Chinatown SF 2 Years After

It’s our first visit of Chinatown in San Francisco, 2 years Anniversary of the Pandemic. Wife and Son were excited. They’d been giving me hints the night before and that morning. I wasn’t as interested, but it is our Family Day.

Family Day isn’t just about me. It is about us.

Cable Car is back, just have to wear a mask. SF is serious in its safety policies moving forward and it’s locals supports the mandates whenever it’s warranted.

Many restaurants have closed in San Francisco because of COVID. We don’t know which restaurants are still open. It was a gamble. Possible waste of time and Lyft ride money. But adventure is adventure, and we decided to enjoy whatever’s left of Chinatown and make the most of it.

Normally, Chinatown is busy on weekends. That has remarkably changed.

The Dragon hid itself. No one knows when it will come back. Legends and myths, there are truths in them. The Dragon can be a Person, and the magical life giving Lotus Flower is its heart. But the heart has been lost. Some say, the heart is lost and doesn’t want to be found. Beautiful and Tragic.

One can take as many pictures in the middle of the street as they want. Few Tourists. Nice that it wasn’t crowded, but bad for business and economic recovery.

Unusually empty for one of the most romantic, freest cities in the World. It’s setting to so many movies like recent Blockbuster Marvel’s Shang-Chi. Songs were made that make us fall in love with the city long before we saw it in person. Now, it’s needs us back. The City needs to love itself again.

The exciting, vibrant Energy of Chinatown is gone. Signs of fear from the Omicron the rest are treating as “mild” are evident. I didn’t say much of my observation. Just want the two to have a great day. They are there to have fun, and fun they will have.

Bruce Lee was “The Hero.” He pave the way for Asians to enter and be accepted in Hollywood. He has to fight his way through it. He even died for it. Asians still has to prove and fight till today that they deserve a place and a Dream in America like the rest of the Migrants of other Races.

Our favorite, Far Eastern Bakery for the best tasting Lotus Flower Seed Mooncake with Egg Yolk and Coconut Bun in the World has a table by the door entrance to stop customers from going in. Order is from outside. Take outs only. No special treatment. Guy in the front was very nice and helpful. Our order came out newly baked hot.

The Moon Cake cost $7, so three of us just shared it. OMG, it just melted inside my mouth. Every bite was a delicious experience.

We bought a dozen Coconut Bun, each cost $1.50. They were also hot when we ate some. The delightful creamy coconut filling was just the right sweetness and flavor that blended perfectly with the soft delicious bun.

Eating Coconut Bun at the side walk.

Far Eastern Bakery gave us the right reasons to go back to Chinatown again because no other place makes their incredible food.

When problems, hard times and challenges get too much, be like water. New Bruce Lee Mural painted in 2020. It was meant to inspire people to rise above COVID and all forms of Evil and weaknesses.

A woman passed by eating her Matcha Soft Ice Cream. Wife asked if it’s good. She said, “very.” So, before leaving Chinatown we all got our Matcha Soft Ice Cream. Wife got Matcha-Vanilla mix, I got the Red Bean-Matcha mix, Son got the Sundae Matcha with Bobba and jelly.

We could have just shared one.

We visited several stores. Son got two Anime Funkos Figures.

One of the things I enjoy in Chinatown are the Wall Murals. They are both Art and History.

Wife got two beautiful rings that looked so real. She kept saying she wanted to buy Chinatown jewelry and she did. Only cost $10, but she smiled happily like they were made of gold and diamonds.

Waiting for our Lyft Driver.

Dinner was at Beach Chalet, Ocean Beach overlooking an amazing post Sunset skyline. The sky looked like it was on fire. Never seen it like that before in San Francisco.

Our first 2 years COVID Pandemic Anniversary and we celebrated it with made us overcome its madness, each other and doing what we love.

It was victory but it’s not the end of the many invincible battles yet to be won.

We can not exactly recreate what was lost the past 2 years, but we can begin to create the version of the now and the future however we want it.

The Church survived the biggest, worst Earthquake. It was spared by God from the fire that consumed the city after the Earthquake. We can survive COVID too. We just have to be patient and stop acting like Gods.

That’s Power, Hope, Faith and Resilience. And they are enough inspiration to live again and rediscover what’s out there.

