28,000 Americans Will Die of COVID in the next 2 weeks

When the News is selectively deleted to appear it never happened, then the truth and reality of that News never existed. People have intentionally stopped being informed of COVID, but COVID has not stopped mutating so it can infect faster. Only those who are aware gets to be alarmed and be ready. The rest gets to pretend things are back to normal till COVID finds them.

It’s the wildest open season for the most efficient variant of them all, Omicron, and its sub new variants, like the “Stealth Omicron.

Multiple COVID Reinfections are now more common, that could get worse with each reinfection. That could be worse if not fatal without vaccinations and booster.

The Coronavirus Will Surprise Us Again.- The Atlantic

JHU Data in Motion has the most updated daily “declared” Cases from Public Health. Does not include the unreported. Does not include, “Let’s keep quiet,” outbreaks and secrets.

The daily new COVID cases mostly by the “mild” Omicron” may have decreased from average 800,000 to 600,000, but the daily death has increased to average 2,000 per day. Death lags 2-4 weeks always from surge new cases numbers.

The next two weeks are crucial. Whether we think it’s make believe or real, 28,000 Americans will disappear forever from this Planet. Poof!

Who are these 28,000 thousands? They are our Moms, Dads, Grandma and Grandpa. They are our Siblings, Relatives, Friends, Neighbors, members in our community. Most are Strangers to us but Family to another.

To get direct service, to go back to work, to have workers back to work, for Economic and Lifestyle Normalcy, People had been lying and will be the new normal increasing trend in 2022.

They could be any of the Essential Workers placed in the Front Lines to serve you and me, so we remain happily gratified.

They could be our Nurses and Doctors who continues to make sure many will survive and recover from COVID.

Just because someone said this is a normal way to drive and park, doesn’t meant it is. Each person has a Brain capable of common sense, thinking, reasoning, processing. We are given hearts to care, but caring seems overrated nowadays.

We’ve accepted the COVID daily deaths like it’s the most normal thing, it’s not. But until we loose someone we care about, or we get critically sick ourselves, data and what’s happening in real time are insignificant.

I am simply stating what I’m observing in my City and Country, I’m sure you noticed something similarly wrong in your City and Country too.

Escape from Normalcy. This is what I see every time I’m out in Nature and Outdoors. It’s not just about having Fun. The deeper the reason, the farther and more dangerous the getaway thrill and adventure becomes. Whatever makes us feel alive, whatever makes the senseless sensible, we go for them determined. This, we still have control of.

We should be concerned of what happens this Summer. Endemic COVID can be fabricated with lies by the Powerful and the Influential. Endemic is nowhere close when the infection spread is burning everywhere.

More than ever, be vigilant with your own truth. Don’t believe everything Leaders, Experts, Employers are telling you. If it doesn’t feel right, your instincts likely are correct.

Remember, we are the eyes and ears in the actual scene of events, and the Puppeteers are working remotely somewhere. What we see is our truth, what we’re told is called Job and Politics.

COVID vaccine and it’s booster gave me a sense of calm and security, that together with wearing PPE’s I would be fine even if COVID is an everyday risk at Work, and the Pandemic World outside.

It’s now, “Save yourself and the important People in your life.” No one cares if we fall in the 28,000 trajectory death numbers. We’re statistics. That’s all. That’s it.

But who am I? I’m no Fauci. I’m no CDC nor Public Health Rep. I’m no President Biden nor Governor Newsom. I’m just like the millions out there, a Healthcare Provider and Essential Worker who will face COVID and it’s Variants from start to finish. Or shall I say, for as long as I’m alive, healthy and useful.

Last People uninfected and unaffected will inherit the Earth in the next 25 years. Are they the lucky ones? Or the unlucky ones to suffer the after effects of Global Warming and Humanity’s Greed and Selfishness? Again, delete the bad news and everything will look fine and optimistic.

COVID was created to decrease the Population, like the Avengers movie. However, in the movie half of the population disappeared at the snap of a finger.

With COVID, it’s indefinite years of slow torture as we experience regular cycles of sickness, loss and suffering year after year till COVID decides, “I’m done.”

The coronavirus will never run out of ways to evolve, and the variant after Omicron could look very different from any yet.- The Atlantic

They are of what’s left.

COVID is the silent, vicious Predator, Humans are it’s loud, easy Prey.

