Disney Christmas Like No Other

Bad Weather or Christmas Miracle, our first Disneyland Christmas happened.

We didn’t expect to get in Disneyland this Winter Holidays. Reservations are full till New Year. But the day before we were leaving L.A., there is was, an opening for 3.

Need or Want? Does it matter? The Heart is Happy, isn’t that what’s important? The how and why seems insignificant when an incredible moment is unfolding before our eyes.

Rain is hard to come by in California. So, it never occurred to me that all day and all night rain can happen in Disneyland of all places.

This picture reminded me of what it looked to walked the streets during the March 2020 Lockdown. It will not happen again.

I always imagined the happiest place as Sunny and clear blue skies. Turns out, that’s a Fairy Tale.

I was dreaming of Christmas Parades and Fireworks, that I didn’t check my weather app, and even if I did, I wouldn’t have believed the 100% chance of rain. Wife said she knew, but didn’t want to ruin my excitement.

Life size, life like inspiration and imagination.

We entered Disneyland exactly 8 A.M. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge still empty except the line to the Rise of the Resistance ride. No more virtual queue.

First stop, the Cantina. Son wants to get a drink that gives free souvenir Porg Mug.

We were the first walk-in standing bar customers. Reserved sitting seats are 16 days wait. Wife and I shared a flavorful Jabba Juice. For a moment, the Cantina was all ours.

Adorable Porgs are avians that flock in the cliffs of Luke Skywalker’s secluded island.

We have to pay 20 dollars each on top of the Genie plus 20 dollars to skip the lines for the Rise of the Resistance Ride. So, we joined the 2 hours line, and used the $60 on food. Epic experience has a price.

It started to drizzle. By the time the Rise of the Resistance was over, serious rain began. We had to buy ponchos. Turned out to be a smart idea. An hour later, rain was pouring crazy. It’s ponchos and umbrellas everywhere.

It’s a Small World keeps the idea of “Peace on Earth,” fresh and possible.

Genie plus 20 dollars fast pass is a must have when one only gets a day to finish all their favorite rides. Hardly any wait. Easy breezy. No stress. Problem, so much time in between rides. So, it’s catching up on missed foods like Turkey Legs, Churros, Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Son said, “I’m wearing mask. I don’t want to catch their saliva.”

We finished all our must-rides: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Matterhorn Bobsleds, Haunted Mansion and Indiana Jones. Can’t believe we did a lot.

Jack and Sally live characters of The Nightmare Before Christmas are new at the Haunted Mansion. Coolest couple.

Christmas Parades were cancelled. Mickey, Friends and Santa did some quick crowd cheering. The bright side, something is still better than nothing.

Disney Staff confirmed, no parades and fireworks because of the rain. Around 7:20 P.M., we decided to head to our hotel. Just close to the exit, an announcement was made, Sleeping Beauty Wintertime Enchantment will begin.

The sky was having a show of its own. As dramatic as the Winter Castle.

A couple in front of me held each other under an umbrella as they watched Sleeping Beauty Castle lit up. Everyone was just trying to catch a piece of joy and magic, regardless of circumstances. I was witnessing Hope. I was seeing me in all of them.

Rain or shine, People believed they can capture the magic and joy of Christmas. Don’t we all? Doesn’t matter if we’re in Disney or at Home. I think after 2 years of insane closures, restrictions, fighting, political chaos and fear, everyone deserves better. Everyone deserves their normal back. Omicron shouldn’t be an excuse to miss on so many things in life anymore.

We left Disneyland. No fireworks. Just lots and lots of rain. By the time we rode our Lyft car, our shoes were drenched wet. It wasn’t the Disney experience I anticipated, but it was the Disney magic I was given.

I feel blessed and grateful for the gift of Christmas experiences with Family like no other, not just for a day but for an entire week.

After 2 years, still as beautiful. There is so much of the was that has not change. We had been bombarded and brainwashed with so many repetitive bad news that we forgot so many of the good still existed. And that everyday, goodness and miracles happen.