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20 Responses to Chinatown SF 2 Years After

  1. I used to watch Bruce Lee movies as a teenager. He really is a legend. The murals look beautiful.


  2. San Francisco looks amazing. Maybe one day I will visit. Loved the sunset. I watched that Marvel Movie. It was awesome! I love all Marvel movies. Looks like you had a pleasant trip. Was the ice cream good? I have only ever tasted Matcha tea.


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  4. That sunset looks incredible. This pandemic has certainly changed the atmosphere around many major cities. On one hand it’s nice to walk through the streets and not have to elbow your way through the crowds, but it’s also such a shame that many local businesses have had to close. Looks like you sampled some tasty treats.


    • Very true. Many wants this life and environment before COVID but truth is, people and the Mother Earth has change and will keep changing. Adapting and just helping one another perhaps may give us better chances of bringing back what was lost.

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  5. judithhb says:

    On the other side of the world and in our little haven, we really are not aware of just how much Covid has affected the life of not only people, but cities too. It’s very many years since I was in San Francisco and my sister insisted on a visit to Chinatown. Unfortunately, my sister is no longer with us, but Chinatown will rise again to its former glory I hope and trust. Thanks for this post and for the fantastic photos. Hugs from here to there


    • Thanks Judith. People have been so distracted with so many things and forgotten many have not healed and recovered, and our Cities are a reflection of that all. It’s confusing when I go out nowadays. I see people like there’s no COVID , yet I still need to help patients everyday with covid. Is it really mild and okay like our Government and health experts are claiming? Or are we pawn again to a bigger experiment, Herd Immunity via actual Infection where the vaccine has failed to achieve. So many lies that they appear as truths. 2022 will outdone 2021 with covid numbers because many all together just gave up and do whatever they want. No more Leaders leading , no more citizens following. Stay safe my Friend. We need to outlive this virus. Take care.


  6. elvira797mx says:

    Wow! Amazing post and photos! Now I am hungry… Thanks for share friend!
    Have a wonderful time!


  7. Jo says:

    It is hard to believe this is in the same country as Florida. In Florida you can hardly remember that there is pandemic still going on. Everything is open and full of life, and tourists. Restaurants are full. In the stores maybe one third of the customers wears masks. Schools not allowed to request mask.


    • I was reading that in the news too. Omicron is surging because people are infecting each other knowingly. No more guidelines. Doesn’t matter if there are vulnerable populations like the unvaccinated kids. The surge has nothing to do with having test kits. But it’s an easier blame than the truth. Now, experts are trying to convince all omicron will vanish in a few weeks. Delta variant is still here a year after. Back to normal is the goal now than safety from outbreaks. Reporter so frustrated last night trying to emphasize 2,000 Americans are dying everyday from COVID but some people started to believe the numbers were made up. Crazy 2022 for sure. 10 years from now, those who believe COVID is real and followed safety measures will be living and the healthy. COVID is anything but natural and will not disappear simply by wishing it. Take care.

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  8. Ab says:

    I am glad that you got to enjoy a nice outing with your family and so nice to see Chinatown SF have activity during these challenging times.

    That moon cake and those coconut buns look and sound heavenly right now.

    Your post brought back great memories. When I visited SF in late summer 2011, I stayed at a hotel within walking distance of Chinatown. I remember we visited a fortune cookie factory and finding it very interesting.

    Its sad to think about the early days of the pandemic when Chinatown residents and businesses across North America experienced a lot of racism fueled by conspiracy theorists and far right groups. We definitely saw it over where I’m at. I feel hopeful that things have hopefully lessened on that front.

    Your son’s Funko collection must be legendary by now! And hope your wife enjoys her rings. It’s all about what brings you smiles and joy. 😊🙏


    • Thanks Ab. Yes, another reason I wasn’t as excited revisiting Chinatown was the Racism that happened there and SF since covid began. It’s hard to imagine in a city of so many Asians that Lethal Racism exist and not shy in showing it’s evil nature. An old man was beaten and fell to the concrete pavement. He died of head bleed. Murder in broad day light not aggressively pursued both for justice and so it won’t happen again. He was beaten just because he looked Chinese, which means who ever did it and the likes, see no Human value on Race they despise and hate. Shame and Horror.

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