COVID For Dessert

“In critical situations, no room for self doubt. Decisive, firm instincts and actions from years of work experience matters. Seconds and minutes matters.

Before 2021 Delta Summer Surge, I toss my mask because that’s what the Experts and Leaders said. I ignored my instincts . Many who believed the Experts and Leaders got sick and died. It was a fatal oops. No justice for the victims because we’re in a Pandemic. That’s how easy people can escape accountability. Are we going to allow them to get away this time?

It’s the Third Year Month Anniversary of COVID. 6 million Global lives lost, close to 1 Million Americans lives lost. These numbers will keep increasing by the day.

Did time, experience and lessons made us smarter? Are we better? Did we really learned anything or nothing? What I see, tells me our collective approach to the Pandemic is the worst that its ever been. What I observe tells me how bad People have become in treating other People. Selfishness is at its all time high, but that’s nothing new.

COVID will always be that unavoidable tasteless and invincible added ingredient in our food or the air we breathe every time we eat out. That’s what living with COVID means. I’m okay with that because I love food more than safety. Just me. My Family has the same mindset. In time, presence of COVID becomes insignificant, like colds and Flu regardless of data and numbers, but that time is not Spring 2022.

COVID for Dessert

Back from Lunch Break, Registration Staff hurriedly told Nurse, “I have a COVID Patient. What should I do?” Nurse told her, “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.”

Quickly, Nurse put on an N95, called the Patient’s name, verified his identification and directed him to the nearest room. Nurse asked Patient for confirmation, “Are you diagnosed with COVID?” Sounding confused, he replied, “No, I’m vaccinated, but I would like to be tested for COVID.” Nurse answered, “Yes, we can test you for COVID.”

California health care workers feel worn out, denied the staffing and support that would let them do what they do best. – Mark Kreidler, 3/3/2022, The American Prospect

My answer? Nothing has changed in the last two years on how Nurses are treated and perceived. Actually, Apathy has gone up. The News does not represent the truth of how Nurses are viewed and treated by Work Executive Administration, Management, Leaders, even Patients they sacrificed their health and lives for.

Walking from chair to bed, about 5 feet away, Patient said, “I’m short of breath just from walking. I feel so tired.” Patient looked clammy and diaphoretic. Patient initial oxygen saturation reading was 91% in room air ( normal is 95% and above) with Blood Pressure on sitting of 94/42. Nurse first taught, “He’s Hypoxic with signs of Hypovolemic Shock. I better speed this up, he can go into Cardio-Pulmonary Arrest quickly.”

Nurse calmly told Patient, “We have to call 911 and transfer you to the Emergency Room.” Nurse explained to Patient why and Patient verbally agreed. Nurse told Patient, “But first, I want to make sure you’re safe and okay.”

Nurse elevated Patient’s legs to promote blood venous return and started him with oxygen at 2 liters per minute via nasal canulla. Nurse quickly swabbed Patient for COVID test just prior to starting oxygenation.

And the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) research showed almost 60 per cent of staff in the industry plan to quit their current jobs within the next five years.- Sarah Sharples, 3/3/22,

What’s happening in America to its Nursing Profession is also happening in Australia, Canada, U.K, and other rich countries that supposedly pays better than Third World Countries. Can’t imagine what’s happening in Poor Countries. The World has a Universal Nursing Problem that will only get worse in the next 5-10 years. We’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg, and we are already sinking without life vests.

Nurse had to keep Patient awake and conscious by talking. Nurse forgot what he was talking about as Nurse was multi-tasking from physically helping and observing patient to documentation, communicating to the Doctor, calling 911 dispatch, giving SBAR report to Emergency Room Charge Nurse and ambulance Medic. Nurse adrenaline was pumping max for focus and efficiency. Nurse felt like he had 10 hands and on skates. Super Nurse Mode activated!