All of these fortune-tellers should agree to provide the following disclaimer with each prediction: “Though trying my best, I really am clueless regarding what’s ahead.” -CNN

“Stealth Variant” already in my county. Within 4 weeks, can replace Omicron in California. In 8 weeks, could be the entire America. Hospitalizations rises again. Death rises again. This is what mild looks like. Imagine if it’s moderate to severe.


Santa Clara County health officials identified two cases of the subvariant, also known as “stealth omicron,” this week. There are at least 11 confirmed cases of BA.2 in California.- The Sacramento Bee


The latest Covid variant is 1.5 times more contagious than omicron and already circulating in almost half of U.S. states- CNBC

In less than 24 Hours, multiple outbreaks have spread so fast. Where will we be in another 30 days? Definitely, not at the end of the tunnel.

We’re tired with the on and off outbreak surges but the outbreaks are far from tired. It’s persistent and more resistant with each outbreaks. It’s an exponential viral pattern. We all should be concerned, or we can listen to “The Experts.”

It’s easy to pretend the coast is clear. It’s easy to believe a promise that soon all this will be over and everything will be okay. Is it better to be delirious oblivious or is it better to be prepared even if it sucks?

I dedicate this post to all the Doctors and Nurses who had to experience COVID in all its evil both as a deadly virus and it’s effects on fellow Human beings. I understand and relate to the 2 years of Physical, Mental and Emotional struggles.

Be strong for yourself. Be strong for your Family that depends on you. Be strong for one another because like what our gut feeling is telling and our observations, COVID is a survivor for the long haul.

Below is a tragic story that should never have happened, but it did and won’t be its last . COVID can break a person’s heart and soul worse than physical pain. And some people are so good in hiding them that they are walking, functional active time bombs of self destruction. The when could be just one more trigger. That trigger could be any of us. That time bomb could be any of us.

People have ended their lives because of trauma and stress of COVID. People have ended their lives from abuse by their Employers and Co-Workers. They have been verbalizing help but People ignored them including Friends and Family. Then People act shocked when the day of tragic loss happens. Mental Health is not random. We just refuse to see and acknowledge it exist. Not caring is easier. Caring takes effort and action. Some have guilt and conscience. Some don’t.

A nurse walked out during his shift and was found dead 2 days later.-Business Insider

It’s okay to feel angry and frustrated of all the things we have to go through because of COVID. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, stressed out, powerless. What you feel matters and no one should take that away from you.

Accelerated Aging Post COVID Hospitalization. What doesn’t kill you in the COVID medical world does not make you stronger. It only makes you weaker than you were before. No one is ever the same after.

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  1. David says:

    And 30,000 die EVERYDAY from malnutrition and starvation, but people don’t want to hear that truth. Why? Because the thinking of most people is driven by mainstream media reports.

    As a kid, my mom would often say to me when I had done something inappropriate in her eyes, “David, what would the neighbors think?”

    My reply, “Mom, what if the neighbors could think?”


    • That is true. After sometime, people get and numb and blind of them same news on death from certain causes whether malnutrition, poverty, disease. People get callous. We live in a world where it’s becoming more of serving self first and instant gratification. Caring and helping people has become a rarity than being common. It’s sad. But that’s our world now. And it’s everywhere. No country is exempted nor better.


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    • One reliable major news wrote , 68,000 Americans dead in 30 days from COVID at 2022 2nd Winter Surge. I shake my head and my heart sinks every time I read “Mild,” , “not a concern.”Death this much is a grave concern and it’s so bad! But who am I to question the Leaders, Experts and major news out there. I think the Gov and New Stations are doing a secret Collab. Again, anything truthful belongs to the conspiracy bin department. Let’s watch and see how this “ no more mask and restrictions “ play out with the outbreak at a crisis level. Thanks.


  3. Here’s a link list of allopathic practitioners (mostly MDs)…



  4. Here’s a link to a list of practices offering early treatment for covid, ordered by state.



  5. Here’s the skinny on hospital reimbursements by CMS for covid patients…

    The hospital payments include:

    A “free” required PCR test in the Emergency Room or upon admission for every patient, with government-paid fee to hospital.

    Added bonus payment for each positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

    Another bonus for a COVID-19 admission to the hospital.

    A 20 percent “boost” bonus payment from Medicare on the entire hospital bill for use of remdesivir instead of medicines such as Ivermectin.

    Another and larger bonus payment to the hospital if a COVID-19 patient is mechanically ventilated.

    More money to the hospital if cause of death is listed as COVID-19, even if patient did not die directly of COVID-19.

    A COVID-19 diagnosis also provides extra payments to coroners.

