Can’t Be Missing Spring Again

Trees full of Cherry Blossoms on the parking lot. I looked, I stared, but I don’t see and notice them. Busy, in a hurry, rushing late, too many worries to fix, just some of my excuses.

Then one day, on my way to the car, the wind started to blow the pink and white flowers that collected on the pavement. First, it was gentle forward, backward, sideways directions, then a swirling circular motion moving swiftly the flowers upwards higher and higher. By the time I was opening my car door, the flowers looked like they were dancing Waltz in a Grand Ball. This time, I see them. This time I notice them.

If not for pictures, the details of last year’s Spring would have been lost forever. My memory bank seems to be in Auto Delete mode for old ones to give room for recent and new ones. Cherry Blossoms Festival Japan Town 2021.

I can’t remember much of what I did last Spring. I can’t remember if I took time to see and notice the beautiful signs of growth and rebirth. Perhaps I did. May be I didn’t. How many magic did I missed? How many was I blessed to have? Again, Brain Neurons unable to recall.

Today, I made a promise to myself to see and notice the changes of seasons whether I remember them or not. I will try to appreciate the fleeting spectacular dance of Life, Colors and Hope of Nature as often as I can. I will try to listen to their songs and try to understand the message they want to connect. Perhaps it holds some of the secrets to the Happiness and Peace that I hungrily seek. If so, then it’s worth the try.

Some memories are still clear, but many are already blurry, even those I touched with my own hands. Those I easily recalled are either the best or the worst, happiest or saddest. The in between are somewhere in the clouds and I have no idea how to reach those clouds. Spring 2021 Photo Archives.

“Field of Dreams is a field full of wildflower blooms nourished by People’s dreams. They don’t happen in the same spot and no one knows where they will appear next.”

When magic has a hole, magical seeds fall and grow into patches of beauty and wonder. Carmel 2021.

Driving interstate 5, hypnotic stretch of green hills and brown land. Then out of nowhere a field of bright yellow blooms appeared. I had to stop. I had to see, notice and appreciate, even for a few minutes. Son, wasn’t as thrilled. He said, “Great! Dad is stopping for Nature again.”

Take a moment to capture what makes you happy.

I parked safely on the side of the road. The landscape just beautiful and quietly content. Stunning display of yellows, greens, blues and some purple and pink. Nature just made a masterpiece painting just for me and everyone who will find time to stop, see, notice and appreciate it.

I need to pursue my passions otherwise I will wither and die even if my Heart is still beating. Does that make sense?

We drove several more hours, did some quick stop overs to stretched, eat, buy coffee, rest and use the toilet to pee. Nowhere after have we seen another field of yellow blooms. That was it. It was a one time spontaneous Nature show and spectacle to welcome Spring. One time joyful, radiant, sunny smile of Spring Start Off for 2022.

Like entering a secret garden and many don’t see it even if they are already staring at it.

So much is happening to us, our community, our country, our world. It’s easy to be swept away and dance like puppets unable seemingly to move, think and speak voluntarily. But truth is, we can stop and dance to our own tune, sing our own songs, express our own passions, thoughts and feeling as vast as the acres and acres of Cherry Blossoms along our highway of life. We can paint Life and it’s Seasons however we want, whenever we want. We just have to seize its opportunities and moments when they unfold.

On one side all blooms, on the other, not a single flower nor leaf. Same time, same place, two Seasons, Winter and Spring side by side. Co-existence, compromise, sharing without losing self. Trust and Giving.

Take time to see and smell the flowers. They won’t be there when the scorching heat of Summer burns all that were once radiant and beautiful. Like all Seasons past, the flowers will wither and die. Petals and Seeds will fall to the ground. Winter will cover them with snow, dirt and dead leaves. After Winter, Spring once again will come alive whether we stop to enjoy it or not.

Next Spring will have its new Field of Dreams whether we are there or not. The cycle of Life will go on as Nature intended. It doesn’t need us for that to happen, but we need Nature for our lives to happen.

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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36 Responses to Can’t Be Missing Spring Again

  1. My Rollercoaster Journey says:

    Beautiful 😍 I love spring 🌸

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  2. So beautiful! That field of wildflowers is amazing!

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  3. Jo says:

    It is beautiful post. You are really gifted and smart writer. Always looking forward to your new post.


  4. mantwie says:

    Beautiful piece . Im new on WordPress please check out my site , it would truly be appreciated .


  5. Nancy Ruegg says:

    Your lovely photos and thoughtful ruminations here will preserve these moments of early spring so they’re NOT lost forever. Have you done the same for the other three seasons?


    • Thank you. Yes, I tried to do the same for the 3 seasons realizing for fragile life and memories are. I can’t remember some that gave me joy a year ago until I see a picture that reminds me. Things are busier than before, work and the world demands more and it’s easy to be lost in them. I hope to celebrate spring fully this April. Every season is a blessing and opportunity for doing what we love and enjoy.

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  6. miridienne says:



  7. Ahmed Ali ouar says:

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  8. Where is this please? It’s very beautiful.


  9. Sabrina says:

    I love the sentiment here! Indeed, cherry blossoms and flowers are reminders to enjoy the ride.


  10. ourcrossings says:

    The stress of an unpleasant environment can cause you to feel anxious, sad, or helpless. This in turn elevates your blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension and suppresses your immune system. A pleasing environment reverses that. How fortunate we are to have nature on our doorstep as exposure to it makes us feel better emotionally. Nature restores. Nature heals. Nature soothes. Nature connects

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  11. Lovely pictures and quite relatable post. While hustling through life, we often forget to appreciate and enjoy the natural beauty around us. But it’s indeed important to disconnect and revive ourselves.


  12. jryb29 says:

    The pictures are so very lovely!


  13. was very refreshing to see this after a very tiring day. It helped me relax.

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  14. I love the idea of trying to notice the changes of seasons. Sometimes it seems to just happen overnight. The spring is always a beautiful season with all the flowers starting to bloom and trees budding. Cherry blossoms are always so pretty.

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  15. I couldn’t agree with you more! Nature’s beauty can heal and rejuvenate! Here’s hoping for another beautiful spring!! These photos are amazing!

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  16. Ab says:

    We are very blessed to have beauty and nature all around us, and if we just take the time to stop and look around, we will be overwhelmed and treated to its splendor.

    Cherry blossoms are always such a treat and by design, they last so quickly in and remind us to enjoy the moment.

    That field of yellow is also quite striking. I sure would’ve stopped to take photos too. I do feel for your son though who also just wants to get on with the drive. 😆

    Sounds and looks like a wonderful time out together with family!

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  17. Oh how I wish to be in the arms of my lover as the flower blossoms twist and dance in the wind, reminding us the beautiful truth of love exists exactly as it should.

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  18. These are beautiful images and hopefully you will get back to your norm soon.

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  19. restlessjo says:

    It’s true! I understand you are having a hard time at the moment but nature goes about her job, completely unconcerned. For me the shot I like best is of those pink flowers at Carmel. Wishing you much joy in the awakening season.

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    • Thanks. Appreciating Nature and the blessings of joy and relaxation is a must mind set regardless of circumstances. Nature is a great healer. It is also an Artist that takes away all that’s ugly and bad to replace with all beautiful, kind and good.

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