Patient oxygen saturation improved to 99% at 2 liters oxygen. His BP increased to 140/65 without I.V. fluids. First aid for Orthostatic Hypotension worked. His respiration still fast and labored at 26 respirations per minute which indicates he is still having Respiratory Difficulty.

Patient history of present illness. Worsening cough, fatigue, runny nose, fever, chills, loss of taste and smell and shortness of breath for 2 days. He is fully COVID vaccinated with booster. He had a telephone appointment with his Doctor and he was in the building simply to pick up his Albuterol Inhaler and other medicines. He denies any past Pulmonary Problems.

The U.S. has a long way to go before the pandemic is over and life returns to semblance of normalcy as deaths from Covid-19 remain far higher than seasonal respiratory viruses such as the flu, a group of health experts said on Monday. -CNBC

Californians are excited. March 14, 2022 is the official “No Mask” Independence Day for indoors and school. It’s also the Anniversary of the first Pandemic Lockdown that halted everything in the World. But is the daily COVID community transmissions over? No it has not. But, we feel like celebrating a battle not fully won, so we celebrate. We self declared the virus as Endemic when we have more infection and deaths than most Countries in the World. The confidence is amazing and bizarre. Like many, I want it to be “normal” badly.

Many have reached the light at the end of the tunnel, others are on their way. Some didn’t get the chance to begin their journey because death from sickness happened quickly, unexpectedly. Picture of empty oil glass bottles on a cement wall collected at Route 66 at Cars Disney. 90 minutes of waiting made me see so many things, including the unbelievable.

Patient suddenly developed shortness of breathing just from walking from car to pharmacy. On the way out the pharmacy, he saw an Urgent Care and decided to ask for help.

Going through the events, Nurse realized how lucky Patient was. Patient was exactly at the right place at the right time. Patient was having Acute Respiratory Distress with Hypovolemia. Patient could be having Sepsis as well. If Patient decided to go home struggling to breathe, he would have not made it. But Patient gut feeling told him to ask for help and it saved his life.

After Patient left via ambulance on sirens, Nurse jokingly told Registration Staff, “Thanks for the COVID Dessert.” She replied laughing, “You’re welcome. You want more?” Nurse laughed and said, “No, I’m Full,” and moved on to the next Patient that needed care.

Healthcare Workers and Patients will be the last one to remove their masks, if that is even possible. Part of Joint Commission Standard of Care is Infection Prevention in Hospitals and Clinics. And if wearing mask is the no. 1 safety precaution, then it answers every Healthcare Worker question, “When can I remove my mask at work?” The Answer is Never because COVID will exist everyday and forever.

JHU data: Above 42,000 COVID new cases today with above 1,300 deaths. Isn’t this showing we have more deaths to new cases ratio than last February when it was 180,000 cases per 2,300 deaths? I was never good in Math but looks like more are dying as compared to the same Month last year.

It annoys me when News Reporters announced smiling and happy, “Our COVID deaths are reduced,” while omitting how many really died that day. People’s lives are not bargain things on marked discount. No respect to the dead, their living orphans, and the people who took care of them to their last breathe.

This was 2020. So much have changed on how the “Heroes” are treated since then. And the “Heroes” realized what was it really all about. As I said, “Nurses are one of the smartest Professionals.” They learn quick and don’t tolerate bullshit Politics.

This is a normal day for any Nurse and Doctor that works in Family Medicine, Primary Care, Urgent Care and Emergency Care. Clinical Eye for more than 2 years of the Pandemic made us experts in detecting suspicious manifestations of COVID. It made us comfortable, even excited on facing the next COVID challenge. We follow our common sense and gut feelings together with Science we studied and practiced for more than 20 years. If we can’t get it accurately and timely with all that we got, then we’re not good Healthcare Providers at all.

Hospital design experts Teri Oelrich and Bryan Langlands explore ways to improve the efficiency and experience for nurses in hospital settings.- Forbes

Forbes article above is one proof that Nursing Work Conditions and Personal Work Experience are being handled in a very aesthetic, superficial, cover up, bandaid fashion.

