BA.2, Next COVID Godzilla

“There is something quietly happening in every City in America. All defenses and mandates for COVID have been lifted yet yesterday a fellow Healthcare Worker said she gave 60 people the Government Free COVID Test Kits in one day. I also reached out to two patients to start right away their Anti-COVID Paxlovid medication before they pass their effectivity period, I haven’t seen this aggressiveness in terms of testing and treatment at any point of the Pandemic. Media coverage also unusually toned down. Is the quiescence a good sign or an ominous danger?”

Bakers Beach lonely and isolated Summer 2020. It was the peak of Paranoia and Fear but the lowest COVID daily cases. The first 3 months of stay-at-home were the only time people were really serious in staying at home. People were already having beach parties Memorial Day 2020. So crowded , parking was a challenge.
Not a single soul except me. Today, this area is sealed. I don’t know when it will ever open.

Omicron numbers has gone down only to be replaced by it’s more transmissible subvariant BA.2. Then there’s the Deltacron recombinant that is being monitored by Scientists. Like earlier predictions, COVID variants will naturally emerge after the quiescence of the previous dominant variant because COVID genetically mutates to evade and resist everything that tries to eradicate it. We’ve seen this with the Alpha, Delta and Omicron variants.

This was the scene in ever store first week of the March 2020 Lockdown caused by the Alpha variant. Everyone was helpless then. Fear and panic to the roof. People were willing to follow safety guidelines, and give up their Freedom because death and sickness were happening in thousands due to an unknown virus with no cure and no preventative vaccine. Everyone thought it will never reach their countries and communities, and that it’s controlled in China. I thought so too until I was seeing the infected with my own eyes clinically. Yes, that was the only time fear got into me. It was the start of the misinformations and the lies. It was the start of Politically breaking America from Leaders to Citizens into two totally different Americans fighting and opposing each other continuously.
Curious what my City looks like, I took a walk second week of March 2020 Lockdown. City was a ghost town. Today, some businesses and people never came back.

In 2 months, mega Global Spike of new daily cases will be the talk of the town.

In 2 months, Americans will be told to change their lifestyle and behavior again.

The 4th new COVID Godzilla will be responsible for the next Global Pandemic Wave and U.S. 6th COVID Surge.

When the Alpha Variant Pandemic hit, the World needed to freeze everything and isolate the sick and the vulnerable groups from the healthy. No vaccines. No treatment. Social distancing as far as the sick and the exposed living in hotels to protect their families from being infected. This picture was taken March 2020 during the lockdown. Essentials were not included in the Stay-at-Home orders.
Spring Break Monterey April 2021. Normally this area is so crowded but people were worried of the Delta Surge, and they were right to be worried. Delta was the deadliest of all the Godzillas.

The challenge, convincing people to give up the convenience and comfort of their new given freedom again.

2021 Summer Surge by Deadly Delta. I remember the need to still drive away from crowded beaches even if I was already COVID vaccinated. We would drive as far as Carmel Valley close to Bixby Bridge. Safest public non-crowded beaches with the most amazing untouched rugged Nature views I’ve ever seen.

Whether it’s BA.2, Deltacron or out of nowhere variant with a new name all together, it is certain Godzilla variant will dominate our streets, our cities, our schools, our healthcare systems, our homes and our lives once more. Chaos from the resurgence of the Pandemic. Chaos from people fighting about reinforcing safety rules and restrictions.

What to do? Nothing really. For now, we enjoy and appreciate the quiescence because it’s a valuable gift of time and opportunity. We don’t waste them with negativity, procrastination and complaining. We deal of what’s to come when it happens.

Christmas 2021, Winter Surge by less deadly but highly infectious Omicron. California theme parks open. No social distancing. Shoulder to shoulder indoor gatherings allowed but had to wear a mask. Outdoors, mask was optional. One can observe Americans are very ready for the Endemic phase regardless of numbers. People can’t take a third year of Public Safety restrictions.

It’s shouldn’t be too hard to be grateful. It shouldn’t feel heavy to celebrate our simple, small blessings and turn them to big happy moments. Creativity and imagination shouldn’t be difficult. Best part, they are free. Don’t we all love free stuff?

Avenger Campus Disneyland February 2022. This is already what it looks like in the real World while the Winter Surge is decreasing. Like most, I wasn’t scared nor concerned anymore but I choose to wear the mask because I have to go back to work the next day after our Winter vacation. I could have been asymptotic, but so are my co-workers and Patients. Everyone can be asymptomatic. Those with COVID symptoms are safer because I can wear my PPE before I get in contact with them. I believed 2022 is the most confusing and most reckless of all the time in the Pandemic. Many are willing to risk it for fun, enjoyment and happiness. Me, included. We are simply tired and frustrated of the rules and restrictions. Many infected and the exposed are knowingly choosing to go out in Public and to work. It’s like an overflowing water dam about to burst? And now it has and it’s flooding every city.
It was both nice and strange to sit in a crowd full of happy people watching Dr. Strange. His first spell was to cast away COVID to keep all safe. Good one. I didn’t get sick so it worked.

