Some Days

Some days, I feel nothing. Some days, I feel everything.

Some days I’m drowning and have to learn to save myself.

Some days, I’m so angry I could explode, but Society finds that hostile and inappropriate. And that anger gets worse when people verbally try to dismiss my right to be angry. Some days, submission and tolerance are virtues for the abused and the hurt forced by someone more powerful. Some days, I take it until I can’t anymore.

Some days, I’m at peace in the middle of chaos.

Some days, sadness piles up that tears dries up before they have a chance to fall. Some days, stress, worries, sadness and anxiety are so normal they become like second skin. Some days, they are needed to be shed to breathe and heal before another second skin appears.

Some days, I long to be understood and comforted. But for most, the only person who truly listens and gives me a much needed comfort is myself.

Some days, I just want to be left alone, disappear and hide from all. Some days I’m successful in my escape, Some days not. Everyone is in bondage to something or someone, I’m no exemption.

Some days, I want to smile and really feel it’s lightness, warmth and joy. I’m tired of faking it just to appear happy to please others and not draw attention.

Some days, I miss laughing. I miss the happiness and release it brings. Laughter has become a luxury rather than a free gift. Best medicine for Mental Health, but can get really expensive or run out of supply. Some days, Laughter is on back order with no definite time for availability.

Some days, I’m me. Some days, I don’t recognize the person staring back at me. Some days, I’m multiple Persons fighting for dominion depending on what People and circumstances requires.

Some days, everything is alive. Some days, just a lonely void of dark, cold emptiness.

Some days it’s Life. Some days it’s Death. Some days it’s Survival. Some days it’s Victory and Triumph.

We keep going no matter afraid and uncertain because our hopes and dreams matter down to the last light and flicker.

Some days it’s surprise and newness. Some days, routine and boredom.

Some days words flows easy. Some days, words refuses to be set free.

Some days, inspiration wants to be captured to inspire and change our World inflicted by War, Disease, Evils of Men and Hell. Some days, that would be enough to restore Peace, Love, Good Health and Happiness. Some days, it ask for more sacrifices and giving.

Some are called to be beckons of all that’s good. Some are called to be instruments of Evil. War and Killing, Destruction and Misery, Peace and Love, Good or Bad. There are only two sides. Doing nothing still has consequences and we will pay for them some day.

Some days we are called to take action even if we are not ready. Some days, preparedness and fear are not an option. Some days we are called to be Heroes as events happen and be the bigger, better Person.

Are we ready to rescue someone in danger knowing we place ourselves in harms way? Are we ready to die for a stranger when we are called to save? Until it happens, they are just words easily lost in the wind and the noise. They are just some days that may or may not happen.

Some days, we could be anyone our Heart desires. Some days, we fail no matter how much we try.

His dreams kept mine alive. His enthusiasm and positivity has saved me so many times. He doesn’t know it. But I hope some day, when he is an Adult and facing life’s and people’s challenges, he will find this to give him the inspiration he needs. May it be enough to make him smile and give himself a chance to keep trying until all that he hopes happens. He deserves all the laughter and joy this World has to offer.

Some days we battle our inner Wars. Some days, it’s War from external sources. Some days we loose. Some days we win. In all, we fight and be stronger for our some days.

About Island Traveler

Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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118 Responses to Some Days

  1. A gorgeous and meaningful post! ❤

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    • Thank you. I felt it needed to be written. There must be more like me out there going through something similar, seeing and thinking something similar. Some Days is something many share in common, some keep it a secret, others are more open to share them.

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  2. I feel exactly the same way. Couldn’t have worded it better

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  3. elvira797mx says:

    Wow! Awesome, amzing beautiful post and photos! Wonderful thougths, invites to reflection, it is true, some days feels… Thank’s for share.
    Keep well.


  4. Beautiful pictures and words that made me nod in agreement. It seems so often we go from one extreme to the next, from ‘hot’ to ‘cold, while the balance in between is where we need to be.


