Sausalito, Paris without Eiffel

Romantic Houses by the Hill surrounded by Evergreens overlooking the Bay, the Golden Gate and Sunsets.

Woman in yellow skirt smiled as she walked towards me. I smiled back. Our fingers touched, static electricity sparked. Literally, the tip of our fingers created visual sparks that triggered a second of jolt and startle. Real scientific phenomena that really happens in some people.

Sausalito, where love comes easy and the aging Heart remembers and feels romantically younger. Much, much younger.

Fire and Passion. Simple Dreams and Quick Day Travel Getaways. Old, Stronger Free Love and Young Exciting New Happiness. Need and Practical Realistic Wants. Mysterious Fog on an otherwise bright sunny day. Raining Treasures of Pearls, Emeralds and Gold. Playful, imaginative pretend…feel good nice. Super nice.

Coffee and Wine by the sidewalk. Bay waves hitting the rocks creating big water splashes. No cares, just positive vibes and heartbeats that are bounding wild with or without the caffeine.

Our Sausalito. Our Paris of Love without the Eiffel Tower.

Don’t have to live in it to call it ours. Our secret. Could be yours. Just give in and allow the new moments surprise you.

Beyond the rocks are just People hoping to make their love last forever and always younger. They choose to sit next to the Ocean knowing anytime the waves will get them. But that’s the beauty and pureness of young love. It fears no danger and doesn’t worry of what other People thinks. Honestly, it’s something to be jealous. So, we sat next to the Ocean too. And Splash!

Young Love doesn’t think twice. Young Love jumps without hesitancy on its feelings. Emotions are important and everything.

Old Love complicates itself until the chances and moments are gone. Old Love likes to be busy with everything other than working on being in love.

The older the Love, the more effort it needs to keep it fresh, alive and interesting.

Keep the fire burning with what excites you both. Remember what made the two of you soar the clouds, heart fluttering. Do them without hesitation.

Never loose that loving feeling because when it it’s gone, it could be gone for good and no places like Sausalito nor Paris can revive a heart that has fallen out of love. This is how many don’t get their Happily Ever After.

Some Love Stories do end when the sweetness turns to bitterness, and the heart just stopped ticking.

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22 Responses to Sausalito, Paris without Eiffel

  1. ourcrossings says:

    I’ve never heard about Sausalito before, but it looks like a lovely place to explore and photograph. I love that there is plenty of space for strolls along the water. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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  2. robstroud says:

    As someone happily married for 46 years, I have to challenge your contention that novelty and “freshness” are the keys to deep and lasting love. Faithfulness, self-sacrifice, persistence during less than thrilling days… these, and many more, are keys to celebrating one’s love when the years have taken a toll on our youthful bodies.


    • Congratulations on your 46 years of being Happily Married. I agree, “lasting love, Faithfulness, self-sacrifice, persistence are keys to a forever after. In a world of instant gratification and trends, younger love can be challenging as to older love. Thanks.


  3. advicebuy44 says:

    Absolutely agree 💯


  4. Beautiful pictures of the rugged shoreline. It’s crazy the places some people choose to build their houses. There are different types of love, and love can be complicated, but it’s what makes my days happier and fuller.


  5. Ab says:

    This is a beautiful and romantic looking place indeed. I may have driven by this when I was in San Fran in 2011. The shoreline and homes look very familiar! And I remember being very wowed by it.

    The photo you snuck in of the young couple is sweet. And it is so very true that nothing quite feels the same as young love, that feeling of pure excitement and innocence and energy. Love should feel so effortless. 🙏🙏🙏


    • Thanks Ab. Was just thinking today, “Keep Love Fresh Everyday.” Not only will it be exciting but to feel that young love everyday would be truly an amazing feeling and experience. We need that now more than ever. We focus on love, not negativity from covid, politics and bad circumstances. Positive, romantic and happy mindfulness, not just because February is here.

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      • Ab says:

        It is a good thought to meditate on daily for sure.

        I was thinking about your post today and the one good thing about being with someone for a long time is that while it doesn’t haven’t that fresh excitement, it does have that deep comfort with each other. I try not to take that for granted either. So I guess it’s all about the balance!


  6. I came as an exchange student straight from a small village in Austria to Los Angeles. I visited San Francisco but never made it to Sausalito.


    • Sausalito is the gateway to bigger adventures in the Marin County even more awesome than SF from Beaches, Nature to Small Cozy Towns. Hope you get to visit it. Try hiking Alamere Falls and visit its nearby towns, beautiful place.


  7. Ngina says:

    I would kill to go to France and not because of the whole love and romance but because I see just how beautiful those views are.


  8. elvira797mx says:

    Wow! So beautiful! Thanks for share.
    Have a wonderful time!


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