So much to live for. So much abundance of joy to catch, breathe and contain.

We are all part of the COVID Saga and the Pandemic. We all played parts that made it to what it is now.

We live in a different time now. The World out there is so different from what it was 3 years ago. Adapting and accepting will make our adjustment less anxiety provoking.

Good or Bad, Honor or Shame, there is no more denying we all have changed. I have changed. Everyone around me have changed. We can pretend we gain back our normal pre-COVID, but deep inside, we know that is another lie.

The only constant sure thing is change. We should use that to our advantage. It’s opportunity for healing, preparedness, survival and unification.

Best example of change because of the Pandemic? San Francisco. So many parts of it are empty and abandoned. One has to see it to believe it. Check out Downtown Westfield Mall and the business districts. See their increasing Homeless population living on the streets still being ignored. Both Locals and Tourists have changed. They changed like the virus did and will continue to change.

If we are paying attention to the trends and patterns of the next Godzilla of COVID Variants, the COVID Tsunami begins in Asia, then Africa and or U.K., then U.S.A. last. The Pandemic Cycle then repeats.

BA.2 is now surging in Asia and U.K. BA.2 is already in America and will infiltrate faster than Omicron quietly until cases becomes explosive and overwhelming. Many will not see what hit them and will be confused why their Work Boss is telling them to go home. Many will be scratching their heads why they are in Clinics and Emergency Rooms being tested for COVID and given COVID instructions even before their results have come back.

“Just try to enjoy your life everyday and don’t feel guilty for doing what makes you alive. You’ve given so much to others, it’s time to give back something for yourself.”

This unfortunately is what “Endemic” looks like surge after surge, season after season, year after year. Those who have not accepted this fact will be the most confused of all when they start having COVID symptoms and be told to stay home and get tested.

“COVID has a predictable pattern. People have a predictable pattern of attitude and behavior. Why the surprise with new outbreaks? Why the shock when we are placed on restrictions and quarantine? We need to be grateful that at least we may not die.”

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    • Yep, Fauci this time is acknowledging how fast it’s replacing Omicron, unlike when Omicron began where all experts and leaders downplayed the virus that claimed more 100,000 Americans during its long Winter Surge.


  1. David says:

    From the beginning of COVID over two years ago, health authorities and the media have been preaching “follow the science,” but what they don’t say is that it’s not medical science that they are following, but instead political science.

    How else does one explain sudden new rules and recommendations, contradicting past “settled science,” regarding everything from natural immunity and off label therapeutics to the futility of masks and social distancing. Suddenly overnight the so-called solid medical science changed with this viral pandemic due to upcoming elections and the convenient distraction of Russian-Ukrainian war.

    Viruses are small and dumb. They have no brain and don’t think. They look for suitable hosts regardless of race, color, religion, gender, orpolitics. Medical factors determine who gets sicker or dies, but not who becomes infected.

    A virus, any virus, is something one can run from, but cannot hide from. Ask countries which initially followed a zero COVID policy, such as New Zealand, with low case rates at first but whose rates eventually exploded.

    Blaming vaccine hesitancy is disingenuous too. The UK government reported that, “The fully vaccinated now account for 9 in every 10 COVID-19 deaths in England.”

    It was similar in Israel as NPR noted, “Highly vaccinated Israel is seeing a dramatic surge in new COVID cases.” In these two medically advanced countries, we have the proof it’s not the unvaccinated driving surges in new cases and deaths.

    How much damage and carnage could have been avoided if COVID hadn’t been politicized? How many lives were lost, and families and businesses destroyed, because politics ruled the day rather than science?

    History will judge this era of inept leadership harshly, and deservedly so.


    • Thanks David. Unfortunately, Politics are the Gods of this Nation, and the Rich and influential, the Titans. Citizens are the Ants to step on and play around. Wasn’t this the name of the game the entire COVID time. Politicians are untouchables, they are blameless for the death and devastation they caused. It’s just how the World turns.


  2. Watch that video. I made it myself on Monday morning. I heard about it from “ Right said Fred “ but no one believed them so I did it myself.


  3. It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since the pandemic began. Mask mandates and proof of vaccinations have now ended. I think it will be super challenging to revert back to restrictions and lockdowns. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that again.

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  4. Ab says:

    I’ve been reading with interest what’s happening in China and Hong Kong and how everything seems to be rising in an alarming rate right now. The response there is a stark contrast to how our leaders over here have responded.

    You’re right that it’s inevitable that it will come over to our part of the world. I am hoping that it won’t be as serious as previous waves. The trick really is to continue to encourage people to take precautions – the biggest being mask wearing. I do fear people are just so fed up with it especially with summer Fast approaching.

    Mask mandates lifted in my part of the world today but our son is still wearing his in school and will be for s while.

    Stay safe and well. And hope the rest of your week is better!