  5. I enjoyed your lovely photos.

    I have a beautiful poem. Well, at least it alliterates and rhymes.

    “Silly slammy slummy people, slow and sometimes slick.

    Stupid stooges shouting slogans, that’s what makes me sick.”

    –James Gravely, paraphrased


  6. Mimu says:

    Some days, we could be anyone our heart desires. Some days, we fail no matter how much we try. (Just wow!)

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  7. Richard says:

    Beautifully written

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  8. Stirring and heartfelt words. You’ve pretty much journeyed through the full spectrum of emotions. 😢😁🥰

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    • Thanks Paul. And we know how crazy , scary intense those emotional spectrum could be. I wrote the post one morning and it made me recall all vividly like one gush of adrenaline rush everything that is going on in my mind and heart. It felt so good just to let it all out. As we all know, we can’t just blurt out all we feel in our work place, even at home with those we love and trust. People will never know how to respond when off guard. The extremes and ranges of emotions we alone can handle when felt and experienced all at once. To write them will be a better, safer way to deal with them. No one gets hurt, and those who relate to our emotions understands and connects. Some Days, we just have to be kind to ourselves enough so it has time to heal and have a voice.


  9. Thinkerlogy says:

    Well written.
    I felt all the feelings at different ‘some days’.
    I think you will agree with me that ‘that’s life’.
    Thank you for sharing and wish you well.

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    • Yes, “That’s Life” indeed. It is good to acknowledge life for what it really is because people will then begin to realize they are not alone after all and everyone goes through something they have experienced. Thank you.

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  10. Alyssa Haley says:

    Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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  11. Haiyin says:

    I love this✨😍

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  12. This made me think: Some days we are human. Thanks for sharing 💜

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    • It’s the true many of us evade, ignore or refuse to acknowledge but just from watching the events of everyday, we know so well it is true. My our some days turn towards all that is good, kind and peaceful. Thanks.

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  13. Beautiful, thought provoking writing and photography

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  14. This is absolutely beautiful and exactly on point about how I am feeling right now about my life and relationship. Thank you for sharing this !

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  16. Loved how you inserted images underneath the poem or story of how you feel “some days”.

    Interesting blog post Island Traveller👏

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  18. Jorge Medico says:

    Great photos, good thoughts.

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  19. Josh Sanders says:

    Beautiful pictures and words!

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    • Thank you. We should never ignore what we feel and go through. We should never be afraid to share our worst because it may just lead us to our best. It’s amazing how our stories connects throughout the World where we can’t find in our own community. Support is support and it is Gold and precious.


  20. Anoushka says:


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  21. abiolaadeshina says:


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  23. Kartik Dodia says:

    These photos are awesome.. someday I want to be there…🥰🥰👍👌👍👌

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  24. Jo says:

    Very personal, intimate post. And pictures are really amazing. I hope being surrounded by such beauty brings a smile to you face, even if for few seconds.

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  25. I truly can relate so much to your feelings your are experiencing and sharing here, dear blogging friend, many times I feel the same. Keep going my friend.

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  26. Jigar Nai says:

    Beautiful pictures with nice thought.

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  28. Bek says:

    Beautiful soul ❤️

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  29. Isha says:

    It is rare and beautiful when another artist’s voice can express one’s own heart. The pictures are gorgeous!

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  30. ourcrossings says:

    Such a beautiful and honest post! Made me think about life and death and my time on planet Earth and how each day is the same yet different. Sometimes life is neither good nor bad—it just is. Sometimes we put way too much emphasis on trying to figure out what is right and wrong.

    What is the right path and what is the wrong path? What is good with the world and what is bad. What I like and what I don’t like. What someone thinks and what they don’t think. With so much unpredictability in life and chaos at work these days in our uncertain world, what I have learned is that it really doesn’t matter. It just is. It is the way it’s supposed to be.

