The Things They Don’t Tell Us

I have faced the virus weeks before Public Health admitted COVID was already community acquired. I have been asking screening questions 2-3 weeks outdated because Public Health said so, and have to ignore what I have been observing with my own eyes. But this was 2 years ago. Things would have been better, smoother, more organized and transparent by now.

Is it Public Safety when knowingly an Employer backed by the Government and CDC allows a highly infectious asymptomatic COVID Healthcare Worker take care of multiple immunocompromised sick Patients because of Staffing Shortage? Again, are lives of People not that important anymore? We are at our worst in handling the Pandemic as compared to March 2020. We’re all Puppets of the Powerful.

2 years after, I still can not think smart where stupidity and robotic submission are preferred for being non-provocative. The cycle is repeating again. I have to act dumb and just follow the script literally for job security. I’m suppose to just follow and not awaken People for what is really happening around them. I’m not suppose to pull the alarm. It’s not my place. I’m just a worker.

Some Employers New COVID Written Policies,” Healthcare providers (HCP) who test positive for Covid-19 and are asymptomatic may return to work immediately without isolation and without testing.” –NBC News

U.S. Covid-19 Seven-Day Case Average Tops 700,000

About 9,000 Americans are dying of COVID every week. Preliminary state data suggest that more than 90 percent of today’s deaths are still among unvaccinated people. This year, COVID is on pace to kill more than 300,000 unvaccinated people.- The Atlantic 1/10/22

I am just one of the many thousands of Healthcare Workers who knew we are presently in an emergency danger level but can’t do anything about it. Implied silence. Agreed silence. Fear silence. Comfort silence. No Care Silence.

Patients admitted to the hospital with Covid — instead of for Covid — may be earlier in the course of the disease and be far more contagious, doctors say. – NBC News

2 years have passed, how come we are seeing a repeat of the same pattern of events?

ICU Doctor In Rural Ohio. This Is The Horror I Face Every Day Due To COVID-19.- Huffpost

Overtime used to be easy money. Now it’s life and sanity over money. We can put an OT list but what can we do when no one is signing up to take care of patients?

Overwhelmed but unaddressed. Burned Out but no way out. Suffering Mental Health Crisis but not allowed to fully go through their own crisis. This is the unresolved growing truth in the lives of every Doctor, Nurse, Respiratory Therapist for more than 2 years since the COVID Pandemic began.

With each added year, a fraction of the irreplaceable experienced professionals will leave, retire, choose a less stressful job, department or specialty. We haven’t seen the worst of understaffing in hospitals and clinics yet, but we’ve seen its fatal outcome for those neglected of life saving timely medical care.

Fast forward COVID with its more resistant, highly evolved variants in 10 years. We should be concerned. But sure, let’s not be alarmed yet. We may not make it that far anyway.

Since the start of the pandemic, about 50,000 airline employees have left the industry through retirements or voluntary buyout. – The Washington Post

The long lines for testing, the increasing number of sick calls among all fields of Essentials, the doubling, tripling of daily new cases and symptomatic are happening now. Has been the last 3 weeks.

Whether we believe Omicron is a serious threat or not, if our work involves direct person to person interaction, chances are many of us will be infected with the Omicron without even knowing it this year.

We could be Patient Zero in our work place first outbreak.

We are now in a new emergency phase. But we are not suppose to talk about it. We need to keep it quiet and be non-disruptive.

We are suppose to just focus on work and pretend there is nothing seriously wrong that is being passed around as quickly as breathing.

Nearly a quarter of hospitals are reporting a critical staff shortage as Omicron drives a rise in Covid-19 cases

The difference between a Nurse and a Teacher? A Teacher with a strong Union can opt for online schooling to protect self during an outbreak. A Nurse with or without Union has to work in person during an outbreak because it’s a job requirement.

It’s a mistake to say, “I’m Vaxxed and done.” COVID is never done till it decides to be done.

Let us begin the year more informed. Let us start our year, owning our own actions. Omicron is just starting its trajectory goal in the United States. It can mutate further to be as deadly serious like Delta or be replaced by a more superior variant.

