Putin’s War in Ukraine is War against All Humanity and Democratic Countries

“Democratic Countries thinks they are not involve yet with Russia’s War with Ukraine, but they are. America thinks it is enough to stop the War by watching from afar, make sanctions against Russia and give monetary aid to Ukraine, but they are not enough. It takes another Super Power to beat another Super Power or a collaboration of Super Powers. Isn’t America the Superman of Humanity and Democracy? Where’s the rest of Justice League?”

Sanctions will not stop a determined Super Power War Aggressor. In fact, it will give it more reason to retaliate with more harm and damage. Aren’t we already affected by the $2 per gallon price increase of gas since the sanctions where made. Inflation on top of another inflation. How about Cyber Attack that crashes planes from the sky, or shutting down of electricity, all communications and digital technology commerce and everyday needs depends on. Paralysis and chaos.

U.S. rushing $200 million worth of weapons for Ukraine’s defense against Russia- Reuters

“Weapons without Soldiers are just weapons.”

A senior Russian diplomat said Moscow would see the deliveries of Western weapons to Ukraine as “legitimate targets.” – The Associated Press/ NBC News

“Giving weapons or money for weapons is perceived as U.S. joining Ukraine against Russia. It is enough to trigger Putin to include U.S.A. as its enemy. Prolong Diplomatic talks only leave us more vulnerable and unprepared if Putin gets trigger happy. Which City he will send his Nuclear Missile Bomb first? Are we ready?”

Americans and the World are right in being stressed out on the War Putin of Russia is commanding to kill Ukrainians, destroy their Heritage, drive them out of their homes and eventually take over their Country.

Americans and the World are right in their paranoia that World War III has began and it can explode anytime to eradicate millions of people in this Planet.

Mass graves in Ukraine: Battered cities are digging makeshift burial sites- Laurence Paul, BBC News

We will never know how many Ukrainians have truly died so far. The numbers will be under reported and fabricated. But I think the pictures speaks for itself.

“Our Leaders will handle the War like it handled the Pandemic. There will be so much misinformation, lies and non-transparency, that it’s citizens will fight and confuse each other instead of preparing to fight against a common enemy.”

Image from The Wall Street Journal

My son is 16 and he is stressed and scared. Youth and Children like him are stressed and scared. Why? Because they read more and are very engage to what’s really going on in their World compared to Adults. Youth and Children are constant followers and believers of information from YouTube, Instagram, FB, Tik Tok.

Youth and Children don’t ignore what comes out of their News Feed. They are naturally curious of what comes out of their notifications and top stories.

Can we pretend this is not happening?

Adults, we’ll many of us learned to ignore the truths by ignoring events and facts all together. This help us deal with them more comfortably.

Omission, evasion, avoidance, denial, selective ignorance, Adults use these coping mechanisms to feel unaffected, unbothered, free of pain and guilt, remain positive and relax. I know them well because I use them when I have to.

Can we close our eyes on this?

U.S. Government for now does not want to send its Soldiers of Humanity and Democracy so it’s sending billions of money instead. How much of this will truly benefit the Ukrainians is the same question and answer to the billions spent on the Pandemic. Some of this money when straight into someone’s pocket. Like all Countries, U.S. also has corrupt and opportunistic Government Officials and Businessmen who uses War to make millions and billions. That is nothing new. Corruption is basic in any Politics.

Image from Politico. We’ve seen the same Political Faces and Masters during the Election, then the Pandemic, then the Insurrection, then the Afghanistan Disaster, and now the Russian War on Ukraine. Aren’t we tired of looking at their Faces and hearing their bickering and hatred among each other? FYI, we will become part of the collateral damage again as Tax Paying Citizens. Our Leaders decisions, we always have to pay for their consequences.

It only takes one Man to start a Global War. We saw that with Hitler. We are seeing that again with Putin.

18 days of on going Russian attack and bombing of Ukraine ordered by Putin, created enough images of death and destruction to prove World War III has began. How big, deadly and destructive this War can become is up for the rest of the World. But for sure, it won’t end by waiting and staring.

For now, thousands and thousands of Civilians and Soldiers have to die. That is something the Evils of War guarantees.