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    • Thank your for a generous inspiring share. I so agree. The Pandemic showed clearly that death is anytime and knows no age nor status. The war taught us anytime someone can attack, kill and drive us out of our homes, and events, like a sudden death of 24 year old policeman in my City with so much Future and promise just ended before it can begin. Today, I see life in the present and soon. I see life as a balance of trying my happiness while also making others happy. I’m not successful all the time, but to have some success is more than enough. If all goes well, I hope to visit my parents before I may never have the chance to see them again. COVID made it impossible to travel in Asia where they are but it’s time to take a leap of faith and just do it. Besides, the virus is everywhere and if it happens , it happens.

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  31. Dönis Sidi says:

    Thank you for this special thoughts! It made me feel like nobody is alone in their own experinces. Somewhere in the world there is another person who is going through the same things as we did.

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    • Thank you. I’m glad the post reached out to you. It’s one of the main reasons I have to write honestly and not hold back. It’s so easy to feel alone because even those closest to us don’t fully understand the storms we battle everyday nor do they know how to listen and help us. But the Blog World is bigger. Out of the millions, we will find people that connects and relates to what we go through. It is really a form of support group. It is a form of mental and emotional safe therapy. What we can’t show and express in our real world, we freely share in our Cyber world.

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  32. LaShelle says:

    Sobbing over your sentiments and stunning imagery. Absolutely gorgeous work and words

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  33. Beautiful post. I think you’re expressing the thoughts many of us have in our lives. I like too how you end your piece: “In all, we fight and be stronger for our some days.” It sums up how I feel. Life brings good and bad. It’s up to us to fight through the bad times and be strong for the good moments. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Thank you Brian. When I write something this personal for some reason it makes me feel not alone in my struggles in this world anymore, not just it’s a way to acknowledge myself and what I go trough as real but it is a way to connect to people internalizing everything alone themselves. We all share what every Human is capable of feeling, experiencing, thinking. We all have our personal conflicts internal and external, good and bad. It is however hard to find people to trust and who understands something that make us vulnerable even more. Word Press millions of bloggers narrows down people sharing a commonality and makes it easy to connect in ways not easily accessible in our very own circle of Family, Friends, Co-workers and community. And yes, ti write with freedom only makes us stronger, better, freer. It’s like freeing the mind, heart and soul.

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  34. Ab says:

    This is a beautiful post and very open, honest and human. I admire and appreciate that you are just yourself and share the highs and lows of your days and journey.

    This past year has thrown a lot at you and you’ve handled it in a genuine and human way. I’m glad that you always find a way to connect back to nature as a way to be one with yourself.

    I hope today is one of those great and alive days for you! 🙏😊

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    • Thanks Ab. Yes, I hope today is one of those great and alive Some Days. Last night at Work wasn’t when a selfish co-worker threw a tantrum and being difficult in the middle of Patient care. May be a need a new job that listens and appreciate people for their contribution and not playing politics on their workers, perhaps someday. Work is like a circus right now, too many loopholes for Patient errors and unsafe care. But it’s a behind the scenes all healthworkers are not suppose to have an opinion on or freedom to express. One thing a Nurse should always protect is their license. One serious mistake, poof! Anyways, I made the post yesterday morning before work, kind of summary of all I’m going through internally and externally for the past week. Almost like my mental and emotional therapy before facing the good, the bad and the triggers. War is closer than we think. War is anywhere conflicts escalates and cause discomfort and inequality. Truly appreciate the kindness and thoughtfulness always. People I believe need more circles that uplifts them, and encourages them to keep trying. If we can’t find it at our work place, then we find it in our blog space. Real people we can connect are anywhere and everywhere when we open our hearts to them. 🙏 Thanks.


      • Ab says:

        It is good that you can use your writing and blog as an outlet to express and process your thoughts – therapy as you noted. It is very important to not bottle it in. I am glad that you can do that.