First idea should have been, “Treat Nurses as Human Beings.”

Second, “Listen and addressed the realness of their stories, needs, work trauma and stress.”

Third, “Don’t treat Nurses like they are stupid and does not observe Administration and Management actions and fake sincerity.”

Fourth, “Value, appreciate, compensate what the Hard Workers and your top Work Assets do and not play Politics by pleasing the Lazies and the Liabilities.”

Your Hard Workers may not tell you but they remember all the details of what you did or did not do. Remember, they have degrees that happened because they are one of the smartest people in this Planet, on top of being the most caring and selfless. Once you repeatedly loose your Nursing Staff loyalty and trust, you may never be able to gain them back no matter how much you try. Like everyone else, they get calloused and their heart can close indefinitely.

Among the dead are the Essentials and the Front Liners. And future sickness and death will not end just because people call it now “Endemic.” COVID does not care what people say. Many people also stop caring about COVID and who it can potentially kill next. Do we care about the vulnerable and the immunocompromised we are not related to? Self care does not have to be Selfish.

Of course, we don’t pretend to be Gods so we humbly accept mistakes when they happen. We are only Human. We also ask for God’s help in silent prayer when nothing works and miracles are our only hope. Not everything is cured nor explained by Science.

Many Patients in worst inhuman conditions are not able to advocate for themselves and ask help. Same for the Healthcare Workers that works in these facilities. They are our Grandparents, Moms, Dads, Siblings, Relatives, Friends, Us.

I Work In A Nursing Home. The Horrors I’ve Seen During COVID Continue To Haunt Me.- Paloma Smith, HuffPost Personal 3/7/22

Today, I get to show you what I and all Medical Professionals routinely see and do, feel and think as the Invincibles behind the scenes.

Today is about Raw Professional Reality. It’s real life, day to day ordinary events of Healthcare Providers all around the World day and night, 365 days a year.

COVID 2020-2022, nothing has change how Patients, Nurses and Doctors are treated. We just got older, more tired, resigned, possibly belonging now to the so called the “vulnerable and the immunocompromised.” Yep, most of us are past our 40’s.

Today is advocating for all Nurses and Doctors who are either two busy healing others or too afraid to advocate for themselves.

Today, is all about Patient Advocacy and providing the Safest and Highest Quality Patient Care possible Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations will be so proud of.

Today, we still wear this PPE’s when taking care of a COVID patient like in the movie Contagion, but the World outside Hospitals and Clinics barely have anything to protect themselves. In any Health setting, COVID is still very real. In our communities and elsewhere in the U.S., COVID seems not to exist anymore or implied not to be taken seriously. We are not suppose to worry nor show concern even when it’s still dangerous. Why is that?

Nursing is about caring. Medicine is about healing. No discrimination. No Personal Judgement and comfort. They require lots of Heart, Courage, long years of Clinical Skills, Knowledge and Experience to remain in the Profession in a Planet inflicted by many constantly evolving Global Diseases and Illnesses.

If you are a new Nurse/Doctor or studying to be one, be ready for the most thrilling, challenging, life-changing adventure of your life. Be ready to be that Hero that will save the day, again and again. Overwhelmed is just a catchy word for News Headlines. We don’t get to be overwhelmed nor have the luxury for Mental Health Self Care. We go full blast, full speed till we are out of batteries. It’s just how we are and what our Profession demands.

Next week, my 16-year old and his classmates will decide for themselves whether to wear a mask or not. Peer Pressure and Bullying are powerful influencers not to keep oneself safe. I can only remind him to make smart choices. The rest is up to him.
We didn’t stop it on its 4th Surge. It can make a come back and many will not see the new variant coming. The virus is sneaky, opportunistic, very patient, resourceful, relentless.

Real Superheroes don’t wear sculpted spandex. They wear stained, worn out scrubs. They don’t hide their identity because their faces are instantaneously forgettable. Do we remember the Face of the last Nurse and Doctor that made us feel better? Exactly!