    “Attorney Thomas Renz and CMS whistleblowers have calculated a total payment of at least $100,000 per patient.”




    • Wow! Lots of rich getting richer then. Anyways, all medical facilities are required to report positive covid to public health and patient gets informed they are positive with cdc safety instructions to ensure they don’t infect their families and to go to E.R. if having shortness of breath, chest pain or any distress.


      • But hospitals aren’t _required_ to _test_ for covid cases, especially when admitted for a non-covid reason. Testing when people are asymptomatic has the potential to bring in extra revenue to the hospital.


        • I’m not sure about the monetary part but yes, all patients are requested to be tested in a hospital setting. It is possible to be admitted in a hospital without COVID and go home with COVID. Hospital acquired infections needs to be avoided. It’s one big lawsuit when proven it’s caused by negligence .


          • It’s possible to test positive for covid and have no infectious virus in your system. And it is very possible to test negative for covid and be infectious. Mild covid is notoriously difficult to discriminate from flu.

            PCR is unsuitable for clinical use. Covid testing is just part of the moneymaking scheme hospitals use.

            AAPS is the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.


            • It looks like America is Exiting the Pandemic in the next few weeks regardless of infection rates like it has a remote control to manipulate the covid. They should have just done this last year when we have less infections and deaths and the economy was in better shape. Spring will either explode with tsunami of infections or covid will just miraculously stop making new variants. Very interesting how it will all played out. The World is watching in anticipation if the next pandemic experiment works for the U.S. Poor citizens , we are all just being used.


              • In the northern states, covid is a seasonal disease. In the southern states as well, but more in the summer than winter.

                The statistics are all messed up, where deaths WITH covid are conflated with deaths FROM covid. It’s primarily hospitals doing that for monetary reasons.


  6. Life is normal where I live.


  7. Ab says:

    Your post is a reminder of the real heroes during this pandemic. The story you shared at the end is very sad indeed. Healthcare workers are just burnt out and COVID still rages, while the main population has become complacent and desensitized to the realities. I’m sorry. I know it’s very hard.

    It’s almost February and I hope you’ll get to enjoy your time off soon to just escape for a bit!


    • Thanks Ab. It is hard, even harder is that we are just told to take this lethal virus lightly because we have PPE’s and are vaccinated. This comes from our Bosses and Management. They speak like they are God’s that can control the future and what happens to a person if that person get sick. It’s disheartening. Many healthcare workers are now hardened by the selfishness they see and experience. In the end, there is really not enough healthcare workers to cover the needs with every outbreak as they leave their profession, shift careers or die. People will die of neglect in the near future but it something that people also allowed to happen.

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      • Ab says:

        The burnout is real for sure and sadly, healthcare administrators see staff as numbers and the bottom line, to put it bluntly.


        • Yes. It’s the very reason this winter surge was another failure in staffing. Employers have months to prepare but they did not. They still have the same number of full time staff who they know are willing to voluntarily stretch to the limits and sanity. If employers continue the lazy, taking advantage, selfish attitude and treatment of their staff, they would loose many of them year after year when the cycle of surges repeats.

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          • Ab says:

            I couldn’t agree with you more! 🙏


            • From 8 days ago when I wrote this post, at least 18,400 Americans have already died of COVID. Average is 2,300 per day. But it seems this numbers are no longer important. Who are dying is not being talked about. America is so focus on so many other things they have forgotten the deadly virus is still here and one can get it as easy as breathing. But of course, I’ll pretend I’m like everyone else, unbothered and excited to enjoy Freedom. I’m vaccinated anyways has been a false safety blanket but people created a mindset it’s now endemic. It’s not. We’re not. Community outbreaks still are happening depending of behavior and vaccination rates. Globally, many are not vaccinated. More transmissible and virulent than Omicron will happen by Summer or Fall. It’s just the nature of the virus when genetically altered. Save oneself and love ones is now the “it.” Public safety no longer applies nor relevant from what things looks like. Stay safe my Friend. We all need to stay healthy and happy until truly this is all over.

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              • Ab says:

                I do think, sadly, most people have become desensitized to the horror of the numbers. In two days, it exceeded the death toll of tragedies such as 9/11. But I think because it’s been going on for so long, the fatigue has settled in. I stopped trying to predict what life will be like later this year. I shudder to think it’ll be rinse and repeat again. Let’s hope not! 🙏


              • Thanks Ab. Thinking and hoping the same.

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              • This is the season of the winter die-off, isn’t it? And about 40% of “covid” deaths are deaths _with_ covid and only 60% are deaths _from_ covid.