Deltacron, a combination of Delta and Omicron can hit Summer . No idea of how it evolved, but it’s already been identified.

Cyprus reportedly discovers a Covid variant that combines omicron and delta.

The Global Pandemic was built on layers of lies and propaganda that is still being covered up with more lies starting off at Wuhan. Secrets to avoid panic. Secrets for power and control. Secrets to cover darkness.

A strange unity of confusion is emerging, a common inability to decipher conflicting advice and clashing guidelines coming from government, science, health, media and other institutions. – The Washington Post

Nobody cares anymore. Nobody cares about you and me. We transitioned from COVID fatigue to I don’t care.

The symptoms of COVID have not change. Respiratory and Gastric Flu-like symptoms are still it’s obvious. It also presents like Seasonal Allergies. It comes in many combo, COVID and Flu, COVID with Sinusitis, COVID and Strep Throat Infection, COVID and heart disease, COVID and Pneumonia, COVID and migraine headache. Almost endless.

We are spreading Omicron ourselves by thinking we don’t have it. I have heard this so many times when Patients are asked why they need to see a Doctor, “I have sore throat but it’s not COVID,” “I have runny nose, but it’s not COVID,” “I have headache, cough and fever. It’s Colds, not COVID.” It’s anything but COVID.

I was stunned for a moment when my lobby was in max capacity, half with possible Omicron, half not. Patients seem not concern they are next to a coughing person. Staff seem not concerned the lobby has become a super spreader area. I was alarmed for my Patients. So I went out, took the lead in helping and delegating, like a Traffic Policeman. Lobby empty in 10 minutes.

I guess I still cared, if not, I would have just let People infect each other. I’m just one however. This is not the general thinking anymore of many Healthcare systems, Indoor businesses and public facilities. Been to the Mall lately?

Not after 2 years of preparation, but here we are. Undermining Omicron led us to these shortages.

These 18 States Are Grappling With Critical Hospital Worker Shortages As Covid Hospitalizations Surge

The things they don’t tell us? A lot.

2022 will be better if we use our Freedom to think, decide and act independently. The year will be safer if realism, wisdom, transparency and honesty will be readily made available.

2-3 days wait is not rapid. Long lines are not convenient. COVID is Yearlong with Expected Seasonal Surges. How do we make it more organized and easier for all?

Knowledge has a moral obligation called conscience. Wisdom has a burden called doing the right thing. Some are immune to both and we allowed them to play Gods. And the Gods are winning…again.

How do we end the vicious cycle of disease, death, business disruptions, lies and apathy? What can we do differently in 2022 that we have not tried in 2020 and 2021?

Time to use our Brain and hope the heart is brave enough to follow it.

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37 Responses to The Things They Don’t Tell Us

  1. Jo says:

    It is really sad. Basically you are left alone to deal with pandemic, while the rest of the country acts like it doesn’t exist. You are not only left alone, but with basically gag order, understaffed, overworked, looking at death all the time. I can not imagine how hard it must be. But please know, many of us do appreciate your work.

    The way US is handling this pandemic, is the way we treat all the overseas wars we are involved with: only those involve pay for it with their lives. The rest of the country lives happily in oblivion.


    • Thank you Jo. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and kindness. It makes a difference to know People see and care for those having to deal with the virus everyday. today, a co-worker got it. In time, all of us at work may get it. Just a matter of time. The vaccine kind of gives some assurance it won’t get bad but no one knows till one gets sick. My workplace is trying to staff as well which I value. Stress wise, usually it’s varies whom we work with. I’m just glad there are co-workers who became great friends which matters in liking one’s work.

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      • Jo says:

        Yes, people you work with are really important. They can make or break a day;). I do have a business with my ex, so that is that for me 🙂

        Right when pandemic started, our friends, married couple both primary doctors asked us if, in the case they both get covid at the same time, we will take their kids for that period. Of course we agreed, our kids enjoy each other company and they feel comfortable in our house (old house). We were moved by their trust, but also it made the whole situation so much real.
        Luckily, neither of our families got covid so far (knock on the wood)


  2. Jo says:

    Why do they want to keep it quiet? Because when healtcare workers were talking outloud about dangers of covid, they have been attacked, ridiculed by people not believing in it, and screaming about some weird version of freedom.
    They make you quiet for your own safety and to avoid politicizing covid care. There is just no winning that fight: whether you decide to talk about it, or be silent about it, someone will find an offense.