Image from BBC News. There will be Unknown Heroes that will give up life and family to fight for what they believe is just and right. A Norwegian and Austrian Citizen volunteered to fight for Ukraine and for a War they believe they are already a part of. They are fighting today so the War won’t reach their Home Countries and Family tomorrow. They saw the truth before the rest of the World did.

Putin’s War on Ukraine didn’t just happened overnight. It happened with years of careful planning, thought, strategy and manipulation.

Putin is a Genius. He is reversing effectively the narrative of how he will invade one country at a time. His Propaganda and Mind Control measures works. If a Russian Father can not believe, does not believe his own Ukrainian Son story of being a victim of War with physical evidences, then that confirms Putin’s brainwashing tools of mass control is highly effective. Hitler was a Genius too who together with his Nazi Leaders commanded the German Soldiers to kill millions of Jews without mercy and conscience.

“Evil is very charismatic and hard to resist. We don’t even realize it’s evil. We may believe without a doubt that it is Patriotism, Entitlement, Revenge and Opportunity for Power and Riches.”

Proof of War? Type in your Google Search, “When did Putin attack Ukraine 2022?” Below pops up.

On 24 February, about 5 am EET (UTC+2), Putin announced a “special military operation” to “demilitarise and denazify” Ukraine. Minutes later, missiles struck places across Ukraine, including Kyiv, the national capital.

Demilitarize to Putin is destroying a Country to make it defenseless. Denazify to Putin is killing men, women and children defenseless and drive away the rest from their homes as Refugees. Putin has twisted the truths of his actions when in reality he is the Nazi King giving orders to a fully militarized Army with full access to Nuclear Weapons capable of destroying our Planet. We that in mind, we are already part of this War whether we like it or not.

Image from Los Angeles Times

One War, One Planet.

So, yes in time actual Men and Women like ourselves, our Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Sons and Daughter will be sent to stop the War and stop the biggest threat to Humanity and Democracy. That time is soon because the longer we wait, the stronger the Hitler of our times becomes. Will we be ready? We will never be. But that won’t be a choice anymore when we are called to serve, save and defend.

Belgian Volunteer sums up why we all should be involved or take seriously the Russian War on Ukraine. He said in BBC News, “Democracy is in danger. It is necessary to act to defend democracy, humanity and heritage. It is unacceptable for Russia to destroy basically churches and museums. Not acceptable to destroy all of this.

So, yes, we need to be stressed worried and scared like our Youth and Children because there is no running away from a war happening within this Planet, our Planet. Every destruction has thousands of ripple effects that causes more destructions. Every valuable Life taken will cause a ripple effects of more deaths and loses.

The longer we are “uninvolved” the closer we are to a reality of World War III. This time, the enemy is not invincible unlike the virus of the Pandemic War. The enemy is very visible and have everything our horrific nightmares has.

I don’t know what I would do if it’s my child hungry, crying from fear, sick, cold, dying. Children had been orphaned, no home, no country.

Am I worried? I should be. Am I scared? Who wouldn’t since it’s all I see in my News Feeds and Top Stories. Am I involved? I already am because I live in the same Planet where the War on Humanity and Democracy is happening.

I’m already reflecting on the possibility that one day soon, my Son may choose to fight to preserve the lives of others and preserve Democracy for which the United States of America is suppose be the its Leader and Protector. And if I want my Son to live longer, I may take his place, because it’s every Parent responsibility to keep their Children safe. This I can’t just omit, evade and run away from. It’s Love, Responsibility and Parenthood.

On the way to our destinations yesterday, as Family, we talked about the War, what we know, what we feel and what are we going to do about it. What to prepare, how to respond, how to be ready. It was my Son who talked to me first about the War with a question, “Dad, will I be drafted?” I didn’t realize he knew what being drafted means. I didn’t even realize he is of that age where can decide for himself of what he is passionate about. So, yes, the War is already in our homes and should be a reason for concern. To care is for everyone’s good when the time comes.

“And then there is the End of Times if we believe it’s true as written in the Scriptures.“

There is really no escape to what’s about to come. These events were written in Heaven and Hell centuries ago. First comes Diseases, then War, then Parents against their Sons and Daughters or vice versa, then Darkness and End of the World will stretch in years. Most of us won’t notice them till it’s too late, but some of us are already seeing it’s signs and are getting ready.

