The Devil’s Promise

I always have a different definition of Home. Sure, there’s this nice house with nice stuff that everyone seems to want and get panicky depressed if they can’t have it, but then there’s this Home that can take me places of adventure where I actually get to be happy being myself stress free and payment free.

I didn’t move to America for a House. I move to America because I wanted to have a better life. How quickly I have forgotten my own dreams to be replaced by others. The Devil is full of effective trickery so beautiful and amazing most can’t resist them.

Living in California made me realized that part of my Home really are Outdoors and Nature. It’s where I’m most alive. It’s who I am. I would be dead inside without them.

I tried the American Dream of Home Ownership because everyone told me I should, that it’s the best investment I will ever make in my life. Lies, lies, lies. Trap, trap, trap.

Home Ownership is not for everyone. It works for many. Doesn’t for others. Differs, person to person. It does however make Banks and Rich Lenders happy. Greedily, mercilessly happy. And yes, our Government supports and protects them. They even get Bailed Out to guarantee maximum return of investments. But, not for the Home Owner.

Beautiful condos with Starbucks, multi-million dollar Dream Homes in one of the most amazing cities in the World, but how many are absolutely happy and free living in San Francisco? I was just here to visit and have fun. No monthly payment obligation to enjoy and experience what it has to offer.

Anyone obligated to work to pay for expensive wants is never free. For the average middle income, a House is signing one’s time, youth and adventures away in a Housing Market where the Rich are used to over bidding.

By the time we pay the overpriced 30 years mortgage, the mirror will show an old, tired person just about to carry out their adventure bucket lists. What if we die before 30 years? Was it worth giving up all the could have beens? Was it worth the sacrifices and compromises?

We were already beautiful they way we were. We were already happy of what we have. But the Devil continues to temp, whispering constantly insecurity and discontent. So we keep changing our exterior until we no longer recognize the person on the mirror. We keep changing how we feel until we no longer feel anything. Living but lifeless.

Obviously, I’m the Poor Dad in the Rich Dad, Poor Dad Scenario because I’m not investing in real estate and Capitalism, but I don’t care, it feels way better free to do whatever I want and invest on experiences I get to feel, remember and never loose.

Our happiest moments and memories with those we love are never wasteful. It’s never the wrong investment. More freedom to pursue anything I want, more time to live longer, more chances for adventures, happiness and love, these are my meaningful investments. But they are not popular investments. And they were self taught because no one told me it’s a good investment. Important life lessons I had to learn the hard way myself so I can appreciate what matters and what doesn’t.

I remember enslaving for 3 years with post traumatic complications and financial hardships many years after because I bought a Dream Home that was never mine. I got fucked! Be careful for what we wish for because they can come true. Be vigilant for wishes that were never ours to begin with. People like to brainwash others of their dreams and missed opportunities. They could be our Relatives, Family, Friends, Co-Workers, the Social Media, T.V. and magazines.

The small, simple life is always the happiest, most peaceful life. Bigger and more, that’s Capitalism talking. That’s Greed, Vanity, Entrapment and Unhappiness. That’s the Devil’s Whisper in our ears that the Devil can give us Mansions, Riches, the World, everything…for an exchange, our Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. Can we hear it? It’s getting louder. Can we resist it? May be.

For a moment, we can have a balcony in the middle of nowhere that has the most beautiful view. We take in everything the heart can carry, be thankful, then move on to our next Adventure To-Go Home. Dream Lifestyle: Location, location, location.

Happiness is a Lifestyle choice. Freedom is a Lifestyle choice. Adventure is a Lifestyle choice. Between Dream Lifestyle and a Dream Home, what would it be if we get to choose only one?

Is it Heaven or Hell? Is there a second chance called Purgatory? To unclear. The road ahead, chaotic with the sand in my eyes making it too hard to see where I’m going. The finish line is an abyss for now. I know it’s there. Just don’t know where. Anytime, from now to my last breathe.

“When I was young, I was naive, innocent, ambitious, too trusting and I believe People easily. The Devil knew my weakness and use those People as his instruments to get to me. But God intervened and saved me many times. The internal Battle however between Good versus Evil is ongoing. Who wins in the end?”

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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12 Responses to The Devil’s Promise

  1. My Rollercoaster Journey says:

    I agree with you. Spending money on adventures is better than buying a house. The video is amazing! As well as the images. I love nature, especially the sea. Since I myself am stuck between 4 walls, especially in this cold winter, bad economy in Lebanon and husband who won’t even take me 5 minutes to the sea, im living vicariously through you. Maybe one day I will visit the states again. I am after all, half American


    • I hope the Sea and you will meet in person one day, it is the best feeling. I’m just lucky to be close to the ocean but my dream is to live where it’s just a few steps away. Still dreaming . Take care.


      • My Rollercoaster Journey says:

        I hope so too. Thanks. Hopefully you will be able to live in a house like Emily/Amanda’s in Revenge


        • The Revenge series beach houses are nice for sure. Hope so too. I’m good with a small bungalow or hut but next to the ocean. I’m dreaming now that I’m in a quiet island away from it all. Thanks.


  2. The Guat says:

    Those are great pics my friend 🙂 I completely agree about the outdoors. It’s great to be able to go on adventures and be living a lifestyle that suits you and doesn’t weigh you down. Something that ensures peace of mind and living in the present while still hoping for a future. Glad you’re feeling in the moment 🙂


  3. Kevin says:

    I know a couple that never bought a house, they could if they wanted. Instead they travel the world. They‘d rather put money into creating beautiful memories.

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  4. There’s never a one-size fits all solution to how we live our lives and the paths that we take. Sometimes it makes sense to buy a house and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s an investment, but it’s not always a good one. I consider Nature my real home as well. Spending time outdoors and going on adventures is when I’m the most happy. It’s not when I’m buying things or doing chores around the house. Life and happiness is what you make it. Have a wonderful weekend. Linda

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  5. Loving your coastal videos including great music. When I came over some more 30 years ago to this country, I thought I had to fulfill the “American dream”, but it never happened and it most probably was not meant to be for me. I guess I always felt like being trapped into all these payments and needs and wants. Have a great weekend

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  6. Ab says:

    First off, those are beautiful photos and a very scenic and breathtaking video. I do hope to visit one day.

    You make a very good point about homeownership. It’s not for everyone nor is it attainable for everyone in this crazy real estate sellers market.

    I think you make a very good point about living for the now and not waiting until time and your youth has passed before you start experiencing life and the wonder.

    I grew up with very traditional Asian parents who were always about save for a rainy day. I am thankful for their example because it taught me to be frugal and to save. But I also saw from their experience they waited until they were in their 60s and 70s before they started to enjoy life and travel and I knew I wanted to do it differently than them.

    I guess in the end it’s really about balance between the now and the rainy day. 👍🙏

    Happy Friday and weekend to you!

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  7. elvira797mx says:

    Wow! Amazing, great and beautiful post! Videos and photo too! Thanks for share.
    Have a wonderful time!

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    • I agree! So much wisdom in this post!

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      • Thanks. I’m not sure if you remember Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves in The Devil’s Advocate? It is exactly what’s happening in every city and country . From Vanity to Money, from Lust to Greed, from loss to gain, the movie has come to life and many are being willing pawns and victims of the Devil. The Devil today don’t have horns and doesn’t look scary. They are beautiful, powerful, charismatic, influential, magnetic. They have platforms and social media with millions of followers. And it’s seems very normal and natural.

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