  3. ourcrossings says:

    While there is, most likely, still much more to learn about the coronavirus, it’s amazing that with all the advanced technology and medicine we are going nowhere after two years. But then we have to realise that pharmaceutical and tech corporations are raking in dramatic pandemic profits, enriching the wealthy, so why on earth would they declare the end of a pandemic? When such dramatic and excessive profits are made during a time of global crisis and distributed to the wealthiest, the situation is not just fundamentally unjust, it is also economically inefficient


  4. I care.
    I care about you and all medical workers.
    I care about the ones who are becoming relaxed, and I remind them, ‘This is like a Trojan Horse.
    Don’t invite it into this building/restaurant, etc.’ Most of the people that I notice that are still respectful of others – are those who have lost loved ones to Covid.

    You and your family are often on my mind; anyone who steps into that arena day after day in order to help those who are sick – are the true heroes and angels among us.

    Here in Ecuador – perhaps it’s because of killer earthquakes and epidemics of dengue and chikungunya, people seem to be less ‘angry’ and are basically kind and considerate to their fellow man/woman – even strangers. ‘Go with God,’ often exchanged on the street – ‘Take care,’ they say with true meaning and compassion. But true to human nature, people get tired of keeping the mask up, they return to holiday traditions of passing the community glass of holiday alcohol.. they dance and sing and cheer at futbol games, and oh me oh my, suddenly we are back in danger zones.

    I respect all attitudes – each person is on his/her own journey, but (yes, but) what irritates me is if people did as much research into the foods they eat, the msg hidden behind words like ‘vegetable protein and cheese cultures’ – and the aspartame that gives a drink ‘zero sugar’ — then i also respect their research into vaccine dangers or cardio/pulmonary emergencies or deaths associated with vaccines. Someone swigging an aspartame-sweetened cola and warning me about vaccines – does not win my respect. They’ve not lost their vision before due to aspartame. I have.

    I am one who has severe reactions to msg and aspartame… msg in chicken-boullion-based soups sometimes makes me so dizzy and confused it’s like I am drunk. it makes me almost pass out, and it’s in seasoned chips and often in mayonnaise and mustard and in many friends’ ‘favorite shake-on seasoning. — Aspartame has triggered double vision and a day of almost blindness – From ophthalmologists to neurologists and to more and more tests while fearing a tumor might be percolating or early stages of MS or myasthenia gravis – only to discover it’s man made neurotoxins in a zillion products – why are people critical of vaccines yet aren’t doing the same homework on other products? or maybe I’m missing that…

    Sometimes I think that nature gave us a huge ‘timeout’ to reflect on what we’re doing to our planet – many improved their diets, looked inward during the initial scary time..— and when we were able to hit the ‘resume’ button, I don’t think much changed… and there you all are, weary and overworked and sometimes you must feel invisible – while others hit ‘resume’ – you’re locked close to the nightmare.

    Thank you for always sharing your view, showing us facets of your life, and allowing us to watch your son grow up into a fine young man (no surprise, he has great parents)…

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    • Thank you my Friend that means a lot. Your words are kind, hopeful, inspiring, loving. Ecuadorians outlook and kindness to one another is like light at the end of the tunnel. It’s hope that people can transcend trials and hardships and be better. Unfortunately, that is not what I see on a normal basis in America. People from my observation are more angry and selfish. To knowingly go to a place where others may get infected of one’s COVID is really selfish. I have patients having covid symptoms who keep lowering their mask in front of me. Yes, it’s their comfort and freedom, but on the other end, it’s someone’s health and life. People have changed a lot since the first lockdown but it’s not for the better. Truth is, omicron pandemic is a product of people’s attitude and behavior. The virus didn’t do a house to house call but people spread it person to person despite of all the information Science has to give. Choices made today’s Winter Surge the way it is, and it future surges are likely to happen. People just refuse to believe it. They can keep continue to be disillusioned but what’s happening in the healthcare systems in their own communities is not fiction. It’s real life preventable tragedy. Stay safe.


