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Can’t Be Missing Spring Again

Trees full of Cherry Blossoms on the parking lot. I looked, I stared, but I don’t see and notice them. Busy, in a hurry, rushing late, too many worries to fix, just some of my excuses. Then one day, on … Continue reading

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Nursing Shortage and Generation Z

COVID simply brought to light what Nurses have been experiencing for decades. Your Heroes never felt like Heroes, instead they felt used and abused by Politics and the Pandemic. Worse, they feel their community and their Employers have turned on … Continue reading

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U.S. “Exiting” COVID Global Pandemic with a Bang and a Boom

No one saw it coming. No one thought it could be done. But here’s the U.S., number one consistently in all 3 major COVID Categories, New Daily Infections, Hospitalizations and Deaths announcing it is “Exiting ” the COVID Global Pandemic. … Continue reading

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Blog From The Heart, Write From The Heart

If there is one important lesson that I learned in 10 years of blogging is that I always have to write from the heart. Not sometimes, but always. Heartfelt or nothing. Is it scary to tell my personal stories? Yes … Continue reading

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Do Nothing, the Encouraged New Normal

First, there were lockdowns, masks and social distancing. Second were the effective hospitalization prevention COVID vaccinations plus booster. Third, do nothing to infect the rest not yet vaccinated with the most transmissible variant, the Omicron for accelerated transition from Pandemic … Continue reading

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Art, People, Life, Truth and Lies

I decided to walk for exercise instead of the Elliptical. Needed a view of the real world than just staring at the wall. Cardio lazy lately. Outdoors is my easy Fitness motivator. Where is God in all these? Where is … Continue reading

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