Rockaway Beach

It was the perfect early morning walk by the hills overlooking the ocean. A tinge of gold from leftover over Sunrise on everything the Sun has reached.

The breeze cool, the air smells clean and fresh.

People are just starting to slowly begin their adventure day by the beach with to-go coffee in their hand. Children running excitedly with their toy pail and shovel from parking lot to the beach. Parents, looked like they just woke up, but excited for the much awaited weekend break.

Fishing, surfing, swimming, hiking, playing, day camping, eating, Nature tripping, Sun bathing, photography, escape meditation…Rockaway Beach, a small shoreline town big on fun and relaxing things to do at the beach.

Until we stop and see, we’ll never know what adventure a place, a moment has to offer. Think less, be surprised more. Spontaneity.

If it’s not the beach, it’s the Calamari and Lamb Racks at NICKS. A delicious must.

Travel doesn’t have to involve flying and cruising. We don’t have to wait when the most outrageous contagious Omicron Variant will subside. We don’t have to postpone happy times and new road trips experiences. People should stop dictating the when, if the when is just a few steps or miles away.

It’s when we don’t expect and plan when adventure comes glorious and unexpected. Wishing everyone tons of beautiful Sunrise and Sunsets this New Year has to offer.

Everything Christmas is gone in our Home, but we choose to keep Christmas Camper in our car to remind us Holiday Vacations and Getaways are anytime, whenever we want. We own our adventure first. We are our adventure second. Other opinions, doesn’t have to be ours if it doesn’t feel right.

Our old dependable car can be enough to visit the near and far, the familiar, the new and the taken for granted.

We did a lot in one day. Went places not in our list at all. This cute fella captured my attention in Japan Town. He said, “I will have a adorable year and everyone that shares my dreams and adventures.” Which means, your year will be adorable too. Gotcha!

Travel 2022 can the simplest we ever did yet the most astonishing if we give it a chance. So, what are we waiting Folks? It’s our weekend, Sun’s out, weather is great. Broom, broom, go, go to our heart’s content Blogger Friends.

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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18 Responses to Rockaway Beach

  1. I grew up in Far Rockaway, Beach 19th St, in one of those 2 tall buildings off Seagirt Blvd. Great pix

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  2. dianaed14 says:

    A great philosophy. Beaches look so much like Cornwall in England

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  3. ourcrossings says:

    Wow, what a beautiful place to explore and take in natures sounds and smells! Looking at your photos reminds me that we should not put good life on hold. People get in their mind that they’ll work a job they particularly don’t like, make a bunch of money and only then will they work on being happy. While it does delay gratification – which can help in certain situations – it takes those examples to the extreme. It creates a false hope that change is around the corner when in reality you’re running in circles. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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    • Thanks Aiva. I can truly relate. Work for money does not equate happiness. Work itself can bring happiness when we work with people that makes work fun and positively meaningful. Happiness is intentional. If we know what makes us happy, we go for it. If it’s nature, then we take time to be close to it. Happiness is both hard and easy. It is affected by many things we both can and can’t control. We focus on what we can control. Short Road trips made me survive the insanity and heartbreaks of this pandemic, broken relationships, stress at work. The ocean has heard my cries and stories without judgement. I’m still here because I found a way to survive the real world by doing what I love. Self care has never been more vital. Take care.

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  4. Again one of your marvels you are sharing with us.

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  5. Ab says:

    There is something very soothing and charming about those early morning walks by the beach with a coffee in hand and that golden morning sunshine.

    It looked like another beautiful stroll along a gorgeous beach! It’s nice when it’s not overrun by people too.

    Fried calamari and a rack of lamb sound delicious right about now. 🙂 And that cat with the waving hand is a symbol of good things to come.

    I’m definitely daydreaming of travel as well this year. Look forward to the adventures that lie ahead. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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    • Yes, Ab. Travel, travel, travel. Adventure outside our city and states awaits. Honestly, covid should not stop us anymore from enjoying life and new memories. We’re vaccinated, we have a mask, the rest is up to our heart to be brave. After my Austin and Disney trip, I knew I can go anywhere even in the midst of a surge. It is no different from being at work, in a mall or in a busy public place. I’m thinking of going back to Disney this Feb, if not anywhere by the beach. It’s my son’s winter break.

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  6. Beautiful captures and what a gorgeous sunset. This a great reminder about how life is what you make of it. Even though we’re in the middle of a pandemic, we can still find beauty in the world around us. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Linda

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    • Thanks Linda. That is so true. The pandemic till it goes away will always be there but the opportunity to experience Nature and moments goes away by the day. Seizing them is just a choice away. I’m always at awe with I see a Sunset or Sunrise, it’s like seeing Fireworks, magical and inspiring.

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  7. So marvellous photos of ocean beach and there nature and the Cat welcoming so lovely 🌷🙏👍🏻🌷

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