      • This week’s stats seem to be a mathematician’s dream ‘calculation’ for exponential explosion of positive cases. A friend showed me a photo of a beautiful family – all dressed in color-balanced holiday finery – adorable, and the mother was hospitalized with covid, recovered – they thought – and a week later she suddenly died. it was sobering for many, and so sad that it takes a death like that to make people realize to continue being diligent. And yes, everyone should honor the people in the medical field – they have to be so exhausted – and at times disgusted with those who are flippant about this virus. if you haven’t seen this passionate man sending a message about wearing masks, here’s one of many videos featuring his rant:


        • Thank you. I appreciate that a lot. Yes, sometimes it takes death to someone close or at least we know to realize how very real and serious the virus is. Mild omicron which many things is mild and not serious can slowly cause chronic symptoms like asthma like symptoms and blood clot problems. That to me is not mild and now positivity rate is exploding all over the world, but of course USA is no. 1 in that ranking. I would never want it for myself and my family, especially my Son. Covid in children and the youth may have complications years from now, and adults are to be blamed for it for allowing this virus to go on this long. We did have our chance with first lockdown, then when vaccination began but I don’t think there’s a third unless God makes the biggest miracle we’ve ever seen. Take care my Friend and stay safe. We live well doing what we love and changing the world for the better in what we do. 🙏


  5. The disinformation from the mainstream news outlets is very concerning. It’s a firehose of disinformation telling us that the “unvaccinated” are filling the hospitals.

    We have all been exposed to covid and come thru by now, whether from innate immunity, humoral immunity from exposure to cold coronaviruses, strong mucosal immunity, a mild infection, or whatever. But some people who are very unhealthy with lots of comorbidities are still susceptible. And vaccines won’t help them be less susceptible to death. Those people are the ones most at risk from covid vaccine death.

    But it’s not just the old, unhealthy people who are at risk from covid vaccines…

    Jack O’Drain was a healthy 13 yo boy who was playing with his friends and died of cardiac arrest. Fully vaccinated six months previously. A likely covid vaccine death.

    “His obituary page reads, “Jack will always be remembered for his big heart, love of learning and loyalty to family and friends. He was extremely bright; he attended Voorhees Middle School and was a part of the Science Olympiad Organization. Jack enjoyed playing the saxophone and practiced at the NJ School of Music in Medford. He loved the outdoors; hiking, camping and fishing were some of his favorite activities.”

    It looks like there is some cardiac damage with each covid vaccination–more with Moderna than with Pfizer. It looks like scar tissue accumulates in the heart with each vaccination, which will affect pump action, ejection fraction, and possibly electrical activity.


    • I can so relate. Now there’s the FDA approved anti-covid which my facility just run out of because of Doctor’s are now prescribing it where more demand over supply. A friend pharmacist just gave me a shocking FYI, she said “ Don’t get the less effective brand. It’s 30% only effective but can cause mutation.” I’ve yet to ask her the name so I can warn Friends and Family. Several days of covid symptoms Is not worth many years of paranoia that my cells are mutating to diseases ranging from autoimmune, blood clotting syndromes and cancer. We all have become Guinea Pigs. Stay safe. Thanks for the share.


  6. Our healthcare system is under so much pressure and it’s frustrating that our government has had two years to make changes since the start of the pandemic, and yet, nothing was done in terms of preparing for another wave. There’s also a lot of frustration and anger over people who are not vaccinated as they are now the ones in the hospitals and ICUs. There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Unfortunately I don’t have much faith in our government to learn from our mistakes and plan for a better future, one that’s able to be more proactive and find a better balance when dealing with COVID.