Okay, back to something chill, relaxing and feel good only. I’m still an Adult after all.

“It’s better to fight and die for something noble, heroic and with purpose, than to die insignificant, senseless and selfish.”

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25 Responses to Putin’s War in Ukraine is War against All Humanity and Democratic Countries

  1. fgsjr2015 says:

    Strangely yet typically human, what we all may need to brutally endure in order to survive the very-long-term from ourselves is an even greater nemesis than our own politics and perceptions of differences — especially those involving skin-color and creed — against which we could all unite, defend, attack and defeat, then greatly celebrate. (Perhaps a multi-tentacled extraterrestrial, like that from the 1996 blockbuster movie Independence Day.)

    During this much-needed human allegiance, we’d be forced to work closely side-by-side together and witness just how humanly similar we are to each other. (Although, I’ve been informed that one or more human parties might actually attempt to forge an allegiance with the ETs to better their own chances for survival, thus indicating that our wanting human condition may be even worse than I had originally thought.)

    Yet, maybe some five or more decades later when all traces of the nightmarish ET invasion are gone, we will inevitably revert to those same politics to which we humans seem so collectively hopelessly prone — including those of scale: the intercontinental, international, national, provincial or state, regional and municipal, etcetera.


    • Thanks for sharing this . Very informative. It is just sad that Humanity despite of everything they already have still are not contented and will selfishly take those of others. War is War and it only cause death, pain, destruction, hate and anger. No good will come out of it.

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      • fgsjr2015 says:

        You’re right. … Also, I find astonishingly atrocious that such a large number of human beings, however precious their souls, can be considered thus treated as though disposable. When they take note of this, tragically, they’re vulnerable to begin subconsciously perceiving themselves as beings without value.

        Though perhaps subconsciously, eventually a devaluation is observable in external attitudes toward the daily civilian lives lost in protractedly devastating war zones and famine-stricken nations; the worth of such life will be measured by its overabundance and/or the protracted conditions under which it suffers. Those people will likely then receive a few column inches on the back page of our daily news.


  2. Ab says:

    What’s happening in Russia and Ukraine is terrifying. No one is jumping in to help Ukraine fight because everyone is paranoid of starting a direct war. And a WW3 terrifies me. Especially with the US involved and Canada is directly in between the two countries.

    What’s interesting about this war versus the previous world wars is the prominence of social media. We are seeing so many horrifying and compelling images shared by citizens in the front lines. But we will also bombarded with so much misinformation and propaganda as well.

    Truly sad and scary and exhausting to think of this becoming worse just as we were getting hopeful of the slowing down of the pandemic.

    Hope you take good yourself this week! 🙏


  3. It breaks my heart to hear about what’s happening in the Ukraine. I’m worried about what’s next. We can only take things a day at a time and remain hopeful.


  4. JanBeek says:

    You write so eloquently and you spell the truth as I see it so clearly. I 100% agree with you when you say: “The longer we are ‘uninvolved’ the closer we are to a reality of World War III. This time, the enemy is not invincible unlike the virus of the Pandemic War. The enemy is very visible and have everything our horrific nightmares has.” Yes, I believe with your reader, Lisa, who wrote, “…one way all believers can fight, is with prayer and love.” But even as I write about my concern and pray fervently, I feel so helpless as I watch this heartless, cruel, modern-day Hitler kill mercilessly. For what? For power? For Ukraine’s natural resources? For ego? What’s to stop him?


    • Thanks Jan for sharing your thoughts and feelings about the War. I think it’s what many of us are trying to accept and process. And yes, Prayers and Love will help. But it’s time for the Heroes to be Heroes and save defenseless Ukraine. The World is watching David being beaten to death by Goliath like it’s okay? I don’t get it. What happened to Humanity? What happened to fighting for the helpless? Diplomatic talk will not end this War, and History is a clear reminder of that when it comes to dealing with a determined Dictator. How I see it, Putin could be the Anti-Christ the Bible has warned us all. But if we don’t unite and help each other, Evil will definitely win and take control of this World before it ends. Again,it’s in Book of Revelations. I myself can’t accept this could be “The It.” Stay safe my Friend. I appreciate the sharing of a truth many needs to see urgently.