                So, out of 2300 per day, actual covid deaths are around 1400 per day–which is occurring during the winter die off. As of now, mortality has started its decline as is normal.

                The really concerning statistic is that we have a greatly elevated mortality in the working age population in 2021–about 17% over 2020. Most of it has to be due to heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

                The mortality for the 85+ y.o. group in 2021 was actually _down_ 14% from 2020, even though “covid” deaths were _up_ 12%.


              • Daily cases down to above 50,000 and deaths above a 1,000/day. It looks like we may be moving towards the endemic phase and these numbers will be normal on a daily basis 365 days a year. It is time to move forward past the craziness of the past 2 years and just make the most of what we can achieve in 2022 and after. Plus , there’s this War thing that even my 16 year old is concern. He asked seriously, “Dad, will I be drafted if U.S. joins the War?” Our children should be children and doesn’t have to live in worries and fear because of the actions of War Freak Adults. Clinically, COVID is everyday normal at work. It’s not special anymore or something to be worried about. We see it, we do what needs to be done and move on to the next Patient. As everyone should be this Country that gave so much of its energy and resources to a virus some still think is made up and not “really serious.” For now, people need to catch up on their lives. If there’s another Summer Pandemic, then we all deal with it when and if it happens.


              • The war is a distraction from the covid mess and an opportunity for more foreign aid graft for senators.


              • I think so too. Until the next strain, most will forget covid, except those in healthcare.


              • Jan to March, 100,000 Americans will die of covid and covid related illness . No one will talk about them because it’s “ Normal Numbers” now. Plus , politics has great ways of diverting people’s focus .


              • “Cases” doesn’t mean symptomatic disease, so that number can be safely ignored. Deaths are inflated about 80% because hospitals are paid about 100k extra for covid diagnoses. About 40% of patients have covid as a secondary diagnosis, from what I can tell. There was an article in the Atlantic about that. If you look at country per million covid deaths, once you multiply the US deaths by 0.6, our per capita numbers are around where other industrialized nations’ number are.

                People need to admit to themselves that they were fooled by the panic-porn propaganda. I know I was for two or three months.

                Deaths from covid in the US are around 3 per million per day and falling.

                If people just supplemented with vitamin D, covid deaths would be few and far between. But many people don’t supplement. Some have dementia. Others are just stupid. A few doctors routinely check D levels, but not many.

                Let’s look at diet deficiencies/insufficiencies that handicap the immune system. Vitamin D. Zinc. Magnesium. Vitamin D and magnesium subclinical insufficiencies are common in all age groups. Zinc deficiency is common in type 2 diabetics, people with kidney disease, and old men.

                “Diets high in fruits, vegetables, olive oil, nuts, seeds, and fatty fish contain high levels of nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D, B6, B12, copper, folate, iron, and selenium. The immune system needs these nutrients to function optimallyTrusted Source.”


                Processed food is not in that list.


              • It is important to build our immunity with supplements are not everyone ears healthy and balance.


              • I found this Pfizer document on the PHMPT website.

                Click to access 125742_S1_M5_c4591001-T-S-updated-reacto-tlf.pdf

                It looks like transmission was about 10% higher relatively in the vaccinated group.

                Adverse reactions are very high, too.


              • Vaccinated are just as infectious during the acute phases. They will however have less severe symptoms that is suppose to prevent hospitalizations. But some vaccinated still get sick that needs hospitalizations. Because of patient confidentiality laws, we will never know the accurate numbers of the vaccinated who still get sick. Many loop holes.


              • Breakthrough hospitalizations are reported to the CDC.

                Vaccines protect for a few months at most from severe covid. The unvaccinated have no risk from vaccines. People die from vaccines, although it’s uncommon. But in those under 40, people are more likely to die from vaccines than from covid if they get vaccinated.


  8. My mom and one of my sisters are nurses. I have no idea how they’ve been able to manage all the additional stress and responsibility during the pandemic over the past couple of years. I hope that the worst is behind us, but I worry what will happen if (more like when) there’s another variant. Pandemic fatigue is real and many people just don’t have an appetite for more lockdown measures. We try to follow the public health guideless as close as we can, but also recognize the toll this has on our mental health. It’s all about finding the right balance.


    • Your Mom and your Sisters and all Healthcare Providers are the true Heroes of this tragic , sad Pandemic. More than ever, we need to support them to make sure they will be with us at the finish line. Take care. Thank you.