I honestly forgot I am living in the midst a new Surge. I forgot their is still the Pandemic. Or maybe I decided to move on, ignore the bad news and just enjoy life again.

Whatever we missed this Christmas, we already missed. We can try to catch up before the year ends, but it won’t be the same. Next Christmas, definitely won’t recapture this Christmas. Every Christmas through the passing of time is never the same. We like to think they are but they are not. Enjoy the memory and the great feelings that goes with them for as long as they last.

Then I watched the T.V. news when I got home. Hundreds of Holiday flights cancelled because many airline staff are infected with the Omicron Variant. Passengers had no choice but to miss Christmas with their love ones. The COVID sick had to celebrate Christmas alone because they had to be on quarantine isolation. Los Angeles has tripled its new positives cases in 24 hours. Omicron is now the dominant strain in the U.S. in less than 30 days. America is close to 200,000 new cases of COVID per day.

One bad news after the other, but I’m done. I turned off the T.V. news. Haven’t opened my iPhone News Feeds for more than a week now. It felt good to feel detached from the negative news. It felt nice to feel calm, positive, happy and hopeful. Mindful Filtering.

Family and I visited two theme parks. Everyone in that park are like us. No fears. No social distancing. No worries of touching contaminated surfaces. No disinfectants and frequent hand washing. We screamed when we ride roller coasters as loud as we want. We ate without mask indoors and outdoors. We laughed, talked and smiled at each other, with or without mask. No one was asked of their vaccine status. No one was asked about recent COVID test. Everyone were willing to take COVID infection risks to enjoy life and have fun again.

Christmas and the Holidays are opportunities for adventures, experiences and memories. It’s sad when we allowed it to just go to waste. It is sad when we simply slept and woke up and it’s all over. We can’t rewind real life.

For one day, People chose to forget all the bad shit we are forced to witness and absorb. For one day, a magical place allowed us to be ourselves as free and as playful as we can be. For one day, we were lucky to experience a Christmas that is unreal and extraordinary.

In less than a week, we all will say goodbye to 2021. It wasn’t perfect. Actually, it was crazy chaotic. It is however also beautiful, incredible and surprising.

I just wished there were no regrets, but it has a few. Perhaps, 2022 will be kinder, and I get to over turn a regret into a new beginning.

Never let a bad weather ruin the chance for a good day. Never let bad memories stop us from creating new good moments.

Love and forgiveness. Happiness and Peace. Family and Family the way it was. Hope and Miracles. Life and Living. Surrender and a giant leap of Faith.

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19 Responses to Disney Christmas Like No Other

  1. Erik S says:

    Loved Disneyland when we went in August. We just got back from a Christmas trip to Disney World, currently writing my blog posts about the trip. Love how the parks go all out for the holidays, well, everything really. It’s so much fun to be part of the experience.


  2. The Guat says:

    I’m glad you found happiness in the rain. I’m tripping out that everyone was full on umbrellas and rain ponchos. They were like ‘we don’t care we’re on vacation and Disneyland is going to happen.’ 🙂 Star Wars looks like the coolest part. What an adventure to end the year 🙂


    • Exactly! No one cares about the rain. Everyone was determined to capture The Disney Experience they waited this long since the World closed with covid. The virus didn’t stand a chance over the excitement and enthusiasm. Was very inspiring to see and experience it. It’s a confirmation that we need to move on and enjoy what 2022 has in store. We need to start listening to our hearts again and not People who are just as confuse of their messages and data. Real life is out there and it’s meant to be lived again. Happy New Year. 🙏 Thanks.

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  3. Hi there, I enjoyed you being there in the happy place, dispite the rain. All what matters that it brought you happiness.


