Best Shocker Goes To…

Only in Hollywood where you can get away slapping a Person in Public followed by getting a trophy and a standing ovation.

Fact Check: Did Will Smith Receive a Standing Ovation at the Oscars? – Newsweek

Yep, Shock was the right word for it. Then more Shock thereafter because of how the incident was casually handled, as if the World was not watching the Live Academy Awards. What happened can’t be undone, but People can learn from it so it does not happen again.

Chris Rock, the Better Man. Whether, he was still in shock or he was just being himself after he was painfully hit by Will Smith, Chris Rock advocated for his Aggressor not to be removed by the Police from the premises. Chris Rock was the reason Will Smith was able to receive his Best Actor trophy in person instead of watching the announcement in Jail.

The LAPD officers finished laying out what his options were, and they said, ‘Would you like us to take any action?’ And [Chris] said, ‘No.’ ” – People

No one saw it coming. No one imagined it could happen in the middle of the most glamorous, most anticipated event of the Stars of Hollywood. In the end, one can feel sadness for all that was involved. Everyone will need help from the trauma and guilt post event. After the lights and camera are off, Hollywood Stars are just People.

Only in Hollywood physically hurting and verbally threatening another Human Being on stage witnessed by “respected” Actors and Actresses we admire in the big screen was allowed to continue uninterrupted till the award’s finale. Only in Hollywood where humiliating a Person for everyone’s laughter is made okay. Every Award and Comedy Shows has full of them. Comedy at the expense of another is funny to all except the butt of one’s joke.

Seeing Will Smith go up the stage and slap Chris Rock in front of his Peers because his Wife was humiliated by Chris Rock’s joke was disturbing. The sound of the slap was so loud it’s all that one can hear. But louder was the silence of the audience. No one stood up to say,”Stop! Something very wrong just happened.”

The Awards went on. The Show went on. No edits. No revisions. It was a Show within a Show. Entertainment for the World to feast and engage in their Social Feeds like Twitter and Instagram.

Will Smith hit Chris Rock on Oscars telecast- CNN

A Video Of Chris Rock Opening Up About Suffering Sexual Assault From School Bullies As A Child Has Resurfaced Online After He Was Smacked By Will Smith -BuzzFeed.News

People should boycott watching the Oscars next year. Even Hollywood needs a Time Out to reflect on their actions. Unless, Hollywood and its Stars are that unreachable.

Is Will Smith’s Oscars slap considered assault or battery under California law? – San Francisco Chronicles

He said sorry to Chris Rock in a Statement, not in Person. He said sorry to the World who watched it, his fellow Stars and the Academy. Would it be enough? We will find out in the next several weeks. Something this viral doesn’t just die down in 24 hours. Video picture from People.

For those who made jokes about the altercation, huge shame. We don’t laugh when someone is hurt or hurting, shamed and humiliated. Perhaps that’s okay in the Entertainment Planet of Hollywood, but it’s never okay outside the Real World, our World.

All involved appeared victims of a joke gone bad but it’s never an excuse for physical violence, otherwise anyone could do the same in the Real World when pissed off mad. I’m sure, if it’s you and me, we will end up in jail right away or face a lawsuit.

We are not Stars, just the ticket buyers responsible for the existence of Big Screen Movie Theaters and Blockbuster Hits. We are the monthly subscribers of Stream Line Entertainment like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple +, Disney +, Hulu, xfinity. Come to think of it, we hold the power to control the brightness or dimness of Hollywood and its Stars.

Watch a Breakdown of Will Smith and Chris Rock’s History Before the Oscars – US

As I said, “When the lights and camera are off, Stars are just People. Friendships can change. People change. That is Life’s Tragic reality. Stars are not exempted from experiencing what we all experience. They experience loss, pain, betrayal, shame, anger, grudge, humiliation. They get hurt. They get traumatized. They can love, forgive and heal broken Friendships and Family Relationships.

Co-workers we’re shocked the first day. Some did not even see the viral slapping video. The next day, a co-worker hearing the same topic said in a serious upset tone, “What’s done is done,” and turned his back.

I believe we should not turn our backs on issues that affects us all. No one should turn their backs on violence nor the harassing humiliating effects of jokes that targets People personally. They are wrong and unacceptable.

The Pandemic brought the worst in People. People had been edgy, angry, irritable, impatient, irrational, weird, emotional and super sensitive. Little trigger causes outburst, tantrums, violence and aggressive confrontations. This was happening for the last 2 years from airplanes, restaurants, streets, parks, healthcare settings, on the road, and now Hollywood. Madness Fever finally reached the Stars where many of us have already recovered and developed some immunity.

Our World is never same. We are never the same after the trauma and oppression of the COVID Pandemic. We need to be careful and mindful of what we say because what may be funny before the Pandemic may now be an offensive personal attack to others that can lead to violence and retaliation.

There have been many opinions. There have been many reflections. 6 days after the Oscars, things are just getting clearer and the incident appears not much different than what happens in our Real World.

There will be consequences. There will be changes. Lessons will be learned, willing or not. Real Apologies in person has to be made to resolve deeply rooted conflicts.

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18 Responses to Best Shocker Goes To…

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  2. calixidig says:

    The slap is true


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  4. hartlife1973 says:

    I don’t think anything will change next year. The Oscars will go on. Did I hear that Will left the academy or something? He obviously needs help. You don’t go around slapping people because you see your SO not happy. You speak with them privately later.