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  9. World Domination The end is nigh

    It’s great to look back to the past and see all of the achievements and failures we have endured from brilliant men and women and the cons and dirty deeds done by people in high places.
    We are in denial about climate change and are blaming this on farting cattle and burning coal when the main protagonist in this equation is the human race with the burning desire to overload our small planet with humans. The nightly ads on TV show the starving children in many overseas countries, with pleas for donations to fix this problem by providing food by people, who in most cases create a large income for themselves, without any thought for these starving children.
    Regardless of what the religious leaders say to the masses, we need a worldwide birth control education and incentives for many of these people who have had many children.
    I feel for the displaced families who were made to try to survive from war, like the people in the Middle East who were made to flee by the decision of the Bush regime who were looking for oil and selling arms. the infrastructure of many of these countries has been ruined by greed by greedy people. Other counties have the same dirty deed portrayers, like Hitler, Mussolini, and many others with the same aim. World domination.
    In My thoughts are a plan to offer incentives to people to stop randomly having families of ten children or more, just to see them die of starvation
    I believe in not too many years we will see huge problems with the world not being able to feed itself. I think of the world as a large field on a farm that has a permanent water supply which every year runs two hundred sheep without supplementary feeding. If the other of this field were to place six hundred sheep in this field without supplementing the feed and water, then nearly all of the sheep would die from lack of feed. Think about this very deeply. In years to come, there will be wars to obtain more food. The rich will slaughter the meek. They will inherit the earth by laying dead on top of it.

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    • Thanks for the very honest, realistic, truthful informations. Yes, I agree that people need to be responsible when it becomes to population. Our planet can’t take it anymore. Many people can’t take it anymore. Yes, time will come people will harm one another just to eat. Humanity will be gone because the instinct to survive will kick in. Decency? Well, that many of us lost during the pandemic. We have seen the true nature of many people when in a crisis. It’s kind of save yourself now really.


  10. Please check out my latest post about unusual clots found by an embalmer–rubbery and varying from red to white adn about two feet long in an iliac artery. He’s seeing these unusual clots in about 55% of corpses.


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  11. Looks like the covid deaths are trending vaccinated. I looked at Illinois stats last night and the breakthrough covid deaths are up to 42% of the total and up 900% from 8 weeks ago, while covid deaths are only up 550%.

    If the powers that be wanted to minimize covid deaths, then they would recommend treating with antivirals and nutraceuticals. Instead, they coerce doctors to not prescribe helpful treatment. Doctors need the freedom to prescribe antivirals and nutraceuticals like vitamin D as needed and not be threatened with de-licensing for not following FDA approved “treatment.”

    But this isn’t about minimizing covid deaths. It’s about selling clotshots.

    I’m reading that cancers are up hundreds of percent relative to normal and heart attacks are up similarly. The deaths from the clotshots are going undetected.

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    • Thanks for the reply and information. There is a quiescence of who are really being hospitalized and who are dying. Today it’s 2,300 deaths. Sure , new cases down to 500,000 but fact is , people are already dying with mild omicron. Information in media and public health is obsolete or covered up. Why Is not being addressed. How many of the vaccinated have died and how many of the unvaccinated have died should get transparent but it seems 2022 is an epic guessing game in favor of economic recovery. Public safety is up to each individual now. Healthcare systems will experience the same of the pandemic every year, every season, every surge. It’s really about who can last the the physical , emotional and mental exhaustion that would determine how many will stay in Acute, Critical and Emergency Care. I definitely will not encourage my Son to enter Healthcare that treats it’s Professionals badly and risky. We don’t put love ones in the frontline of death and sickness. That is we we really care and are concerned. Stay safe.


      • “Today it’s 2,300 deaths.”

        It’s winter and many elderly people have dropped into vitamin D deficiency. Same every year. I haven’t seen any excess mortality among the elderly, but excess mortality has been reported by an insurance executive among the working age population–40% increase over the expected rate. That is extremely concerning. According to him, it’s not due to covid.

        The DMED data gives us a hint about what is causing this–what major thing was new in 2021?

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        • Umm, er, ooh that’s a tough one, it’s on the tip of my tongue. Starts with v and ends with n. I’m sure it will come back to me.

          It’s needling me this, pricking my conscience, jabbing my mind. It’s a really, really hard one. My mind is pfizing away, my modern, er, mindset just can’t get a handle on this yet. I’m running through the options, from A-Z. Perhaps Boris Johnson & Johnson having something to do with it as well.


          • Vacation? Vocation? Varication?

