War Nightmares

“The Bogeyman comes in all forms. War Leaders and their Soldiers that cause terror and harm are just some of them. Our War Nightmares ends when we wake up. True to Life Wars, the Nightmare continues when we’re awake.”

Imagine waking up the next day and your home, city and country is under attack and burning. Imagine having to leave your home with barely anything to survive. Imagine holding a dead family member in your arms you were just talking too an hour ago. Perhaps, it’s hard to imagine until we are victims of War ourselves. Not everyone cares of World Events because it makes them uncomfortable.

When I was a boy, my grandparents and relatives would tell us how they used to travel and go to the Mountains at night to hide and escape from the Japanese Soldiers.

One uncle, his brother was beheaded by a Japanese Soldier. Women are particularly in danger of being raped. Ancestral homes were occupied by the Japanese invaders or burned to the ground. Young Filipino Men become Soldiers overnight to defend their Country, their Homes, their Families. It was a time of horror and heroism. Patriotism and sacrificing one’s life was noble and generously selfless. People fight to defend their neighbors. It was a time of great pride to die for one’s Country and Countrymen. It was even a time of great honor to die for America as both Filipino and American Soldiers fought and died against one common enemy.

…and these are the images that will haunt the minds of children that survived the War on Ukraine. They will tell their stories so vividly like they happened only yesterday.

This was the War that haunts my childhood nightmares. The Japanese Soldiers were the Bogeymen with their rifles that has a sharp knife blade at its tip used to stab and kill. It was a War Nightmare I hope I don’t have to see and experience myself in my lifetime nor of my Family.

At nearly the same moment President Joe Biden declared him a “butcher,” Vladimir Putin’s missiles began falling in Lviv, Ukraine.-CNN

One CNN Reporter made a comment of Biden’s frank remark calling Putin a Butcher when it’s the same description the World thinks of Putin on his deadly War attack on Ukraine. Even President Biden is “not” suppose to freely express his right of freedom of speech.

So, what then is the authentic definition of Democracy and Freedom because it appears they are severely tarnished with Politics, Corruption and Bureaucracy that even the President of the United States of America can’t speak freely from his Heart. It’s implied that it’s better to lie than be honest, be genuine and transparent? WTF, this is so messed up. No wonder so many Americans are confused and stressed out.

One month on: how a tragedy has unfolded in Ukraine – The Guardian

But is War inevitable? Has World War III already began? Can Democratic Giants continue to use strict sanctions against Russia as a passive aggressive weapon to stop Russia from destroying the rest of Ukraine? Is it effective, or is it victimizing another group of People, the Russian Groups that don’t want to take part in the War but trapped and paralyzed themselves inside and outside of Russia?

Putin’s Evil ambition displaced 10 million Ukrainians and unknown numbers of Russians who were against Putin. Refugees are the dehumanizing effect of War. It is unacceptable yet it continues to exist. It is a sign of failure of Leaders and the powerful Global Peacekeepers. It is failure of Democracy to keep their “Men, Women and Children” equally safe and free from the real life Monsters and Bogeymen.

Russia warns media: don’t report interview with Ukrainian president- Reuters Staff

The war in Ukraine is proving extraordinarily lethal for Russian generals, the gray men bedecked in service medals, who are being aggressively targeted by Ukrainian forces and killed at a rate not seen since World War II.– The Washington Post

In any War, death happens to both sides. The difference is where the sympathy and support of the World lies. Obviously, it will not be towards whom the World see as the Evil Villains and Perpetrators. Their death and loss will even be celebrated. Now, is that being Humane? It’s that being Christian? Aren’t they just People stripped of their Freedom to choose for themselves?

There are Wildfires caused by Natural Disasters. There are Wildfires fueled by hate, greed, ambition and anger. The latter are the Wildfires harder to contain because they are caused by Human wants and desires that doesn’t know when to stop. Destructive Passion to the last breathe.

“It’s a good thing if we are stressed and are affected by the War because it means we still care and give a damn. That is hope that we may respond when we are called to serve, protect and defend the Freedom we value so much instead of running way like all cowards do.”

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21 Responses to War Nightmares

  1. ourcrossings says:

    There are no true winners in war. It seems like hundreds of years ago the purpose of war was conquering the world. The purpose of war today seems to be to force each other to see from their narrow point of view. What are we fighting over?


  2. Heart breaking 💔 …it feels like we are just sitting back and watching 😢😢😢 I feel so helpless.


    • Exactly . With all our technology and advancements, with all that power and politics, this should have ended already. I don’t know what the other Democratic countries are waiting for allowing a militarized Dictator go destroying buildings and killing people. They can’t return what’s already lost.

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  3. My heart goes out to the people of Ukraine. I can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through. I hope this isn’t the start of WWIII. There are never winners in any war.


  4. Ab says:

    It was interesting to hear your experiences about family stories of the Japanese invasion. My dad was much older than I was. He would be 100 years old this September if he were still alive. He told stories of Japanese invasion and while I did not share his hatred for Japan, I can only empathize because of the life experiences he went through and the horror he saw.

    No one wins in war waged by tyrants such as Putin including the hundreds of Russians who are already dead doing his evil bidding.

    I truly hope we’re not headed for another world war. How world leaders respond to escalating conflict will determine our fate. And sadly I’m not feeling very comforted by the way things are headed!

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    • Thank you Ab. Yes, I hope we are not headed for another War. I hope our Children get to enjoy the things we were fortunate to enjoy like Nature, Travel and just overall a better ,safer World. It is indeed in the hands of our Leaders of how this War will progress or not. Observing Putin’s determined action to claim Ukraine despite of the World telling him to stop and still has not shows what the man is capable of doing. Having nuclear weapons is the scariest because we have no idea what goes in the minds of our Leaders and the Military Elite.

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  5. So sad situation, and photos seeing ,we can understand war destroyed their future life 😢
    Please God help them 🌷🙏🌷

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  6. elvira797mx says:

    Amazing post! Thank you for share.
    Peace for all the world.

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  7. gabychops says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post!


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