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31 Responses to COVID For Dessert

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  2. Masks are being lifted where I’m from on March 21. It seems like the attitude around COVID has shifted overnight. We went to living from one extreme (which involved wearing masks, social distancing, being mindful about interacting with others) to the other (which feels like we’re pretending COVID doesn’t exist anymore). I just hope we’re right.


    • Exactly. My observation is the same in the extreme measures to no measures. By two months, it’s either the virus gets tamed or once again the King of disease and death. Personally, more outdoors for me and staying close. Gas is very expensive and everything is catching up. Thanks

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ab says:

    Good luck to you all in California as the mask mandates lift. It makes me incredibly nervous. Our mask mandates lift the following week on March 21.

    I imagine that most people will follow the mask mandates still but I can also see COVID fatigue everywhere, including in my own self.

    I plan to keep wearing my mask for a while. The trend is to move to a “Live with It” mentality. It’s easy to say when it’s not you or your loved one who’s ill. So as always, we shall proceed with caution.

    Hope you stay well and best wishes this coming week!!!


    • I like it, “Live with It,” mentality. Not only will it help us move forward but live healthier, longer. I will still wear mask too this year. It’s worrisome that on the third March anniversary of COVID, our leaders are lifting all when the virus is still very present. The U.S., has considered above 1,OOO daily COVID deaths as normal endemic numbers . I shake me head every times. For sure Summer COVID surges will happen in many parts of California. But even that may be considered normal and okay. Take care my friend. We have to stay healthy for our children.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ab says:

        We seem to be the only family on our resort that still masks. Two kids told my son why he’s still wearing his mask and he told them cuz he wants to. 😆


        • T is smart, and answered the question with confidence and honesty. Wearing mask is a personal freedom of choice & with the virus still at large, there will be some regrets weeks from now for those who didn’t follow their gut feeling. What happened prior to Delta surge can happen again. We can still have fun and travel and still be safe. All I can say is COVID symptoms is very common everyday. Anyone can be next. Could be mild, could be bad. No one knows till it happens to a person.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Ab says:

            Yes, it seems like China is now experiencing an outbreak after being restrictions free for so long. I could see the same happening over here again. I’m all for restrictions being lifted slowly but still proceed with caution.


            • I agree. For some reason however, many Country Leaders decided to join the sentiments of some of its citizens, “Just lift everything all together.” It’s like a dam filled with water that burst, in this cases, many thousands highly infectious people mingling with the population without mask creating a Tsunami of sickness and death in 1-2 months. Oh, well, at least we have this opportunity to enjoy freely until we can’t “Freedom.” Thanks. 🙏

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  4. Dragthepen says:

    Very, very, very meaningful. People are forgetting were we can from and who helped us to survive. I don’t agree with lifting the mask. I think more people will become sick.


    • I think so too but the one who sees covid in action are the last to have a say. I hope this time, Leaders and Experts will be answerable for the announcements they make. I’m sure if it’s their family who gets sick or dies, they will be furious and sue someone . Ordinary folks don’t get to have that privilege. Stay safe. Thanks.


  5. TanvirKaur says:

    Wishing health and peace for all. Safety and security. After covid , one by one economy and people are facing issues.


  6. My workplace is keeping the 😷 mandated even after county and state remove them. I am relieved as we still get plenty of people out weekly due to covid. Great photos! You’re quite the photographer!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dragthepen says:

      Good for you and your work place


    • Thanks. Preventing the next outbreak will vary now community to community, City to City, State to State. Places who will adapt infection safety measures and mindfulness will like not have Spring and Summer Surge, but places who will abandon all, may get it as Omicron Remains freely transmissible. Late Fall to Winter will always have pockets of outbreaks like flu though flu for more than 2 years is almost gone due to wearing mask. I appreciate the positive response.


  7. elvira797mx says:

    Health & Peace for all the World! Thank’s for share.
    Keep safe.


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