        The pandemics toll on healthcare workers is staggering. Over in my part of the world, the government is issuing a $5,000 retention bonus per healthcare worker to incentivize them to stay as people are leaving the profession in masses. The situation is very real as you noted. And I’m sorry. 😔

        I hope better and calmer days are on the horizon. Hope this is a relaxing weekend for you!

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        • Thank you Ab. Your words always gives me support and encouragement. Same here, they are trying to attract nurses with bonuses up to $15,000 but that’s not even cash up front, but divided into 2 years worth of hard work in the most unsafe environment. This tactic was used during the first nursing shortages from year 1999-2005. McAllen Texas Hospital before was offering 50,000 for two years contract. Many can only finish 1 year due to unbearable Work practices and conditions. Overall, a Nurses life and what they sacrifice is far worth than what hospitals are trying to offer. In my healthcare system, it’s zero monetary incentive. It’s take it or leave it, and inflation does not count. There would be a lot of movement and transferring of Nurses where they can feel safe and happy for the next several years. Some will sadly quit or retire. All healthcare institutions are really for profit, and will exploit people to get that or have executives bonuses at the end of the year. Even in Healthcare, there’s Politics and Corruption.


          • Ab says:

            I’m very sorry that it is very bad. It sounds a lot worse in the US than it does here in Canada. And I agree that politics has a lot to do with it. It is very shortsighted and only going to create a bigger mess to clean up in the future – when it’s potentially too late.

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  35. You seem very alone. I have family around me. My granddaughter keeps me laughing. And walking. She continually wants me to chase her.

    We need family, hugs, and laughter if we are to stay sane. Healthy in mind and body. Research shows that hugs and laughter strengthen our immune system. The news makes me angry occasionally, but I don’t stay angry long.

    We don’t need masking, antisocial distancing, or the fear of strangers psychosis. We need to be able to read facial expressions and see smiling faces and be able to read lips.

    Mask mandates and NPIs have hindered the social/language development of children.

    People who are still masking in public are weird.

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    • It’s strange how we can be in a room full of people and still feel alone in what we see, think and feel. I actively have my wife and son to help me though life and its challenges but sometimes things can be too much and to express them helps. I treasure times of fleeting happiness because I know loneliness and being alone will always be a staple life menu. Thanks.

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  36. Lovely pictures as always. I like to think that if we don’t have a bad day, we don’t know what a good day feels like. It’s healthy to be able to experience the full spectrum of emotions and feelings. It makes you appreciate the good ones and try to cling on to them for as long as you can. It also gives you something to work towards to have more positive ones than negatives.

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    • I agree. We have to feel them all and use these experiences and feeling to make us better and stronger. The World tend to focus only on what is fun and pleasurable and skip the either side of the extremes. It’s no wonder people break when hard times comes. Thanks.

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  37. So awesome nature photography so glad to view , specially written each lines touching 😊🌷🙏♥️🌷
    Everyone has something-something happy or sad in our lives , courage movement must 👍🏻lovely wishes 🙏

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  38. Bridgette says:

    Such a rich and beautiful post!

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  39. Lovely writeup. I just hope God intervenes and this war ends really soon 🙏😢

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  40. elvira797mx says:

    Wow! Stuning, beautiful, incredible photos, colors, textures, I almost feel the water, sand, smell the flowers, the power of the lighthouse… Amazing! You invite reflection and gratitude. Some times, the visit of sadness suddenly has to be felt, but do not invite it to live with you, its visit allows us to enjoy more the small details that cause happiness. Thank’s for share, I hope everything it’s better soon for you and yours.
    Keep well.

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  41. arlene says:

    Lovely thoughts and realization of the self. As always your photos are awesome.

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  42. Beautiful photos!! PS: I’m kind of angry right now, myself 😠

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    • Sorry that you have to feel the distance of anger. I kind of been good feeling angry and trying to hold myself in work places and public places. Only place I could express my anger is at home where it’s safe , outdoors with nature and talking it over with those I trust. I hope you feel better now. But in all, we are entitled to feel anger and acknowledge it. Take care.

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