5-Day COVID Quarantine: Economic Normalcy versus Public Safety for 2022

Here we go again. 2022 begins with confusion and mix messages from Government Leaders, Health Experts, CDC and Employers when the Omicron and Delta Variants daily case numbers and hospitalization are sky rocketing heading to the moon.

December 1, 2021, California announced first Omicron Variant in the United States. 35 days after, Omicron new daily cases has reached 1 million in one day. The message, “Be concerned, but do not be alarmed.” My opinion? Be alarmed. Start buying toilet papers and necessities before the next shocker announcement. People have no idea that we are being prepared again for the next Emergency.

Omicron cases doubles by the day. Most infectious of all Variants yet shortest quarantine time. Does that make sense? New Year’s first 4 weeks will reach 500,000-1,000,000 new cases per day in the U.S. alone.

Tuesday, we surpassed 1 million new cases in one day. But sure, let us spread it more. Perhaps this is how we achieve Herd Immunity were the vaccines have not achieve yet.

Shoulder to shoulder packed Snoopy on Ice Show, Knott’s Berry Farm. Other than mask, COVID doesn’t seem to exist in LA. It felt really good.

Economic Normalcy: Okay to self quarantine for 5 days then go back to work and community infectious or not.

The stadium was full of People. Everyone just want to forget. Everyone just want to have an amazing fun Holiday time with their love ones. I can so relate.

Safety: Wear mask for 5 more days after initial 5 days quarantine because the asymptomatic carrier or recovering sick could still be infectious. So, really it should be 10 days total quarantine time as previously practiced based on Science.

Reduced 5 Days because it’s what’s tolerated and not what will slow down the Omicron and Delta Variants Outbreaks and Mutations.

Voluntary testing for the vaccinated after travel and out of town holidays. If I don’t feel like testing because I feel fine, I just report to work like it’s the most natural okay thing to do. No question asked. I did it twice. Millions of the vaccinated are doing the same. Again, no question asked. HIPAA Confidentiality is a serious basic right protected by laws.

If work outbreaks happen, then it will happen, just like in the Airline Industry recently. This would be the normal expected events in all Work Force in 2022. And we deal with it as it arise.

Outdoors, half are not wearing mask. It’s a free country. The masked and the unmasked learned to co-exist more peacefully and share the same space. People are following indoor mask requirements for rides and live shows. In theme parks, Fun over Freedom? Fun wins most of the time.

Healthcare Staff, Airline Workers, Direct Customer Service Work Force are on a different quarantine category because they belong to the needed “Essentials.” It’s recommend that the “safer” quarantine time is 7 days but if “Short Staff,” it’s 5 Days. But since it’s Short Staff almost everyday, then it’s really 5 Days Quarantine for all. Again, back to work infectious or not.

Is tolerance okay when there are harmful risks involve? Is tolerance an alternative to being responsible and conscientious? Or is tolerance another Political trade off?

Is tolerance ethical when we have a vulnerable group of population that are unvaccinated? We still have millions of the unvaccinated, and likely will choose to remain unvaccinated. What happens to them? Do we pretend they don’t exist? Is their safety unimportant?

Isn’t this crazy? Are convenience and money more important than people’s health and well being?

We’re concerned about new outbreaks, but we just let these outbreaks run loose in our community anyways.

The Government and CDC may all together divert the Public’s focus on daily new cases to stop the virus from disrupting Economic Recovery. No reports. No alarms. No caution.

“Conspiracy Theories have truths in them. But we are not suppose to know, learn and reason. We are suppose to just accept what we are told and not ask questions. We all have been victims of them, willing or not since COVID started in China. Lies and coverups one after the other. Lies became Truths. Truths became Lies. Ignorance and Confusion became Wisdom and Worship.”

Weird, strange, astonishing. People, like COVID have mutated in its handling and response of the Pandemic in just 2 years. And that will continue to evolve year after year.

Only a third or less with COVID are staying home. Most because they are unaware they have COVID. Some by choice. There will come a time, many of the sick will just join the healthy and it’s a normal okay.

Ghostrider, best wooden coaster rush. COVID droplets in the air and surfaces are not scary anymore. Disinfectants are gathering dust in store shelves.

For the vaccinated, COVID testing is voluntary. So really, many workers will be unknown asymptomatic spreaders because they may not feel sick yet give COVID to their customers, co-workers and Family members.

If future new variants continues to be less dangerous, People may opt to skip testing all together and just go on living their lives. COVID becomes insignificant by choice.

This is the concerning dilemma of COVID in 2022. It’s possible that everyone can just go back to work, school, dine, shop, go to crowded public places and parties while sick with COVID. It’s already happening.

Should we just ignore the dangerous COVID numbers so Economy can bounce back? Should we just modify critical safety measures to please People?

If we are not careful and just allow People to dictate Leadership and Public Safety, the chaos and suffering of 2021 is just a prelude of what’s going to explode in 2022.

Happy New Year? That’s the hope. That’s the dream. Better New Year? Only if People give a damn. The action of some are the outcome for all. 2022 is no different.