    • Yes, what matters is the Happiness it gave no matter short. It was an escape from the ordinary. It was hope that anyone can really move forward past the pandemic. If we stopped watching and listening to the panicky headlines, we get to actually do what we love and just enjoy life. 2022, many will come to this realization and will just live better, freer. Going to an outdoor theme park is honestly safer than being inside a packed indoor mall if we still believe omicron and delta are a possibility despite of vaccination. Maybe this is also how we hasten Herd Immunity. Happy New Year my Friend. I wish you all the best 2022 has to offer.


    • Thanks. Happiness is worth having even if does not last long. Being at Disney makes me appreciate more the magic of possibilities.

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  4. Janet Alcorn says:

    Disneyland is magical at Christmastime, and the rain almost certainly deterred the locals and therefore cut crowd size. When we lived in SoCal, we’d do our Christmas shopping on rainy days, because so many people stayed home. Southern Californians are afraid of rain 🙂


    • I think so too, and same here in NorCal. We used to go Thanksgiving Thursday as it’s the least crowded while the Holiday decors and magic begins. But traveling by land or air got crazier this year. I don’t think I could last driving 8 hours because of holiday traffic. Thank you for sharing. Happy New Year my friend.

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  5. ourcrossings says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the rain, but I’m glad you were able to make it to Disneyland to experience the most magical time of year and make holiday memories. With holiday decor and twinkling lights, it looks like an amazing place, not to mention the size of the Christmas tree in your last photo – it’s huge! Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva


    • Thanks Aiva. I think Disney just got better post Pandemic or is it during the Pandemic. People are more appreciative and hungry of the fun and thrills before COVID and you can see it in people’s faces. Truth is, other than mask, the magic of Disney is back and I hope it continues. No more closures. The virus is not going anywhere and it’s up to us to start living our lives and follow our heart’s adventures. The news to be honest, doesn’t really reflect of what’s happening in the real world. Numbers and words don’t scare people anymore. And definitely, many will move on 2022. Happy New Year my friend. Clean slate for many exciting adventures awaits.

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  6. That’s awesome that you were able to go to Disneyland over the Christmas holidays. Despite the rain, sounds like you and your family had a great time. It’s always good to unplug from the news and the world around you every once in awhile and just focus on the present. Wishing you all the best for the New Year.


    • It rained for the entire week. It was a rainy wet Christmas, but Magic and Joy is present rain or shine. Was lucky to have my first Disney Christmas. Usually it’s Thanksgiving week where the Holiday decors and Christmas theme begins. We can’t truly predict what happens and what destiny has in store. 2021 just went quick and I’m glad I tried to make an effort to make memories to remind me of how good life was and not remember the negatives of the year. Happy New Year my friend. To great adventures. 🍾🎊☀️

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  7. arlene says:

    You must have enjoyed it despite the rain.


  8. Disney is so pretty, even when it’s raining.


  9. Ab says:

    Rain is a sign of good fortune and luck ahead! At least that’s what I say when the rain ruins my plans. 😆

    All jokes aside, it looked like an epic adventure from a galaxy far far away. I know the pandemic has made people weary of going out but sometimes you just have to embrace life for all its worth. And I’m glad that you and your family got to do that.

    I love the Star Wars theme park and how the clever folks at Disney brought it to life with all that thoughtful detail!

    Wishing you all a belated and enjoy the rest of this year. May 2022 be a brighter one for us all! 🙏


    • Thank Ab. Just want to thank you for sharing the best of inspiration in 2021. Your words have been a source of motivation and positivity. After my Texas trip at Fall Surge, and now LA at Winter Surge, I realized that our lives should no longer be controlled by news and media. Traveling and going to theme parks is actually much safer than being inside a Mall’s food court where everyone is unmasked eating, talking and laughing. The News is really trying to scare people from living their best lives post vaccinations. Covid won’t go away but all of us have a time limit we don’t know when. So everyday should really be an opportunity just to make the most and create beautiful moments and memories with those we love. Life is not just short, it’s shorter. Happy New Year and wishing you and your family the best and happiest of 2022.


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