Gray Whale Cove State Beach

Took 6 years and 100 chances to finally visit Gray Whale Cove State Beach , a secluded beach between my favorite outdoor trio, Half Moon Bay, Montara and Pacifica, California.

Parking is challenging at the East side of Highway 1. Crossing from parking lot to entrance is not for the faint of heart when vehicles are zooming from both sides of the narrow road. No pedestrian lane. It’s run, dash and good luck.

A steep wooden ladder leads down to the beach.

A tree trunk serves as a partial bridge to the right side of the cove. Further exploration requires balance and some jumping skills.

California Beaches are the most dramatic in the World. They are powerful, emotional , nostalgic, fun and wildly untamed. They can take us back to the Golden Era of beauty in simplicity. Almost like entering a time capsule.

Gray Whale Cove State Beach is one of these dramatic beaches whose hidden treasure cove is surrounded by rugged cliffs that drops into the Pacific Ocean. Pine Trees guards its perimeter from the outside World. From the road, first timers won’t even know it exist.

This is that year to step out of our shadows. Just because it’s comfortable, doesn’t mean it is okay. Shine bright, dream big, live freer.

Gray whales can be seen migrating close to shore. Best overlook for whale watching is actually from above at the edge of the Devil’s Slide Bunker, a thrill seekers playground.

Just a few meters away, Ocean as far as the eyes can see. Gray Whales are best spotted from this location. It’s also my favorite location to see everything but away from everything.

There are three most scenic panoramic views. First, from the Devil’s Slide Bunker.

To see entirety, to appreciate wholeness requires effort and distance.

Second, the Beach Cove itself that meets the Ocean . Its waves, a constant source of positive energy and relaxation.

The tide was high. Was not able to reach the other end of the Cove. Perhaps another time. Perhaps another adventure.

And third, from McNee Ranch and Montara Mountain, part of Montara State Beach. This side has many breathtaking Ocean View Hiking Trails. So beautiful, it becomes a distraction for serious Hikers. Half the time, it’s stop, take pictures and go.

Each view offers a different experience. Each experience offers a different perspective. One Cove, 3 adventures or more. It’s all up to you how many adventures your heart and body can take from a few hours to one entire day.

Unlock the Adventures in you. Be excited. Be fearless. Be creative. Anything our heart desires are possible in 2022.

I didn’t see any Gray Whales that morning, but the Ocean’s mouth was enormously wide and deep like that of a Whale. A few more steps, it would have swallowed me whole never to be seen again.

I didn’t test nor temp the Ocean. I respect it, like I respect my life. So I stepped back at a safe distance, closed my eyes and just let my soul drift and enjoy the Ocean and the Outdoors for as long as I can.

I wrote 2022 on the sand. Didn’t take long for the waves to erase it. 2022 can easily be washed away if we don’t do things to make it important and memorable. It can’t just be another year. It has to mean something more.

This is what I want the rest of my year to look and feel like. Wishes are free and they do come true. May be I’m a hopeless optimist, but sometimes optimism and positive thinking brings in generous luck, good Karma and amazing surprises.

Many of our Natural Resources will disappear while we are still alive. Discover, enjoy and take care of them while we can.

We all have our version of Happiness. These are mine. It may be trivial, but they give me solace and comfort. We all need to spend some time, no matter short and small with what makes us happy. We need to spend some time with ourselves and discover the many stories we are yet to tell and inspire the World.

Adventure filled 2022 to all, because we can.

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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23 Responses to Gray Whale Cove State Beach

  1. imprintstc says:

    This is my absolute favorite beach in the area. Went there countless times. This picture takes me baaaack!


  2. Kevin says:

    “Unlock the adventures in you” I like it. 😊

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  3. Your pictures are beautiful. I’m glad you finally made it to Gray Whale Cove State Beach as the scenery looks spectacular. It’s amazing how spending time outdoors can just boost your spirits. Take care. Linda


  4. Janet Alcorn says:

    Lovely photos! I grew up in California, and I miss the coast so much.


  5. So gorgeous and stunning photography the ocean photos 👌🙏🌷the lovely view seeing 2022 ♥️😊👍🏻


  6. Ab says:

    It looks absolutely gorgeous and I love that it’s a hidden gem. This sounded like a great way to start your dream, by crossing off an item off your wishlist and surrounded by that beauty and the sound of the ocean waves.

    The views from the cliff are wonderful too. And how amazing that you can spot gray whales – you’ll have to go back again to spot them.

    I guess the waves are too violent for you to swim in the ocean? Cuz it does look awfully tempting and nice to go in!

    I’m glad you got the positive recharge and hope that energy sets the tone for the rest of your year!


    • Thanks Ab. I’m glad I did it because January is rushing. Got only a day off this Thursday but I will make it count. Perhaps another outdoor date with wife. I requested Feb., but no plans yet. Beach adventures are the easiest. But may be something new would be nice. Just wish omicron doesn’t have to ruin everyone’s dreams this year.

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  7. elvira797mx says:

    Awesome photos! Thanks for share.
    Take care.


  8. restlessjo says:

    Love your coastline. And your dreams. Happy 2022!


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