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            • Sounds good, but doesn’t ring a bell somehow. Vatican? No, don’t think so. A little bird suggested anagramming ‘Icon Vatican.’ I wonder what that does?


              • Anything is possible today and what sound like conspiracy could be the actual truth. Personally, truth should be something I actually see and touch and not what I’m told. Like news seems to tell economy is back. I just took a walk in my city yesterday and entire block of stores and restaurants are close. To not alarm people or distract them , they painted all windows with street Art, cool idea for camouflage.

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            • It would be nice to travel to other countries again without the forced quarantine.

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          • Today, 2/1, it’s 2,400, about 11,000 Americans have died of “The Mild” COVID the last 5 days. But the Media, The Leaders and Experts are trying to focus the attention of its citizens on things that has nothing to do with Surviving and Outliving the now more highly evolved Variants. I believe in the integrity of John Hopkins University Data and news like CNN uses it to update people, but CNN seem to be focusing on other things and changing how it shares news and data. Almost like all at once, our Government, the Public Health,CDC and the News are working together to just hopefully infect everyone at the fastest rate possible. By Summer,so much infection, death, disability and chaos. Again, those who cause it will wash hands and escape justice. The way I see it, it’s survive for yourself now and just protect as many starting with those we love and care. We can’t save all, but we can try. This is just January 2022, just top of the iceberg of what’s to happen for the rest of the year. People need to enjoy now what they can and spend time meaningfully with Family and Friends. Many will not make it in 2023. Morbid? It’s been since 2020. Stay safe. Thanks.


        • It’s just sad, past 2 years in the pandemic and back to more than 2,000 deaths a day. Anyways, this is actually a normal event now at a similar time of the year, So I better just focus my something positive, calming and happy. Caring can be ver exhausting and negatively provoking.


      • I have a child in health care who is thriving. Locums–where hospitals can’t abuse you. People doing locums have the upper hand. Hospitals beg them to come work for the hospitals.


        • What’s or where’s Locums? Everywhere has Politics in them and it’s all about profits. Only time we can be free is being our own boss. Perhaps one day.


          • Locum tenens. Traveling health care workers. Hospitals and the locum tenens companies beg my child to give the hospitals some time. Calls and emails all the time.

            My child rejected a large salary offer from a major hospital in order to avoid the shackles and to keep doing locum tenens. Doing locum tenens for the same hospital, even, that made the offer. My child does well as a part-time, traveling HCW.


            • Nursing pays well in places like California and New York but not the rest of the States even with the Pandemic exhaustion and threat to life working in covid units. Your Child is smart to to traveling. It’s pays the most and best, plus one get to leave every several weeks. That helps in avoiding burnout and exploitation. More than two years of the pandemic, healthcare institutions will never be ready and will never have enough staff because they pay and treat the same their hardworking , loyal full time employees. Things will change dramatically in the nursing, medicine and respiratory therapist profession as people realize they have a choice to have better , freer lives.

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  12. ourcrossings says:

    With most of the restrictions recently being lifted in Ireland, we’ll see where we are going to be in a few months time as people no longer need a vaccination or recovery certificate to access hospitality or indoor activities. The pandemic is hard and stressful, and it’s not clear whether omicron will finish our two-year COVID-19 nightmare like the grand finale of some awful fireworks show, but it feels like everyone has forgotten about the pandemic. I haven’t gotten it but I thought I had it at one point and I certainly know many people who have it right now. Omicron is all around us. I know that our bodies are more prepared for COVID-19, they will be better able to fight off further strains.

    Which doesn’t mean we should let down our guard or try to get infected. Hospitals remain overwhelmed, and even though omicron is much less severe, on average than previous strains, a higher volume of cases will result in greater demand on an already overburdened health care system. Also, infections among people in the health care industry and other service-oriented jobs can strain resources. Take care 🙂 Aiva

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    • Thanks Aiva. It’s seems there is a unanimous consensus among Country Leaders to accelerate economic recovery. There is silence as to what’s really happening with public safety. They are betting mass infections in a short amount of time may cause covid to be endemic. I was watching a new Korean Zombie series last night with my Son in Netflix called , “All of us are dead,” and there is an analogy to it with our current pandemic. My son explained, the zombie thing happened after COVID. People have been very impatient not knowing what will happen in the next several because of our actions today. 2022 May be scarier than 2021 as safety mandates are removed in the midst of the most widespread covid infection since covid began. It’s so senseless and irresponsible, but sure, let our Governments experiment of its citizens again. Stay safe. Thanks for the feedback.

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