    • I agree. Mental Health, from Anxiety, Depression, Anger Issues has been high with the Pandemic. Some People are not aware they are suffering from it till they get triggered and snapped. I do hope the Oscars get disciplinary accountability too. It happened during their watch. Or audience just seriously #boycottoscars . Besides, the academies taste in movies doesn’t necessarily reflects what majority of movie goers wants like Spider-Man versus any of the nominated best picture. Critic entertainment is different from our entertainment.

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  5. ourcrossings says:

    It is absolutely unacceptable to see violence against a renowned comedian in the face on live TV, but so is making jokes about a women’s shaved head. Firstly, the joke. There is no redeeming Chris’ joke there. It was a bad joke and a cruel one too – any comedian should know that comedy is about punching up and not down. And making fun of someone’s illness, which they have called traumatising, is the very definition of the latter.

    During his presenting gig at the Oscars 2016, he made a comment racial stereotyping East Asians which resulted in a lot of complaints.

    The same year, he shared a meme which read: ‘Me sitting in a meeting that could’ve been an e-mail,’ along with a photo of Whitney Huston wearing sunglasses. But it was his caption that caused a stir, which read: ‘Hurry up I got crack to smoke.’ It caused her ex husband Bobby Brown to comment: ‘During this time of women empowerment you chose to use your time to try and humiliate our QUEEN!!! I thought you was a friend of the family’

    In 2019, Chris posted a meme after a man had killed 23 people in El Paso, Texas, and nine other were killed in another mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, claiming the gunman was likely to be white.

    Clearly, he can easily be accused of knowing no boundaries and disrespecting other people


    • So true. Jokes that are mean, insulting and personal should never be allowed. But it seems people just let it slide until this Oscar’s. It’s a great learning moment to all, but importantly , it gives us a clear picture of what people are feeling. Hollywood Stars are not exempt from experiencing the effects of COVID restrictions, mandates, fears. As I said, people are very edgy and easily provoked. Many hate crimes have happened too. May people be more sensitive, kind and understanding. Thanks.


  6. I didn’t watch the Oscars, but heard about it the next day on the news. It’s appalling to hear how the altercation was handled (or rather wasn’t). The fact that he then won an award afterwards reinforces that there are no consequences for his actions. It’s crazy.

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  7. Ab says:

    I went to bed early on Sunday so I missed the slap heard around the world. What a crazy and insane moment – and I agree with you the fact that he was not forced out or arrested and even got a standing ovation is just wild to me.

    Chris Rock’s joke was insensitive, to be honest, but he didn’t know about her medical condition. Even so, it did not warrant being physically assaulted like that.

    It’s certainly a metaphor for the pandemic and how it’s brought out the worst in all of us! Let’s hope this is an exception rather than the norm. 🙏

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    • True. Will Smith must have realized how bad his actions were that he is voluntarily removing himself from the Oscar’s membership. But I have feeling Chris Rock will eventually sue in millions as it’s an instant win witness by the World. It’s sad but it’s also giving us an idea of what’s really going with people , famous or ordinary.

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      • Jo says:

        I don’t think Chris Rock sue. His tickets sales went to the roof after that. And besides he is getting way better press from this than Will. He is already on the win. and doesn’t really need that money. He wouldn’t gain anything from that lawsuit, the opposite, I think.

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  8. Jo says:

    The way it was handled by Academy is what gets people riled up. Even if Chris Rock didn’t want to press charges, Will Smith should have been removed from the room. But I think they all were as shocked as the rest of us and probably didn’t want to turn it into even bigger drama. As we see now, that was a moment of wrong judgement on their part.

    The joke said by Chris Rock about Jada is not the most offensive joke that was ever said by comedian. It wasn’t really that offensive, Jada was proudly talking about her decision to cut her hair. So no, she is not a damsel
    In distress that needed strong knight to defend her honor. This defense of women’s honor was always an excuse for hot heads. And Will Smith had training as a boxer, so this was not just a slao, it was a head punch to almost 60 year old man by guy with professional boxing training.
    What if it was Amy Schumer telling that joke? How would Will “defend” his wife?

    One of the most cringy jokes for me was Jay Leno joking about sitting POTUS (Bill Clinton) and dog humping leg…. Well deserved and funny but still bad.. how painful it had to be for Hilary to sit there and pretend to find it funny? (Whatever your politics, doesn’t matter in that situation) . And she didn’t go slapping Jay Leno. I’m sure she would live to though ..😄

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    • I agree. We’ve heard of more degrading , more mean jokes, but haven’t seen a reaction this violent and shocking. It was not a good representation of Hollywood. It made the World think they are spineless, fake and cowards. Some talk of how bad they felt but after the show, that does not count. In any real scenario, someone, at least one would have the courage to say, “Hey, Stop, that is not acceptable!” Violence is never acceptable whatever our reasons are. It kind of just confirmed it’s okay to physically hurt a person if we feel offended or embarrassed of what they say, when it’s actually an assault. Hollywood needs a re-write of its do’s and don’ts. I guess Hollywood wasn’t ready to go public post pandemic. People have many suppressed anger and frustrations we don’t know when they will explode or what will trigger them. Sad and Shocker event but very teachable moment.

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