Should We Give Up Our Souls Too?

When we’ve given everything including our Heart and still not enough, should we give up our Souls too?

What I am willing to give up for my Dreams? What am I willing to exchange to please and make other people happy? Are they worth it? Or I am worth it? Self versus Them, who’s more important? Regardless, one side will be unhappy, disappointed, angry. Will time heal the hurts and brokenness? I can only dream, hope and pray.

No Person deserves to loose their Soul. No one or nothing deserves loosing a Soul for. A lifetime of torment is not the same as eternal torment. Earthly price is never a fair exchange for the price of one’s Soul.

Those days I missed. I was poor but I was happy and free. I have nothing but everyone was getting along well. I didn’t realize long term, my dreams have a price that gets heavier and more irrational with time. Sometimes they are just too much to carry.

“Being poor and not having riches seems unfair but in reality, it’s easier for the poor, the faceless and the oppressed to enter Heaven than the Rich, the Comfortable and the Influential of this World. All that money, all that wealth, all that fame, we will leave them all behind. They are not interchangeable for a ticket to stay in God’s Kingdom or skip Hell.”

Should I be relieved or be scared?

Our Social Media and News Feeds appears biased in focusing and favoring the trends of the World, the Flesh and Vanity. Many of what’s considered cool, popular and beautiful on Earth has no value in the After Life. They may even be the cause of one’s eternal torment in the Fires of Hell.

So what to do? Filter and delete. Keep trying, keep changing. Be more by having less. Go back to God, his works and teachings. Connect and communicate to everything Heaven and let go of everything Earthly. Faith, Courage and Perseverance because the road to Heaven is the hardest and most challenging of them all. Short cuts are tempting always and giving up is a sigh of relief.

Sometimes God seems angry. Sometimes he is calm and kind. Other times I feel alone in my walk in this very long sandbar with turbulent deep waters on one side, and calmness on the other. Sometimes I close my eyes so I don’t have to see what frightens me. Sometimes I just stare up in Heaven but the clouds are just as dark and intimidating. Sometimes my body, mind and heart are shaking, trembling only to be calmed by his mercy, grace and presence. Sometimes, he is not there and the Storms goes on till I get exhausted or get used to them.

Sometimes, I forget my prayers when long time ago I memorized them by heart word for word, every detail, every feeling, night and day.

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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17 Responses to Should We Give Up Our Souls Too?

  1. My Rollercoaster Journey says:

    The images as always are out of this world. You made me feel like I was there, and now I want to be there.

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    • Imagination, hope and dreams can take us to places anywhere our heart wishes. Sometimes when my day is screaming bad, I close my eyes and imagine I’m at my happiest place. It works. Happy weekend.


  2. My Rollercoaster Journey says:

    Very beneficial post. My favorite part “filter and delete”


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  4. ourcrossings says:

    Such a fantastic and thoughtful post! Sometimes I feel that the world is continually turning faster, and it is becoming more challenging to catch up. The influences of the modern world seem to invade and heavily impact our lives in a way that makes us feel anxious, stressed out, and discontent. Don’t let anyone coerce you into sacrificing your meaningful life for the temporary gain of success or wealth 🙂 Thanks for sharing and have a good day. I hope all is well. Aiva xx


    • I feel and think the same. I think it’s very important to realize the pressures, stress and negativity that makes us unhappy and question our moral code. Doing the right thing hasn’t been more hard in the last few years. Hope and Faith however help us keep going and trying.

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  5. You can’t make everyone happy, but you can try to make yourself happy instead. Preferably by staying true to yourself and not giving up your hope, self or soul.


  6. So awesome post and the lines is true and touching 🌷🙏❤️👌🌷


  7. No, the evil of this world is not worth our souls. Sometimes God doesn’t calm our storms, but he is always always there helping us through. But I will admit, I am scared for what lies ahead. I will not give up my faith and my soul for any of this.


  8. Jorge Medico says:

    I enjoy your reaffirming thoughts and images. Keep up the good work, and never loose your soul!


    • Thanks. When I write this honest and vulnerable, I get to remember the value of my life, mind, heart and soul. It’s easy to loose ourselves. It’s so easy to compromise. But in the end, we need to keep a part of ourselves that is just ours. We have to fight for our Souls if that’s the only precious gift that’s left.


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