Maskless Disneyland, What’s It Like

“Disney Magic is definitely better maskless. Two thumbs up.”

Magic begins where we are. Disney just made it easier.

Before one can navigate their Disneyland App to begin their Disney Adventures, a COVID warning disclaimer and consent pops up.

“By visiting Disneyland Resort, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.”

If I survived 4 days in a very crowded Disney Park COVID FREE during a Reduced Pandemic, then I’m ready for the next phase of whatever that’s coming. Like many, I’m moving on with my life and do what’s best for myself.

It didn’t say some. It says “all.” Disneyland Lawyers knew what they’re doing. Warning was simple, understandable but covers everything that protects them from “all” COVID related lawsuits. Genius!

Disneyland Golden Hour of Spring just before Sunset. The Trees were glowing pink.

So, what’s it’s like being Maskless in Disneyland with COVID Omicron Variant Outbreak at a “Markedly Reduced” numbers?

Our first to truly notice Spring in Disney. The Pandemic made us more appreciative of things and the day to day changes of time.

Honestly, it feels great! People have calmed down as they get to be in control of their decision whether to wear a mask or not. No more fighting and disagreements. People are excited to have their choices and freedom back. I see parents with infants and little children having the best time of their lives. Indoor Dining no longer require proof of vaccination nor mask. Unvaccinated, Vaccinated Adults and children have equal access to fun and food. No more discrimination. Everyone’s Free.

We touched the spinning wheel to make the tea cup turn faster. We didn’t care people were touching it all day without disinfection. COVID does not exist when we are having fun, especially in Southern Cal.

It’s a beautiful sight when happiness and relief are so transparent on People’s faces. No more jumpy evasion and paranoia on sidewalks and streets.

Mickey and Friends Cavalcade. One can spot right away who needs more magic and happiness in the crowd. I was observing how people are reacting during the parade. Many are smiling and cheering. Some are glued to their phones. Some are just staring blank like in deep thoughts. Others don’t even see the parade, in a hurry for their next ride. Then there’s a rare few looking pissed off angry. Happiest Place is not stress free.

Mulan, Ariel, Jasmine, Merida, Pinocchio, Genie passing through It’s a Small World. To see in real life Disney cartoon characters is a sign nothing is impossible when we try.

It’s so nice to see everyone enjoying life again, making new moments and memories. No sarcasm here, it does feel amazing and liberating.

It’s exhilarating to win a car race. Full Speed at Radiator Springs Racers.

It’s good to breathe fresh air again and not recirculated air within a mask.

We could be in the same place, yet see and experience moments differently. I was seeing this while Wife and Son were at the Coffee Shop.

Since I have a choice to wear a mask, I did wear one, so with my Wife and Son. It’s a Personal Safety choice. I was coughing for a few days with scratchy throat before our trip. I did have two COVID tests, both negative. Wasn’t really worried if it’s false negative, the doctor is highly suspecting seasonal allergies and asthma.

Love Donald Duck growing up. I have comics of him when I was young. Comics made long days in Hospitals shorter as a sickly child. My Dad will bring them to me knowing how much I enjoy them. There was no T.V. then in hospital rooms unless it’s the luxury suite.

What’s Disneyland like with all COVID safety mandates lifted? Roughly, 30% of visitors still wears mask, 70% not wearing mask. Disney Staff mostly wearing mask for obvious reasons. Everyone touches what everyone touches a thousand times per day. Zero disinfection. Antiseptics are provided but hardly anyone uses them. I didn’t. Distance is compact. Some cover their mouth when they cough with their hands, others don’t. People do wash their hands after using the Toilet.

Black Widow in Action! Yep, real stunts.

People scream, shout, laugh and talk non-stop maskless indoors and when in rides. Disney exemplifies what Endemic should look and feel like across the country, and the World. No fear, just acceptance of the reality that COVID will always be a part of our lives. No more crazy and chaotic disruptions.

Yoki just claimed the Kingdom of Asgard. Where’s Thor?

Did I feel safe? Yes I did.

Dr. Strange and his students keep summoning Thor few times per day as part of a mystic arts performance. Thor looks confused every time but leaves with a smile to please the crowd. The show has Sci-Fi effects, good story and humor. This version of Dr. Strange can really act.

Was I concern? No.

Smile and People smiles back at you.

Was I shocked? Not really. I was however surprised of how many have easily forgotten the Pandemic still exist. But I also admire the bravery. I saw Hope on People’s faces that the anxiety, depression, fear and trauma the Pandemic has brought upon many can easily be healed and forgotten. It is what I see, and I don’t have to choose to see what’s already crystal clear.

Happiness is possible for all whether we make an effort to find it or it just happens spontaneously.