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    • I agree with you. 2 years of observing the Government response, the Political selfish war, the CDC, Public Health and Health Experts misinformations and conflicting, even suspicious recommendations , I’m done. Now it’s k95 and n95 mask for example that all should wear. Health workers has been wearing just the surgical mask for more than 2 years, so are the public. We only wear the n95 for possible COVID but not for other patients. This disaster. Soon real Numbers will not reflect how widespread COVID is and it’s next variant because test kits due to non-reporting of data. But perhaps this is what the government and cdc wants to give a false illusion of Endemic. Take care my friend. This is the time to just enjoy life and have more adventures. That part we can control.

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  7. arlene says:

    This is really, really so sad. Take care.


  8. My vascular surgeon buddy feels the pressure to keep silent about early treatment, vitamin D supplementation, and the danger of covid vaccines. If you go against the FDA/CDC narrative you may lose your job and possibly your license to practice medicine.

    The FDA still posts bilge on its website about HCQ being dangerous, despite WHO rating it very safe and one of the top 50 essential medications.


    • Yeah, can’t go against the tide and the powerful. Ordinary Joe can’t win, it’s like any versus herds of Elephants.

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      • Exactly. You have to go perpendicular to the current if you want to resist it. It seems that the current may change directions. _Some_ governments are dialing back on panic porn and mandates. Some governments are announcing that they will treat covid as endemic. We’ve recently seen an article published about effective immunity based on humoral antibodies from cold coronaviruses. More articles are appearing in the mass media questioning the DC narrative. So it looks like the current is changing directions to some degree.

        It would be good if governments passed laws protecting doctors from losing their license and employment by going against the official narrative.


        • Where I am, it changes every week but having to experience the last surges upfront, it becomes a survival instinct as to what works and not what I’m told or not told to do. It’s like save yourself and as many around you …everyday. The media, funny because they look so lost and confused of what they are telling the public. The truth really has been on their faces all along. If people want the truth, they need to go the their nearest E.D. , they are not actors, they are their neighbors and people in the community. As to infection prevention, it’s whatever now really with the omicron. No one cares if one highly infectious will give it to 10 people or more. Goal: Here Immunity via Infecting as many. It’s so obvious.

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          • Omicron may be to covid like cowpox was to smallpox.


            • Could be but the virus behavior is just bizarre. 2023 , I’m sure many Experts will be wrong again. Undermining a virus that killed millions is really beyond belief.


              • I would argue that most of the people died due to failure to treat by primary care physicians. I haven’t heard of any triage being done by PCPs generally in order to give antivirals and nutraceuticals to high risk symptomatic people who possibly have covid. There is no official guidance to treat high risk symptomatic people early based on suspicion for covid, which diverges from official guidance for influenza.

                False negatives are high for PCR (20% at best), so treatment ought not be withheld simply because a high risk symptomatic patient receives a negative PCR result for covid.

                And there being no really solid way to distinguish mild covid from influenza, PCPs must assume that all ILIs may be covid and treat accordingly.


              • I agree. From my observation , most outpatient positive in clinic settings are only treated with acetaminophen for fever and pain, tessalon and dextromethorpan and guaiffenesin , codeine and guaiffenesin for cough and congestion , albuterol inhaler for shortness of breath, zofran for nausea and vomiting , all symptomatic treatment. There are outpatient monoclonal antibodies but I hardly see it ordered. Antivirals has been recently prescribed but out of stock due to to many patients positive. Why antivirals are rationed, no idea when where past 2 years pandemic .


  9. Where is the CDC’s guidance about how to investigate covid vaccine deaths??? The only reason I can figure for not giving guidance is that the CDC doesn’t want covid vaccine deaths to be found.

    In other news, the working age population has a 40% increase in mortality. That’s a 12 sigma event. But I’m sure that the CDC will tell us that covid vaccines had nothing to do with it. No science behind their statement, per the usual.


  10. Ab says:

    It’s sad and maddening to think about how things would be better now if COVID had not become politicized or special interest groups had not engaged in widespread misinformation and disinformation.

    Sadly, it is the frontline workers and the patients who are most impacted by these actions. It’s shocking and sad to see public services close down now as a result of staffing shortage and burnout.

