U.S. “Exiting” COVID Global Pandemic with a Bang and a Boom

No one saw it coming. No one thought it could be done. But here’s the U.S., number one consistently in all 3 major COVID Categories, New Daily Infections, Hospitalizations and Deaths announcing it is “Exiting ” the COVID Global Pandemic.

Omicron has been particularly lethal to people over 75, the unvaccinated and the medically vulnerable, according to doctors and public health officials. – The Washington Post

Does this mean the U.S. will no longer respond to new more virulent and more transmissible future COVID Variants and their Surges even if the rest of the World will?

The U.S. is the first country to acknowledge and imply it can control COVID without the CDC and Public Health Safety Mandates and Restrictions.

If COVID was controllable and no longer important, why wait this long when we could have declared this last Fall?

The confidence is overwhelming. Should I be inspired or be worried? Many Healthcare Providers who are witnessing the invincible debilitating and deadly virus everyday are in shock.

Healthcare Systems are still obligated to wear mask while the rest of America can breathe freely.

My jaw literally dropped in disbelief when I read the next plan of the U.S. with the Pandemic.

U.S. 2022 COVID Winter Surge has decreased to just above 200,000 new cases per day. It’s death numbers tragically has remained high at 2,400 per day.

I was correct when I post last 1/28/22, 28,000 Americans Will Die of COVID in the next 2 weeks. Actually more than 30,000 Americans have died in the last 2 weeks from a variant widely advertised as “Mild,” and “Not Fatal.” And no one has any idea when the death numbers will go down. It’s all may be and speculations.

My advice, enjoy the next few weeks before something really bad happens. Start stocking for essentials too.

In 4-8 weeks, the U.S. will have a COVID Bang and Boom. By then, it’s too late. Cry Wolf Syndrome will make many Americans not listen anymore and what comes out of Leaders and Health Experts mouth even if there are some truth in them will now be perceived and interpreted as lies.

Good News: COVID vaccines are still effective on the more transmissible Omicron Sub Variants.

Bad News: Only 65% of the U.S. 334,120,050 Population are fully vaccinated. 35% Unvaccinated is about 116,942,017 Americans.

The “May Be” has been used so many times that many have suffered and died for it.

If the vaccines are truly effective in preventing serious COVID Hospitalizations and Deaths, should we be concerned of the 35% Unvaccinated?

Just because we are Exiting doesn’t mean it’s Ending.

The World is watching our actions. Unlike COVID, we are not invincible.

Vox News today, “We regret to inform you that we are now discussing subvariants.”

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34 Responses to U.S. “Exiting” COVID Global Pandemic with a Bang and a Boom

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  3. empyreansong says:

    I’ll just pray there will be no regrets. They seem overly optimistic, though. Not often a good thing.


    • Yes, Excessive optimism and confidence every news station, every Apple news headlines like covid can be controlled with a remote control. Optimism is good but based on level of infection transmission, is it realistic? This is what exactly happened before Delta, but back them, it’s not 120,000 positives per day. The surge is more explosive and this time, the responsible should be answerable for the next wave of people that will die.


  4. Doug Thomas says:

    The USA, a country of 332,915,073 people as of 2021, just passed the 900,000 dead so far in this pandemic. That’s a staggering number of dead in two years from any cause, yet it doesn’t seem to register with a lot of Americans that perhaps the number would have been significantly smaller if there had been better compliance with simple precautions in the initial stages and more people getting vaccinations and booster shots when the vaccines became available. We’ll see how these reductions in restrictions work out soon enough.


    • Doug Thomas says:

      Torture numbers, and they’ll confess to anything.
      Gregg Easterbrook

      Lots of numbers flying around, with lots of interpretations of what they mean. Even the 900,000 number I quoted depends on a uniform way of reporting numbers by the states, and that is not the case. Also, there is the complication of reporting cause of death when multiple causes might be of concern. I, for example, have medical issues that make me vulnerable to COVID-related illness, and, with COVID-19, I easily could succumb to that disease because my health is weakened by the complicating factors. So, which disease would be the cause of my death? How would it be recorded? I know many people poo-poo the idea of COVID-19 deaths because of things like that complication. The thing to remember is question how numbers are collected and how they need to be viewed because of factors that complicate their interpretation. Even scientists and statisticians stumble over this problem with numbers, though they have mathematical solutions that minimize the impact of outliers in analyzing those numbers. Unless you are familiar with probability theory and how data have been collected, you are likely to stumble when talking about numbers.


    • Very true. It’s frustrating and scary that more than 900,000 COVID related deaths in 2 years doesn’t cause a reaction nor care in many Americans anymore. The detachment is worse with every year. I think we were more moved and willing to help one another the first year of COVID. 2022 has actual worse numbers considering we now have vaccines and better therapy. Real life Covid Treatment, only few doctors are utilizing Science. Many are just giving anti fever, anti pain and anti cough. We should be using monoclonal Ab and antivirals but even doctors seem not comfortable prescribing them. Infection wise, I see many people not really caring how many they infect. It’s about self convenience and interest now. People would even hide their covid symptoms so they can do whatever they want. Human Behavior and Attitude were the keys to the pandemic control which clearly shows the U.S. has failed. We can only hope the exit plan works. Thanks.