Did we had a lot of fun? Yes, so much fun.

Amazing Spider-Man, most amazing of the Marvel Avengers Show in California Adventures with Spidey’s acrobatic swinging in mid air, crawling on walls, doing flips, spins and jumps. So good, I watched it 4 times.

Was the magic real? It is because I believed it exist. Always have.

Many times, I was a child again, thrilled to see Mickey, Donald, Goofy and my other favorite Disney characters. Seems pathetic, but those moments, I didn’t really care what others think.

We shouldn’t be ashamed of showing our child-like happiness because it’s the best, purest form of happiness there is. To feel like a child again is a blessing.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a safe and fun family coaster ride. It’s the only coaster ride my wife can tolerate.

Getting old should not stop anyone from expressing happiness and excitement like a child or teenager does. Aging should not be boring. It’s okay to be goofy. It’s okay to be awkward. It’s okay to be funny if it makes our World go round and round.

Matterhorn Bobsleds is thrilling but very rough. Not for those with chronic back pain, hip pain and neck pain problems.

Disney is also about delicious food that is just unique to Disney. Lobster Nachos’s, Golden Zephyr. We tried all that we missed.

Was I happy? Were we happy? Yes we were, and that happiness we still feel because the happy moments and experiences we had have become happy memories we will remember for a very long time.

Upside down at Incredicoaster. It felt good to scream it all out.

Friends wonder sometimes why we don’t get tire of Disney. A lot of my friends have outgrown them. I would simply tell them, “Because it makes us happy.” And that ends further scrutiny and explanation. But yes, going to Disneyland and California Adventures makes us happy. May be fleeting but it is our escape from the World and people that made us sad, anxious, stressed, afraid, angry, disappointed, used, discriminated, unloved and unappreciated.

Rey and Chewbacca. I don’t know if People realized how lucky they are to see Marvel heroes, Disney characters and experiences in one day where many people in poor countries will never see and experience in person in their lifetime.

Everyone deserves a piece of Joy. Everyone deserves their dreams to have a chance in this World. No one should be more entitled to be happier than others. Happiness should be universally equal. But in real life, that is not true. Life will never be fair for all such as Giant Russia bombing and destroying helpless Little Ukraine. People suffer unequally.

Rise of the Resistance is an epic experience.

Perhaps one day we will outgrow Disney but for now we make the most of it while the excitement and magic still exist.

Whatever the Dancers and Characters were taking. I want it. So much energy. So much happiness. So much Positivity. They keep smiling ear to ear until people start to smile as well. I think they deserve recognition and appreciation for what they do. Never easy to constantly give Happiness to others nor is it sustainable long term.

Dumbo was different and was treated differently. But Love made him see it was being different that made him extraordinary and amazing from the rest. He could fly. He could go anywhere and travel the World others only dreamed of. He was envied. That was the real curse. But he did not care because in the end, he was happy.

For a Ticket, we get to enter a World where people actually try and try to make us smile, laugh, forget our problems, bring back our childhood. We even got to sing, dance, cheer as music and fireworks fills the sky.

Amazing Spider-Man and the Paparazzis.

For a Ticket, we were able to see our Marvel Superheroes live in action up close. We’ve seen Spider-Man swing into the air several times. We joined Dr. Strange open and closed realms and perform magic. And our Dr. Strange was very funny and made us laugh several times. He summoned confused Thor. Black Widow and Panther battled the Villains. Loki was being charming to the visitors.

Market Street is the perfect spot to watch the magic explode again, and again and again.

Disney has proven once again that nothing is impossible when we believe in the power of Human imagination, creativity, kindness and hard work.

We all need to navigate through life whether it’s an unfortunate circumstance, COVID, Politics or the next World War. No App needed.

It rained for one day. The Rainbow appeared. It was enough of a sign that we were at the right place at the right time.

“Dream our own dreams and don’t be afraid to make them come true. We are our own Magic. We are our own Disney.”

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32 Responses to Maskless Disneyland, What’s It Like

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  2. My Rollercoaster Journey says:

    How much does it cost to go to Disneyland?

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  3. My Rollercoaster Journey says:

    This is amazing! I’ve been to Disneyland once when I was 5 years old so I don’t remember anything. My son is a big fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney Junior so he would enjoy Disneyland if we ever go.

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  4. MadisonViddy says:

    Honestly, the thought of Disney and wearing a mask makes me claustrophobic. The lengths we will go for a magical, unforgettable experience. Of course, it’s just for our children. Wink

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  6. Glad you were able to enjoy Disneyland, it’s always so magical ✨


  7. Sounds like you had a magical time at Disneyland and that it’s a place where you and your family have built so many happy memories. Restrictions have been easing here in Ontario where we no longer have to show proof of vaccination. We are still required to wear masks though.