“I started my first day of work confused. Several Patients with possible COVID, standing next to other Patients sick from different ailments. The lobby is small. Everyone’s breathing the same air. Who should I protect first? Who should I keep safe? After a few minutes, critical thinking and common sense kicked in. Shit, 2022 definitely will outdo 2021.”

We should have accepted COVID as an everyday virus by now and just live life with less disruptions as possible. It should not be something that keep tearing us apart. Spending a week in Southern California made me appreciate what I’m missing in Northern California.

Dodge the train for safety or ride the train for fun? 2022 can be whatever. No pressure. Anything goes.

Even in the same State and Cities, Americans have different perceptions, attitude and behaviors when it comes to COVID. I’m liking it more and more the group that is into Freedom, Liberty and Happiness.

We can still have fun and not be reckless. We can still enjoy our wants and still be mindful.

Some of us have reached the end of the Tunnel and have been living and enjoying our lives again. People have taken control of their destination and destiny. People have stopped listening to the Experts and Leaders. This trend will be a more common occurrence in 2022. Exodus, Peaceful Revolution and Liberty.

I’m appreciating more the perks of living without fear and just enjoying life as it comes.

I have accepted COVID as an everyday normal occurrence both at work and my community. It’s no longer an inconvenience nor a threat. It has become ordinary as colds and plain sore throat. Having a different mind set about it made me move forward.

From my observation of the outside world, many already have moved on regardless of what President Biden, Fauci, the CDC and the News says.

People are tired. People want to be free in their choices. “My Life, My Choice,” because it is the truth.

What’s your opinion of 2022? Explosive? Muted? Better? Razzle Dazzle Bedazzled? Moving forward I will do whatever?

Will you allow COVID, Leaders and Experts dictate your Dreams for 2022? We can’t change 2021, but we’re fortunately given another year to rewrite our stories and adventures. Be generous to yourself. 2022 is your year, not someone else’s.

“Be brave and trust your heart.”

Self care, Happiness and Meaningful Relationships will be top priorities for the New Year. As my Son says, “Dad, New Year, New You.” I can only try with patience and kindness in mind.

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25 Responses to 5-Day COVID Quarantine: Economic Normalcy versus Public Safety for 2022

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  2. ganga1996 says:

    We have other problems in life. So we need to learn to move on. For some people like me covid was an insult to an existing injury. Hopefully 2022 is much better.


  3. Our government recently announced that it will only offer free testing for people who work in health care or who are at high risk of serious illness from COVID. It’s unfortunate because now many people have no way of knowing whether they have the virus and that our case counts are severely underreported. I’m tired of this pandemic as well, but I’m also tired of how our government has been handling the pandemic. We try to be as safe as we can, but that being said, encouraging people to stay home isn’t always the best solution. I don’t want to live in fear or being cooped up indoors. I just hope we can find a better way to live with this virus because it’s probably here to stay.


    • Sorry to hear that. It’s like a rewind of how we were in testing Spring 2020. It may be the same in the U.S. too if we run out of test in comparison to the enormous demand. The Government is undermining the effects of omicrons contagiousness. We are told not to focus on numbers, but numbers are showing more Essentials are getting sick which are affecting all sectors of the job economy. Government and health experts talk like their citizens are stupid or ignorant. The surge is real and we all should be concern more now that many are no longer practicing safety mandates. This will only prolong and worsen omicron winter surge , which was predicted months ahead.

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  4. I have decided to live my life. I take precautions, I got my shots, but I want to live life. I don’t agree with forcing anyone to get their shots. It’s a personal decision. But then they have to take precautions they feel necessary to protect themselves. That is not my job. I totally agree, we get VERY mixed messages. All I know is that we need to work, we need our economy up and running, and I personally don’t plan on counting on the government to take care of me. But I will be doing a lot of praying for myself, family, and my country. Unfortunately, there are a lot of different perspectives. We need to learn how to respect one another and show kindness and caring.


    • Totally agree with you. And thank you for being caring, kind and understanding. We all need to help one another moving forward. We can still enjoy life the way we want it and still be safe. We can still have our happiness while respecting the happiness and choices of others. Unity and compromise , sharing and giving are all possible when our hearts are ready and willing. Take care. 🙏

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  5. arlene says:

    Even if it is not as serious as the Delta variant, Omicron is still scary. I could not imagine myself
    quarantined again even for five days. And I am not enthusiastic about the booster shot. Tamad pumila sa napakadaming tao to get my booster. Keep safe and wear your face masks always.


    • Booster shot helps maintain our protection, buts going to be every 5 months now. The goal is to outlast the mutations for as long as the vaccine works. I hope for all a year of everything better.


      • arlene says:

        Oh, are there no after effects in the long run? That’s what I am worried about.


        • There is no now of knowing but we have to choose between living healthier now or a distance future we may or may not have. Fear is always a factor but 2 years of fear is enough, time to live. I thing after getting the vaccine, the rest is up to destiny. Some will die of covid. Some will die of other causes. Some will die soon, some in 10-20 years. Death however is certain to all, like birth. I don’t know why people are so scare of dying when it’s natural and bound to happen. Living wasn’t suppose to be eternal. Living was simply a borrowed time to do something that makes a difference in this world. Covid is just one of the many ways we will depart this World. Take care.


