Do Nothing, the Encouraged New Normal

First, there were lockdowns, masks and social distancing. Second were the effective hospitalization prevention COVID vaccinations plus booster. Third, do nothing to infect the rest not yet vaccinated with the most transmissible variant, the Omicron for accelerated transition from Pandemic to Endemic like Humans can control the Virus.

The first two were Scientifically wise. The third, gambling reckless and irresponsible out of desperation. Since we are nowhere Herd Immunity, perhaps the third approach will work.

Stained, used mask on the streets, every street. Part of what is loitered everyday. It’s a clear reminder COVID is very much alive and thriving just waiting for the right opportunity to reinfect quick, most and shortest amount of time. It’s a race we may never win because of exhaustion and arrogance.
Invincible Danger. No one will tell us were exposed or in contact to a COVID positive person. Assume everyone is infected, and everyday is day 1 post exposure. Takes 5 days to be asymptomatic positive. Treat it as COVID if having Flu-like symptoms because false negatives have been proven very common. May take 3 test kits to get a positive result.
Until we rediscover what happened to our World, we’ll never know how much it has changed.

I thought it was just me, then I began talking to others of what they see and observed.

I was correct, “Do Nothing“ is the encouraged New Normal approach to the existing Omicron COVID Outbreaks from Workplace to Neighborhoods to the entire Nation.

Indoor Dining requires mask, but for most of the time, I am not wearing mask, and so is everyone eating, talking, laughing simultaneously inside the restaurant. It’s a confined space. Most restaurants don’t have good air vent. 6 feet distancing is no longer observed. This is how we achieve normalcy, by being brave and ready to resume life regardless of the risks.

Whether COVID is slowing down towards Endemic phase or a quiescence hibernation is happening for COVID to evolve most transmissible and most virulent, our Government will do nothing. CDC will do nothing. Experts, Public Health and Employers will do nothing.

Truly, Good Luck to all the Parents, Teachers and Students. This is it. Image from NPR Headlines.

No more warnings. No more updates. No more caution. We don’t have be told anymore how our Freedom should be lived. No more fighting of opposing mind sets and political beliefs.

How much is too much? Everyone has a breaking point.

We are on our own. Save you and those you love if you want to. If irrelevant, then resume a lifestyle and behavior however we see fit.

It’s the last phase and experiment of the worst, most deadly, paralyzing, polarizing Global Infection and Disease in our Living History. And it’s not yet over, not when the virus hasn’t completed it’s mission objectives.

So, we go back to whatever reality we want to enjoy. The wait has been too long with no finish line in sight. Might as well live our best starting now.

Between today and what’s next, are Unlimited Freedom and Happiness.

There are two COVID group realities. The first reality group are those who think, act and behave like COVID no longer exist. Second reality group, COVID has become a normal nightmare because they have to take care of the COVID sick of the first reality group. Some of the second reality group have to watch People die repeatedly in the first reality group. Unrelenting, untreated, unaddressed PTSD.

Overwhelmed and Rationed Care has been used a thousand times it no longer cause a reaction nor empathy. The Overwhelmed and Patients on Rationed Care just have to suffer till they can’t anymore. Fact, Reality, Cruelty. Again, “the Unaffected” will do nothing.

COVID has created a form of Injustice that is part responsible of the Great Resignation we are now witnessing.

When People are unhappy of what they do, they will find a way to be happy again. In the Job sector, it’s called Job Hunting. If the unhappy employee choose to stay, they will adapt a new “I don’t care attitude too” to live happier and feel less of a victim. Self preservation. Survival. Coping Mechanism. It’s Natural. It’s being Human.

People are smart, resilient and innovative. Egoistic Employers tend to forget that. Even Gods can fall from their pedestals.

So let’s celebrate. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Maybe there’s no tomorrow. All the more reason to have fun and celebrate our borrowed time.

What happened to Spring? Exactly!

Certain months and seasons will feel like they never existed.

Stadiums are full. Concert venues are full. Outdoors are full. Traveling will be at its busiest as we catch up to what we have lost and missed.

If my prediction is correct, Summer will have a Mega Hit like we’ve never seen before. We will have overlapping burning News Headlines that will run swift and wide across the Country. Overwhelmed will be used again, but no one will care other than “the Affected.”

Headline from San Francisco Chronicle. My Opinion, we’re moving to year 3 of being experimented on of what works and does not work. Same as being used as bullets and shields in the Political War and Greed, Domestic and Worldwide. Isn’t it time to think for ourselves and do what’s right?
Many of the Long COVID Haulers started with mild infections. Meaning, we may have started with mild COVID Omicron but we will develop prolong complications that will greatly affect our health and way of life. That is a personal concern to me.
Headline of The Washington Post. But staying healthy and alive are not just about getting vaccinated plus booster. Mask for one has to be N95 for max protection with Omicron. But sure, many states will adapt, no mask at all. The virus did changed. It’s more transmissible. Politics has changed too, more reckless than ever. Together, disaster!

From Leaders, Health Experts to our own Work Bosses and CEO’s, continuous “Don’t worry” false assurances will cause further mistrust, disconnect, frustration, dissatisfaction and more preventable infection.

JHU COVID Data, 5,737,563 Global COVID deaths, 902,478 total dead Americans, 62,445 Americans dead in the last 28 days averaging 2,400 deaths/day, both from the Delta and Omicron Variants. Seems horrifying in numbers but not when we look at them only as numbers and not as real People who’s lives have been cut short. Where only in February.

For a variant that is still being downplayed till today, Omicron has conquered the World in 2 months in 3 major categories, infections, hospitalizations and deaths. Headline Photo from Wall Street Journal.

I Million U.S. Preventable Deaths by Summer. If the Omicron is mild and the cases are dropping, how come we are at a sustained all time high in daily deaths from COVID? Who among the 120,000 currently COVID hospitalized will die? Why are we not talking about them?

February is the month of Love. Looks like February will also be a month of Death and Loss.

While half a million people around the world have died of covid-19 since the omicron variant of the coronavirus was first detected in November, President Biden’s top medical adviser says the United States is exiting “the full-blown pandemic phase” of the coronavirus crisis. -The Washington Post

This could be our New Normal every Winter and long Holidays. The sooner we accept it, the sooner we can move on and live our lives outside the COVID Bubble.

Besides, the U.S. Government will be “Exiting” the COVID Pandemic regardless if COVID is not done infecting the Nation and the World.

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  1. This may interest you very much, my friend.
    Everything that doesn’t make sense to you and millions of people around the globe, is explained here in the ICC ( International criminal court ) in The Hague.

    The jury trial day one is on my news page. I have been following the case for two years as they gather unbelievable evidence that I found hard to believe. But after session 6 of 90, I realised how much was happening. How could millions of people around the world not believe what was happening? I’ve always questioned everything so I was right in my decisions. But trying to tell others was impossible.

    Now everyone will learn how the global elites have been prepping us for decades. The first day of the trial opening is on the link below. I suggest you prepare yourself for something you could never believe possible. But everything will make sense now.


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