    • Magical and Happy Family memories and moments shouldn’t have stopped because of COVID. Fear was a disease Leaders and Experts initiated at the start of this Pandemic and many have frozen their lives and their dreams for 2 years thinking it’s what will stop the virus but it didn’t. I’m just glad , I didn’t stop enjoying nature, and now, going back to theme parks. Sickness can happen anywhere. Death, anytime. We have the knowledge of what to do, everyone now has the responsibility to think for self and do what’s best to stay healthy and happy. I’m glad you also continued go to nature parks and be passionate about hiking. There are some of us who did what the heart wants and still kept oneself safe.

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  8. Jo says:

    I just love this post….💕


  9. I love Disneyland! I’m ready to go back! Disneyland is the most wonderful place to spend your birthday too! 😊 Love all your pictures. …I will admit, I do feel guilty every day right now enjoying my wonderful life while those in Ukraine suffer and fight. It is so wrong. Life is not fair 😢


    • I kind of feel guilty too but then really life has to go one though it doesn’t seem fair. Why we get to have a vacation while someone’s home and city are being bombed, why we get to be happy while someone’s happiness and freedom are being taken away by another is truly unfair and beyond explanation. The world always revolve like this and always never fair. Of course, times can shift and we too experience our hard times and sadness. Crazy world right? Hope, Faith, Peace, Love, Equality, Joy, may they be universal for all one day.

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  10. Ab says:

    I was wondering what you and your family did for your February vacation and I’m so glad to see you went to the happiest place on Earth.

    Your update and photos made me very happy! It’s also happy to see life slowly return to normal. Seeing kids enjoy themselves made me happy!

    Restrictions are lifting quickly in my part of my world. Like you, I will be wearing masks for a while until I feel more comfortable we’re past the last part of the Omnicron wave. And continue to take safety precautions.

    But as you said, life must go on. And I’m so glad to see you enjoying life and having fun! 😊🙏💕


    • Thanks Ab. Disney almost did not happen. Wife wanted April, but I fought my case, “We don’t know what happens from Feb to April, with all that’s going on around us.” I won my case plus I think my wife saw how badly I need an escape from stress and drama of work. It was nice to experience Disney like it was just before covid and this time, more thrills with the Avengers Assemble add on. The magic and happiness got bigger. So nice. Made a difference when I got back to work. It’s like a retreat , I was so renewed and ready for anything again. We all deserve our escape and joy to go on in what we are called to do.

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      • Ab says:

        I am glad you made and won your case with the wife. If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s to enjoy and to live in the herd and now while we can. Taking care of yourself, including your mental health, is never a waste of time and energy. We need it to renew ourselves. Way to go! I hope to check out Disney one of these days soon. I love the addition of the Marvel and Star Wars brands. 🙏


        • Thanks Ab. Yes, life is shorter and shorter with COVID, the prospects of War, and looking at the events in our times. It is a scary thought but it’s almost like what the Book of Revelation was saying,” War, Famine, Disease, siblings versus siblings, parents versus their offspring, false prophets.” But I hope and pray , God love us that much to give us another chance to be the better version of his creations. It is hard where to believe. If it’s Religion, looks like the World will soon end, if it’s Science, one day we will exhaust our Planet. So really all we have is today and the soon. Honestly, I have adapted a mind set of living in the present because I don’t really see clearly 10-20 years down the road when so much uncertainty are happening. It’s nice to dream we will all lived in old age happy, healthy and successful but we know that doesn’t happen to all. Death and sickness is like a Thief that strikes any time. And hard times can happen to anyone. May God show us all Mercy and forgiveness, may our prayers be heard.

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  11. ganga1996 says:

    Thanks for sharing. It is great to see things returning back to normal.


  12. elvira797mx says:

    Wow! I love Diney! Thanks for share, makes me remember when I was there.
    Take care.


  13. ourcrossings says:

    It is no longer mandatory to wear a face mask on public transport, in taxis, shops, schools and other indoor public areas in Ireland and I have to say it feels great! If you are at higher risk of being seriously ill if you get COVID-19 you are recommended to wear a face mask indoors or in crowded places. The same goes for if you are visiting somebody at higher risk of COVID-19. After two years of mayhem, it’s time to move on from the pandemic 🙂


    • I agree. It is time to move on and just left people decide what they have to do for themselves to keep themselves safe, healthy and happy. Long term, people can’t be placed on mandates and restrictions when it is a violation of their happiness, comfort and yes, freedom. Covid is like any virus and with all the information and preventative measures, people should be the one to decide what’s best for them. Every country should move on and starting rebuilding back their economy as help those who have lost so much.

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