    I think the current winter wave will be the worst one yet. And now I’m even reading about yet another new variant in France called IHU.

    Hang in there and keep spreading the good word and fight! 🙏

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    • “It’s sad and maddening to think about how things would be better now if COVID had not become politicized or special interest groups had not engaged in widespread misinformation and disinformation.”

      Amen. The CDC, FDA, pharma, and social media giants all engaged in disinformation and censoring the truth.

      Now all kinds of information is coming out because people keep pursuing the truth. It turns out from FDA documents that all cause mortality was higher with the Pfizer vaccine than placebo despite all the gaslighting about the vaccines being safe and effective.

      “FDA report finds all-cause mortality higher among vaccinated” in the Pfizer trial.

      17 deaths in the placebo arm and 21 deaths in the vaccine arm


      • Thanks for the feedback and information. From what I’m seeing, more people are in the awakening phase, and this is being reflected with the daily infection rates. More People are living their lives as normal as possible and stop paying attention to the news. Positive thinking, positive life . Thanks 🙏


    • Thanks Ab. Yes, there is a new variant too. But for now, Omicron can potentially evolve by itself. Leaders and experts are giving false assurance. Too much hope in s virus no one can control, except God perhaps if he wants to intervene, but even God is tired of People’s complains, abuse and defiance. Best really is to listen to our hearts and do what’s best for ourselves and our Family. Covid is nowhere done. People just want to believe it is. It’s easier. Take care my friend.

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  11. Or maybe those hospitalized contracted covid in the hospital. And maybe some of those in the “unvaccinated” category were vaccinated, but not “fully vaccinated.” Maybe some of them were singly vaccinated or double-vaccinated, but in the two-week timeout period before they could be counted as fully vaccinated. In order to avoid being counted as unvaccinated, you have to be fully vaccinated, even if you have been vaccinated. Only government wonks could come up with a scheme like this.

    When you are vaccinated, your vitamin D levels tank, as do your zinc levels, just like with an actual viral infection, because both vaccinations and infections are immune events. So, when you are vaccinated, you need to immediately supplement with vitamin D and zinc. But, of course, none of the public health agencies are recommending this, so vaccinators aren’t recommending this, nor doctors, so few people are doing this.

    It’s not well known, but over a billion people worldwide are vitamin D deficient. And there was this unpublished paper from June 2020 that _proved_ (not merely showed) that vitamin D deficiency was linked to poor covid outcomes. Vitamin D insufficiency also makes people more susceptible to infections. It looks like 25OHD levels of 50 ng/ml (125 nM/L) are sufficient to provide an innate immunity barrier to infections in most people.

    Toxicity of 25OHD begins around 150 ng/ml based on a Mayo paper on the subject.

    Title: “Evidence Supports a Causal Role for Vitamin D Status in Global COVID-19 Outcomes ”

    “Conclusions: Our novel causal inference analysis of global data verifies that vitamin D status plays a key role in COVID-19 outcomes. The data set size, supporting historical, biomolecular, and emerging clinical research evidence altogether suggest that a very high level of confidence is justified. Vitamin D prophylaxis potentially offers a widely available, low-risk, highly-scalable, and cost-effective pandemic management strategy including the mitigation of local outbreaks and a second wave.

    Timely implementation of vitamin D supplementation programmes worldwide is critical with initial priority given to those who are at the highest risk, including the elderly, immobile, homebound, BAME and healthcare professionals. Population-wide vitamin D sufficiency could also prevent seasonal respiratory epidemics, decrease our dependence on pharmaceutical solutions, reduce hospitalisations, and thus greatly lower healthcare costs while significantly increasing quality of life.

    Click to access 2020.05.01.20087965v3.full.pdf

    “Known risk factors for low vitamin D status are old age, winter, living at higher latitudes, darker skin pigmentation, less sunlight exposure, dietary habits, obesity, malabsorption syndromes and absence of vitamin D fortification”

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    • Thank you for the information. I didn’t know this. Been taking supplements of vitamin D because I have low vitamin D even before covid. I appreciate the feedback . Vitamins and minerals are important in many body functions and preventing diseases . 🙏

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