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    • Thanks Ab. I agree with your recommendation and observation. Leaders unfortunately are just as blindly excited as everyone else. New variants plus world travel equals faster viral spread. Majority in America have adapted “no more COVID” lifestyle. Those that are wearing mask have become the minority. All healthcare settings requires them though which is just the right thing to do. But I’ve seen patients lowering their mask with the nurse still in the room like it’s just okay to have another person get sick. I can’t comprehend why people can easily forget the lessons of this still ongoing pandemic . Anyways, as predicted by Science the first year of the pandemic, those who are cautious will live longer and healthier, and those who don’t will always be at risk of a disease that may turned out chronic and deadly. It’s interesting how omicron was dismissed as mild in November 2021 then took over the World by Jan 2022. BA.2 will be faster, but the experts and the news will emphasize “less serious than Delta.” No such thing as less serious when it is causing the daily deaths in thousands. We are smarter than Guinea Pigs, I hope People will figure that out. All these, we are already a part of a great experiment of what may or may not work. Those who makes it COVID free 5 years from now will look back and say, “It was worth staying safe.”

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      • Jo says:

        So far my family have been lucky, no covid. Got other things but not covid. And we adopted wearing masks around the people when sick.
        I have an acute laryngitis now, and wear a mask in a car if with my kids, as I don’t want them to get it. The same in the office.


      • Ab says:

        I agree that those who continue to use common sense and keep their health and others around them in mind will make it through the next set of challenges the continued pandemic will bring.

        Mask mandates lifted on Monday for us and it is comforting that everyone in my sons class continues to mask regardless. The kids, at least in his class, are all right. Gives me some hope for the rest of us to get through this on our own terms.

        Hang in there!!! 🙏

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    • David says:


      The only mask that can prevent the transmission of ANY viral pathogen into your respiratory tract is a tightly sealed respirator mask and the average person would not wear such a mask, because it is extremely uncomfortable and requires some training to properly fit it to your face.

      As a nurse who worked on a unit that specifically dealt with respiratory diseases, we wore the typical surgical mask to keep from passing infectious pathogens to the patient should we have coughed or sneezed while in close proximity to the patient; not to protect ourselves. The typical surgical mask that everyone is wearing does nothing to prevent infection from a viral pathogen.

      I thought about the times I walked down to the outpatient clinic during the annual flu seasons and saw those who were awaiting testing and treatment; many were wearing the typical surgical mask. The flu season continued unabated for a time, but eventually diminished and finally disappeared.

      Think about it people. During the Spanish (Chinese) Flu outbreak in 1918 there were no vaccines or even antibiotics to prevent secondary infections, but after two years the infection rates decreased and eventually disappeared. Time was the answer then and time is the answer today.

      Why? Because viral pathogens always ratchet downward; not upwards. Variants may increase in number for short periods of time, but they are less virulent. This is true with any coronavirus. Keep in mind that even the so-called “common cold” is also a coronavirus. Before the current viral outbreak, did you cover your face with a mask when you had the sniffles, a scratchy throat or a slightly elevated temperature? Of course you didn’t.

      It’s a free country, so if you choose to wear a “fear” mask…help yourself, but don’t tell others that they must wear one.


      • Great feedback. Unfortunately in Healthcare System, Administration and Joint Commission makes the rules. If they say wear a mask, we wear a mask. If I refuse, it’s find another job. Same it I refused the vaccine, it bye-bye job. Most nurses won’t last a few months using their hard earned savings just because of the mask. So much we need to compromise to keep our jobs. Wearing mask is just one of the many rules needed to follow. And yes, it’s customer drive and many patients expect their nurses to be vaccinated and wearing mask is patients are vaccinated and wearing mask. Patient first, nurse second, if not bottom of pyramid of importance.


  5. Jo says:

    Oh come on! Another wave is coming?… where do I file a complaint?:)
    Very reflective and also informative post, thank you, with great pictures, as usual

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    • I know. I have been celebrating “no more COVID” for a few weeks and it’s here again. At least 1-2 more months of being able to enjoy Endemic before another Pandemic. Better take those vacays as soon as possible. It’s no brainer that back to normal plus world travel plus a more contagious variant equals trouble. But I’m no expert so I will let CDC, Fauci and Public Health do their jobs. Besides, the News will make sure every headline has “Overwhelming” in them to catch our attention. Thanks.

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      • Jo says:

        I am sure that another wave won’t stop my state from partying as usual:) (Florida). Tourist industry is booming here, and northerners are moving in like crazy running from high house prices (making now our market high price) and from COVID restrictions….


        • The housing market has been crazy despite of the inflation and uncertainty of jobs. People with money will take most of the real estate and the middle and low income will just have to keep dreaming. Housing should be regulated but looks like Capitalism is still the Gods and power in this country. It’s happening in California, Austin, every where. We are also selling our precious homes and properties to China, Russia, the Middle East. There are million dollars communities in Silicon Valley where houses have no people because they are owned by the rich overseas . Insane!

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      • It’s the plan, take freedom, give a bit back, take freedom, give a bit more back, then there will be the power grab. That is due in April. The funny thing is that they openly admit things they denied before and people take it. It’s insane.


  6. elvira797mx says:

    Thank’s for share, amazing photos, the one of the beach, soft waves, realy relaxing.
    Have a wonderful week!
    Keep well.


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