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      • JanBeek says:

        We need to equip David. He has the gumption. He needs the armor! He has the heart and will and determination. A sling shot won’t do it this time. I can’t understand how Putin can get by with this murder!!


        • I agree. David is fearless but today’s kind of Wars need weapons than can match its opponents to have a fair chance. I can’t believe the Super Power Countries are holding back and just watching. It is not a good example to our Youth who one day will take over as Adults. Lacking Hearts and Courage is a bigger global problem than I thought, though that shouldn’t have been a surprise seeing how Countries and People dealt with COVID and Politics. Many have forgotten what Patriotism, Democracy and Humanity means and just made up versions that is comfortable and self serving. And that is heartbreaking.

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  5. This is just the beginning. You’re so right. It takes only one. Sad truth.


    • I have been trying to evade what’s going on in Ukraine, but I can’t anymore. If China joins Russia with all their Nukes, that’s it. Democratic Countries are not acting smart and aggressive. Time wasted is more time for the War to be more lethal and destructive. We were in Afghanistan for 20 years and still lost that battle in just a few weeks to an Army America has underestimated . Imagine having China and Russia collaborating. Watching from afar will be too late by then. So lesson to the story, we all need to enjoy the moments now because really, anything goes in the next several months. Thanks 🙏

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  6. Jo says:

    You are right that today’s youth is very well informed. And young people can see through bullshit.
    But one reason that they are better informed than many adults (in my opinion) is that many of these adults did not have civics in school. It was taken off schedule to give more time for test preparations. Then they put it back in curriculum, so yes, they often are more knowledgable than their parents


    • Thanks Jo. I think every generation is a better version than before if we let them create their version of what’s good, kind and beautiful. The Youth today are trying to save their planet from global warming where the older generations before them have failed and in fact caused. The last 100 years from a green rich earth to almost barren brown dry hot earth. All this man is the cause because of greed and disregard for nature and the future generations ahead. I wish I could say, todays adults are smarter and more caring but our newsfeeds clearly confirms, that is not the case.

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  7. If I did not have faith in God and his promises, I would probably be cowering in fear and depression. I have felt hints of it over the past two years. People can blame whomever they choose. Evil is in charge, and we need to be prepared for what may come. The battle is for our souls. But one way all believers can fight, is with prayer and love. ❤🙏 I feel so much uncertainty about our nation and our world. 😢


    • Thanks Lisa for sharing your heart and truth. Yes, I kind of thinking the same way and have this gut feeling. One of our coping mechanisms on facing a scary possibility is to deny all together it’s existence. The Pandemic, the War, Natural Calamities, Families tearing each other apart instead of loving each other at their worst. The signs are there but doesn’t bother is we pretend they are not important. I admit, I am not very much in touch with my Faith but I try to get back to it. God really is the only answer in all that we are seeing and experiencing in the World.

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    • fgsjr2015 says:

      34 years ago, I learned from two Latter Day Saints missionaries that their church’s doctrine teaches that the biblical ‘lake of fire’ meant for the truly wicked actually represents an eternal spiritual burning of guilt over one’s corporeal misdeeds. Accordingly, I concluded, upon an atrocity-committing monster’s physical death, not only would he (or she) be 100 percent liberated from the anger and hate that blighted his physical life; also, his spirit or consciousness would be forced to exist with the presumably unwanted awareness of the mindbogglingly immense amount of needless suffering he personally had caused.

      I personally feel the human soul may be inherently good, on its own; however, trapped within the physical body, notably the corruptible brain, oftentimes the soul’s purity may not be able to shine through. While the heart may be what keeps the soul grounded in this physical world, I believe that it is the brain and any structural or chemical-imbalance flaws within that, unfortunately, essentially defines one’s character/behavior while the soul is confined within the bodily form.

      It may be the case that the worst mass-atrocity-committing people throughout history had been thoroughly corrupted by a seriously flawed cerebral structure thus mind (or state of mind). Though, admittedly, that would be, even if true, no consolation to their countless brutalized victims.

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