spring to Summer and U.S. will hit its first 1 million COVID death. A feat way ahead of other countries, rich or poor. It’s seems very unbelievable.

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      • Some 3 million Americans die every year. Thousands dying of covid who would have died of something else is sad but unavoidable.

        The 12% non-covid excess deaths of working age Americans should be a bigger concern–especially since vaccines are implicated.


  7. If you avoid the sun, you may want to supplement with vitamin D year round. Vitamin D deficiency is common in asians–70-90% are deficient.

    I take 50 units per pound body weight, along with vitamin K2 to protect against arterial plaque and heart disease.

    I’m not a medical doctor, which is why I have read up on the vitamin D research papers. It’s the people who are vitamin D deficient and zinc deficient who progress to severe covid.

    Covid no longer is a concern for me. Not even the BA-2 variant.


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