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  5. There’s been a lot of big changes around COVID lately and relaxing of restrictions. In Canada, a couple of our provinces recently announced that they are ending their proof of vaccination passports. In Ontario there’s been talk about how our premier is going to speed up reopening of our economy. It seems like we’re just throwing all caution to the wind and are giving up on tracking COVID cases entirely. Only time will tell if this was the right decision.


  6. ourcrossings says:

    There has been a sense of optimism across Ireland after word filtered out that Cabinet has approved plans to lift rules on hospitality along with most other Covid-19 restrictions at the end of January, but with daily case numbers still in the thousands, it’s understandable that some people feel like it has all come on very quickly. Despite restrictions now lifting here and in other parts of the world including the UK, this does not mean the pandemic is over. There’s no way to have a nice, neat, smooth trajectory from where we are now to where we hope to be when the pandemic is over – it will be bumpy and it will be difficult!


  7. Here we following strict SOP, then also now increase this pandemic 19000+ 😢


  8. Common sense has long left this country. I am afraid you might be right.

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  9. Meanwhile, almost 140,000 more working age Americans died in 2021 than in 2020. And the deaths were mostly non-covid, from what the life insurance people are telling us. Heart disease, cancer, and stroke. Diseases of the elderly. Why are working age Americans suddenly dying of heart disease, cancer, and stroke?

    And 150,000 fewer Americans 85+ y.o. died in 2021 than in 2020. But all-age covid deaths are up in 12% in 2021 over 2020.

    Vaccines are the number one candidate for the excess deaths in the working age population. Only covid and the vaccines have the numbers that could explain this phenomenon. And the life insurance people ruled out covid.


  10. “I was correct when I post last 1/28/22, 28,000 Americans Will Die of COVID in the next 2 weeks. ”

    No, 30,000 Americans died and tested positive for covid. Not the same thing as dying _of_ covid. Do you know what percent of hospitalized patients with a positive covid test do not have a primary diagnosis of covid? It’s 40-50%.



  11. Ab says:

    Hang in there, I mean!


    • Trying to be tough but had to call in for cough finely. Been having itchy throat followed by hard dry cough. My COVID kit test negative and waiting PCR. My Doc things could also be allergic asthma and getting bunch of meds. Pollens are everywhere now and COVID presents like seasonal allergies.

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      • Ab says:

        Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well! But glad that you are getting it looked at. Hope it’s nothing serious. Allergies and pollens are the worse! But better than COVID I guess. 🙏


  12. Ab says:

    I don’t see this going over too well with the rush to lift all restrictions. It makes sense to me to open up stores etc gradually but full blown mask requirements gone can’t be a good thing, especially in crowded spaces such as public transit and schools.

    I guess we shall see and I hope to be proven wrong. For us, we will continue to wear masks in indoor and public spaces for a bit longer.

    But in there!


    • Thanks Ab. Only my county kept the mandates due to high community transmission of omicron, the rest of SF and Bay Areas are back to 2019 if they want too regardless of numbers. I do see however People protecting themselves with masks and will not fall prey to last years “no need for mask” deadly mistake that fueled the delta surges. We should be our own experts. It is a free country after all. The good news, masks are options as long as covid exist. Thanks.

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      • Ab says:

        Over in my part of the world, restrictions will be fully lifted by end of March. No masks, distancing, capacity limits etc. while I am glad for a return to normal, I do worry it’s too fast and too soon. I intend to wear my mask in indoor and transit while I can. Still don’t feel 100% comfortable with it all. But also thankful for a gradual return to normal. Take good care of yourself. 😊🙏


        • Yes, Ab, your concerns are so real and legit. It is to fast, to soon. All at once, everyone is opening Pandora’s Box full of new more infectious, and virulent subvariants of Omicron. It is possible a new more evolved variant will spread quick and fast unnoticed till its widespread again. With that in mind, I’m using mask everywhere more than ever.

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  13. For people who are prepared, covid is no big deal. If people aren’t prepared by now, they must be mentally incompetent.

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    • There’s the group that are prepared and the “never been” prepared. Hospitals suppose to be better prepared with the emergency response but every surge they cry, “We are overwhelmed and need instant staffing.” Okay, it’s towards year 3 People. What happened to the millions and millions of covid funding? “ into the pockets?” At a time of great suffering and loss, many made lots of money. But we’re not suppose to be talking about them. Even the stimulus is not really real for some. I didn’t receive a second and some of my friends. Why? Where’s the inventory of billions that seem to have evaporated in the air. I agree with you, many are still mentally incompetent and they hold degrees and sit in offices. God must be shaking his head up there somewhere. I appreciate the feedbacks. 🙏


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