Second COVID-19 Booster FDA okayed for 50 and above

People 50 and older are now eligible for another shot of either the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines four months after their last dose, the FDA said. – STAT

Now that all restrictions for COVID safety are lifted and the Global dominant BA.2 subvariant has proven more transmissible replacing the Omicron, getting a second COVID booster is timely and lifesaving. It’s an option for extra protection for those who believe in the preventative benefits of the vaccine.

I got my booster October 2021, and if it’s true that COVID antibodies looses significantly it’s efficacy 4-5 months after. FDA announcement just came at the right time. I always knew, there is a need for two boosters per year because in reality, those who got COVID only has 3 months of antibody protection, after which another COVID infection is possible.

No more freebies. Many will realize Health is Wealth third year of COVID. Many will realize Freedom and Fun cost a lot of money and unnecessary Hospital Debt. U.S. Government is pulling drastically all major funding with COVID because the Country is now “Endemic,” and we need to refocus hard earned U.S. dollars to Inflation, Unemployment, and the War. Emergency Crisis Intervention and Financial Aid are over. Headline image, The Washington Post.

The Immunocompromised, who are they?

Those on Chemotherapy, those who had Solid Organ Transplant like Kidney and Heart Transplant, those with inherent problems with their immune systems ( Primary Immunodeficiency) and those receiving long term corticosteroids and immunosuppressants to control and treat their Illness ( Secondary Immunodeficiency).

But what many of us do not realize is that everyday Stress and it’s acute and chronic manifestations like Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Unhealthy Habits and Lifestyle, Obesity or Undernutrition, Diabetes, Hypertension can lower our immune system.

An example, when people are dealing with significant Stress, they can get Shingles ( Painful rash that follows nerve tracts) and Cold Sores caused my Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 because of decreased immune defenses, which BTW is not an STD.

Americans are free to breathe again maskless, but this is what’s happening to the other side of the World with ongoing outbreaks and surges. It’s like we are living in a Parallel Universe. To much Sci Fi? It is what it is. Headline image, Reuters.

Overall, Stress will make us sick Physically, Mentally and Emotionally. So it should not be a surprise or far fetch idea if Stress can make anyone vulnerable to contracting COVID. Stress can even kill by causing Heart Attack and Stroke.

And since Stress is my best friend or constant adversary at Work and Real Life Dramas, then it makes sense that I should be excited to get my second booster. And I am excited and thankful.

I want to travel to Paradise and the Islands once again. I’m hoping no wasteful 10-day quarantine to reunite with Family I have not hugged and shown in person affection for 3 years. I don’t own time nor events so I worry that it may not happen and I may be too late.

I intend to enjoy, travel and live well Spring and Summer and I couldn’t think of a better guarantee than getting my second booster. If my COVID defenses are now down to 50-60%, it can easily go up to 95% infection protection after 2 weeks post vaccination.

By now, we all should have learned how to be kind and respectful to one another regardless of our views and beliefs with COVID and Vaccination. And we should stop being Political about it because first of all, we are not Politicians, and second, those Politicians are not paying us a single cent to deserve our time and attention.

Fighting, Worrying, Anger, Frustrations and Negativity are forms of Stress. We don’t want to lower our Immunity and get sick, right? Politics and Politicians are not worth our Health, Life and Energy. Seriously, they are not worth it.

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18 Responses to Second COVID-19 Booster FDA okayed for 50 and above

  1. Carl Wright says:

    Thank you for sharing. Where I live in Ontario the immunocompromised will be able to get a second booster, so long as it has been at least 84 days from their last one.

    As mentioned in the article, stress and anxiety does play such a huge part in lowering our immunity. Sadly those in this area are still not eligible.


    • Thanks for the reply. Yes, immunocompromised should be a priority. Now that tracking the infection is no longer a priority, we don’t know how bad the infection spread is in our community. Self test are not reported. No more sequencing for new strains. Best weapon is really to get the booster and common sense when needed.

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      • Carl Wright says:

        You are very welcome. My brother-in-law is immunocompromised and has had his second booster. Other than taking him to medical appointments my sister literally does not go anywhere. She has groceries delivered. Last time she has been in a grocery store was December. One of the doctor’s shared with my sister back a month ago was to that take the number of confirmed cases and multiply it by 10 (at that time). This approximate estimate was determined through wastewater epidemiology surveillance. Through this they can determine if there is an outbreak or if things are starting to ease off.


        • Thanks Carl. Wife just told yesterday, “Hey, new variant can infect as much as 13 people.” My reply, “Yes, that infectious.” With COVID all year round, it is wise to try just being sure and safety.


  2. We’re not eligible for our second booster shot yet, but will try to get it as soon as it becomes available. We’re hoping to do some travelling this spring and summer too and just enjoy our vacation time 🙂


  3. _Despite being fully vaccinated_

    “A young model forced to have both her legs amputated due to COVID-19 complications has been released from the hospital just in time for her 21st birthday.

    Claire Bridges finally returned to her family home last Wednesday after spending two months at a medical facility in Tampa, Florida.

    Bridges, who was born with a congenital heart condition, tested positive for COVID-19 in early January.

    Despite being fully vaccinated, the brunette suffered serious symptoms from the virus and was admitted to the hospital on January 16.”

    I suspect compartment syndrome was involved. And possibly incompetence by an interventional cardiologist. SWAGs.

    No mention of treating with Rayaldee to improve immune response and reduce inflammation. No mention of a fasciotomy.


  4. Ab says:

    With the shift to “living with COVID” culture, I think it’s good to have options to live our life more freely while also having protections in place, such as booster shots. I’m glad and thankful these are options available to us. 🙏Hoping it will be a summer or Roadtrips and nature for our families! 🙏


  5. elvira797mx says:

    Thank’s for share, well saying kindness and respect are so important.
    Keep well.


  6. I’m still unvaxxed, along with my whole household and doing well. We are older with comorbidities. I don’t trust big pharma. They are a bunch of crooks. We are dosing with calcifediol to boost the immune system in case we get exposed to covid.

    Vaccinating increases stress levels of a lot of people. I think of one 30ish woman with medical training who got myocarditis from vaccination and now expects to live just another 2-5 years.


    • Vaccines and medications do have side affects and adverse reactions. In a healthcare system where I work, COVID is mandated. Glad you and you’re family are safe. Numbers are going up again but likely more by end of April after all the Spring Break events. It has been very normal that possible COVID patients and patients of other sickness sits in one small lobby. Totally different from 2020-2021.


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