  6. I don’t know who are what to believe anymore. My wife and I got all three shots and usually mask up indoors when it’s crowded. What else can we do?


    • Yep. It is hard to trust which one is true when so many lies and half truths have been said. But this I can say, Omicron is spreading fast in my city while many people have returned back to pre-covid lifestyle. The severity of the news does not reflect real life attitude and behavior anymore. Many stopped listening and just resume life as normal as they want. I still wear mask indoors. Work, well that’s mask forever unless COVID just disappear. Stay safe.


  7. Ab says:

    I am definitely of the mindset where I feel just so weary and so tired of it all – to be honest. It is so exhausting.

    I do still believe we all have a collective responsibility to try to be safe: getting vaccinated, wearing our masks, sanitizing our hands, keeping our distance – while also living our lives at the same time.

    It’s a delicate balance for sure. Sigh. A fun start to 2022! Hope the rest of the year gets better from here. 🙏


    • Thanks Ab. It’s nice to know People still concerned in keeping everyone safe. I think the farther we are from when COVID all began, surging or not, some will still stop listening & it’s exactly why omicron has spread this fast. People helped spread an already highly infectious strain. Even at work, it’s frustrating. 2 years should been 2 years smarter and better plans but not really. People appear confuse than before. The possibly infected don’t practice distancing anymore putting everyone at risk. And asymptomatic staff and patients can be infecting others unknowingly. Mild and not having symptoms may not be good when we don’t know who is sick anymore. Then boom, entire workplace outbreak like what the news has been warning everyone.

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      • Ab says:

        I agree that the pandemic fatigue is real. I feel it on some days too. But I agree we need to continue to stay vigilant as this new variant is spreading too fast. Hopefully it goes away quickly over here like it did in south Africa.

        Good luck and all the best to you and your family for this upcoming week!


        • Thanks Ab. I hope so too, but it appears to act and behave differently from country to country, like Delta ravage India for a few months, close to a year now in the U.S. Whether it’s because of genetic, climate or human behavior. Experts like to announce in the News with certainty when they have no control of what the virus wants to do next. The quarantine days is just one example how experts are making a big mistake in shortening covid infectivity for economic and political reasons. Experts have no control of the virus just the narrative of the story they want the public to believe. Scary and alarming.

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          • Ab says:

            It is very scary and alarming indeed! Hang in there. And I hope you enjoy your day off tomorrow and that it’s a fun escape! 🙏


            • Dec. 1,2021, first omicron case in SF. The World warned us it’s very infectious as infectious as just passing through someone who has it, and we get it…even with mask. But our Government and Health Experts said not to worry, it’s mild, concern but not alarming. Obviously they are all wrong because we are passed Alarm. It’s Emergency Rationed Care again because of misinformations and lack of leadership combined with defiance from its Citizens. Year 3 and most just gave up. I guess this is it every Winter. Again, experts are giving another false assurance of declining numbers by Spring. Hmm, that is there’s no new mutation. America has not learned its lesson from alpha , delta and omicron strain. Freedom is more valuable than life and quality of life. Economy and Politics more important than People. Better is gone. Worse is back. I honestly admire other countries whose leaders and citizens have the courage to do what’s needed without compromise.

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              • Ab says:

                Yes for sure. And no offense intended to you, as you’re an American, but the US response has really been embarrassing… largely thanks to Trump’s incompetence.

                While the Canadian response has not been perfect, I’m just thankful we’re not the US! I think New Zealand has really set the standard for the pandemic response to date.

                Hang in there. I hope better days are near!!!


              • None Taken. It is the truth about the U.S., and other countries scratch their head with the U.S. to the roof numbers of infection but the most lax in public safety. To announce it’s okay for the infected asymptomatic or improving symptoms to go back to work and not concerned of infecting the entire workplace and customers, it’s beyond horrific. But in the U.S. Politics is above all. And many, Self indulgence is above safety of others. I’m scratching me head a lot these days and it’s not lice.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    ask your PCP what you should do.


  9. ourcrossings says:

    FOR many of us, our wish list for 2022 is a coronavirus-free future and a more robust economy. No one would deny that 2021 has been a terrible year, even worse than 2020 which we all thought was bad enough. For most of us, it is the disruption in normal life that has been hardest to bear, with constantly changing restrictions and foreign travel out of bounds to all but the most intrepid. We all know people who have contracted Covid and, sadly, some of us have lost friends and relations. With my life and dreams on hold for nearly two years, I am determined to make the most of my life in the next 12 months. May your heart be filled with cheer, your mind be filled with joy and your days filled with happiness. Aiva 🙂 xx

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    • Thanks Aiva. Beautiful words of hope and the best for 2022. Yes, we will make the 12 months count. A toast to new moments and great adventures. No covid nor people should dictate how we want to live moving forward. Take care.

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